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Willow Creek
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Bobcat Goldthwait
Nita Rowley as Herself
Timmy Red as Ukulele Singer
Laura Montagna as Missing Woman
Bucky Sinister as Angry Man at Road
Steven Streufert as Himself
Peter Jason as Ranger Troy Andrews
Tom Yamarone as Himself
Storyline: Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend - the tale of huge ape like creatures that roam the forests of North America. It was there that in 1967, the legendary beast was captured on film and has terrified and mystified generations since. Keen to explore more than 50 years of truth, folklore, misidentifications and hoaxes, Kelly goes along for the ride to keep Jim happy, whilst he is determined to prove the story is real by capturing the beast on camera. Deep in the dark and silent woods, isolated and hours from human contact, neither Kelly or Jim are prepared for what is hidden between the trees, and what happens when the cameras start rolling...
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A slow burn horror thriller with more emphasis on slow than thrills
I always appreciate a slow burn horror thriller especially if you can involve Bigfoot who is always relegated to SyFy Channel Original Movies. Of course, the movie that I am talking about is Willow Creek which is the second found footage Bigfoot movie I saw within the last few months along with Exists. Willow Creek has the distinction of being directed by comedian Bobcat Goldthwait which is an odd choice. The result is an experimental film of sorts that I appreciate more than I like.

Good: I like that Bobcat was trying to head a different route for this movie. He emphasizes slow burn tension rather than jump scares which results in some tense moments. There is even a single take scene in a tent where our two leads hear noises in the woods and react to it accordingly which is a commendable feat. There is also a tinge of dark humor lying underneath that teased what was waiting in the dark.

Bad: While I did appreciate the slow burn approach, it did not translate well on screen. The movie does drag quite a bit and even the tent scene that while ambitious also goes on for too long. The two leads while not bad did not exactly exceed from blandness. The fact that the movie also takes a lot of cues from Blair Witch hurts the movie as well.

Overall, it certainly has some interesting ideas, but it drags a lot leading to a lot of nothing that doesn't translate well on screen.
Beter than most Big Foot Found Footage Movies
I enjoyed this one. I either like found footage or find myself shutting them off before I get a migraine. This was done very well. If this was done years ago I would have given it more stars. But it's not all that original. Not only is there a slew of Big foot movies out there but most of them are found footage one's. Goldwaith, known for his off beat antics in movies and standup, does a great job directing a serious horror-thriller. Have to give him kudos for stepping outside his comfort zone. He has talent beyond what we knew. If you're going to pick a Big foot movie pick this one.
Wasted part of my life.
Okay this movie has a lot in common with the Blair Witch Project so if you didn't like that movie you will not like this movie. Both movies are a lot a like by the way the story is told and filmed. They start out as a fun adventure but then quickly turn into a night of terror or nights.

Willow Creek I have to say could be seemingly be the only movie I would say is worse than The Blair Witch Project. Willow Creek just replace the witch with Bigfoot. The movie uses the fear of being followed and fear of not knowing what is right behind you. No excitement more so when in the longer than needed tent scene that ran 18 minutes longer than needed/wanted with Jim who has no emotion just a blank stare and Kelly whimpering like a injured dog.

I have to say that that the movie could have had some good points if they focused it more on the legend of Bigfoot and not more like a camping weekend.
Accomplished the Goal
Why did I give this a 10? People watch horror movies for different reasons - some for gore, some for suspense (I fall into the latter camp). There are a ton of horror movies out there filled with gore, but it is extremely rare (these days) to find a horror movie that truly creates edge-of-your-seat suspense, and in that category, this gem knocked it out of the park. Willow Creek didn't try to be original, and as many reviewers have noted, it followed the Blair Witch formula to a tee. I knew that going in, and am not to fault the movie for it. The goal of WC was to create a massive amount of tension with a simple and direct story line (does Bigfoot exist?) and a shoestring budget. The final half hour is a huge payoff for previous all the previous buildup (travelling to, interviewing town folk, stopping at diner, etc). **spoiler** One of the most ingenious decisions was not to show the creature at all. For those hoping to see some massive mechanical bigfoot or CGI, this will be a letdown (or a cop-out to save money), but I thought it was pure genius, and proved that what you can't see can be the scariest of all. Well done. A short, efficient roller coaster that delivers as promised. 10.
There's some terrific horror filmmaking that has to be applauded in Willow Creek. But it won't win over any found footage haters.
Director Bobcat Golthwait takes a detour from his unique brand of pitch-black comedy and creates an applaud-able, yet flawed, found-footage horror set around the Big Foot phenomenon.

