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The Good, the Bad, the Weird
South Korea
Action, Adventure, Western, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Ji-woon Kim
Kang-ho Song as Yoon Tae-goo / The Weird
Byung-hun Lee as Park Chang-yi / The Bad
Woo-sung Jung as Park Do-won / The Good
Kyeong-hun Jo as Doo-chae
Kwang-il Kim as Two swords
Cheong-a Lee as Song-i
Dong-seok Ma as Bear
Dal-su Oh as Man-gil
Seo-won Oh as Chinese woman
Seung-su Ryu as Man-gil
Byung-ho Son as Seo Jae-sik
Young-chang Song as Kim Pan-joo
Ji-won Uhm as Na-yeon
Je-mun Yun as Byeong-choon
Hyun Joong Kang as Ghost Market Gang Leader
Hang-soo Lee as Karemaru
Je-mun Yun as Byung-choon (as Jae-moon Yoon)
Sung-min Lee as Chef
Storyline: A guksu western. Three Korean gunslingers are in Manchuria circa World War II: Do-wan, an upright bounty hunter, Chang-yi, a thin-skinned and ruthless killer, and Tae-goo, a train robber with nine lives. Tae-goo finds a map he's convinced leads to buried treasure; Chang-yi wants it as well for less clear reasons. Do-wan tracks the map knowing it will bring him to Chang-yi, Tae-goo, and reward money. Occupying Japanese forces and their Manchurian collaborators also want the map, as does the Ghost Market Gang who hangs out at a thieves' bazaar. These enemies cross paths frequently and dead bodies pile up. Will anyone find the map's destination and survive to tell the tale?
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not weird, but a lot of fun and some epic sequences
The Good, the Bad, the Weird is a film that by its own title says 'there's something extra here', that there might be another twist on what Leone's masterpiece brought to us in film. From Ji-Woon Kim (director of the acclaimed Tale of Two Sisters) one would also think his first foray into an action spectacle would be bug-f*** insane. But as it turns out, this is really just another action movie, nothing too 'weird' enough about it (the 'Weird' character isn't even that weird, more just scum along the lines of his inspiration of Tuco in GB&U). Is this a bad thing? Not at all. It's a respectable, sometimes even really thrilling and alive, action western that could be described as a "noodle-western" with its setting in Manchuria and featuring Korean, Chinese and Japanese players in a setting with basically the same general plot of Leone's film, except this time featuring a treasure map with an undetermined amount of fortune, and set in the 1930's.

While it did shoot short of being really great and original - it's setting and variation on the characters is really the only change that Kim's homage to spaghetti westerns goes- it's a lot of fun seeing how the characters get where they go, and how the set-pieces do function as best they can. The opening train sequence has a lot of verve and some humor (more people in the screening were laughing out loud than I was, but it was always amusing), and there's one particular chase sequence out in the desert when 'Weird' (a very good Kang-ho Song) is driving in his cart from an entire army and tons of bandits, all firing guns (some machine variety) and put to the 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood' cover that was featured in Kill Bill Vol. 1. This is, at the least, a real breathtaker, where Kim just says 'f*** it' and goes all out with propelling the action forward, with anybody getting in the way trampled underfoot.

The film also boasts a few other goodies. One of these is the performance of 'The Bad', Park Chang-yi, who has a very crazed look in his eyes every other moment and is purported to be a notorious finger-chopper with his victims. His work makes it constantly watchable whenever he's on screen. And, as mentioned the actor Kang-ho Song (who we previously saw as the Priest in Park's 'Thirst') is tough as nails and goofy as hell in his part of the Weird. The other main player, Woo-sung Jung as 'The Good' is more the straight man, less a bad-ass than Clint Eastwood but more subtle and with a more obscure and interesting back-story that is only revealed in snippets. While Kim definitely verges from the usual Mexican stand-off just a bit in the climax, there's at least a sense of real love for his source material of The Good the Bad and the Ugly, and action westerns in general.

If only it could be a little more, well, weird. It's certainly no Sukyiaki Western Django, but if you're hankering for some bloody western fun and shameless action and characterizations (and a little jazz to boot), it gets good marks on all counts.
Massively Overrated
I normally wouldn't feel the need to leave negative comments on a film, but the fact that this is so highly lauded makes me feel the need to ask....what the hell are people smoking?? I watched this film several years ago at a Korean film festival, on the big screen, and I remember how furious I was that I wasted my time with this piece of crap over something far more worthwhile.

First of all, the plot is basically non-nonsensical. Looking back, I can remember something about a train, a guy on a motorcycle, a cowboy...and that's about it. Now, I'm totally fine with a film that highlights character, atmosphere, style, action - whatever - over plot. But this only works if the aforementioned things are actually engaging. But alas...all we are left with is simply a mess.

