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The Usual Suspects
USA, Germany
Crime, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Bryan Singer
Stephen Baldwin as Michael McManus
Gabriel Byrne as Dean Keaton
Benicio Del Toro as Fred Fenster
Kevin Pollak as Todd Hockney
Kevin Spacey as Roger 'Verbal' Kint
Chazz Palminteri as Dave Kujan, US Customs
Pete Postlethwaite as Kobayashi
Giancarlo Esposito as Jack Baer, FBI
Suzy Amis as Edie Finneran
Dan Hedaya as Sgt. Jeffrey 'Jeff' Rabin
Paul Bartel as Smuggler
Carl Bressler as Saul Berg
Phillipe Simon as Fortier
Jack Shearer as Renault
Storyline: Following a truck hijack in New York, five conmen are arrested and brought together for questioning. As none of them is guilty, they plan a revenge operation against the police. The operation goes well, but then the influence of a legendary mastermind criminal called Keyser Söze is felt. It becomes clear that each one of them has wronged Söze at some point and must pay back now. The payback job leaves 27 men dead in a boat explosion, but the real question arises now: Who actually is Keyser Söze?
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Review-The Usual Suspects
Review: The Usual Suspects 'The Usual Suspects' a crime-drama mystery about a survivor telling a policeman about the events leading up to a shootout on a boat, which all started when five criminals met in a supposedly random police line-up. Directed by Bryan Singer and starring Gabriel Byrne, Benicio Del Toro, Pete Posthlewaite, Steven Baldwin and Kevin Spacey. Released in 1995 it is a film with great characters and a very engaging story. The usual suspects starts out with 'Verbal' excellently played by Kevin Spacey' who is being grilled by a U.S customs agent after being one of two survivors of a catastrophic shootout on a boat. Verbal reluctantly recounts how he came to be on the boat starting with him meeting 4 other criminals in a seemingly random police line-up. Firstly what makes this film great is the acting especially Kevin Spacey's acting. My favourite scene in the film is the police line- up. It is a very iconic, well known scene. It is very funny. What makes it funny is that apparently it was supposed to be a serious scene but the actors were messing around and injecting a bit of humour into it. Even director Brian Singer adlibbed in a line: 'In English please?' I love the acting in this film. Benicio Del Toro's mumbling is appreciated. I enjoyed seeing Kevin Spacey's fast talking' innocent and shy manner is extremely captivating. Gabriel Byrne has a very convincing role as an ex-criminal trying to start fresh. Stephen Baldwin does a great job of playing the smart mouth, cocky professional of the group. Bryan Singer expertly uses tension and suspense to deliver a mind blowing twist at the end. I would absolutely recommend watching this film for a second time. Watching it again and seeing all the hints that the director had subtly snuck in is a very satisfying thing and enhances the overall experience. What I think makes this film great is the fact that it didn't have a huge budget, there's not any over the top special effects, the acting is great, it has a relatively easy to follow story line and then the ending is like the cherry on top.

In conclusion I think everyone should see this film at least twice. The acting is excellent especially Kevin Spacey, the story is great and the twist is just right. Overall I give this film a 9/10. It's just so likable and re-watchable.
BEST Thriller movie in the world.
Usual Suspects is one of the Best Mystery Thrillers in the world. It contains one of the greatest endings ever seen in any film. When i first saw this film, i understood 85% of the film. I had to watch it again, to recap on what happened earlier. After the second time i watched it, i realised this is a Superb movie with a fabulous twist. I have now seen this film about 20 times and seems to get better every time i watch it. Kevin Spacey delivers the greatest performance in his career. Gabriel is great, Benecio delivers a great performance with humour. Stephen is quite good in his best film. Pollak was impressive, Chazz Palminteri is a Superb underrated actor. Chazz looks ultimately smart and supposingly is a intelligent investigator. But Spacey turns out to be 10 steps ahead. Superb, brilliant and any other great ways to describe this film.
I don't get it!!!
I don't get it!!! Why there isn't anyone who jumped out and said it is a bore? OK, then I shall do it...IT IS A BORE! Of course it is easier to admit that the plot is carefully designed, and the performances are quite good. Great artists assembled and showed their talents without a doubt. Yet, why isn't someone who could admit that it is quite quite easy to identify Keyser Soze was Kevin Spacey? The role he played was so outstanding, so different from the rest, so weak and so humble. Maybe it is the culture thing...To us Chinese, when this type of guy stands within a group of desperate, cool and ambitious people, he usually is the culprit, the devil, and the real hero. Evil people don't tell they are evil by their face...Why is it so difficult for Americans to know it...That's really funny.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled...
1995's beautifully structured "The Usual Suspects" is really a very simple story. One of only two survivors of a ship explosion (Kevin Spacey) tells a story to the police detective (Chazz Palminteri) in charge of the case about how five career criminals - the "usual suspects" - met in a lineup and wound up working for the man whose very name strikes terror into the hearts of men - Keyser Soze.

