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The LEGO Batman Movie
USA, Denmark
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris McKay
Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth (voice)
Jenny Slate as Harley Quinn (voice)
Jason Mantzoukas as Scarecrow (voice)
Doug Benson as Bane (voice)
Mariah Carey as Mayor Marion Grange (voice)
Kate Micucci as Clayface (voice)
Conan O'Brien as The Riddler (voice)
Eddie Izzard as Voldemort (voice)
Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman (voice)
Michael Cera as Robin / Dick Grayson (voice)
Will Arnett as Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Riki Lindhome as Poison Ivy (voice)
Zach Galifianakis as The Joker (voice)
Rosario Dawson as Batgirl / Barbara Gordon (voice)
Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face (voice)
Siri as 'Puter (voice)
Storyline: There are big changes brewing in Gotham City, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker's hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.
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A better sequel than expected
So When The first Lego movie came out for some reason i didn't watch it in cinema but when i later watched on DVD i really regretted watching at home. As you know like all movies the sequels don't really markup the expectations line but this time i wasn't making the same mistake again so i gave it a chance, It was worth every penny and a good decision to watch in cinema. The movie was full of sarcastic jokes and fun but don't think just because it is a Lego Animated movie it wont have a story line. the movie had a really well built script and a good message emphasizing on Family Values which is a good thing to display and give a good message to all youngsters and adults like us. I would highly recommend everyone to watch this fun filled entertainment go and enjoy it with your family i am confident you wont be disappointed i wasn't and i would definitely say it was really good sequel more good than my expectations.
This Lego movie is even better than the original and leaves me anxious for what's next.
In 2014, we became acquainted with an ignorant but arrogant billionaire with orange hair who wanted to rule the world. Call him President Business. Well, that's what they called him in "The Lego Movie". (What? Who did you think I was talking about?) The process of defeating that cartoonish villain involved joining together a vast array of different characters who had to learn to put aside their differences and work together to wrest power from that evil businessman-turned-politician. (Yes, of course I'm still talking about the first Lego movie.) All this may sound scary, but the animated feature film that I've been describing since the very beginning of this paragraph had some important lessons to teach about teamwork and the specialness of all people – whether they're made out of plastic or just look and act plastic on screen. Ignorant arrogance like this can also be very funny (as long as it's fictional) and "The Lego Movie" delivered on that promise. Doubling down on that kind of humor is that movie's 2017 spin-off "The Lego Batman Movie" (PG, 1:44), an inspired mashup of Danish toys and American comic books.

To simply say that Lego Batman is a loner is like referring to the Unabomber as anti-social. Batman / Bruce Wayne (voiced by Will Arnett) lives in Wayne Manor with his devoted butler and father figure Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), but still chooses to spend all his time alone, watching movies or staring wistfully at a photo of him with his long-dead parents. Even when he's in public (whether as Batman or as Bruce Wayne), he treats the citizens of Gotham as his subjects and only wants their adulation. Batman gives himself full credit for keeping Gotham crime-free and is convinced that he's the only one who can do it – and that he doesn't need help or advice from anyone. This Batman probably thinks that the first film's Oscar-nominated original song "Everything is Awesome" was written for and about him and his life. (The character could have also written the film's tagline: "Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman.") A high-class gala thrown to honor the retiring Commissioner Gordon turns out to be an extremely consequential gathering. As Bruce Wayne struts through the crowd, the original Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara (Rosario Dawson), who is taking over for her father, begins making a speech in which she calls for the police to work more closely with Batman – as a team (an idea which makes him spit out his drink) – and to limit Batman's autonomy (think, the setup for "Captain America: Civil War"). Just then, the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) shows up. The day before, as Batman was foiling the Joker's latest plan to take over the city, the two argued about how important they are in each other's lives. When Batman refused to admit that the Joker is his main nemesis (saying, "I fight with a lot of people. I like to fight around."), the Joker's feelings were hurt. Now, at the gala, Joker suddenly switches tactics. He surrenders to the new Commissioner Gordon, confesses to his crimes and asks to be sent to prison. Oh, and earlier at this same gala, Wayne accidentally adopts young orphan Dick Grayson (Michael Cera).

