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The Sentinel
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Clark Johnson
Michael Douglas as Pete Garrison
Kiefer Sutherland as David Breckinridge
Eva Longoria Parker as Jill Marin
Martin Donovan as William Montrose
Ritchie Coster as The Handler
Kim Basinger as 1st Lady Sarah Ballentine
Blair Brown as National Security Advisor
David Rasche as President Ballentine
Kristin Lehman as Cindy Breckinridge
Raynor Scheine as Walter Xavier
Chuck Shamata as Director Overbrook
Paul Calderon as Deputy Director Cortes
Clark Johnson as Charlie Merriweather
Raoul Bhaneja as Aziz Hassad
Storyline: Special Agent Pete Garrison is convinced that a Neo-Nazi Aryan Disciple has managed to infiltrate the White House. When a White House Agent is murdered, Garrison is framed and blackmailed over an affair with the First Lady Sarah Ballentine. He is relieved of his duties, but Garrison won't stop in trying to prove his innocence, and save the life of the President. While attempting to uncover the person behind it all, he comes into confrontation with his protege, Agent Breckinridge.
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Ineffective and unexciting thriller
STAR RATING: ***** Jodie Marsh **** Michelle Marsh *** Kym Marsh ** Rodney Marsh * Hackney Marsh

Many years ago, Special Agent Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) saved the life of President Reagan and this is an acclaim that he has continued to be revered for over the years. But an alleged affair with Agent Beckenridge's (Kiefer Sutherland) wife has put him at loggerheads with his once fellow comrade and he appears to be at it again- enjoying an affair with the wife of the current president (Kim Basinger.) A mystery group get wind of this and begin to extort things from Agent Garrison- only for this to serve to implicate him in an even bigger scandal- a plot to assassinate the president. All the evidence points to him and a task force- lead by Agent Beckenridge- come to take him in, only for him to escape. Now the most hunted man in the country, Garrison must search desperately for the evidence that will prove his innocence- and struggle to come out alive.

Older, dimplier, but still determined to be as feisty and powerful a leading man as ever, Douglas returns to headbill this messy and sloppily told thriller, the very definition of a pot-boiler. With hardly the most original story in the world, the film still aims high and comes out with a story that has too much going on and fails to even get started until about a third of the way in. Leading men Douglas and Sutherland simply go through the motions in their manufactured roles, hamming it up and leaving a supporting cast, in the shape of Basinger, Eva Longoria and Martin Donavon, to wallow in their midst. Now in the winter of his career, Douglas sadly now appears relegated to forgettable screen filler like this and his other recent misfiring thriller Don't Say a Word. One can only wonder if he will ever get to turn in something really powerful and dynamic again that will stick in the memory for longer than this will. **
It is too much like 'In the Line of Fire' only not as good.
In 'The Sentinel' Michael Douglas plays Pete Garrison, a veteran Secret Service agent. He is being investigated by David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland) when it comes to light that there may be a traitor in the Secret Service who might be involved in an assassination plot. But David takes his investigation rather personal because he also feels Pete had an affair with his ex-wife. Agent Garrison must now prove his innocence and protect a President that everyone else believes he is trying to kill.

This film was rather disappointing. It is too much like 'In the Line of Fire' only not as good. There are several plot lines that go unexplained and few circumstances that are too unbelievable. It was not a convincing film.

Neither Michael Douglas nor Kim Basinger did that good of a job. Kiefer Sutherland seemed to be reprising his role from '24'.

I just hope the novel was a little better.
Nothing New Here.
It practically defines the words "routine thriller." Pieces of the plot are taken from "In The Line of Fire" and "The Fugitive" and probably others. It's about a Secret Service agent (Douglas) who is framed as part of a very real plot to assassinate the president of the United States. It's hard to imagine why Michael Douglas, who has both talent and a high salary, should be chosen for this undemanding role. The producers had a good chance to hire some talented but lesser-known figure, saved money without sacrificing quality, and wind up with the same results. And the director doesn't add much. The camera seems always to be moving. It jerks and spins jiggles and racks and zip pans and goes unexpectedly and unnecessarily into step motion. Now a real novelty would be if they held the damned thing still.

