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The Message
UK, Lebanon, Libya, Kuwait, Morocco
Drama, Adventure, Biography, History, War
IMDB rating:
Moustapha Akkad
Anthony Quinn as Hamza
Irene Papas as Hind
Michael Ansara as Abu Sofyan
Johnny Sekka as Bilal
Michael Forest as Khalid
Habib Ageli as Hudayfa
Mohammad Al-Gaddary as Money Lender
Nicolas Amer as Suheil
Bruno Barnabe as Umaya
Mohamed Basri as Merchant
John Bennett as Salool
Martin Benson as Abu-Jahal
Robert Brown as Otba
Earl Cameron as Annajashi
George Camiller as Waleed
Ronald Chenery as Mosaab
Hassan Essakali as Somaya
Salem Gedara as Wahshi
Garrick Hagon as Ammar
Gerard Hely as Sinan
John Humphry as Ubada
Neville Jason as Jaafar
Richard Johnson as Narrator
Hassan Joundi as Kisra
Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Heraclius
Peter Madden as Toothless Man
André Morell as Abu-Talib
Wolfe Morris as Bu-Lahab
Ewen Solon as Yasser
Leonard Trolley as Silk Merchant
Storyline: This must-see epic depicts the birth of Islam. In the 7th century Mohammed is visited by Angel Gabriel who urges him to lead the people of Mecca and worship God. But they're exiled in Medina before returning to Mecca to take up arms against their oppressors and liberate their city in the name of God.
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Greatest religious movie ever.
We must appreciate all casts for their performances and the way that they reflect the realities of the past life of Muslims. Besides, they are successful since they perform their roles as if they are real Muslims. Finally, I want to say that Anthony Quinn performs his best role in his career.
Good film about the Prophet of Islam
I'm no Muslim but I am interested in the story of Islam since it's the final of the monotheistic religions, as the Muslims say: its "seal". This is a seventies epic in the same style of Zefirelli's "Jesus of Nazareth" and "The lion of the desert". All three movies feature a magnificent Anthony Quinn. The movie is very enjoyable and well made. Beautiful shots, great cinematography, good score, great acting. Of course it brings a very short version of the story of Islam, mainly chronicling the most important political and military events but leaving out loads and loads of elements. At 3 hours one cannot expect more. This is why I would have preferred a miniseries double that length, as in "Jesus of Nazareth". That gives time to settle in, to give much more information, teachings, etc. Of course the movie is not as it could have. Islamic creed prohibits the depiction of the Prophet: you never see Muhammad nor do you hear an actor as his voice. That's quite a handicap for the movie. The same goes for the most important people around him. Next to none are depicted in the film: Fatimah, Aisha and in general the whole family of the Prophet, Ali, Abu Bakr, and the other first four caliphs etc. The result of the above is a movie which brings the most important "earthly" sides to the advent of Islam, but lacks a bit in spiritual depth. It also brings the story of Islam without including all its most important pioneers. Though I respect this, I find it a great pity. Nonetheless, even with these limits the movie still deserves 7/10 if alone for the beautiful photography, the acting of Anthony Quinn and the beautiful depictions of Islamic holy sites at the very end.
religious recounting
This chronicles the rise of Islam led by the prophet Mohammad. Director Moustapha Akkad got the backing of Al-Azhar in Egypt and respecting Islamic tradition, Mohammad is not portrayed in the film. Anthony Quinn plays Mohammad's uncle Hamza. Irene Papas plays Hind, an enemy of the new religion.

There are issues of accuracy and religious propriety which are beyond my purview. I don't have anything to judge a large part of this movie. Quinn is the big name but he's only a supporting character. In fact, the leading character is not portrayed at all. This leads to an intriguing aspect of this movie. Without a lead, the movie is not a focused narrative. What it is is a fascinating recounting of a religious movement. There are big action scenes for the battles. The actors are experienced. I am reluctant to give this a rating since a lot of this is beyond me.
Great Film
The Holy Prophet Peace And Blessings Be Upon Him.* A Great movie indeed. It was greatly portrayed ,Very well made Genius ,Very Informative, Not Biased ,Respected Views of Islam.

I think they should make a new edition!

The director took approval from Al Azhar Sharif University which is a highly respected authority in Islam. I remember watching this quite a while ago, but even now i can still recall the storyline and what events took occurrence in the movie. I really really do hope another version is made as i think its now vital to have this in Hd (high definition)
A splendid tale... And that's all.
In the beginning (first 1/3) I was enthusiastic about how I'll learn more about Islam and find out why so many people are under it's impact...

And I found out:

1. There are the same old virtues preached - behavior and qualities that have ever been, are and will be actual. They always win attention.

2. The "new" religion gave though the liberty for one to fight with weapon for his (religion's) values and maintain it viral thus. Otherwise it'd die quickly and without glory. It is tempting to know that you're allowed to kill in the name of... virtues.

3. The "new" religion made a promise to the men that they will ever be a supreme race. No matter if they are rich or poor, crippled or in great health... Always above the other half of the humanity. This unites at least 1/2 of the population of an area.

