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The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists
Adventure, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Roy Allen Smith
Charles Durning as Archie (voice)
Linda Gary as Grandma (voice)
Scott McAfee as Littlefoot (voice)
Candace Hutson as Cera (voice)
Carol Bruce as Old One (voice)
John Ingle as Narrator (voice)
Heather Hogan as Ducky (voice)
Frank Welker as Tickles (voice)
Rob Paulsen as Spike (voice)
Jeff Bennett as Petrie / Ichy (voice)
Kenneth Mars as Grandpa (voice)
Tress MacNeille as Ali's Mother / Dil (voice)
Storyline: Littlefoot's grandfather is dreadfully ill and a golden flower is the only hope to cure him, but it lies within the land of the Mists so Littlefoot and his friends Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike and newcomer, Ali, journey through the mists to find it. Mayhem and danger await around every turn!
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Second Best of The Entire Series
As a child, I loved this film! I didn't like any of the others besides the first one, and my opinion stands 10 years later. There was something magical about this one, and I still remember all of the exciting and fantastic elements that made this my second favorite. The first one had some scary moments(for a kid, that is) but this one was much more upbeat and friendly. It will always have a special place in my heart, and my children's hearts as well. I can't believe the people who've panned this film! You need to re-live your childhoods again, or lighten up!

Not great, but really not that bad either.
While it's way better than the second, it's still isn't as good as the original which made me feel touched and cry some tears. The dialog is inane, the songs are forgettable (with Take All Sorts as the exception), and the story falls into the predictable zone and it's short like the rest of the sequels, but there are some redeeming qualities that saved the film. The animation is very nice despite it's average editing, the characters are decent, but the villains, despite some great voice work from Jeff Bennett and Tress MacNellie, are the most uninteresting villains in the franchise. At least the voice acting in the rest of the characters are pretty good.

Overall, way better than the second, but not as excellent as the original.
I remember this one when this came out in 1996, this is the 4th land before time movie this one is about when littlefoot's grandpa becomes very ill, the only way to make him better is to give him the golden petals of the night flower, littlefoot gets told that they can be found in the land of mists. Littlefoot meets another longneck called Ail, she takes littlefoot and his friends on the journey back where she came from the land of mists.
Lost In The Mists
A group of visitors arrive in the valley and with them is a she-longneck named Ali. Ali is first encountered by accident during a round of hide-and-seek (a game that I have always had and still have a fondness for). The migrating herd explain that they have come from a place that was once similar to the Great Valley but over time became the Land of Mists. When Grandpa Longneck gets sick, the others have to get Ali to lead them to the Night Flower, which only grows in the Land of Mists. As for the new characters, Ali is very sweet and has such a nice voice, Archie has some funny moments, and Tickles is nearly as cute as Chomper. I also have to disagree with some of the other reviews and say that Dill and Icky, while not the most menacing, are pretty funny. I personally found the songs to be an improvement over those from the previous two installments, with Eggs being the only real standout from those two. Grandma's Lullaby is rather sweet and calming, Who Needs You is pretty catchy and funny, and It Takes All Sorts is simply adorable and I love its message. Finally, the animation is simply gorgeous, especially on the flowers, which have such a beautiful golden glow that wonderfully contrasts with the foggy background. Trivia: This is the last film with Candace Hudson voicing Cera and Roy Allen Smith in the director's chair.
The next in the series of the eternally grand LBT
My third favorite film in the series, JTTM is simply a masterpiece, fit to culminate R.A Smith's tenure in LBT. The film has just the right balance of sunshine,laughter,sadness and triumph blended into an hour and about a quarter of delight.(Possible Spoiler) The value this movie teaches is that diversity of friends and loved ones is a great thing to have, especially for vulnerable young 'uns. From the CUTTTTTE mouselike creature Tickles to the elderly archelon Archie, this movie sports a character cast of variety, fit for its powerful theme. The highlight was the extremely amusing song "Who Needs You" in which the birdlike Ichy and the deinosuchus Dil continually insult each other with some fine choice sentences. True to the Land Before Time legacy, this film has not in one bit disappointed me!
I'm not exactly the target audience, but...
Another formulaic and soppy dino-quest with absolutely awful songs. The insistent preaching of the previous sequels is thankfully toned down, with the emphasis on a slightly more exciting adventure that recycles the perils of the previous films, like falling rocks and sheer drops. A villainous crocodile and bird add a mildly dark tone, to not much effect.

