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Wolf Warriors II
Drama, Action, War
IMDB rating:
Jacky Wu
Yunzhi Chen as Yu Fei's Brother
Paul Allica as Mercenary
Haifeng Ding as Captain Zhang
Qian Yu as Bida Qian
Hans Zhang as Zhuo Yifan
Shanshan Chunyu as Lin Zhixiong
Gang Wu as He Jianguo
Celina Jade as Rachel Prescott Smith
Nan Yu as Long Xiaoyun
Frank Grillo as Big Daddy
Storyline: China's deadliest special forces operative settles into a quiet life on the sea. When sadistic mercenaries begin targeting nearby civilians, he must leave his newfound peace behind and return to his duties as a soldier and protector.
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A terrific action flick reminiscent of classic 90's Jackie Chan films
Eschewing overwrought nationalistic propaganda in favor of non-stop, balls-to-the-wall action, Wolf Warrior 2 is a superior sequel that hits the ground running from the start and never lets up. From the opening Captain Phillips-inspired pirate underwater takedown, a convenience store fight, a jeep-chase through a shanty town to a factory gunfight at night and another at daytime, there's enough action here to fuel three Michael Bay films. The Russo Brothers (directors of Captain America sequels) apparently consulted on the action, hence its high production values. Other positives include Celina Jade as the female lead and Frank Grillo as the villain, a racially diverse cast respectful of its premise set in Africa as well as moments of levity and broad comedy that should appeal to a wide audience.

The film's biggest draw, of course, is Chinese action-superstar Wu Jing. As a leading man, Wu Jing is kind of a perfect package. He has the pretty-boy looks to draw the female crowd but also a natural, convincing tough-guy persona. As a trained martial artist he has the physicality of Donnie Yen and the on screen charisma of Jet Li. Most importantly, Jing plays the kind of action hero that's just all too rare these days, the one that takes just as much punishment as he dishes it. Yet he sells it with the kind of world-class commitment that is simply awe-inspiring, like Jackie Chan or Tom Cruise who repeatedly endanger themselves simply to entertain their audience. It's all rather impressive until you realize he also directed the movie.

Still, there are minor flaws. Like every other Chinese films of late, flashbacks and dramatic scenes are rendered like bad 90's soap dramas – cut to slow-motion with colored filter, bad sound FX and obvious sad music cues so laughably bad its beyond parody. Noticeable green screen work occur here and there, as well as some obvious bad CGI during explosions. However these are minor occurrences that shouldn't detract from the overall experience.

Modern action films have become too sophisticated for its own good. Plots are overly convoluted with unnecessarily complicated character backstories, bloated runtimes, headache-inducing shaky cam action chopped up into indecipherable bits, lead actresses have to be badass fighters to be a strong female and villains having overly complex motivations to be evil. Wolf Warrior 2 is a reminder of simpler times, where it's perfectly OK to have a straightforward story backed-up by identifiable character archetypes, damsel-in-distresses who gets saved by the male hero without being considered weak and inferior to them and cartoonish, two-dimensional villains who just enjoy being evil. Like, its OK if the male protagonist becomes a lone, one-man killing machine who takes out an entire army. It's not realistic but who cares? As long as it's fun. In a summer where we've had a loud, incomprehensible Dunkirk, a War of the Planet of the Apes without enough war and an insufferable Spiderman: Homecoming filled with obnoxious Marvel fanboy worship, consider Wolf Warrior 2 a fresh alternative - a perfectly satisfying old-school action film that won't tax on brainpower but won't disrespect your intelligence either.
Badly acted, most overrated film of the year
Sadly, this is what passes as "high standard" in Asian cinema these days. Like a fool, I believed the over-the-top exaggerated claims of its greatness and came out feeling like I had wasted 2 hours of my life that I can't get back. The theme is silly and the acting is awkward, overall a amateur film.
A very good action movie that falls just short of its lofty ambitions
Wolf Warrior 2 wants to have it both ways. It wants to be about Chinese exceptionalism, but also wants to show the world a China and the her people, that are at one with the world community. It's a movie that wants to tug on the heartstrings of audiences at home and abroad, but fumbles the latter due to eschewing the universal human element in favor of focusing on exclusively the people of China (and their symbols and institutions).

But it was a pretty entertaining action movie, and interesting propaganda piece (I didn't see the first movie, but it didn't seem to matter much). The cgi was dodgy, but the action and fight choreography were really slick and inventive. There were also a couple cool plot wrinkles late in the movie that were really good, along with one of the most well done third act product placements I've ever seen.


The main story line followed the hero, as he tried to save a few VIPs, along with African and Chinese workers trapped in the conflict zone. It was pretty straightforward stuff.

Now the secondary story line was where almost all the juicy propaganda was placed, the main thrust of which was is in how the Chinese people, and their government, were depicted as sticking by Africa and its people as western governments had abandoned it.

All the Westerners in the movie were in Africa under the sponsorship of stateless private, and non-governmental groups (UN and unspecified business interests) the latter of which were behind the bad guys. And it's the Western bad guys that were aiding and abetting African insurgents, who were murdering hundreds of their fellow Africans in the movie, and threatening to undermine the work that the Chinese government backed businesses were doing on the ground.

Not surprisingly it's the second plot, the propaganda plot, which was more effectively pulled off... building to a jingoistic pro Chinese climax that obviously struck a cord with audiences there.

