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The Green Inferno
USA, Chile
Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Eli Roth
Sky Ferreira as Kaycee
Antonieta Pari as The Village Elder
Aaron Burns as Jonah
Sally Rose as Teacher
Matías López as Carlos
Ramón Llao as The Bald Headhunter
Ariel Levy as Alejandro
Lorenza Izzo as Justine
Daryl Sabara as Lars
Magda Apanowicz as Samantha
Richard Burgi as Charles
Storyline: A group of student activists travels to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discover that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished.
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Bloody Atrocious
Eli Roth's The Green Inferno has premiered at several film festivals over the past two years before finally getting a wide release in the United States. The Green Inferno is about a group of college activists who visit Peru in hopes of stopping the destruction of the indigenous people's land. The group soon finds themselves at the mercy of these indigenous people and their cannibalistic nature. Eli Roth's filmography has been very hit or miss for me. His directorial debut Cabin Fever is a great, campy horror movie, but I'm not a huge fan of his Hostel movies. The Green Inferno and its terrible script is more disturbing than any of the film's gory visuals and left me wondering the intended audience for this atrocious film.

Justine (Lorenza Izzo) is the lead in The Green Inferno, and she looks like an Oscar caliber actress among the other terrible performances. While poorly acted, the characters have no depth and all are generic characters you've come to expect in horror movies. These include, but are not limited to, the nice guy, the loose girl, the stoner, etc. The indigenous people give the best performances in the entire film. They are actual villagers on the Amazon, and because of that, they feel very authentic.

There are so many things in the story that are silly and don't make any sense. One way I can sum this up is by using a mild spoiler as an example so SPOILER ALERT. At one point when the group is captured, they put a small bag of weed inside a dead body as part of an escape plan. So when the cannibals begin to cook this body, the weeds burns, and gets the tribe high. This knocks out a large group of them so the group can begin their escape. END SPOILER ALERT.

Knowing what to show and what not to show is very important when it comes to movies in general, even more so with horror movies. The Green Inferno relies on gross-out visuals for a majority of its runtime, and after an onslaught of gore and violence, I became numb to it. Sometimes less is more, and I found myself tuning out after a certain amount of the relentless visuals. A lot of the violence is filmed in this hand-held, shaky style, and this gets old very quickly.

The special effects are not very good either. Some of the blood is practical, but the blood and other effects added in post-production leave a lot to be desired. A CGI panther is the worst offender and looks like it was pulled from a SyFy original movie.

Eli Roth is known for his strange humor in his movies, and he again attempts to break up the violence with laughs. The dark comedy amidst people eating other people doesn't mesh or make sense tonally.

All the generic characters, silly script, gross-out gore, and comedic misfires really make me wonder if this film is for anybody. Hardcore horror and gore fans will be put off by the shaky style of filmmaking, and your average movie fan will be sick to their stomach seeing the film's gross-out visuals. Which makes this even crazier is that this movie has received a wide release. I hope Eli Roth rebounds from this, but until then, he should just stick to Shark Week.

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Unique, but not Necessarily Great
I didn't know what to expect from this one but I finally saw it on a whim. The trailers were all mysterious and left me wondering what it was going to be about. Well, after watching the movie I can safely say that the movie doesn't really have any purpose but to gross us out, which, to be fair, it accomplishes quite well actually. I can't say that I'm a huge Eli Roth fan since his movies usually have weak stories and this film is no exception. It has a few entertaining parts but only if you're into some of the bloody stuff.

The story focuses around a young woman named Justine (Lorenza Izzo). Justine has joined an activist group at her college to try to make a difference in other people's lives. She and her classmates head to the Amazon to stop some demolition work in the rain forest. They succeed in doing this but the return trip doesn't go quite as planned when their plane crashes and they're found by a tribe of cannibals. Yeah, it's not going to be a very good trip...

I'm going to be honest. I don't know who any of these actors and actresses are in this movie and I'm not really impressed with what I saw from any of them. These characters remind me of the exact same characters that I've seen in almost every slasher film that I've ever laid eyes on. Izzo plays the sweet and naive Justine that believes everything will be alright and that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She does portray fear pretty well, which is good since that's the primary emotion we see Justine portray in the film. She's more likable than the others so it's easy to root for her but I still wasn't impressed by her acting ability. The only other character that stands out in my mind is a character called Alejandro that's played by Ariel Levy. This guy is one of the douchiest characters I've seen in all of cinema, which is saying a lot actually. This guy is pure scum and he's the only one of the entire group that you want to see get it in the end but his final fate is left ambiguous. The acting is largely forgettable but there are a few highlights.