As a result, two names were on everybody's lips for some months to come: Kevin Spacey and Keyser Soze.

With a crackerjack script by Christopher Quarrie, great direction by Bryan Singer and terrific performances, The Usual Suspects couldn't miss. And it doesn't. Thirteen years later, I remember it as vividly as the day I saw it. I just saw it again, and it's as good as ever.

Its other stars are the handsome Gabriel Byrne as Keaton, a bad cop who at one point faked his death to avoid criminal charges; and Stephen Baldwin, Benicio del Toro, still a distance from stardom, Kevin Pollak, and Giancarlo Esposito as Kobayashi, Keyser Soze's persuasive assistant.

As a scared, not very bright gimpy man, Kevin Spacey is a knockout and well-deserving of his Oscar, his Golden Globe, his SAG Award, his New York Film Critics Award and all his other honors. The writer, Christopher McQuarrie, justly won the Oscar and several other awards. The film and director Singer probably deserved more awards than they received, but it doesn't matter. The Usual Suspects is a modern classic.

The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist...and then he's gone.
A Perfectly Crafted Mystery - (very ambiguous spoiler)
Kaiser Soze is a super-criminal of almost comic-book stature. Legendary among an underground of testosterone and nicotine-driven low-life 'usual suspects' of this film - Soze - remains unseen, fantastic, just outside of the camera's view, and detached from any reality we might call familiar or real. Nevertheless, he is the central character in the film, and the single force of will driving the entire film. The viewer, like the characters portrayed, must constantly ask 'Who is Kaiser Soze, does he even exist?", and - as silly as it might seem - "is he the devil himself?".

Soze's irresistible will is represented and enforced by an emissary (the stone-faced Pete Postlethwaite) who is just as cold-hearted as any of the hardened criminals who comprise 'The Usual Suspects'.

The narrative begins and almost ends as a retrospective with just a bit of very necessary voice-over narrative by Spacey. His character - Verbal Kint - is interrogated by Palmintieri concerning the murder of several hardened criminals in a single night aboard Russian ship. Most of the major plot points are highlighted wonderfully by the changes of pace and camera work afforded by the shift between one plot - the events leading to Kint's interrogation - and another - the interrogation itself.

Kint, physically disabled and emotionally disturbed, is himself a desperate, down-on-his luck, petty criminal whose chief talent seems to be getting mixed up with and attaching himself to more talented criminals. His latest 'friend' - Keating (Byrne) is a brilliant but depressive thief who is trying to straighten his life out for a woman lawyer he has fallen for. But along with the other 'usual suspects' - expert safe crackers, con men and sociopaths (possibly the best performance of Stephen Baldwin's career thus far) all - Keating is swept up into agreeing to do 'one final job'. In a fine piece of character interpetation, Byrne plays denial to the hilt telling himself that this job, if successful, could end his life in crime permanently.

These expert thieves, con men and killers meet in a bogus police line-up one night and from that point on, they are bound together under the control of Soze until they either succeed or fail in the crime he has laid before them.

Soze has been betrayed, whether directly or indirectly, by each of these men, and he leaves them all no choice. Accept the crime plan or die. They accept, knowing that their odds of success are, to say the least, very limited.

The entire feeling of this film shifts radically from the action of the main plot (described in Kint's narrative) and the narrative itself (Kint's interrogation). While this may look simply like a clever piece of film work, it is actually a very brilliant plot device, as both story lines are finally united in the stunning and brilliant finish.

While I am not usually a ready fan of mysteries, and even less interested in thrillers, this film was pure entertainment from start to finish.

Director Singer has established himself as a pioneer in ensemble cast direction, and this film alone (his third) should have awarded him that title.

The performances are, without exception, flawless. While flawlessness or some approximation of it is something I generally expect from people like Spacey, Byrne, and Del Toro, many of the folks in this film very much surprised me. I now watch out for folks like Kevin Pollak, for example. Without detracting from the performers whatsoever, some credit for the stunning quality of the performances must go to the director, editor, script and cinematography team. This film makes them all look positively great.