A couple, making an amateur Big Foot documentary, go hiking in the nature reserve where the infamous Patterson and Gimlin Big Foot footage was recorded. Once they're too far in, things start to go horribly wrong.

If the typical found footage genre tropes annoy you, this film won't convert you. However, if you consider The Blair Witch Project a high point for the genre because of its subtly and ambiguity, then you might find something to enjoy about Willow Creek. Willow Creek simply uses sounds and suggestions to creep the audience out. One scene in particular, a single 20 minute take inside a tent using the sounds from outside as the only vice for its scares is quite a brilliant feat in horror filmmaking.

However, there's a good 40-50 minutes before anything creepy actually happens. Which is good for building up tension, but rather trying for patience. Combining this with a lack of visual horror, then it won't come as a surprise that opinions will be divided.

If you're fed up of found footage horror films where ghouls consistently jump out at the screen, Willow Creek might be a nice surprise. But it's overly subtle nature might drive a few horror fans away.
Not Worth Your Time *Spoilers"
*** Lots of Spoilers ** Just watched this movie, but I was listening to it mostly. First of all this film was written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. That alone should caution viewers on what is to be expected. The first half of the film is basically Kelly and Jim planning and making the long drive to Willow Creek. Why anyone in their right mind would want to go to a place where BigFoot was seen and stay overnight is beyond me. Then for another 15 mins they are hiking throughout the woods hoping to get a glimpse at the beast and capture him on film. Jim is trying to prove that Bigfoot does exist. They eventually get lost. All of this including the dialogue is boring and tiresome. After finding a sock in a tree and taking a dip in a stream the couple pitches a tent. For 20 mins of one shot you see Jim and Kelly sitting in the tent, clinging to each other as creepy and loud sounds happen outside. Then the tent gets hit and the couple gets even more scared. All this buildup and suspense pretty much leads to nothing. They end up running into a comatose large naked women in a loin cloth, just standing in the woods. This just happens to be the missing women (Mary Anne Duende) that was pictured on the wall. Apparently this Bigfoot beast needed a mate. For the rest of the ended you just see the camera bouncing around and hear Jim being dragged away screaming with camera in tow. You don't see Kelly or Jim's death. You don't even see Bigfoot or any beasts. You do see a large footprint earlier. Very disappointing. Sure there is some suspense, but the payoff at the end is terrible. You'd be better of just forwarding the film to the end, cause it's that bad. The trailer pretty much shows the whole film.

I gave this crappy film a 2 out of 10.
Not the tribute to ol' biggie I was hoping for...but not bad
So this was an interesting take on the found footage film genre...Bigfoot! I had been looking forward to watching this one for a while. I read it included some of the Bigfoot lore that we are seeing on TV in this new surge of reality TV related to Bigfoot that has come on lately. Seems like he is making a bit of a comeback from his heyday back in the 70s and 80s (Harry and the Hendersons anyone?).

Anyway, on to the film. I couldn't say I was super excited with this one unfortunately. It definitely had it's moments, but some of the scenes (tent scene anyone) were stretched out for way too much of the movie. There was also a lot of suspense built up on not seeing ol' biggie, but it didn't work as well as it did with the Blair Witch Project for example. It seems like instead of taking place over a couple of days, it would have worked better if it was over a few days and there was more investigating and tormenting. The suspense and scares are limited because so much has to happen in such a short amount of time I think. They have to cram in the investigation, first hints something is off, suspense and climax in to too short of a time frame so some things are not as fleshed out as I would have liked. To the amateur (me), this looks totally like a large amount of footage was left on the cutting room floor.

