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The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock
Adventure, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Charles Grosvenor
Kenneth Mars as Grandpa (voice)
Anndi McAfee as Cera (voice)
Sandy Fox as Dinah (voice)
John Ingle as Cera's Dad (voice)
Aria Noelle Curzon as Ducky (voice) (as Aria Curzon)
Miriam Flynn as Grandma (voice)
Thomas Dekker as Littlefoot (voice)
Danny Mann as Allosaurus (voice)
Kris Kristofferson as Doc (voice)
Jeff Bennett as Petrie / Spike (voice) (as Jeff Glen Bennett)
Storyline: Littlefoot's grandfather one night tells the protagonist children a story about "The Lone Dinosaur"... ย  ย ยป
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What would you expect for the fifth sequel?
Not much, I would say. This is a way of showing the downfall of sequels and such. In 1988, "The Land Before Time" came out and it was one of the finest cartoon movies I've ever seen. It was shown in theaters, and that the was the first, last and only time a LBT film was shown in theaters. Then came the seemingly never ending series of sequels ALL which were direct to video and now there's 8 sequels. Up until Part 5, everyone was going pretty good, but nothing like that could last forever. So, we get this, the worst LBT sequel I've seen, seeing as how I haven't seen any after this one. It's just not worth it.

Anyway, as the story goes, Littlefoot and his friends hear about the story of the "Lone Dinosaur" (bad name, huh?) and how if anything happens to Sauraus Rock bad luck will occur over the Great Valley, and a new dinosaur, Doc comes and yada, yada, yada. It's just an occuring remake of the same movies with the same morals, the same action, the same everything! PLEASE, do not make a Land Before Time Part 10!! The only enjoyable thing was Sarah's little cousins. They were so cute!! Don't waste your time on this. A 2/10.

By the way, after Peetree went out of the log to see if it was safe, (and trust me, I rewound the part three times) I KNOW he said, "We can cross big b*tch!". I swear! I know he was trying to say "ditch", but it came out wrong.
Just As Good The Sixth Time Around
As I have given good reviews to The Great Valley Adventure, The Time Of The Great Giving, Journey Through The Mists, and The Mysterious Island, you may be curious to know how I like the 6th installment in the series. Well, as a Land Before Time fan, I think that The Secret Of Saurus Rock is just as great. Doc/The Lone Dinosaur is a nice addition and Cera's twin nieces Dinah and Dana are adorable, although I do have to wonder where they came from since although Cera mentions having sisters in the first movie, we never see them again. The dream sequences also add a nice and very artistic touch. But probably the most interesting plot element was Saurus Rock and how it supposedly protects the Great Valley from afar and the idea, continued from the 4th and 5th movies, that the valley isn't entirely immune from outside influence. Saurus Rock itself gives the movie a very fascinating mystical element that is only added to in the next movie. See you next time, where I review The Land Before Time VII: The Stone Of Cold Fire.
Where Ever Hungry Sharp-Teeth Prey on Those Who Feast on Leaves, The Lone Dinosaur Comes to Their Aide!

THE LAND BEFORE TIME- EPISODE VI: THE SECRET OF SAURUS ROCK. It opens with Littlefoot's grandfather telling the children: Spike, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Cera's nieces Dana and Dinah, the story of a mysterious hero known as The Lone Dinosaur. He would come out of the darkness and give Sharp-Teeth whatfor. A rock statue of him looks out over the valley. Littlefoot is very interested in the Lone Dinosaur and tries to act like him, only he puts himself in grave danger, but is luckily saved by a newcomer named Doc. He's a long-neck who looks like...Could it be?...The Lone Dinosaur! Doc denies it. Cera's father greets Doc with his surly ways. Cera is not being a very good aunt. She picks on Dana and Dinah and is very bossy towards them. No wonder they ran off. So Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie go after them. They found them playing on Saurus Rock. A piece of it was broken off! And, according to the legend, if that statue is broken in any way, bad luck would spread throughout the valley. But that was just a myth, right? NOPE! The adults experience bad luck and some Sharp-Teeth come into the Valley. Cera's dad blames Doc for all this, but when Doc comes to everybody's rescue, proving himself the Lone Dinosaur, Cera's dad stood corrected.

Pretty good. Not great! I think the Land Before Time saga is showing its age, but then again so are TV shows like The Simpsons and King of the Hill but that doesn't stop the producers! Now don't go e-mailing me and complain about this. It's the truth! Accept it! Anyway, Land Before Time VI was okay. Part VII wasn't very good and Part VIII was even worse. I might as well skip Part IX. Part I was good, so were II, III, IV and V. Logic very clearly dictates that after one has seen I-V, one should then see VI, so to speak. In conclusion, if you think the movie looks dumb, don't watch it but do let your kids. They'll love it!

