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Wind River
USA, UK, Canada
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Taylor Sheridan
Althea Sam as Annie
Shayne J. Cullen as BIA Officer #1 (as Shayne Joel Cullen)
Tyler Laracca as Frank
Elizabeth Olsen as Jane Banner
Apesanahkwat as Dan Crowheart
Kelsey Chow as Natalie
Tantoo Cardinal as Alice Crowheart
Tokala Clifford as Sam Littlefeather (as Tokala Clifford)
Eric Lange as Dr. Whitehurst
Gil Birmingham as Martin
Julia Jones as Wilma
Jeremy Renner as Cory Lambert
Storyline: WIND RIVER is a chilling thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with a local game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Reservation in the hopes of solving her mysterious death.
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Like an extended episode of Longmire
I saw the trailer for this movie and thought it might be interesting (and frankly there was nothing else at the movies to see). The plot was difficult to figure out and the characters less compelling than I had hoped. The acting, for what the material gave them, was good. Jeremy Rinner was okay as the sad hero figure, Graham Greene is always great and Elizabeth Olsen as the out of place FBI agent was probably the most well-drawn character in the movie. I just didn't think it was enough for high cinema and for the reviews I had seen. The scenery was nice if you like a lot of snow and people flying around on snow mobiles. I understood the larger point the movie was making but I think the series Longmire did it so much better.
Great acting and storyline
I just finished watching this movie and it is a great little gem. The characters are well developed and the backdrop is amazing. The hunter and the FBI agent forge together to catch a killer and in this case killers. The storyline was believable as life in the snowcapped mountains of an Indian Reservation could lead to boredom, isolation topped with alcohol, jealousy and the worse of a man's spirit. Before the big reveal I could see where it was heading but even that little bit of predictability didn't subtract from the movie. I highly recommend Wind River.
This one hits deep
Definitely one of the best films this year so far. Wind River is practically flawless and Taylor Sheridan is a name all film enthusiasts should keep in mind for the future.

The story is perfectly told from the first to the very last scene and should not leave anyone cold. The theme of the film is tackled nicely and contains elements of drama, crime, thriller, mystery and some brief moments of bittersweet comedy one-liners which are all balanced really well. The performances from the entire cast are worthy of every praise as well.

One of the best features of Wind River is how realistic it all feels, from the story, locations to the characters and carries quite an emotional impact. Films like these are very rare these days, especially films that deal with the lives of Native Americans and are not in any way morally biased.

Taylor Sheridan previously wrote the screenplay for Sicario and Hell or High Water and if you liked those, then seeing this one is a must. All in all it is a real pleasure to watch.
Tied for worst movie ever - 1,000 way tie
It is so sad and disappointing and pathetic to read good reviews for this movie. I guess that is a reflection of the world we live in that intelligent people find this manipulative, derivative, exploitative, male macho, violent, ridiculous concept of justice to be a "good movie." I had to walk out of it because the filmmaker felt he had to manipulate me by showing me the rape and torture of a woman. It was a flashback. We already knew it happened. It added nothing to the plot. It was only there to manipulate the emotions of the audience. What a disgusting world we live in to think that people are immune and desensitized to such "revenge" logic. This was the worst movie I ever saw - tied with 1,000 other Hollywood movies that I call "Revenge Movies." Show a woman being tortured, raped, and murdered by some one-dimensional, ugly, evil men, and then the rest of the movie consists of tracking down the men and killing them. That is what Hollywood passes off as entertaining. And, sadly, it works.
Clichés kill it
Was intrigued after seeing the trailer. Movie grabbed me from the get go until we get to Cliché #1: The lead character has a young son who keeps getting upset because daddy has to keep putting his job first. Finally move beyond that and then the FBI agent turns up giving us Cliché #2: Hard nosed female agent, 'battling' backwoods cop and coroner and anyone else who is not with the program! Cliché #3......didn't get that far. Once Clarice Starling started on her 'smarter and more committed than thou' carp I'd had enough. Please, can we leave family life out of hard core mystery movies. Please, enough with the ballsy female fighting sexist, misogynistic, backwoods dinosaurs. Oh wait, Cliché #3 - if the female lead is leading the chase then you know she will be the one left standing at the end AND the one who comes through by taking down or arresting the bad guy. Same old carp, different day.
Excellent Suspense, Thriller
The scenery, the score, the dialogue and the acting were all on point.He's been spending so much time playing spy and superhero lately that I think people tend to forget that he was nominated for Hurt Locker and The Town. His performance here is even better.

Taylor Sheridan's achievement in this film lies in his success in crafting an old school crime drama that doesn't try to re-invent the wheel but instead relies on good old-fashioned storytelling. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen are both exceptional as a dissimilar pair who out of sheer happenstance form an alliance to solve the mystery of a young woman's brutal death on an Indian reservation. Renner is a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracker. Olsen is an FBI agent sent on an assignment very much alone.
It's True Detective season 2 all over again...
Hearing the raving reviews about Wind River caught my attention but only after finding out that it was written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, the writer of last years Hell or High Water, which I absolutely love, did I decide that I'd definitely check it out in the theatres. I have to admit I left kinda disappointed.