The actual rain forest that the film takes place in is actually gorgeous and evokes many different emotions. It's hard not to appreciate the beauty of the place and we don't want to see it destroyed but there's also a sense of mystery and brutality that permeates everything we see there. The animals are frightening enough but then we see the actual human inhabitants and this beautiful place becomes a living Hell. The actors and actresses playing the parts of the cannibals did a decent job of portraying a bunch of brutal killers. From what I understand, these people weren't trained thespians at all but I felt like they did a better job than the actual actors. This part of the film is easily the most entertaining but that's because of the shock value. The story is severely lacking but the gross ways that the characters are murdered and eaten is at least something we don't often see in the movies.

Despite the relative uniqueness of the film in the movies of today, the weak story and characters keep it from being a truly great film. It's worth a watch if you're into horror films and the ever elusive sub-genre of cannibal films but I believe most movie goers probably won't enjoy the film a great deal. I'm a bit ambiguous since there are a few things that I liked but the poor story and unlikable characters make it hard for me to really get into. The gory scenes didn't bother me as much as they did some others I knew but they didn't really do anything for me either. I was curious at times if Roth was willing to do what I thought was about to happen and it turns out he's more than willing to 'go there'. If you don't have anything else to watch then I'd say go for it. Just don't expect anything too extraordinary.
A Little Too Tame
The Green Inferno is a cannibal film for a new generation inspired by the cannibal films of old. In the movie a group of protesting college students go to Peru to stop the destruction of a forest which would result in the killing of a local native tribe. Their attempts succeed but as they make their way back home their plan crashes in the forest and they are captured by the same tribe they were trying to save. They are locked in a bamboo cage and cannibalized. This is a nice simple premise for a cannibal film but it simply does not measure up to those that Eli Roth is paying homage to.

First off the set up to the plane crash takes forty five minutes. This would have been okay if the movie was two hours or more, but it's only an hour thirty and the set up takes so long it leaves little time for the films main story. The pilots and half the students die in the initial crash. On the ground one dies from pure horror movie stupidity by walking into a propeller and another is killed with spears by the approaching cannibals leaving only seven left. The rest are hit with knockout darts and locked in a bamboo cage.

After the crash instead of being chased and caught by the cannibals in a tense scene the students are easily overtaken and locked up. They spend the rest of the film in the cage trying to escape which actually turns out to be so easy a feat I have to question the intelligence of the tribe whose diet depends on the successful capture and imprisonment of other human beings. There's one big graphic scene, really. After they get captured the tribe takes one of the survivors, removes his eyes and tongue, cuts off his limbs, and then cooks and eats him. Another scene has one of the men getting eaten alive while trying to escape, but it isn't nearly as graphic as the aforementioned scene. These are the only two scenes of people being eaten in a cannibal movie, or at least ones that we get to witness.

The movie tries to have humor though it's mostly crude humor that a high school student would find funny. This includes one of the women getting explosive diarrhea in the cage where we hear very over the top noises but are thankfully spared the image. At another moment the main male lead begins masturbating as a way to clear his head. I found these humorous attempts very crude and juvenile and they did not make me laugh.

The films ending is completely nonsensical and very confusing. It ranges from an almost illogical dream sequence to the only survivor making a bafflingly bizarre decision that left me scratching my head. There is also a mid-credits sequence which hints at a possible sequel which wouldn't shock me considering how many sequels these kinds of movies tend to spawn.

The acting isn't that bad for a horror movie of this type though the characters are all horror movie clichés and it's impossible to care about any of them except the main female lead. Too much of the first forty five minutes is spent on development which is completely pointless due to this. Ariel Levy especially, the main survivor antagonist, does a great job being detestable although it is hard to believe, even in a film like this, someone could be that soulless and careless in such a dire situation.

Despite its flaws the movie does have redeeming qualities. The practical effects are fantastic and the natives, especially the main headhunter, look truly terrifying and inhuman complete with dark red skin and bones in their faces. The music is nice and creepy and the cannibal's village, decorated with skeletons and human heads, looks great. There is a very tense moment where the main female lead almost has her female parts mutilated and another great scene where we discover what happened to one woman who managed to escape. The two graphic scenes are very well done and very real looking.