Which brings me to the action. This movie is very much in the anti-physics style of Michael Bay wherein we have no idea where or how things are happening. They. Just. Do. The average shot length seems to be about half a second. I found it all incredibly lame and dull. There's simply no continuity of action. It's like taking random words from a novel and mixing them up. It doesn't make a story.

As for the acting, the soundtrack, etc., I honestly can't remember a single detail.

Don't make the mistake I did. There are so many great films in the world to watch instead of this pile of crap. 1/10
One of the funniest movies of all time!
The Japanese Army possess a map that pin-points were hidden treasure is buried, but before they can go to their destination the train is robbed by a clueless bandit named Yoon Tae-Goo, also known as 'Weird', who doesn't know what to make of the map. Park Chang-Yi, the 'Bad Guy' has been sent by his boss to retrieve the map from the Japanese, on his tail is a bounty hunter named Park Do-Won, the 'Good'; throw in a bunch of Chinese bandits and it's complete mayhem as the race to the treasure results in shoot-outs and brilliant chases with hilarious consequences.

I previously mentioned to mates that Korean Cinema would rival Hong Kong and Japan, but after watching 'Old Boy', 'Bittersweet Life' and 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird', I feel that Korean Cinema has surpassed 'Hollywood, HK, and Japan'.

I personally hate comedies, films don't make me laugh. But I was practically in tears watching Kang-Ho Song go about his business in a ridiculous manner, Kang-Ho Song is simply spell binding as the crazy bandit who is in over his head and does not have a clue on what to do next. The action scenes are real action scenes...Not weak computer generated pieces of dribble that pass for 'Greatest Action Scene of All Time'...It's wonderful seeing Woo Sung-Jung glide across the shanty town shooting down the bad guys, while Byung-Hun Lee plays the role of the bad guy perfectly, he's still Mister Cool (Bittersweet Life) but there is something quite eerie about him.

To wrap it up, I will say that this is a film not to be missed, it transcends Kung-Fu Hustle by a million miles. Watch it!
Better than The Good the Bad and the Ugly and among one of the greats of cinema

The Good, the bad, the weird is a vintage western performed with ingredients of sheer quality. Be that be from the director, actors, music, photography or the cinematography, every aspect is delivered with great jolts to your head, and the reward is quite clearly that this is a masterpiece. This piece of epic cinema doesn't only trace back to the 60's classic Spaghetti westerns but renders a new face into an ever evolving chapter of cinema.

The film plays out exactly as you would an Eastwood western to; stylish, action-packed, funny and moving. Ji-woon Kim has not only directed one of the best film but has set new standards for the way of a film to be shot. Even in the dialogue sections, the director never loses pace or momentum. The music is thunderous and electric and lets the film carry itself without the need of worry.


A compelling, funny, action packed and moving western that has set the highest of standards to beat.
The Good, the Bad, the Weird
I saw a short trailer for this Korean film at the time it was released, and then I heard it was formerly an entry in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, it was certainly a Chinese film I was intrigued to see, from director Kim Jee-Woon (The Last Stand). Basically set in the 1930's in the desert wilderness of Manchuria, bandit and hit-man Park Chang-Yi aka The Bad (Byung-Hun Lee) is hired to board a train and steal a treasure map a Japanese official travelling on it, but before he can thief Yoon Tae-goo aka The Weird (Kang-Ho Song) steals it and gets away during the derailment of the train. Eagle-eyed bounty hunter Park Do-won aka The Good (Woo-Sung Jung) shows up the scene to claim the bounty on The Bad, but after the action he catches up with The Weird and they form a near partnership, Machurian bandits will also want the map to sell on the Ghost Market, The Weird meanwhile hopes to follow it and find what could be gold and riches gathered before the collapse of the government buried by the Qing Dynasty. The map possession becomes a battle as the various characters try to reclaim it, with bounties placed on heads and the Imperial Japanese Army apparently wanting "save the Japanese Empire", and following many chases and shoot-outs, the final battle takes place the army, the Manchurian bandits, The Good, The Bad and The Weird all gathered all at once. Most of the bandits are killed by the Japanese army, many of the troops of the army are killed by The Good and an explosion drives the rest away, and the gang members of The Bad are slowly killed off while the leader himself kills the rest who try to get away, and after all this only The Good, The Bad and The Weird remain to find the "treasure", which turns out to be nothing more than a boarded over hole in the desert. The Weird is recognised by The Bad and the "Finger Chopper" who cut off his finger off five years ago, The Good assumed The Bad was this criminal, in a final act of vengeance on each other for their slights the three characters turn on each other in a prolonged Mexican standoff, and other their guns fire they all lie in the sand dying, after a few moments this "useless" erupts with valuable crude oil, The Good and The Weird survive, but a new bounty is put on The Weird and a new chase is on. Also starring Seung-Su Ryu as Man-Gil, Zhang Qi as Deligeer, Yun Jae-Mun as Byeong-Chun, Sohn Byung-Ho as Suh Jae-Sik and Song Young-Chang as Kim Pan-Joo. The three actors playing the title characters were all chosen well and look the parts, the story is perhaps a little less thought out as the fight and chase sequences, but it doesn't matter, this works as a really cool and amusing homage to the classic Sergio Leone Spaghetti western trilogy, put in a new scenario and culture, with more explosions and stunts, and the finale obviously works best, overall it's a fun period action adventure. Good!
Why can't Quentin Tarantino make movies like this?
Cast: KANG-HO SONG is YOON TAE-GOO aka The Weird formerly ELI WALLACH aka the Ugly