During Wind River all I could think about was the resemblance to True Detective, season 2 that is:

Both were written by someone who previously created something amazing and kind of special (True Detective season 1 and Hell or High Water), but ultimately failing to recreate that same magic, that lightning in a bottle with their following work - Pizzolato's TD season 2 and now Sheridan's Wind River.

Other than the circumstances of making them, they share the same problems in writing, directing and production and weirdly enough I found this to be true in their positive attributes as well.

Wind River has impressive cinematography and an incredible sense of chilling atmosphere, which actually made me feel cold and shaky at times, creating a gloomy and depressed mood, which was complimented by the incredible and fittingly melancholic soundtrack, again just like TD season 2. This being said I did think that the story was quite basic, bit too simple and slightly unengaging, lacking layered well-written or at least unique characters. That being said the actors did a solid job with what they had, in TD- S2 it was Collin Farrel, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAddams and here Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen (along with Graham Greene who was probably my favourite) who elevated their underdeveloped characters with their performances. Some of the dialogue while having some well-thought out interesting ideas and touching moments felt a bit forced, unrealistic. Finally, the director! True Detective had Cary Fukunaga and Hell or High Water had David Mackenzie, the directors and writers complimented each other perfectly, but TD without Fukunaga and Sheridan directing feels like its missing something.

All in all, both Wind River and season 2 of True Detective, while having some pacing issues, are well above the average crime thrillers we get nowadays (e.g.: Sleepless), that have personality and are worth seeing for sure (if only for their climax which is extremely satisfying and touching in both cases).
Taylor Sheridan depicts another dilapidated region of America
If you've seen any of Taylor Sheridan's previous work, you probably noted that he has a certain style. He tells stories about ways of life in dilapidated regions of the country. He blurs the lines between "good guys" and "bad guys," instead framing the status of the selected region as the truest villain. What's right and wrong, considering all the unique variables of each story, is not always clear. At least, that was case in Sicario and Hell or High Water.

In Wind River, the region is still presented with all the strain that is causes on the lives of its residents, but a much more obvious villain is revealed before the movie is over.

Hell of High Water frames the crumbling economy of a certain Texas region as the real source of evil, rather than any characters. Whereas in Wind River the source of evil is definitely the rapist. I mean, the rapist attempts to blame the cold and silence, but his actions were clearly much worse than bad weather.

Sheridan's previous films also left doubt about who were the heroes, who the audience should be rooting for. This time it was much less ambiguous—they were the people searching for the rapist.

An emerging theme in Sheridan's movies appears to be Tarantinoesque eruptions of violence, sometimes near the conclusion. They don't always reach the levels of the Django Unchained shootout, but Sheridan clearly isn't shy about showcasing the unforgiving damage that can be inflicted by firearms.

Complaints, I have a few. On more than one occasion, I legitimately could not understand what a character had said, so I was left wondering if I missed something important. I'm not sure if this manner of speaking was a choice made by the actors or if this was a decision made by Sheridan to establish a certain tone. Either way, I could have used less mumbling.

The other complaint that I have, and this is more serious, the middle third of the movie felt like it contained a lot of empty moments. This may or may not have been related to the times that I couldn't understand what a character said. Still, the movie could have used a bit of its fat trimmed. It wasn't as crisp and clean as Hell or High Water and Sicario. And I know I keep comparing this movie to Sheridan's others, but that's bound to happen when a writer sets the bar so high with two gems.

On the whole, I consider this a success for Sheridan in his directorial debut. I'd happily watch another story of his about justice and an overlooked culture.
More of a Mystery Than A Thriller
To me, the movie Wind River, was NOT a thriller but more of a mystery. Lots of talking, more like a Drama. Was this movie trying to teach young women that you never go into a place where there are mostly animal-men present? I don't understand why these perverse men didn't take a cab or get a ride into the city with a bar to find women that would say "yes" instead of raping an innocent person. They could have all chipped-in and paid someone to drive them and later, stay in a hotel. I watch this movie on Clearplay DVD player that cuts out the nudity and rape scene, so I don't have to see someone's junk. The best part of this movie, was the advice about coping with the pain of a love one's death since my husband died August 2017 and some of us, are taking it pretty hard. The movie was just okay but I wouldn't care to watch it again.
just amazing
this movie worth more rating . Jeremy Renner he is amazing actor i remember him from the town movie. Elizabeth Olsen is the one for this movie great choice . . and the screenplay is strong enough . i just wanna say i didn't know how is Cory Lambert's daughter died and why they hate living in there
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