It's all slightly something or mildly something; without the sophistication and layers that make, say, Pixar's films so engaging for all ages, this is strictly kids' stuff, and curiously old-fashioned to boot. I suppose an hour of pleasant entertainment won't do them any harm, but make sure they clean their teeth afterwards.
The Most Artistic Entry In The Series
The truth is, the 2nd and 3rd movies sucked, and that scared off critics. They thought if they liked, or heck even watched, the 4th one, people would think they were crazy. And that's a real shame, because, well, the 4th one is good! REALLY good!

Journey Through The Mists just has so many strong points. For a start, it doesn't have that tedious feeling some other entries in the series have - no moment of screen time really seems pointless or wasted (except maybe the villain song) and the pacing is well thought-out, not so fast it feels unnatural, but no so slow you start getting bored.

On top of that, there's the overall ideas behind the movie. Most of the films in the series are rather frivolous, you know from the very start everything will be the same at the end of the episode as it was at the beginning - but Journey Through The Mists is different. The first obvious thing is Littlefoot's grandpa becoming sick - it feels like he actually IS in danger, it's not just another run of the mill quest into the Mysterious Beyond, it feels different this time.

Even more so than grandpa's illness, the story of the Valley of the Mists is absolutely brilliant! The series spends 90% of its time focusing on getting into the Great Valley, getting out of the Great Valley or chillaxing in the Great Valley - and now suddenly we're thrown into this awesome new location, with its own history and it's own dinosaurs. COOL! Not only that, but it has this really unsettling feeling about it, the location has this bright and cute charm, yet there is danger and suspense behind every corner.

The real genius of the Valley of the Mists though is how it impacts our view of the Great Valley. The traveling longneck's ambiguous response about whether the Great Valley's climate will change too leaves the audience genuinely unsettled, and wondering if the valley really is as permanent as it seems. It would've been great to see this plot thread continue throughout the series actually, with the climate changes approaching the valley, and some big climax where Littlefoot and friends found a way to save it, but alas that wasn't so.

So that's the pacing and the ideas - what else does this movie have going for it? Characters. Sure, many movies in the series have great guest characters - Chomper, Mo and Bron for example. But this one just has SO MANY, and apart from the irritating villains, they're all pulled off really well. Archie is just this fun old man, he's just generally likable and to see how brave he is as practically a defenseless 80 year old protecting a child he's only just met only reinforces that. Tickles is another character who again is just plain likable. His introduction is pulled off really well, the main cast are in a spooky swamp, they sense something and feel they're under attack, then the fog clears and they find themselves face to face with this adorable, bright, happy creature in a world full of darkness. And even though he only has a minor side role, Tickles continues to be fun every second he's on screen. Cute animal sidekicks are easy to stuff up, but the writers and animators didn't stuff up at all.

Then there's the biggest new character introduction - Ali. The thing that sets Ali apart from most characters in the series is her flaws. Don't take this the wrong way, she is still super-likable, but the way she's shy and distrusting of those who are different, and her eventual character reformation, it makes her seem so much more realistic.

Before wrapping this up, there is ONE more praise-worthy thing about this movie - the animation. The absolutely beautiful hand-drawn animation makes this movie. The cinematic and scenic backgrounds, the cute character designs, the sense of magic and mystery created by the mists, colours and 'glowy' lighting. It gets across the parts of the story that just can't be told through words alone, the true hallmark of a great film.