BYUNG-HUN LEE is PARK CHANG-YI aka The Bad, formerly LEE VAN CLEEF aka The Bad

WOO-SUNG JUNG is PARK DO-WON aka The Good, formerly CLINT EASTWOOD aka The Good

Why can't Quentin Tarantino makes movies like this? The Korean creators of this film have made a very acceptable homage to the similarly titled film THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. While American born writer and director Tarantino draws inspiration from earlier films, now considered to be cult favourites, and not the critical failures they were initially regarded as, his films always seem to have a spirit of meanness I find thankfully absent in this Korean actioner.

Veteran lead actor Kang-ho Song is a versatile enough actor to approximate the role of Tuco, and indeed, at time looks like ELI WALLACH. Woo-sung Jung updates the CLINT EASTWOOD character of the bounty hunter supreme, and is just as as taciturn as Clint except for the short interlude when he and the Weird share sleeping quarters. mistrust the other.

LEE VAN CLEEF is reincarnated in style by Byung-hun Lee, suitably dressed in funereal black and sporting the scars of his livelihood. He is utterly ruthless from start to finish; he doesn't allow his own men to challenge or to question him, and is totally focused on what he wants to achieve.

This film certainly comes close to wearing out its welcome but the concluding scenes will make it worth your while. Before that conclusion you will be treated to an incredible visual feast of fascinating characters in varied and outrageous costume; landscapes so alien and so vast as to be overwhelming in their novelty, and fanciful and exotic locations chosen as stunning backdrops to the expertly choreographed gunfights that fill this film.

Writer-director Ji-woon Kim certainly has succeeded in creating a distinctive and memorable ORIENTAL WESTERN with this film, that hopefully will see if not a North American theatrical release, then at least a special edition DVD release.

The Icon Blu Ray out of the UK is the international version running 130 minutes and not the 124 minutes shown on the packaging. This release offers a lossless 5.1 digital audio track; the English subtitles are not burnt in, and available at a very competitive price!

Yes, I have watched both Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and its inspiration directed by ENZO CASTELLARI, and would not care to watch the former again, or to recommend it for others to view.
Let's just get it over with and move Hollywood to South Korea.
Wow, Hollywood has a real problem here. This is the best big budget popcorn movie I have seen in a long time.

I just watched "The Expendables 2," and if you are looking for that same kind of essentially simple action-adventure, this movie is vastly better. The plot is tight, it has far superior acting (admittedly, not saying much considering Stallone and company), and the cinematography is lush and excellent. Also, I don't usually comment on soundtracks, but this one is a new classic, an outstanding modern take on that of an old- time spaghetti western.

This movie starts moving at the very beginning and never lets up, yet it doesn't degenerate into total mindless blood splattering like, for instance, "The Expendables 2" did. (Watch this movie into the credits or you won't see the entire ending.) This movie is subtitled, but it has an undemanding plot, so that shouldn't deter anybody.

It's basically just a very well-made Korean spaghetti western with a lot of casual violence, but with profoundly better humor than most American movies of this kind are capable of nowadays. America might be in trouble here, first Korean automobiles go from junk to quality, and now it seems like their film industry is doing a repeat.

About the only thing an American should know is that this movie is grounded in the history of Asia in the period right around the WWII, when Japan aggressively expanded its empire into large parts of the region. (If you are going to be a stickler, I don't really believe that those Jeeps, which I think are post-WW II license-built copies, really belong in this movie--I doubt there really should be Jeeps of any kind at all in this movie.)

