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The Party
Drama, Comedy
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Sally Potter
Storyline: Janet hosts a party to celebrate her new promotion, but once the guests arrive it becomes clear that not everything is going to go down as smoothly as the red wine.
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Sally Potter' s last film ''The Part'' , 2017 with excellent casting is not too bad. We have not seen a new and important work since Orlando , 1992. The Tango Lesson , 1997 was related to her dance ambition and The Man Who Cried , 2000 needs few lesson about gypsy community from Tony Gatlif ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0309697/ ) Rage , 2009 was like radio program. Ginger & Rose , 2012 was pretty good.

Her last work ''The Party'' in a house is ultimate theater with excellent feminist cast. Two American actresses Patricia Clarkson and Emily Mortimer - personally , Frances McDormand is missing - and one Anglo-Francis actress Kristin Scott Thomas - personally Charlotte Rampling is missing - were gorgeous. Script is gimcrack.

Expecting a better film next time from unique British female film director.
Should you RSVP to 'The Party'? The Party is a stage adaptation to the big screen of a small party. The movie is witty. Brevity is wit! and so is this movie.

I liked this movie like I liked the single malt scotch I had while watching it. Tiny little sips of delight.

This movie is the antithesis of a raucous CGI event with super-sized cola drinks and popcorn. The characters are real, not computer generated, and the make-up worn here is called personality. The protagonist here isn't trying to save the world, but merely there own world. However, best laid plans go awry at first contact and drama ensues to the viewer's pleasure.

The movie is in black and white. Thank God, the director has taste. We read books that are in black and white, don't we? Black text on white paper. It is sufficient to paint extremely colorful stories.

The characters, their personalities, relationships, back-stories and the plot are masterfully intertwined. The narrative plays out like a group dance. The characters are initially arrayed in a circle on the dance floor. Each character does a brief solo dance act that introduces us to the idiosyncrasies of that character. Subsequently, characters step forwards in pairs or triples for a friendly or feuding dance number. This is the literary equivalent of the final dance scene in Footloose!

The movie will appeal more to a mature audience with several years of life experience, who will more likely recognize and appreciate the numerous understated references to numerous social, cultural, religious and political topics throughout the movie.

Finally, if none of that appeals to you. It has Cilian Murphy! Go watch it!
Incredibly competent
Congratulations are in order for the hostess of a London drinks party, but the guests aren't comfortable. And there's a gun.

Fantastic cast, big issues, weak dialogue, poor characterisation, nicely shot, well edited. And the ambient music is enjoyable.

Disappointed. The situation is tightly wound, but fizzles out in unreal conflicts with zero humour - apart from the snappy end twist. The obvious source for laughs is the sore-thumb banker, but he's just a ball of sweaty nerves and passes up the opportunity for good lines when trying to dispose of the gun. Every character is a place holder for particular attitudes that do not define a human being.