It's always interesting these days to see Hollywood floundering around in an attempt to find a suitable ethnicity for the heavies. Hippy radicals and black liberationists are as extinct as the passenger pigeon. Germans are showing up less often as World War II fades from memory, except that they do put in their occasional appearances still, as in "Die Hard." Like "Air Force One," this film opts for our old Cold War adversary, the Russians, "ex-KGB", but who are now identified as coming from someplace with a name like Samovaristan. Where and when will we see a new enemy on the Hollywood screen? The Arabs are waiting tensely in the wings for their introduction. Oh, sure, they'll have to come from another fictional country -- too much oil in the Middle East to rub anyone's fur the wrong way -- but the audience will be able to decipher the code. They may be from The Monarchy of Ramada but to us they'll always be "Arabs". Probably a radical sect of Moslems. Actually the chief hood in this film happens to have a working-class British accent but what the heck -- one foreign accent is as good as another.

The first half hour is filled with intrigue. Douglas is hated by one of his colleagues, Agent Javert or whatever his name is, played by Kiefer Sutherland, because of an imagined affair with Sutherland's wife. The fact is though that Douglas has been having an affair with the president's wife, Kim Basinger, so when Douglas is asked during a polygraph whether he's done anything to break the code of the Secret Service, well -- he flunks it. And the chase is on. Shootouts in malls, hotel basements, ships, in mid-air, on rooftops, and in seedy rooms. The bad guys all die. The good guys all live.

You've seen better.
Failed to live up to expectations, despite having some good moments
I saw this film for the first time the day before yesterday (July 5th, 2006), since it took it a long time to reach Israeli theaters (where big studio products are released simultaneously with the US, and lesser products are spread across the release date calendar). Frankly, I can see why.

Although having some interesting moments and OK acting on behalf of the leads (especialy Michael Douglas, which is superb as usual throughout most of the film), this film just wasn't luring or convincing enough such as similar projects that were released as of late (for example: The Intrepreter or the 2004 Manchurian Candidate remake). Being a freak for political thrillers, I had high expectations from The Sentinel and those, unfortunately, weren't met with the lukewarm result I saw on screen.

* Spoiler alert! *

. . . You see, it's not that this was a bad film, it's the fact that it just didn't live up to it's expectations. The plot twist with the Russians planning to attack the US president is something that would've worked much better some 20 years ago. An emphasis on terror and the Islamic world could have made this product much more believable, and fun, in the current political climate.
Disappointing from beginning to end
I saw this movie over the weekend and had expected an entertaining movie, including Kiefer Sutherland and Michael Douglas, the latter acted in the movie "The Game" which I considered A1. Instead the movie was slow, at times boring and far from what I expected to see from a movie with top actors like Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland. In general you get the impression that this could have been a great movie with explosive action...but it never comes. If you like the whole "secret service" and plots to "kill the president" then the movie might still be entertaining if you need to kill a couple of hours, but if you are looking for a good action movie, then don't waste your time on this one.
Pointless, Z-movie garbage
The Sentinel represents everything about the soul-lessness of Hollywood and the saddening lack of imagination present in so many movies these days. I cannot possibly think of one good thing about it, it's all so generic, so factory-made and so lazy assembled that it really only exists as an infomercial on how to make money from the unsuspecting, undeserving public.

A plot about a Secret Service Agent planning to assassinate the Prez could well be entertaining. If handled by a good director or caring cast that is. Douglas is the one who is framed. Basinger is the First Lady, with whom he is having an affair (an undeveloped, unresolved plot contrivance). Sutherland is the best pal who believes his guilty because there would be no movie if he didn't. And Longoria is nothing. A woman with a fortune of Maybelline and...that's it. I guess there are less requirements for women when entering the Secret Service. As usual in a film like this the role of the Prez himself is nothing more than a tool, a token and is very badly written.

Clark Johnson's, he who gave us the equally as pathetic SWAT back in 2003, mechanical direction lacks any kind of signature and has all the visual sophistication of a cheap TV-movie. Douglas, Basinger and Sutherland look incredibly bored and phone-in their performances from afar. Eva Longoria, the most over-exposed woman of the 21st Century, is basically only in this to attract to the Desperate Housewives audience. Her role is 100% pointless and she does absolutely nothing to further the plot or add to character development. She barely has 2 lines to rub together. A truly shameless marketing ploy.