So there you go, Journey Through The Mists, easily the best entry in the Land Before Time franchise. In fact, contrary to what most critics believe, there are a lot of hidden gems in the series, especially episodes 8, 9 and 10. They just get ignored because people are so put off by all the filler in between.
Boring, uninspiring disgrace to a mostly good series.
After the excellent Land Before Time 3, this fourth film comes as a disappointment. It involves Littlefoot and his friends setting off into the land of the mists to find the cure for his grandfather's illness. Also thrown in is a female young Brontosaurus. The concept of ignoring or forgetting friends for the sake of innocent love is the only interesting thing this sorry mess has to offer. It lasts the same amount of time as the other Land Before Time films but seems longer due to the plodding, uninspiring plot.

Another major problem is the film's villains, the weakest yet. Instead of dinosaurs all we get is a rather uninspiring crocodile and an even more uninspiring bird which wants to kill Littlefoot and company for reasons best known to itself.

The one really good thing about this waste of time is that you don't need to have watched it to understand the next film in the series and can therefore skip this pointless plodder and move straight on to the far superior Land Before Time 5.
Both tedious and beautiful and the same time.
This is one of many animated sequels to "Land Before Time". Each one is about dinosaurs.

This LBT will appeal to some but not to others. For people who did not like LBT2 very much at all but like LBT1 and LBT3 a great deal, this will be their kettle of a film. For people who find LBT5 etc too babyish, you will probably like this one quite a lot as well.

As for the actual film, it has the same sort of companionship and teamwork as the first, the second and the third LBT's and you could even say this is less babyish than LBT2. The animation is quite well done, especially the backgrounds. The music is one of the highlights, not repeating and constantly gloomy or happy unlike in some of the other LBT's. The storyline is both exciting and tedious in places, but there is a good adventure. The old characters are pretty much the same, which is good, unfortunately the new character, a longneck called Ali, is pretty much a spoilt, silly character, but luckily improves as the story goes along. The songs are pretty good for a LBT, especially "It Takes All Sorts" and "Grandma's Lullaby". That's pretty much it in highlights and disadvantages... Oh yes - the baddies are a bit silly, but scary enough to entertain people who like very bad villains the the LBTs.

What happens is that outside the valley, the weather and pretty much everything else is changing - for the worse. Meanwhile, a wandering herd meet Littlefoot's grandparents and Littlefoot's grandpa becomes very sick. Along with Littlefoot's new friend Ali, he is determined to find the nightflower in the mysterious beyond, which may be able to cure his grandpa...

Enjoy "Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists."
Not a bad sequel, but it isn't a great one either
The original "Land Before Time" is a beautiful, haunting, poignant and timeless masterpiece, I still tear up whether I hear the main theme and at Littlefoot's mother's death. As far as the sequels go, some are good and some are bad. The best ones for me have been "Great Valley Adventure" and "Time of the Great Giving". This one wasn't bad, but it isn't great. Starting with the good, the animation is mostly very nice, not the same visual style as the original, but it is colourful. The rainbow waterfall shot was beautiful. There is also a nice message about friendship and sticking together. The main characters are likable enough with the exception of Cera, Littlefoot is less bossy here, and Ducky still is funny and cute. Ali is a nice addition too. And Spike spoke, that was a great moment! The plot is a nice idea and moves along fairly quickly, and the voice acting of Scott McAfee, Heather Hogan, Linda Gary and Kenneth Mars was excellent. And it was a big bonus hearing that beautiful poignant main theme from the original and in general the incidental music was lovely. However, this is where the bad comes in. I didn't care for the songs, I just found them forgettable but maybe it is just me. I didn't like Cera very much here, I know people who complain that Cera was never a likable character to begin with, maybe so, but I found her particularly bratty here. My main problem were with the villains here, despite the voicing of Tress MacNeille and Jeff Bennett, two extremely talented voice actors, I found Dil and Ichy lame and un-threatening. In general, the dialogue, with the villains primarily was uninspiring. My next gripe is with the sequels in general, this film and most of the other sequels are too short, you never quite feel the depth and the emotional attachment that was there in the original, no matter how hard the makers try. Overall, this isn't bad, but it isn't all that great. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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