4. Education - Mohamed proclaimed it and made it an affordable dream, which obviously the creators of the movie assume as a reality. Although everybody knows that religion/authority blossoms on ignorant masses' back. (and they are too ignorant to see it :))

Where were left the following promises:

- equality between men and women; - non violence; - equality between nations and religions?

In the movie somehow too quickly total opponents were turned into followers.

I believe that masses can be rushed into everything, but this movie says that it can and had been done beautifully and nobly :)

Finally, the movie turns out to be a simple, tender, precise propaganda. The next one in a row.
This is an epic movie
One of the best movies on Islam. May be the best by far. great effort by the Director, producer, artists and co-artists. Mustafa Akkhad did a wonderful job creating an epic movie. Dir. Al Akkad faced challenges in many ways. The increasing pressure from Saudi Arabia to shutdown the production caused some delays. The king Hassan of Morocco, Al Gaddafi of Libya and King Khalid bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia financially supported the full production of this film. with the full support from the Libyan and Moroccan Govt the production team finally came to an end. The major roles played the actors in this movie in terms withe time fact was extraordinary. Specially the role of "Anthony Quinn" as "Hamza", "Michael Ansara" as "Abu Sofyan", "Michael Forest" as "Khalid", "André Morell" as "Abu-Talib" was amazing.
It's like "Waiting for Godot" or "Finding Waldo" … in the desert.
I admit that I'm a sucker for long, lingering history-epics and state proudly: I've seen them all (or at least most). And although my interest in religion (never having understood why "The Bible" is considered real, and "Lord of the Rings" isn't), I couldn't allow myself to pass this curiosity of a historic epos.

This might be an enjoyable romp for believers, who either know the story already or believe that the story happened as portrayed here, but all others might begin to wonder early on: "Why am I watching a three-hour-plus movie with an imaginary protagonist?" Anthony Quinn does his best to make his performance carry the scenes but there is something restraint in his performance and after a couple of hours of watching Quinn talk either straight to the camera or to what often seems an 'invisible friend', one cannot help but to feel slightly schizophrenic.

If would have taken a director with guts, say Martin Scorsese (who would later refresh sanctimonious, one-dimensional bible films with his controversial "The Last Temptation of Christ"), to turn this tepid retelling into a real film. Perhaps in the future, a death-defying crew of producers and directors decide to make a remake of this film, allowing the protagonists to be portrayed, such as is the case in many other films, by an actor. My personal choice for Mohammed would be Daniel Day Lewis.

If non-controversial, conformist films about the origin of a creed are your thing, I recommend "The Bible" or "Little Buddha" (which actually might have benefited from a policy that would have stopped Keanu Reeves from being seen or heard on screen). If you enjoy Anthony Quinn in his role as bearded, fez-wearing Arab, why not go for "Lawrence of Arabia" or even "Omar Mukhtar – Lion of the Desert" (like "The Message" co-produced by slain Libyan president Muhammar Ghadaffi).

This movie I can only recommend to the quire to which it's already preaching, and perhaps people who enjoyed watching "The Invisible Man" but found the Chevy Chases voice-over annoying.

I'll give it three points: one for the beautiful setting, one for the lovely musical score and, despite acting slightly more restraint than usually, one for Anthony Quinn.
One of the best movies about islam!
This is one of the best movies about Islam. For some reason, the movie industry likes to depict Muslims and Islam as heartless terrorist society group.

This movie is the truth about Islam, It is about how Islam emerged from a dark Arabia...which was emersed in paganism. It is about how 1 illiterate, simple man, changed the world as we know it today, how his message took hold of the heart of humanity.

Before you watch any other type anti Islam terrorist type film, before you believe what the news says about the islamic fundamentalists group, ...see this movie, which is the truth.
Excellent accuracy
As a Muslim who is from Medinah and an academic in Islamic law, I thought there will not be a film about Prophet Mohammed that is so accurate.

But this movie really is a success, and I liked how they include just the facts that all sects in Islam agree upon and avoided any controversial reports.

It is the best movie for anyone who is interested to know about this story from an unbiased source.

Hope you enjoy it.

Peace be upon you.
One can only hope that this, and its actual message, is not hated in the shadow of today's terrorism. I knew the story going in, and would say that this is a quite accurate depiction of the events. It is a perfect choice to not depict the prophet. This film is incredibly well-done. The plot is well-written. This has stunning imagery, and breathtaking scenery. The acting consists only of top-notch performances. Characters are credible and interesting. The dialog is immensely well-done. This presents and communicates its points rather well. The score is marvelously composed, epic, sweeping, and in the style of Middle Eastern music. This has great cinematography and editing. The war scenes are well-done. This entire production is very effective. The pacing is good. Coming in at not much short of three full hours, it doesn't overstay its welcome, or dwell unnecessarily. The DVD holds a theatrical trailer and a 44-minute making of featurette. There is no language, sexuality goes no further than a few costumes, and the violence is neither strong nor gratuitous. This has disturbing content, and should not be viewed by children or others who may not be able to handle it. I recommend this to everyone else. 10/10
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