I found the movie entertaining enough, it was good for what it was, but it seems to me that inside this movie there was a better one trying to get out. I felt like Eli Roth held back on the gore and violence instead of going all out and giving us a balls to wall cannibal movie. Anyone not acquainted to this kind of horror will definitely be sickened by it but those who have seen enough gory movies will probably find it to be a little too tame.
Three years of waiting waisted.
With three years waiting/hype from a director who's movies I usually enjoy, I was left wanting more. With the comparison to the infamous "Cannibal Holocaust" matched with previous hard-hitting, gory films("Hostel" 1&2, and "Cabin Fever") I went in expecting full on gore and not much plot line. What you in fact get is the exact opposite. The movie very nonchalantly throws its sub-plots in your face, while failing to actually entertain. With (at least what i've gathered) the sub-plot focusing mainly on female circumcision and activism, leaves you wondering whether you just watched a movie or a 100 minute call to action documentary.

Another thing that bothered me was the run time itself. With forty minutes until any actual "action" starts, you'll find yourself bored before the plot even starts. With that said, when the "action" starts, it comes on strong..for about ten minutes. The only real gory, brutal scene is when one of the only likable characters is dismembered. Towards the end you find that all of the sub-plot of female circumcision comes back in full swing, as the main character is faced with the act herself. Which to me was really the only uncomfortable scene of the whole movie.

The ending itself was very lackluster and honestly ticked me off a little as i was expecting more(which i found most of the movie did). If you were curious around all the hype and waiting for three years, give it a shot. But don't set your expectations too high.
The Green Inferno 5/10
After the mainstream's short-term interest in the torture horror phase, there are very few writers and directors who are trying to keep that sub-genre relevant. Eli Roth is one of those brave folks who are still taking stabs at his beloved sub-genre with the ability to produce a film for a wide release. Roth's The Green Inferno had a lot of people talking but never did take off with good reviews or a cult following. I'll give Roth credit that cannibal movies and scenes are really disturbing for some reason, way worse than when a zombie feeds. However, unsettling gore sequences aren't going to create tone or a creepy atmosphere. More had to be done with character development, finesse dialogue and finer editing. The Green Inferno had none of these attributes and included an unrealistic storyline, laughable poor acting and a lack of mystery. The Green Inferno has its moment's midway through the film but falls totally flat where it should be at its most dynamic.
Come in Mr Roth ... Your 15 minutes are up
This film has sat in limbo for the last couple of years and isn't it obvious why ... It is just awful ... Its like the Sci-Fi Channel do Cannibal Holocaust ... Hopeless clichéd actors / characters ( you can hardly call this acting ) ... Really bad effects ... And of course written and directed by Roth who, lets be honest, seems to be somewhat intellectually challenged and stopped any development at age 17 ... This is the sort of cannibal film that is the equivalent of Jess Franco's two forays into the genre, though it has none of the fun of watching Al Cliver pretend he only has one arm for most of the film :) ... It has none of the gross out power mixed with hilarity of Ferrox and none of the power of Holocaust ... In fact this, made 35 years later is a limp imitation rather than any new spin on the genre Roth is obviously good at one thing ... Raising money ... Recently he seems to be fleecing some rich South Americans that frankly you would have thought would have more sense as the films are crap and are bombing left right and centre He saw the fact that most everyday cinema goers had never experienced hardcore gore and savagery like the genre film makers were doing in the 1970s - 80s and talked Tarantino and his Hollywood honcho into letting him pretend to invent something ... And there it was ... Torture Yawn ... Come in Mr Roth ... Your 15 minutes are up
Unoriginal and Stupid
In New York, the college student Justine (Lorenza Izzo) joins a group of activists led by Alejandro (Ariel Levy) and he invites her to travel to Peru to protest against a timber industry that is destroying the Amazon rain forest. The group uses their cellphones to film the destruction and send the footages through Internet. Alejandro uses Justine that is almost killed by one security guard to succeed in his intent of calling attention of audiences. When the group is returning to civilization, the plane blows-up and crashes into the forest. Soon the survivors discover that they are not alone and they are abduct by a tribe of Indians. But their nightmare becomes worse when they realize that the Indians are cannibals.

"The Green Inferno" is an unoriginal and stupid film of cannibals by Eli Roth. The story is not well-written and Justine joining the group of activists is totally unconvincing. The conclusion is awful. There are at least two better movies about cannibals: "Cannibal Holocaust" is extremely realistic, disturbing, cruel and sick, and Eli Roth did not dare to depict such violence; and "Cannibal Ferox" that is also realistic and cruel. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Canibais" ("Cannibals")
Laughable. Bad. Try another movie.
From other reviewers going into much detail about the film, I'll just say what was good and bad. We will start with the good, or the bits I found likable.

Or you could even watch SOUTH PARK, season 3 episode 1 RAINFOREST SHMAINFOREST which is about saving the rain forest that doesn't end well. Same thing, expect SOUTH PARK was funnier.