Unfortunately, that came at the expense of giving the lead character a really organically heart felt ending. Yeah he avenges the death of his lover, but that's handled in a cold, matter of fact way that was unsatisfying. The same went for the burgeoning father/son relationship between the hero and the charismatic African boy whose mother he promised to save. Yeah he did it, but it was all so matter of fact. The execution was done as if they were merely boxes to be ticked. There was no heart behind the craft... that went elsewhere.


And that's a shame because the film could have had a real universal heart that resonated with audiences across the globe, instead of just in China. I'm not begrudging the movie it's jingoistic ending, that's cool, but it didn't have to come at the cost of leaving he rest of us out in the cold. The films loss and ours.

But again, Wolf Warrior 2 is a fine effort nonetheless. It's an action movie, and a pretty darn good one at that.
Best Chinese action movie of the New Millennium
I am not a big action movie fan, so didn't pay much attention to it when it just released. Ten days later the movie becomes a phenomenon and appears everywhere including the headline of business news section.I wouldn't ignore the great influence any more and followed the trend,even the tickets are still hard to get. The movie doesn't disappoint me.

I brought my eye drop but didn't have time to use it for 2 hours. Tight plot with terrific action sceneries, the movie leaves no time for bathroom or chitchat. The smooth underwater fight, gun battles and tank drift made the heroism somehow becomes quite realistic. I guess that's the charm of it, which also causes controversy.

Some people blame it for heroism and nationalism, while they love Hollywood movies for those"ism"s. Because it's way more realistic than superpowers and exaggerated heroics. Yes it's too real. The story was based on real historical event. I don't hate the propaganda part of the movie. Chinese love nationalism if it can be processed in a decent way.

It's true that Jing Wu, the leading man, director and producer of the movie, mortgaged his houses for the film, because he didn't accept the investors' request to use pale pretty "actors" who can't act. His success is going to inspire the market capital flow to the valuable projects instead of pretty faces. That's a good sign for Chinese audience.

It's a terrific action movie. Even the haters can't find big flaw other than "propaganda". The roles are charming with some level of depth. My favorite scene is the last fight which I cannot say lol
very similar to TEARS OF THE SUN
As a big fan of action movies, I have to say the plot is very similar to TEARS OF THE SUN, but much worse storyline and stupid. I cannot tell whether it's a plagiarism or not.

It is good in action scenes, but the nationalism elements are too strong which makes it embarrassed.
A good action movie!
Good: 1. Action is very good, really! 2. Reality in Africa : war and disease.

Bad: 1. CG is a little bad. 2. The story is not very reasonable.

About The story I can come up some example:

1. Mainly about why black people in that factory want to leave ? Why they afraid ? I think it is OK to just let Chinese go away. They would be slaughter because they work for Chinese ? This is a big problem in this movie, though such unreasonable plot shows in Hollywood too.

2.The scene that Big daddy drived Leng to the wall but leave without killing him. After Big daddy pullout , he killed the red scarf army leader ???? I hate the miracle survival of leading actor , this is stupid , but I believe you guys have seen much more in Hollywood movies.

About heroism, it is very common in such movies, so take it easy.

But I have to say, action is the key point of this movie(If you are not Chinese), really really good.

If you are Chinese , the sorce may be a little higher(8~10) . Because this movie does show the difference from old Chinese war movies, I am welcome new style of way movie.And It does show some reality in Africa , you can feel the real war.

So I think it worth 7/10 (fair score).

PS: Personally I will rate it 8 because I am Chinese, this movie jump out the old movie routines(old China style), I'd like to see the improvement of Chinese film level.

Thank you.
Garbage is always garbage, no matter what decoration it use to cover itself
In fact this film is not that bad. For example, the actions and the pacing controls are just OK, comparing with other Chinese movies in recent years. I planned to give it 5.5-6 points in the beginning, but I changed my mind when I saw the response of Director Wu Jing to the negative comments.

It's something like this:

Some of the reviewers: The story of this movies is so phoney! Wu: Why don't you criticize the Hollywood movies that are as phoney as mine? My movie promotes patriotism. You who don't like my movie are bastards, traitors and go suck the cocks of your western masters!


Yes, Hollywood produces quite some garages every year. But even if EVERY Hollywood movie were garbage, won't prove that YOUR movie is NOT garbage. Even if the whole story is about to promote patriotism, there are plenty of good movies, but, unfortunately, not this one.
8 for those fans of Chinese-style action movies
A movie which might be regarded as Chinese nationalist propaganda but some scenes in the movie are based on the real world cases such as Chinese citizens' rescue and evacuation missions in Libya 2011 and Yemen 2015. Nevertheless, its action scenes are worth for rating 8 if you are really a fan of Chinese style action movies.
Excellent Movie: Congregated Life of Wu Jing
Our lives are consumed by the past. The past of what we once did, what we once accomplished, and what we once could call our own. As we look back on these past memories we seldom realize the impact these events have on our present lives. The loss of a past love mars are future relationships, the loss of our beloved person influences the choices we make today, and the loss of our dignity can confuse the life we live in the present. These losses or deaths require healing from which you need to recover.

Wu Jing made his past life come true in this film: Born in a poor family, martial arts filled all his life, fall down, and stand up. All these just life figures in the film.

People don't like this film because they don't think it will be true for a story happened on a Chinese. But when it comes to the real life in a person: thumb finger cut at young age, poverty, struggling for living. It is hope that makes people survive.

The hope is strong inner spirit, a person who got support from his wife to mortgage his villa to make this film come true. All these braveness, few people can do.

So people say it is impossible.
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