Batman decides that the Joker is up to something, but he's not sure what it is, so he comes up with a plan to get rid of him for good. Batman includes his new ward Dick Grayson (now called Robin) because he considers Dick expendable. The two of them go to Superman's Fortress of Solitude where they see Superman throwing a party for the rest of the Justice League's super angular superheroes. Nevertheless, Batman takes advantage of his fellow heroes being distracted by the party to steal Superman's Phantom Zone projector so he can send the Joker into the Phantom Zone. The problem with that plan is that it would put the Joker in the company of some of the world's greatest villains, a situation which could end up unleashing untold evil on the world, and forcing Batman to enlist the help of his fellow members of the Justice League (and others) as he confronts his biggest challenge ever. Just don't expect Batman's ego to go quietly into the sunset (or the Bat Signal) – or for the Joker to be so easily defeated.

"The Lego Batman" movie is an inspired and extremely enjoyable crossover between Lego's growing animation efforts and established DC Comics characters… plus a long and diverse list of others. The plot makes full use of the potential inherent in combining such diverse and storied properties – and effectively builds upon what made the first Lego movie so popular. The script (which combines the efforts of five different writers), along with Chris McKay's direction is both funny and just plain fun, a lot of that due to the juxtaposition of Batman's self-centered intensity with Robin's innocent earnestness. All of the voice work is top-notch, but Will Arnett's ignorant arrogance as Batman is really what makes the movie. He's as humorous as any of Will Farrell's similarly pompous live action characters (e.g., as Ron Burgundy in the "Anchorman" movies or as race car driver Ricky Bobby in "Talladega Nights") and –whether intentionally or not – reminds us of the attitudes, words and conduct of some American politicians. This Lego movie is even better than the original and leaves me anxious for what's next. "A-"
Just go
I'm not sure how anyone can criticize this movie for anything. Its 2 movies in one. The kids see Lego's with colors, action and subtle lines they understand, but children are more focused on the action and not dialogue. For adults, it is full of Innuendos that keep you laughing non stop. I literally cried from laughing so hard.

So if a movie for a family is entertaining for the kids and makes adults laugh and not look at watch to see "when this is over", then that's a 10. No kids here. And my fiancée was like omg, what! When you leave a movie still laughing and repeating lines....10.

Kid tested, parents will hoot!
They said Butt-mobile.
That is what my 12 year old said, with an eye roll that Anderson Cooper would have envied. Then we gave up on this movie somewhere around the half way mark. We had not laughed once. The Lego Movie had some original ideas, and made a pile of money. This sequel seems to have been made by a bunch of MBAs who were old enough to see the original Batman TV series. They sat around in piles of money getting drunk or baked and making jokes that only they might understand. Which means their grandchildren, the people who are expected to pay money to see this movie, will have no idea why they are supposed to laugh. It has made a boatload of money, so another one is certain to be on the way. But seriously, folks, if you're going to make ironic fun of the genre, you should make at least one funny joke in the first hour of the movie.
Batman Fans Only
I've never watched a Lego movie before but since Batman was the star of this animated flick, I decided to see it because I'm a DC fan. Will Arnett was the perfect choice to voice Batman/Bruce Wayne; his lines were hilarious and memorable, and I liked how the screenwriters made references to the classic TV show which I grew up watching it as a kid. It was also nice to see Bill Finger's name in the ending credits because he created Batman the way he has been in the last 78 years. You'll enjoy this movie if you're a huge fan of the Caped Crusader.
The Lego Batman Movies
What at first glance appeared to me a money-grabbing spin-off of 2014's The LEGO Movie, riding the waves of last years' Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad adult flicks, I do not joke when I say this movie gave me faith in kids movies again.

When I say that The LEGO Batman Movie is incredible, I am not being ironic; I wholeheartedly believe this movie is near-perfect. This movie should set an example as to how kids' movies should be made, unlike the recently-released Sing, which is the perfect example of how animated films for children can be churned out and swallowed up by an unsuspecting audience.

Of course, partial enjoyment of this movie comes down to callbacks and references of the series of Batman films that have come before this, and while these throwbacks are not subtle, they also don't impose on the story-line that The LEGO Batman Movie provides; equating to an excellent balance.

