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The Killer
IMDB rating:
Marcelo Galvão
Thaila Ayala as Renata
Will Roberts as Gringo
Thaís Cabral as Soraia
Daniela Galli as Fernanda
Diogo Morgado as Cabeleira
Phil Miler as Edgar
Etienne Chicot as Monsieur Blanchard
Storyline: A Brazilian western about Cabeleira, a feared killer living in the countryside of Pernambuco State in the 40's.
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Incredible movie. Violent, wild, fun and cruel. Amazing end
I'm a big fan of western movies, if you like Clint Eastwood movies, like High Plains Drifter or Pale Rider, you'll definitely enjoy "The Killer" (O Matador). The plot and the ending are amazing, it shows a little of the region Northeast, the poorest and most violent in Brazil at the time of the "cangaceiros", where justice was done in violence. The protagonist Cabeleira is literally a "cabra macho" wilder and man than any John Wayne movie. If you like western you will surely enjoy this movie.
More savage than anything you might have seen in westerns
I remember when I saw my first Italian western the the shock of seeing the brutality, cruelty and violence that I was not used to in the Americans .Eventually I got used to it and enjoyed the Sergio Leones and no doubt the great Peckinpah was influenced by them. Seeing " O Matador" you realize it is one step further it is definitely more savage than anything you might have seen in westerns. There are references to "Seven Men from Now" and "Once Upon a Time in the West" which shows that they know and appreciate their subject. The story of Cabeleireira, the killer who is doing it for the stones is gripping and involving specially because of the environment, barren, and with poor, primitive towns. The only problem is the film moves too fast, and not too clearly giving you a hard time to follow it. Nevertheless because of its unconventionality I recommend it to those who like the genre.
Badly written movie. Good actors. Mediocre story.
The only reason to watch this movie until the end is Diogo Morgado, who's the anti-hero cave-man look alike. The western style is nice, and the amount of violence looks good for the kind of mood it's supposed to be. But the scenes are totally off, with no connection between them. The viewer can't bond with any character, and doesn't feel bad about the death of anyone. There's no suspense. The scenes happen quickly and are not smooth at all. It's a bad storytelling, told in the form of a narrator who starts to tell a story to two blokes out of nowhere, who are supposedly outlaws who threaten him if he doesn't tell some story.

Conclusion: You won't exactly feel like you've lost an hour and a half watching this, but it's no good experience either. You may like it if you really love old westerns.
I watched this with 2 other friends who didn't think much of the movie.

But for me, everything was amazing.

The setting in the Mexican badlands, the time they took to put the grit into the costumes and backdrop, the acting, the dramatic story line.

It portrayed that place in a way I could believe even though it was an insane place.

I would agree that at times it did go too fast and new characters were introduced without warning.
I was excited to see a western in a country, that is at least not the USA, but this quickly filled me with boredom.

It is essentially a copy of the bestselling movie ''City of God'' because the director thought that this is what the people want from Brazil apparently. It has the same hues, the same grittiness, nudity and gore, almost a kind of a same story and the same annoying narrator that talks in such a flowery, half understandable manner like a Brazilian literature professor would do. What really undid it for me was the boring story line, the slow scenes, and the way a series of new character are introduced, not knowing what their relation is with the main character.

People who want to watch this movie, I warn you that there are explicit and all revealing scenes of murder ( people getting shot through the head ) sex, rape and suggested pedophilia. It is definitely not a John Wayne kind of western.
This should be a Sundance entry!
Though it starts a bit slow, the plot draws you in. I was somewhat confused, when the film sort of bounced around, making it seem like a trilogy of stories being told. But they did a fine job of bringing everything together in the end. The only thing that wasn't clear, was whether they intend to make a sequel, the way it was ended, and what was the relationship between Antonio & the 2 boys. I also loved how unlike US movies it is. Showing how settlers survived in harsh environments by actually showing them killing animals, is sorely lacking in today's world
OK for a NetFlix film?
It is nice that they spend so much on original content but they really need to up the budget for the people that greenlight these things. This movie is borderline Conan the Gunslinger, and has annoying narration throughout. The plot is OK, the production quality is fairly decent, even though the CGI gunshots are obvious. The dialogue, however, is very weak, and the acting not much better. I am have no idea why some other reviewers are saying what a cruel, violent, yet excellent and amazing movie it is. It is not like that - think of it and above average SyFy movie with a better than average budget.
A very nice Brazilian western
If you like western movies, you gonna like this movie. You gonna see a little bit of our northeast, with a lot of violence. The Fx is not so good, but I think it is not a problem. Just relax and understand this is a very low production. For me, the best is the story line and the (unknown) actor with excellent role play. Just watch.
Excellent Acting, amazing story! Worth Watching!
Intense, deep, brutal, yet sensitive, this amazing Western tells the story of "Cabeleira" a killer, born and raised in in a lawless countryside in the northeast of Brazil. Besides Cabeleira's fight for survival, we also get to know the story of other interesting characters, like Seven Ears, Sobral and the Frenchman. The impressive cinematography, intriguing storytelling, and a great performance from Diogo Morgado, as Cabeleira, as well as the performances from Brazilians and European actors, make this Western definitely worth watching! Highly Recommend!
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