That said, it's definitely an interesting take on Bigfoot and they did a good job of making sure to stay true to all the Bigfoot rumours out there. Lots of knocking, screaming, and stone throwing is going on (was that James "Bobo" Fey?). I'd say it's worth a watch if you are looking to kill an hour and 19 minutes, but don't get your hopes up that you'll be seeing another Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield.
Willow Creek is a little, underrated gem that is directed with precision and realism.
Summary: Willow Creek is a little, underrated gem that is directed with precision and realism. 84/100 (B+)

Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend - the tale of huge ape like creatures that roam the forests of North America. It was there that in 1967, the legendary beast was captured on film and has terrified and mystified generations since. Keen to explore more than 50 years of truth, folklore, misidentifications and hoaxes, Kelly goes along for the ride to keep Jim happy, whilst he is determined to prove the story is real by capturing the beast on camera. Deep in the dark and silent woods, isolated and hours from human contact, neither Kelly or Jim are prepared for what is hidden between the trees.

I saw Willow Creek alone, in my room with the lights turned off and it was quite an experience. I didn't know anything about this director until this movie. I read his biography and I noticed that he's an acclaimed director, a very famous one. So I had high expectations for this film and it was awesome, it is the perfect found-footage film, it has lots of atmosphere and creativity. This little flick is the most impressive found-footage film in years. It is dreadful and well acted. The two main leads are pretty likable and you care about them because they look cute together and they have chemistry between each other. Also, the scares in the film came at the right time, they were so precise and atmospheric.

The director Bobcat Goldthwait clearly knows how to make a found- footage film. At times it is very similar to The Blair Witch Project, but that's not a bad thing, Willow Creek has enough originality to stand by its own. The first act is entertaining, we start to feel interested in the characters, their worries and their goals. The movie introduces us to some interesting places based on Bigfoot (such as restaurants, statues and more stuff like that) I found these scenes very refreshing to the found-footage genre. Again, the young couple in the film is so damn likable and charismatic, they kept me entertained all time and I have no problems with the acting at all. The performances were great.

The second act has some weird but quite enjoyable interviews and the found-footage element adds veracity. What I like about this second act is its warm up. It is a slow movie, but it is never dull. Also, the whole scene in the tent is an instant classic! The last 15 minutes are so devastating and dreadful, you feel like everything is wrong and something bad will happen to this couple. The ending is similar to The Last Exorcism's ending, it's confusing but it gives you enough information to elaborate your own conclusions. It's found-footage well done, it looks like a real footage and that's terrifying. Willow Creek is entertaining and short, a scary found-footage flick that looks extremely real. (B+)
Well acted and very organic
I admit that I like found footage films, or, rather, I find that story telling device compelling. Assuming it's done well. To do it well, your film relies heavily on acting first, then editing, then sound They all work well here.

Too often, these sorts of films have actors who don't know what to say, or how to say it, as they are expected to improvise and aren't confident how to be "natural". In this film, the actors are brilliantly natural and their chemistry is superb. They are a very believable as a couple and as people.

The goal itself is interesting, as I have rarely watched a Bigfoot movie, so I found that part of the film at interesting spin. But really, the slow burn here is what really makes me like this movie.

As with other films in which the protagonist is a wannabe filmmaker, there are lots of establishing shots with the local townsfolk to talk up the legend, and to get a sense of what is to come. It's all done pretty realistically, and, again, the actors dialogue/exchanges with each other are especially convincing.

Again, this film is very much about the slow burn of tension. This is very much exemplified in a scene near the end that lasts nearly twenty minutes for one continuous shot. And it's not boring. At all. The actors are brilliant in the scene, as is the sound. It's a highly effective scene and you really begin to get into the same dread of what's next as the characters due to the immersive nature of the scene.

Overall, I really liked it. I think the director did a great job in choice/direction of actors, and the overall story was not over the top. It's a great example of how found-footage should be done.

Though, the film doesn't actually try to tell you it's found footage, it's just that the only point of view is the camera(s) used by the characters. But I'll assume someone found the footage in that fictional universe at some point.
Disappointed and I hoped for a vintage monster film
Let's say that the creep factor is there but it just doesn't deliver anything besides great sound design and psychological terror. Which i'm all game for but to just leave out any kind of physically seen presence is just cruelty to the audience in my opinion. Watch Exists instead. Great film by the Blair Witch people but that actually delivers what their first film didn't. A real creature that stalks them intelligently and strikes with fierceness. It's like Exists doesn't even compare to blair witch and you wouldn't know it's the same people behind it. If you want just psychological this movie definitely delivers the fear and imagination.
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