I was laughing throughout the majority of this film - the humour is designed for both adults and children; the perfect family movie, rather than restricting to just one generation. The performance of Batman by Will Arnett is the best thing he's ever done; Robin (Michael Cera) is spot on, and the Joker (Zach Galifiankis) is wonderful to watch on-screen.

Animation of the LEGO characters is top notch; I often didn't notice I was watching a LEGO-themed film and only saw the actual characters being portrayed in front of me. The film was, at times, a pleasure to watch in all its' animated action glory, and there was no ambiguity as to who the characters were meant to represent, despite being in their 'LEGO forms'.

My only criticisms are that the Phantom Zone included in the film is completely inaccurate to its previous portrayals, and that Harley Quinn's (Jenny Slate) voice doesn't sound very Harley-esque at all. I literally can't think of anything else worth complaining about.

Most amazing of all, the references to past Batman movies and comics add to the plot in such a wonderful way - inclusion of the Condiment King (rarely-heard-of, useless DC comic book villain), Batman poking fun at Suicide Squad, and even Bane (Doug Benson) having his accurate voice from The Dark Knight Rises! The film is not afraid to laugh at itself, and this makes the viewer laugh with it more.

Because LEGO have so many different franchises at their disposal, it means that they also manage to include characters from multiple different sources, such as Lord Voldemort, The Daleks and even Godzilla. Including these characters made for an oddly-amusing twist.

This movie is wonderful - it's the highest rating I've given to a movie so far and with good reason. For those of you doubting giving up your movie-watching time to a kids movie, I urge you to give The LEGO Batman Movie a chance and go and see it - you won't be disappointed.
Thought it would be fun
the first trailer back then was funny as hell, so were the first 20 minutes.

there were a lot of references to DC and batman, but its really lame after 20-30 minutes...

usually i like batman and Lego movies... so i thought that's a win-win situation... but i was really disappointed.

