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The Croods
Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chris Sanders, Kirk De Micco
Catherine Keener as Ugga (voice)
Chris Sanders as Belt (voice)
Clark Duke as Thunk (voice)
Ryan Reynolds as Guy (voice)
Emma Stone as Eep (voice)
Nicolas Cage as Grug (voice)
Cloris Leachman as Gran (voice)
Randy Thom as Sandy (voice)
Storyline: The Croods is a prehistoric comedy adventure that follows the world's first family as they embark on a journey of a lifetime when the cave that has always shielded them from danger is destroyed. Traveling across a spectacular landscape, the Croods discover an incredible new world filled with fantastic creatures -- and their outlook is changed forever.
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It's hard to describe... really, I don't know if I liked it or not.
The Croods... there is a lot to say about this movie. The movie is unlike any animated movie I have seen, which is weird because one wouldn't suspect that BECAUSE it is like so many other animated movies but ISN'T! The Croods steps into a weird territory where it does a lot of things familiar but then does all of the familiar things in a nearly unrecognizable manner. This is why I consider this movie a good movie because it is one of the ONLY animated movies that really confuses me... and I'm not easily confused.

The movie starts off with explaining that The Croods are the last of what was once a neighborhood of cavemen. Sadly, all died, so now the Croods stick by the rules and live in fear. What makes this movie ingenious is that it doesn't know who the main character is. Eep seems like the main character, but Grug gets a lot of screen-time as well. Also, the movie was very smart. Grug could've been the bad guy. He could've had no redeeming features. HOWEVER, it is established early on that the only reason any of them are alive is because of his strength and endurance to keep everyone alive. Grug isn't smart, but he will risk his life and do anything to keep his family safe. Heck, he even doesn't eat food for over a week just so that his family can eat. That is a loving father. This is one of the reasons I like this film. A lot of movies have trouble making a good father character, but this one gets it... at times.

If you've seen the trailers, you know that a newcomer comes along named Guy who is an inventor. The nice thing this movie did is that showed right off the bat how physically epic the Croods are in strength and just how weak Guy is compared to them. Eep lifts Guy up with her wrist and nearly kills him within the first couple seconds of meeting him. Speaking of strength, this movie has its momentum done right. Whenever the Croods are moving, they move with A LOT of speed and are incredibly strong (punting rocks hundreds of feet away).

I'm getting distracted. The real thing I find interesting about this movie is that it is one of the only animated movies I have seen that has blended incredible realism with Looney-Tunes slapstick. The movie is gorgeous. It really is. The water made me pause for a second and realize that it wasn't real water... but I thought it was for a moment. Most movies either use CGI for the beautiful shading but still have cartoony visuals (Madagascar, Tangled, Frozen) or either they use incredible realism (Beowolf, Rise of the Guardians, Brave) but this movie combines both. The humor and the movement is directly taken from several Pink Panther skits and Merry Melodies, but the animation rarely stretches of squashes. They still move like they are real. It confuses me because naturally that sounds like a horrible idea... but... this movie pulls it off. I can't say that I have ever seen a movie that has done animation this way.

The story itself if pretty good as well, but is fairly kid-oriented. There are some laughs for adults, but some jokes seem a little too... kiddish at times. Which is another weird thing: this is an animated movie that isn't trying to be dark and serious! Really, this movie is perfectly content with being light-hearted, funny, and really laid-back. It has its dark moments and its sad moments, but overall it is upbeat and happy. It is refreshing to see this kind of movie get released.

Also, the soundtrack is really good along with the character interaction. None of the characters are obnoxious and they all interact with each other in a very realistic manner. I think half of this movie's humor comes from the "subtle" jokes or the little gags that fly by in a second. There is a lot going on in this movie, but it may be hard to pick up on the first time.

All in all, The Croods DOES have some hiccups and you will notice them when watching it. However, when I look back on it I realize that this is a special movie. It is unique in almost every way and ISN'T really unique at all. I wouldn't mind being stuck in the world that was created... for just a couple minutes more.

Oh yeah, and the creatures were cool. Not basing it off of real animals is clever.
It is really good
My 5 year daughter and I enjoyed the movie. My daughter love this movie better than OZ. Guess in OZ, wicked witch scared her a little bit, while in this movie, even the tiger is so cute, so colorful.

The story is great, just too many characters and too short, there is not enough time to completely develop each character well.

We watched 2D edition, the film is beautiful. Drawing is high quality. My daughter somewhat doesn't get used to 3D and took off glass watching OZ last week, so we had to watch 2D today. It turns out 2D made us more comfortable.

Thinking there is room to have The Croods II, III etc given those cute pets didn't get enough time to prove themselves...
Actually, pretty amazing!
You have to take into account the expectations as well, I mean I was going to watch the film, probably on fast forward, because it is a silly animation movie. I was going to enjoy it for the few scenes that are probably in the trailer as well and call it "seen it". Can you, then, believe I never touched the keys from my laptop and watched it all start to end?