I was bitterly disappointed by the fact that this film did not take many Academy Awards in its release year. While I realize that the academy's choices do not always reflect quality or achievement, I prefer to maintain at least a superficial guise of hopefulness. The fact that Usual Suspects did not win for editing was the biggest shock. I can not think of a better piece of editing.
It loves itself too much
This is a movie that is too smart for its own good. Everything in this film just seems so cocky self indulged. The plot is too confusing, and it has too many characters. The only part that took my breath away was that final line from Kevin Spacey. I dont believe this is like #10 on the top 250, that is way, way to high. I give it a 5.
The puzzle that wouldn't play fair
The Usual Suspects is a movie regarded by many as one of the best crime dramas of all time. As any crime drama it opens with a puzzle: a scene unfolds and the viewer watches tentatively, every detail potentially being the one that blows the mystery wide open. Soon we find ourselves a fly on the wall, watching an interrogation between a slimy character named "Verbal" and a rather generic law enforcer. The conversation twists and turns from hostility, to bargaining, to mutuality as angles are played on both sides to try and outsmart the other.

Verbal begins to replay his story, and we immediately mistake a point of view for objectivity. Before long a daring plan for a heist arises, as does the name "Keyser Soze", a legendary villain unphased even by murdering his own family to proclaim to the world just how much of a big bad wolf he really is. The story itself becomes harder and harder to follow, as motivations and means twist more and more. The mind strains trying to follow it all, blissfully unaware of whats to come. The film presents itself as something to be solved, and we all race to try and beat the movie at its own game.

The conclusion, argued by many as brilliant, is nothing more than a Deus Ex Machina. Its the film equivalent of "and it was all a dream", with just a little more window dressing. We discover Verbal has used his surroundings to manufacture the entire story, and even more importantly, is in fact Keyser Soze.

A stunning realization, no doubt. The more I thought about the shocking final minutes, the more I came to reason that I hadn't been fooled, I had been cheated. A plot twist makes new sense of something you've seen before, but in The Usual Suspects there's nothing to indicate we are seeing Verbals description, and not simply the past.

Think of all the movies where a person begins describing a scene, and it cuts back to that scene happening. Are we looking at what actually happened, or what the character is describing? Its difficult to say for certain, but it is hardly unreasonable to expect the former. Playing on such a fickle element of cinematography is risky business, and I was hardly sold.

So much rides on the final minutes, and many are impressed because it dares to do what few other movies consider: to make an hour long turn of events completely irrelevant. We don't see it coming, but whilst the writers were wondering if they could, they never stopped to wonder if they should.
Perfectly Simple / Simply perfect
One month ago, I was at work finishing some boring reports. After finishing them, I surfed the web in order to find really good movies I haven't watched yet; more precisely on IMDb, when I checked the IMDb Top 250 list out . I knew most of the movies, at least I've watched the plot, nevertheless this didn't happen with Usual Suspects, I have never watched a trailer or read some synopsis…Nothing. Therefore I rented the movie which from my point of view started kind of slowly. Afterwards, I honestly felt confused about the combination of scenes in different timeline; you need to pay close attention to the unexpected and subtle movements on the storyline. Suspense, tension and psychological terror might be the exact words to describe this masterpiece, tangled story with several important characters whom cannot be ignored, with the masterly performance of Kevin Spacey who totally deserved the Oscar for best actor. You must stay hooked up to the screen because this film has in my opinion the best movie ending of all time. Only thing that sucks about this movie is that you can only watch it for the first time once.
one of my favorite interrogations
A movie whose name is gotten from a line in the old classic, Casablanca "The Usual Suspect" is about an interrogation gone wrong. The movie is very hard to connect together, and the masterful twist ending for some did more harm than good, but for me it was the thriller of the whole movie. The fact that after the movie is over I still have to sit down and think about it, connecting the dots and wanting to have another re- run of the movie to be sure that I don't miss any dot, that is the reason why this movie is a master piece.

Written by Christopher McQuarrie, the Keyser Söze character is based on the accounts of John List, an accountant who murdered his family in 1971 and then disappeared for almost 20 years by assuming a new identity before he was eventually apprehended in 1989. McQuarrie got the name Keyser Söze from the name of his former supervisor Keyser Sume, and the last name Söze is Turkish which is translated as "talk too much."

The Interrogation scene was first shot and it ran for 6 days, and the rest of the movie was put together next and editing was the grand touch that made this mystery thriller that good a movie to see.

The movie plot is about the interrogation of a small time con man named Roger "Verbal" Kint (Kevin Spacey), who is a one of the only two survivors of a heist gone wrong that resulted to a fire on a ship. He tells the interrogator the series of events that led him and four other criminals to the boat.