If you're a glutton for punishment then don't let me stop you. But it IS time and money you won't be getting back.
A great cast and a top-notch thriller
Picture is a good thriller of a Secret Service agent on the run who tries to clear his name and expose a traitor within the ranks. Michael Douglas is the agent under fire who spends nearly the entire film running for his life while trying to piece together clues about a possible hit on the President. Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger, Eva Longoria and Martin Donovan are among the big cast names and the movie delivers fine action scenes and the usual intrigue and tight spots. Sutherland brings his usual intensity to his role as he clashes with Douglas throughout the film until the picture nears its conclusion. Basinger is Douglas' romantic interest and Longoria is okay in a key role in the film. Christophe Beck contributes a nice music score.
Worst movie since The Hulk
Lets first start this review with the fact that I SIGNED UP JUST TO WRITE THE REVIEW AND WARN PEOPLE TO SAVE Their MONEY!!

This was one of the worst pieces of trash i have seen since The Hulk. The storyline was the most predictable garbage you could possibly come up with. If you are expecting 24 but on the big screen, flush that expectation down the toilet immediately along with the money you would use for a ticket.. You may get more enjoyment that way. The acting was terrible, the plot was completely unrealistic, (along with the so called "twist" in the end. I must say this.. The ending did surprise me. I am not referring to the plot twist that surprised me, but instead the effortless manner that they put together what could be considered the ONLY scene of somewhat decent action in the entire movie. They rushed the ending so quickly that I didn't even realize that it was over until I saw the credits rolling and at that point i considered burning the reel of film if I could just figure out how to get into that screening room.

Casting was awful for a few reasons. First of all, they must have accidentally switched the character assignments, because Michael Douglas played the roll that CLEARLY Keifer Sutherland should have been playing. While Douglas was sneaking around agents, tapping phone lines, hacking into systems and taking out people who are chasing after him, Sutherland plays the less capable agent who is always in a bad mood even when things aren't going that badly for him. He plays a very bland agent, nothing like his Jack Bauer type roll us 24 fans love.

I can just about promise you that this movie will disappoint in all areas. It can be best compared to a remake of the "The Fugitive" / "In The Line of Fire" but written by people with mental disabilities
Unexciting and Unnecessary
As far as unnecessary films go, The Sentinel is definitely up there with the likes of U.S. Marshals. There is a mole in the Secret Service, someone is trying to assassinate the President, Agent Pete Garrison (Douglas) has been wrongly framed and must clear his name whilst simultaneously foiling the attempt on the leader of the free world's life. You really feel like you have seen this film somewhere before, except in its previous incarnations it was a far superior piece of entertainment e.g. Clear and Present Danger, 24 Season 1, In The Line of Fire. The Sentinel suffers from miscasting errors of seismic proportions. Hiring Keifer Sutherland to play Jack Bauer, in a film where he isn't actually Jack Bauer is just plain confusing and Eva Longoria as a Secret Service Agent? That's just silly. The Sentinel is not all bad, Michael Douglas convinces as the crinkly old Special Agent out to save his own hide, and Kim Basinger adds some much needed class as the First Lady. The Sentinel may be packaged as a 'post-24' actioner, though there really is very little on-screen violence and the few action set pieces do anything but singe your eyelashes. The script is the film's Achilles heel providing countless cliché's and uncomfortable cheesy moments that make you squirm. The Sentinel is largely disappointing and would have benefited from a complete overhaul in order for it to compete with the political-action films of past and present times. In a world that has been consistently protected by Bond, Ryan, Bourne and Bauer, the heroes of The Sentinel are unconvincing and surplus to requirements.
Its what happens when the Fugitive and the Interpreter load up on Steroids
Mind you, there were some good parts, lots of good chases and beautiful camera shots, but come on....Kiefer Sutherland chasing Michael Douglas on a boat, its Michael Douglas an actor capable of such good roles, what ever,did he see in this part!For the first part it was good and intriguing, then the whole thing went BOOM, and exploded into something not even worth the beginning.Come to this movie if you want to make fun of something. Because that is exactly what you will do. The icing on the cake is, at the end, Michael Douglas's character decides to RETIRE! After having an affair with the first lady, I'd retire too, shortly after that the lines also get extremely corny, its like the writer got tired while writing the middle to end of the movie. The song at the end, what were they thinking, they could have made it a bit more upbeat...so go see this movie...IF YOU DAAARE!!!
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