If the mostly cartoonish, but occasionally more realistic, violence doesn't bother you, then just sit back and enjoy the ride this Tarantino-lite movie has to offer (I don't personally much care for Tarantino-extreme anyhow).
From Kurosawa to Leone to Kim
As one director "borrows" from another, we tend to look forward to the "spin" which is added to the final product. Even Tarrantino adds his own flair (although his earlier films were simply remakes of Hong Kong gangster fare).So, what a surprise it was to see a "spaghetti" Western with Asian actors.

Leone took a Japanese genre and transformed it into an Italian one. I expected another transformation, but got a repackaged "spaghetti Western/Eastern". Actually, it seems more like an Indiana Jones homage.

Also, the Korean word for weird must mean funny in English because there isn't any weird but some funny in this flick.

If there is one twist, it's the added group vying for the treasure. In our typical Western, we have the good guys, the bad guys, the Mexicans, and sometimes the Indians. Here, the Mexicans are the ones in uniform - although, in the beginning, a few Chinese and a few Koreans are in uniform, too. The challenge is to identify the Indians. There are two gangs of bandits. One gang speaks Korean, the other - Chinese. So, the Chinese speakers must be the Indians. It's easy, when the Korean subtitles pop-up, the speakers are either Chinese or Japanese.
A fantastic western
Westerns aren't what they used to be. Just about any fan of the genre will agree with that statement, but they do still get it right every once in awhile. What are some of the better westerns since the early '90s? Tombstone and Unforgiven are probably on that list somewhere. It's more than likely that the 3:10 to Yuma remake from 2007 and Appaloosa from 2008 are two of the better westerns from recent years. It's safe to say that The Good, The Bad, The Weird is the best Korean western to date, but it's not like it has much competition. The only other film that comes close is Sukiyaki Western Django by Japanese director Takashi Miike. The film has Miike's fingerprints all over it, but the fact that it was shot in English hurt it more than anything else. The Good, The Bad, The Weird may not have much competition, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a great film. It just makes it that much easier to have the film be in a class all on its own.

The highlight of the film is every shootout the characters find themselves in. The choreography is done so well that you almost feel like you're a part of the action taking shelter behind a wall to reload or taking that last deep breath before making a run for it. The film is also an incredible mix of action and comedy. Some of the comedy included in Korean films, or any foreign film for that matter, either goes over people's heads when it's shown in other countries or just isn't funny at all. That's not the case here. The comedy was definitely at least chuckle-worthy all the way through the film. Nearly everything Yoon Tae-goo does is hilarious in some form or another. Most westerns seem to have the legitimate bad ass featured either as the main character or a strong supporting character. To name a few examples, 3:10 to Yuma (2007) had Charlie Prince (Ben Foster) and The Dollars Trilogy had the man with no name. The Good, The Bad, The Weird has three. Do-won, Chang-yi, and Tae-goo are all intriguing in their own right. Do-won is an amazing shot, rarely misses, and just wants to do what's right (for the right price, of course), Chang-yi can't stand being second best to anyone, and then there's Tae-goo. Sure, he may be a simple train thief with a bounty on his head that's equivalent to a used piano, but there's more to his character than the goofy dimwit he portrays himself as.

While the film is incredible, some will find that the storyline is practically wafer thin. The storyline is basically, "somebody else has a map we want, so let's take it," in a nutshell. It wasn't really an issue for me and I'm usually one of the first people to point out that a film has a weak story. It gets the job done here or everything else is done so well that it doesn't matter that the story may or may not be weak in the end. The wondering of what the map is and why everyone in Manchuria wants it was very reminiscent of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction, which is meant purely as a compliment.

The Good, The Bad, The Weird is a fantastic blend of absorbing action sequences, beautiful cinematography, strong performances, and a dash of lighthearted comedy. It's safe to say that I'm not the biggest western genre fan around, but it's films like this that make me want to dive head first into the genre and not look back.
East taught west how to make a western eastern
Great movie. Of course, with plenty of violence and gore but also fun. I've seen many Korean movies and this one is near the top (nothing can top the "Old Boy", ever). Great cast, almost perfect direction, editing, camera...anything. You can even disregard some accidental blood spray on the camera lens here and there. You even forget that you don't understand the language (not being Korean, and occasionally Japanese or Chinese, of course). So, if you want to spend a bit more that two hours really enjoying the art of making movies, go for this one. It doesn't matter if it is some sort of an eastern western or... something. It's that good and even better. Hollywood can really learn from Koreans (although there are a lot of references here to the Hollywood classics and even Italian "spaghetti westerns"). The mix-up of almost everything you've seen in other movies here functions perfectly. The only thing that's missing is SF genre, but Koreans do not sleep. Can't wait for their next project, whatever it may be. Absolutely recommended.
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