This series of events are shown to the viewer in the form of flashbacks as Kint narrates his story to the over confident interrogator. As the story goes on and gets complex the interrogator connects the dots and explains the story better to Kint, only to get the shocker of his life when he releases Kint believing he was used by the other four.

Done with a 6 million dollar production budget, the movie recouped its production cost and more; the well crafted screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie gained him an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Kevin Spacey won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance as the criminal Keyser Söze.

The Usual suspect is a fine film, well developed to push the imaginations of the viewer, the unexpected ending is the cream on the top of this delicious masterpiece and one thing is sure, you will be asking for seconds after you are done seeing it the first time.

"Why'd you wanna' treat me like a Keser!!"
The Usual Suspects is one of those films that like The 6th Sense, tries to get the viewer to think one thing and then suddenly POW!, they hit you with that big comic book like surprise twist at the ending. In the light of todays average fair full of pounding soundtracks, pyrotechnics, and product placements, it almost seems like a thinking mans film, however, this type of story telling has an inherent birth defect due to the very nature of its design, and that is that once you've seen it, the films one true claim of quality is forever lost, the carpet can not be pulled out from under your feet a second time. In essence, it becomes as pointless as trying to dazzle yourself at a magic show when you already know all the secrets behind every trick. Outside of this built in defect there is also the problem that the trick itself is actually very badly designed in the first place, this is in reality a very poorly constructed, and badly written script. This film has been embraced and awarded the highest honors, and yet there is not a single moment in it that isn't bogged down and convoluted, or even one bit plausible.

At the end of the film the other cop who works in the office where Verbal Kent is interrogated tells Inspector Kujan ( Chazz Palminteri )that to basically understand his messy office, you just have to stand back and look at it to see it, the same exact thing can be said about this equally unorganized film. To truly understand this lets stand back and actually take a look at the character of Keaton, played very dully by the very dull Gabriel Byrne. He was a NYPD officer for 4 years even though he is a Brit. In that short time he spent on the force he committed seven felonies, three of which were murders. Not a single one of these crimes could be pinned on him because the witnesses either died or changed their stories entirely, yet as an obvious embarrassment to the department, he was kicked off the force. When he is off the Force he gets indited on a fraud charge and does five years in prison. While in prison he kills three fellow inmates, but just like his other crimes, none of these atrocities could be pinned on him, so he simply gets out when his time is up. Once on the streets he kills yet again, but before he could be prosecuted for it, he dies in a warehouse fire when he goes in to check a leaking gas main. Once dead, the two witnesses that could of railroaded him back to Sing Sing die in single mysterious deaths, and even though there are no longer any witnesses left breathing, an innocent man takes his place behind bars. So now he surfaces as a business man who dates a high priced criminal lawyer. Thats his story folks, told to you specifically to get you to buy that he is this arch super-villain with the ridiculously bad name. Meanwhile this film does all it can to paint Verbal Kent as a bumbling idiotic club footed buffoon con man. The problem with all this blatant manipulation is that Kevin Spacey might as well have the name Keser Soze stenciled across forehead in bright neon letters.

Another place this film falls short is in its attempt to be a two fisted tough guy movie, lets face it, the only female character that even has a name, is simply in the movie as a reason to move the protagonist like pawns on a chest board at convenient times in this contorted plot, so what we are left with is the five criminals, who like small grade school children, spend half the movie puffing their chests out at one another. One scene that never fails to get a good laugh out of me is when Kevin Pollack and Stephen Baldwin almost get into a fight with one another. Possibly for reasons of keeping both men in the frame, director Bryan Singer has these two guys standing toe to toe facing one another with their mouths only a few inches apart, instead of looking like a fisticuff might take place, it looks far more likely that they might engage in a lusty soul kiss. This nice moment is capped of by brilliantly by a disembodied macho voice calling them ladies, and Kevin Pollack asking the Baldwin brother if he wants to dance. The fun continues in a later scene in which the Baldwin character comes up behind Pete Postlethwaite as if he might mount him any second, and whispers in his ear "I'm the guy thats gonna get you." Yes, due to inept story tellers and bad dialogue, what might of been Clint Eastwoon like one liners, is reduced in the hands of these hacks, into homoeroticism running wild.

I know that audiences continue to be impressed by this film, and that this thing won an Oscar for its script, but this story is nothing but a clunky ludicrous mess wrapped up in a bow of paper thin phony freshness, it simply does not deserve all of the love it is getting. The Usual Suspects is a film that makes me want to quit my day job and move to Hollywood, since tripe is so often confused with genius.
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