Great children's film
I have enjoyed watching this film with my 5-year old daughter many times. The typical hokey references to evolution are overshadowed by a good story line, memorable scenes and pleasant characters. Doc (Kris Kristofferson), the Lone Dinosaur, is a real treat.
Very enjoyable.
Up until now this series has been suffering from the 'odd-numbered sequel good, even-membered sequel bad' syndrome and so I approached this latest entry with caution. I needn't have worried. This is a well-made, entertaining and memorable film which will appeal to people of all ages. The Lone Dinosaur (based on the Lone Ranger) is a particularly good character and the dream sequences add a surreal edge to the film. A must-see.
The Secret of Saurus Rock
The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock, the sixth installment in the Land Before Time series. Again another decent enough sequel that gets a very unfair rating, this movie was a little step below the fifth sequel, but still I did enjoy watching this sequel because it focused more on family. Also just the responsibility some kids have to face when they have a new member in the family and how hard it can be to watch out for their younger relatives. A lot of kids could relate to this story. We also have a good moral that it's OK to ask the adults for help if a child does feel responsible for something they did and wants to fix it. The Secret of Saurus Rock certainly is a good story and once again just gives us lighthearted clean fun for the family and kids.

Littlefoot's grandfather tells the children a story about "The Lone Dinosaur", a legendary longneck who once protected the Great Valley from the most ferocious sharptooth ever to live. However, the sharptooth left "The Lone Dinosaur" with a scar slashed across his right eye. Soon after the battle, a huge monolith that resembled a proud sauropod, having life-sized tyrannosaur teeth arranged around his neck, came out of the ground during an earthquake. The dinosaurs called it "Saurus Rock". The legend also states that if anyone damages the monolith, bad luck would descend upon the valley. A few days later when the kids are playing, Littlefoot accidentally falls off a cliff. Just before he hits the ground, a strange longneck dinosaur rescues him. This longneck introduces himself only as "Doc" and gives no knowledge of his history. Littlefoot is intrigued by this newcomer, who is scarred across one eye and displays prior knowledge of the Great Valley. For the preceding reasons, Littlefoot assumes that Doc is the Lone Dinosaur. Inspired, Cera's infant niece and nephew, the twins Dinah and Dana, go to Saurus Rock without anyone noticing. Later when the friends are playing, they notice that Dinah and Dana are missing. When they finally reach Saurus Rock, they see Dinah and Dana on the top. As they climb up to rescue them, Dinah and Dana fall off the top and land on Cera, causing the life-sized stone tooth on which she is standing to break off. Over the next few days, ill fortunes ranging from injuries to a tornado plague the valley. The adults blame Doc, in whose wake the misfortunes have apparently come, while Littlefoot blames himself and his friends, recalling the breaking of Saurus Rock. But Littlefoot is convinced that he can fix everything by going back to break off a dinosaur's sharp tooth to save the valley.

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock is a good movie, I really liked the tribute to the lone ranger. Granted I know some kids won't get the little tribute to him, but it's still fun for them to see a dinosaur kind of cowboy, as silly as that sounds, it was good for the film. I also loved how Littlefoot just had this big heart and wanted to fix everything for his family and the other's in the Valley. The Secret of Saurus Rock is very fun to watch, I think it's a little notch below from what I've seen so far in the series, but not enough to say that this was a dreadful movie, I liked it and do recommend it for the kids and family.

Despite it's episodic plot, this surpasses "Time of the Great Giving" as the best of the series
This film may not have the exact same charm and originality from the first Land Before Time, but all-in-all, this is an even better sequel than the previous films and even surpasses "The Time of the Great Giving" as the best of the series.

Sure, the story's episodic, although the lesson about responsibility was very nice to educate the young, and the dialog may felt clunky at times, but there are some redeeming qualities that make this worth watching. The animation is very decent and the backgrounds are really nice. The songs, although not memorable, are very pleasant to listen to especially the song "Lone Dinosaur" and "Bad Luck". The reused music from the original is great and the pacing moves along very briskly.

The characters are still very decent as is Cera's baby twins Dana and Dinah and boy were they so adorable you just want to pinch those cheeks of theirs. The strongest aspect is the voice acting with Kris Kristofferson's greatest cameo as Doc, the lone dinosaur.

Overall, not excellent, but still a very watchable sequel to the series. Thumbs up!
The songs are great
Even though for an adult the story may seem a little silly this is still a great film. Children will adore it.

This movie has some brilliant songs. I dare anyone who listens to it not to start tapping their feet while listening to 'bad luck'.

The animation is ok (for a television flick) and is of the same standard as the rest of the sequels.

Dina and daina (who is apparently a boy) are very cute, if irritating to an adult audience .

I however think they are adorable.

Cera gets a bigger role in this movie (in babysitting the twins) and that is nice to see as she is a great female character. We don't see many strong female roles in movies and this is one where it is much appreciated.

Kids will like it and older fans will smile at it.

It also teaches children the importance of resposablity.
I remember this one as this one was made in 1998. Cera becomes an Auntie as now she has responsibility on looking after the twuns Dinah and Dana. The run away as they begin their journey to get to Saurus Rock. Cera gets worried as she and the others find them. Littlefoot gets obsessed about Doc who's a Lone Dinosaur, he thought that if something happened to Saurus Rock, then it would bring bad luck to the great valley and bad luck to him.
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