the second half was a real pain to watch.
Everything is Awesome… well almost everything.
When, I first heard that Legos was going to make a new movie that feature 'Batman'; I thought to myself, it must be, yet another mediocre, direct to video, animated movie, featuring the DC Super Heroes, like 2013's "Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite" or 2015's 'Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom'. However, after doing some research, I found out this theatrical feature movie is not part of the films based on the video games series, but instead, a spin-off of the 2014's hit film, 'The Lego Movie'. Because of this, I was really excited and wanted to see this movie, as soon as possible. After finally seeing it, I can say, this movie was also awesome, despite the movie kinda go against Lego's founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen's policy of not having violence in a child's playtime. In my opinion, 'The Lego Batman Movie' is very much in the spirit of the first movie, and really build upon the Batman lore. We really do see a different side of him, in this film. Directed by Chris McKay, the film tackles the unique story of what would happen to Bruce Wayne/Batman (Voiced by Will Arnett) if he had no more criminals to fight against, after most of the rogue gallery had surrender to the new police chief, Barbara Gordon (Voiced by Rosario Dawson). Full of loneliness & guilt, Batman hopes to fill the emptiness of not fighting, by taking the responsibility of raising his adopted son, Dick Grayson (Voiced by Michael Cera). However, he cannot stop suspecting that his top arch-rival, Joker (Voiced by Zach Galifianakis) is up to something and try every step to prevent Barbara from doing her job. Can Batman built a family united or will his drive to put his enemies away, and make his community, safer, be his ultimate undoing!? Watch the movie, to find out! Without spoiling the movie, too much, 'The Lego Batman Movie' is a playful, witty homage to the DC Comics & Cape Crusader's film adventures over the years, while also bringing its own frantic sense of humor with inside jokes, sight gags, innuendos, breaking the fourth wall humors, slapstick, and pop culture references. Added to that, the film has amazing music and action that can appealing to both young and old audiences alike. However, the movie is without a few faults. Since the jokes are so rapid-fire in pace, some of the jokes might not land. While, most of the jokes didn't fall flat to me, I do think, for others, they might be a few that would. Nevertheless, there were a few things that I found jarring. Unlike its predecessor, this movie doesn't really make the "real" world a core plot point, and relegates the few moments of live-action to this instead. Said moments include clips of 1996's 'Jerry Maguire', the 1966 Batman TV series, and a brief shot of romantic movie covers. It was a bit weird to see. I thought, it would funnier to see Lego versions of these films, instead. Another thing that was weird was, since, this film takes place in a universe where all the previous incarnations of Batman has happened, in one point or another. How does Batman, not know of his previous relationship with Robin!? After all, during his 1966, 1992, 1995, & 1997 phrase, he kinda did have his dynamo duo, around. Also, how is it, possible that Joker is still around, if he died, during the events of his 1989 phrase? Just saying. Anyways, that brings us to the other fail of the film, the climax. It's really have to believe that Joker and the Rogue Gallery would had a change of heart, after trying to destroy the city, multiply times before, if anything, the film would had been better, if it's establish the connect, Batman has with the Justice League, a little better. I left that connection, was a loose-end that could had solve, with Batman's character development. It was also weird to see, other movie villains in the Phantom Zone, rather than other stronger DC villains. Despite that, the action was alright for the most part. It was nothing too violent for the kids. Yet, the combination of both stop motion and CGI is a bit hard to follow during a few action scenes. There was way too much things on the screen, going so fast that it's hard to figure out, who or what is going on. It's harder, to figure out in 3D. Still, for the most part, the movie's animation is break taking. A vivid display of visual grandeur of what would be done in the Lego Cartoon Universe with its CGI effects. Another great thing about this film is the voice acting. Arnett's gravelly tones and deadpan delivery are perfect for this reclusive, grumpy incarnation of the character. Another standout is Michael Cera's impossibly wide-eyed Robin, whose enthusiasm knows no bounds. It's been a long while, since I like a Michael Cera performance. Ralph Fiennes makes for a superbly dry Alfred, who becomes far more involved in the action than any of his forbears. Just wish, he did the voice for Lord Voldemort as well. That was a bit odd for Warner Bros to do. No matter what happen to that villain, Zach Galifianakis did a great job as the main villain. Far better than 2016's 'Suicide Squad' version of Joker. Also, I did like Rosario Dawson's performance as Barbara Gordon, even if it was a bit weird to see her character, be the love-interest to Batman, seeing how he was mostly a father figure to her in the comics. Overall: While, it might be a little darker/edgier than its predecessor, 'The LEGO Batman Movie' is a family-friendly film that stresses the importance of positive relationships and being part of a family. A great watch. It will have you leaving the theater with a smile on your face.
Why was this movie even made... ?
This movie being made and getting good reviews shows couple of below things:-

1) Hollywood has way too much money on their hand to even think and produce this movie...who wakes up one day to think that wait i have this crappy idea and tons of money to produce this movie.

2) People who are watching it and giving good reviews shows that you serve BS to people with good marketing/tag-lines, sprinkle some stupid/cheesy/trying hard to be spoof lines being appreciated over good movies. Movies like Megamind are so under-rated and unappreciated over this P-O-S,why is this highly rated over Megamind in IMDb.

3) Parents should avoid taking kids to such cash grab movies...this is the Netflix age, download a good old animated movie and show it rather than paying to watch and make Hollywood fatter with your hard earned money.

PS: Fortunately I watched this at my friends place online.
Quite Possibly the Funniest and Greatest Batman Movie I've Ever Seen!!
Wow, this movie surprised me. It was a lot better than the original Lego Movie and passed my expectations. It was hilarious in showing how arrogant and stuck-up Batman is and great throwbacks to the previous Batman films and the TV series from the 1960's with Adam West. The last four Batman movies are good, but they're very dark and dreary. This one is just flat-out fun. It spoofs the Batman mythology, but respects it at the same time. So far, this has been my favorite movie of 2017.

Batman is the dark vigilante of Gotham City. After defeating the Joker yet again Batman hurts his feelings and tells him he means nothing to him. The Joker soon comes up with a new plan to bring Batman and Gotham to its knees. Batman will need the help of Robin, Alfred, Barbara Gordon and many others to defeat Joker's army of villains. The movie is much better than how I'm describing. It's hard to do so without spoiling all the great surprises and hilarious nods to other great films. If you love Batman, Superman, and the DC universe, you'll love THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE!!!
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