It's short, and many people have praised it. For me, it was slight and not well developed. Grrr.
Entertaining and witty
It's really hard to find a good comedy nowadays and this film is a rare gem. The plot pokes fun at today's society and its fallen ideals and in lesser extent it also deal with complex relationships. I also really liked that it's in black and white which gives it a special, more intimate feel. Really enjoyed it and would recommend it to all fans of good comedy.
I'll get my coat.
With a film which has a high rating as well as a few decent actors I was expecting something engaging. What I found however was that I could only stomach half an hour of this,I know it's a short film but that wasn't enough to keep me from removing myself from this party after 30 or so mins. This is one of the most pretentious movies I have ever sat down to watch. The problem I found was that there simply wasn't a single person in this movie you would want to be around for five mins never mind the full running time. What we have is a bunch of middle class selfish self centered stereotypes being passive aggressive towards each other and that's the big problem. It's just not believable that these people would spend time in each others company as there's no positive emotion flowing between any of them. The fact it's in black and white just adds to the pretension that this is somehow an intelligent film. There's no benefit to this being in black and white. I don't see this as a commentary on society or any social group, apart from the fact that people who claim to enjoy this movie will be as pretentious as the characters it's trying to mock. The movie lacks soul, doesn't engage and would likely only be enjoyed by those with sociopathic traits who enjoy watching people backbiting each other for their enjoyment.
This is what passes as a good movie nowadays?
Complete waste of time. You can go watch a play if that's the kind of crap you're into. This was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent. It's 2017, black & white doesn't make a movie feel like a classic, just looks stupid! Not to mention, barely over an hour long. There's longer TV episodes. Anyone who put a good review on here has no sense whatsoever, they just "think" it's good because they made it in black and white so automatically it's great. The acting was bad, story unbelievable, & not funny whatsoever. This was so bad I'd rather even watch keeping up with the Kardashians.
Highstrung empty career creatures
This Potter film paints a bleak picture of modern people. There isn't ONE person in this cast of 7 whom the audience can really sympathise with. The 7 characters call themselves friends but treat each other with hostility, dishonesty etc. Too me it felt more like an unreal vacuum of lovelessness than a real group of people. Even the super-talented Cillian Murphy comes across as one-sided and overacting. The 'twist' at the end is also not very interesting and a bit of a cliché. I've seen much better work from Sally Potter!
A party you really would not want to be invited to
"The Party" is a British English-language film from 2017 and it is the newest work by acclaimed writer and director Sally Potter. It is a modern black-and-white film actually and it is pretty short at 70 minutes that already include some credits at the beginning and a lot more at the end. The name Potter obviously attracted several stars to this project as the people appearing in here are all successful and established actors. The only one I was not really familiar with here is Cherry Jones and even she is an Emmy winner. Go figure. It all seems fairly harmless early on when we find out a politician is giving a party for her friends to celebrate herself because she was just given an important political job in the country. That's why there is also another reason behind the title. But pretty much each and every guest has a secret to reveal as well and they will be shocking for everybody. The fact that one guest even brings a gun is not really helping either in terms of harmony. Eventually the movie profits a lot from its stage character. I am sure there will be British stage theaters showing this one in the future and it is a good choice. I also believe the actors did a good jib mostly. This is really not about liking the characters, even if I would say that Ganz, Jones and maybe Murphy too played characters that weren't that despicable. Bruno Ganz was also one of the main reasons why I wanted to see this one and he sure did not disappoint. But there was a problem with the script here and there. Especially the really dark take on comedy was not always working. One example would be Clarkson's quote about KST's character being in the spot to kill. This was not authentic, but fairly unrealistic. Clarkson's character sure was a bitch, but this quote did not fit at all. The ending I am not very big on either. Sure it is showy and memorable with the plot twist too, but is she really realistically shoot somebody for jealousy reasons that she just ended the relationship an hour ago via phone? Nah. Despite these flaws though I believe the film still had some decent entertainment to offer and the short runtime helps matters too. Not a problem at all. It may not be as good as Potter's previous work "Ginger & Rosa" (2012), but the positive is still more frequent than the negative in "The Party" (at least for audience members, for the invited not so much) and that's why I give it a thumbs-up. Worth seeing.
Surprisingly fun
Janet (Kristen Scott Thomas) has just been nominated as Parallel Cabinet's Minister (a group of veterans which makes opposition to the Westminster Government). This achievement is the highest level of her politic career and she intends to celebrate it with a small party with her husband Bill (Timothy Spall), and her closest friends: the acid April (Patricia Clarkson with an excellent comedy timing) and her crazy husband Gottfried (Bruno Ganz); her assistant's husband (Cillian Murphy), and the lesbian couple (Emily Mortimer and Cherry Jones). The party which was supposed to be a celebration suffers a turnaround when Bill reveals a secret and all the tension among those polite and educated people blows into a sequence of offenses, tension and a marvelous dark comedy. The movie is anarchic, unpretentious, with hysterical characters, sharp dialogues, and that's why it's surprisingly funny. I can't recall the last time I saw the whole audience laughing out loud with a movie. Highly recommended!
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