Good- The movie itself was beautiful. Love the scenery and it does make you wonder about the rain forest, made me want to check into places to help support and conserve the rain forest. I did appreciate that. Loved the fact they had the Peruvian jungle natives in the film and everything. Now for the laughable part of the film, I don't know if it was suppose to laugh at certain scenes, but I did enjoy laughing at them, made it felt like a B movie. But I wasn't sure if it was met, some of the death scenes were bad that I had to laugh. Some jokes that I found funny. But otherwise not much else had me going for the film, it did start with the story and ended okay.

Bad- From the beginning, the moment Justine's roommate is introduced, I couldn't stand her character. Made me want to fast forward every part that included her. I was enjoying the story built up, but once the cannibals started eating, it just became that, an expected porn torture movie on how can I kill the next guy. I forgot all about the story, all you focus on from there is how the next person will die. I knew this movie was gonna have heavy death scenes, brutal killings, I wanted to feel sympathy for these people. But I didn't, I wanted the cannibals to quickly kill and eat them just so I know how the movie ended so I could leave. With that it was very boring and terrible to watch. I was hoping to be surprised and disgusted, I wanted to tell someone I didn't see it coming! But all I did was criticize the deaths. They either looked terrible and completely fake, the acting was bad in the death, you see worse stuff nowadays on TV shows. You see movies for the fantasy and to get away from reality. Certain scenes had me wonder why they would do that?! Didn't make sense, could have been avoided, why they didn't help each other. Besides what I pointed out what I found good, I just found everything else to be bad. I can tend to like a movie that ends up bad but to have something small make it worth while. And to finish it off, the ending, worked I suppose, just felt bad. Can't really describe it. I thought it fit but felt very pointless and lame to me. Don't get me started on, SPOILER!, the after credit scene how supposedly one of the guys is still alive. What was Eli Roth planning with that? A sequel? To surprise us? Again pointless and waste of time to add it.

So to end it, more bad, lots more bad than good. I would have rated it lower if it wasn't for some good, especially laughing at parts. I would not recommend it, probably won't even remember this movie exists, will never get around to watching it again. Save your time to find another movie with better ratings and reviews or even just watch CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, the movie that inspired Eli Roth on his horror movies.
Satisfying for fans of Eli Roth or the gore genre, but lacks any morality. It's only entertainment, people!
It's human nature to admire that which terrifies us. I subjected myself to this gore-fest last night. Critics of Steinbeck's The Red Pony vent their disgust with both the book's content and the author. Similarly, with The Green Inferno, I could rant about the tastelessness of the content or how someone so demented could produce such filth, but I was drawn to this material and voluntarily consumed it.

The story was rather simple and the performances were less than stellar. But, like with porn, I presume that anyone wishing to view this particular title doesn't do so to experience Academy-level talent. With that in mind, I was quite impressed with the carnage and visual effects; lifelike, convincing and fairly creative. Roth once again manages to shatter the shocking meter. I was so compelled that after viewing it once through that I replayed a scene that was perhaps the most disturbing part of the movie because I knew I'd probably never sit through the entirety of this one ever again.

If you're expecting gratuitous sex and nudity you'll be disappointed. I was surprised that with the number of young, attractive females we didn't see much skin, unlike Hostel or Cabin Fever.

Regarding the plot, I was disappointed with the survivor's defense of of her captors. I couldn't believe that she was willing to describe them with such dignity just to protect a few trees. Dumb!

Overall, I saw exactly what I expected to see which is the only reason I rented it. I'm looking forward to sitting through a single viewing of Roth's next craftily unpleasant picture because they all are worth seeing only once. Soak it all in the first time and enjoy!
a piece of amazonian turd
jeez..this was a bad one and i thought hostel was bad any way gore some funny shdit hidden Che Guevara jokes a bad plot an awful cast the worst director ever a Rip off to some classics(Holocaust cannibal in this one) some tits bad movie funny parts fudck you get a life watch it once on a PC,while eating some snacks ain't missing sdhit with this one cheers jeez..this was a bad one and i thought hostel was bad any way gore some funny shdit hidden Che Guevara jokes a bad plot an awful cast the worst director ever a Rip off to some classics(Holocaust cannibal in this one) some tits bad movie funny parts fudck you get a life watch it once on a PC,while eating some snacks ain't missing sdhit with this one cheers

jeez..this was a bad one and i thought hostel was bad any way gore some funny shdit hidden Che Guevara jokes a bad plot an awful cast the worst director ever a Rip off to some classics(Holocaust cannibal in this one) some tits bad movie funny parts fudck you get a life watch it once on a PC,while eating some snacks ain't missing sdhit with this one cheers
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