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Ryan Ross
Sherri Callahan as Hermitage Waitress
Eddie Bayers as Himself
Frances Bell as Herself
David Bates as Curb Studio Assistant Engineer
William Todd Austin as Toddzilla
Josh Adelstein as Bobby T's Friend
Bart Herbison as Himself
Travis Meadows as Himself
Audrey Spillman as Herself
Jim Ed Norman as Himself
Bobby Tomberlin as Himself
Stephen Dorff as Wheeler
Storyline: WHEELER is the story of an aspiring musician from Kaufman, Texas who travels to Nashville with the lifelong dream of trying his hand at country music. By embodying the title character under prosthetic make up, actor Stephen Dorff successfully infiltrates Music City and takes his character on an authentic singer / songwriter journey. With the help of key allies on the ground, "Wheeler" converses with real people in real locations, with every musical number performed live. The line between reality and fiction blurs as Wheeler chases his dream in this touching tribute to old school country legends.
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The best way to describe this is a type of prequel to Crazy Heart. I liked this one quite a bit.
"Nashville doesn't even know what's coming to them." Wheeler (Dorff) is a local Texas musician who is ready to try his luck in Nashville. His childhood friend starts to document his journey. When he gets to Nashville things go exactly like he planned…almost. This is a mock- umentary type movie that really works. Dorff really transforms into this role and that makes the entire thing work brilliantly. The one thing that is very unbelievable though is how fast everything moves for him. Any story a successful musician tells talks about years and years of struggle. Garth Brooks famously got turned down so many times that he left Nashville his first time. Wheeler doesn't have that problem. The music is great, the movie is very good and if you are a fan of movies about music this is definitely one to watch. Overall, the best way to describe this is a type of prequel to Crazy Heart. I liked this one quite a bit. I give this a B.
I saw no point to this movie... (SPOILER ALERT)
This movie literally has no point to it. Life is good until something bad happens? Well, duh! My 12 year shitzu dog is this imaginative. Not to mention, they did a lousy job selling Wheeler as a "once-in-a-lifetime" musical discovery. Most of the waiters and waitresses in Nashville possess more talent than was displayed in this movie. Had he been playing at one of the local Broadway dives, I would walk past without noticing him.

I'm shocked anyone of import in the Nashville music scene signed up to be in this travesty.
The story of the legend that never was
I love the heart and spirit of this film. Maybe music isn't your dream—it isn't mine but I play a little—but you can still appreciate this film on a lot of levels. The film plays like a documentary and supposedly all of the music is live performances but I really don't know what that means, in the end it's a movie and not a documentary. Stephen Dorff looks like a fairly competent musician but you never know with in movies because they can make people fly. It really doesn't matter one way or the other if he can sing and play guitar and piano because it's the story that matters.

The down side is we are expected to sit through a lot of songs that just aren't what you would call "show stoppers" and in the end it's like going to a local bar and watching open mic night—granted, it's a decent group of amateurs but nothing really top notch. I would have preferred more story and less music.
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