The film had great animation, even if 3D, an interesting world, with all kind of weird animals that are not real, yet tons of fun, but most of all, a really nice script. It had the usual tricks to make most audience like the movie, in this case the cosy feeling of family love and support and the expected caveman clichés, but also subtlety and expression of a whole range of emotions. In a sentence, it made me feel good watching it.

The Croods had only eight people in the cast, including for the roles of one small animal and one inarticulate child, and not the most famous ones either, but they did a great job.

Bottom line: I may be a sucker for transformative journeys with your entire family movies, but I really enjoyed it. For a Hollywood animation film, it is even more amazing. Or maybe I was just in the right mood. No dirty jokes, no references to other films, emotions that can be enjoyed and understood by small children, but with added subtlety that will entertain adults as well. Watch it.
Loved it
The Croods is a great comedy and adventurous family movie. It is a simple story, but is filled with life lessons and values like knowing that family is important and team work is also important to be able to accomplish different tasks. The characters in this movie are enjoyable and relatable to people.

This caveman family was forced to move out of their cave after the world begins to end. Grug is the over protective dad that wants nothing, but to keep his family safe and out of harms way. Eep is his daughter; she is a free spirit, curious, and outgoing. His wife Ugga, son Thunk, other daughter, and mother in law Gran are not very important, but are funny. As they move along on their adventure to find a new cave they come across a nomad named Guy. Guy is imaginative, creative, and full of new ideas. Guy helps the family learn to not be afraid of the world and to not be afraid of trying or learning new things. He has a furry little animal with him named Belt that resembles a sloth.

Throughout the movie the family grows closer together. It teaches them to accept new things and also goes through some evolution.

The animation and graphics in this movie were beautifully put together.

Overall this was a fun family movie to watch. I wouldn't mind watching this several times with my son. My son absolutely loved this movie.
The Croods
I knew this film was about cavemen, that's about it really, I was prepared to give it a try and make myself feel like a kid again, directed by Chris Sanders (Lilo & Stitch, How to Train Your Dragon) and Kirk DeMicco (Space Chimps). Basically in the prehistoric era, The Croods are a Neanderthal family: father and husband Grug (Nicolas Cage), mother and wife Ugga (Catherine Keener), teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone), son Thunk (Clark Duke), ferocious baby daughter Sandy (Randy Thom) and grandmother Gran (Cloris Leachman). The family hardly get out of their cave, having seen many of their friends and neighbours killed by various elements and creatures of the world, Grug is over-protective and stubborn to make any changes, even if it would benefit them for food and survival. Eep is a rebel and questions why they have to live in the dark, one day she sees a light and sneaks out of the cave, she finds inventive modern human boy Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and his pet sloth Belt (Chris Sanders). Guy has discovered how to make fire, he also warns of an oncoming apocalypse, that will destroy the land, he offers to help Eep and her family find safety, but concerned she stays, he gives her a shell horn to blow if she needs help. Soon enough a massive earthquake destroys the land, and the home of the Croods, the family are forced to venture into the tropical forest and escape the carnivores and other new creatures, Eep calls for Guy, but worried for his family, Grug imprisons Guy in a log until he can guide them somewhere safe. Escaping the destruction, Guy is let out of the log and creates shoes for the family, to walk across the harsh landscape, Guy explains that he and all humans have a brain and can come up with ideas, Grug becomes jealous of Guy's impression on the family, and realises Eep has fallen in love with him. Attempting to invent things like Guy, Grug only embarrasses himself and drives the family further away from him as they continue to travel to a place called "Tomorrow", there is a point when the family are split by tunnels, all but Grug escape, coming up with ideas. Reaching the mountain, Grug wants the family to hide in a cave, they refuse, saying they don't want to "survive", but to "live", Grug is enraged and attacks Guy, they end up falling into the tar flow, Guy tells that his family perished in one, Grug realises Guy's method of survival is better than his, they work together to get out, they succeed and reunite with the others. Then the land violently rips apart and the family are cut off from their destination, Grug realising the error of his ways throws his family to safety, he shares an invention which he calls a "hug" with Eep, it appears that Grug has fallen, but manages to create a makeshift airship and fly across the chasm. In the end the Croods are happily reunited, Grug apologises and promises not to be so overbearing again, and they find a beautiful land to live on a vast beach, where everyday they can follow the light to "Tomorrow". The voice cast are all well chosen for their parts, the story is nice and simplistic, the ideas thrown together about what Neanderthals discover is clever, and their many weird and wonderful creatures and landscapes along the way that you will never have seen before, I admit some of it is predictable, the worried father trying to right for his family but being a complete buzzkill I have seen before, but the colourful animation, which can be seen in 3D also, is great, and this is something all the family can enjoy, a fun computer-animated comedy adventure. Worth watching!
Lets just say that this family is different
The Croods take place many years ago in a prehistoric time that should be like the stone age on planet earth and at the same time it presents creatures, colors and scenery that is not of this earth :) Lets just say that this family is different, they are strange and yet peculiar familiar, they are a good blend of characters and they live in an interesting world.

There are great animations, it might not be like a Disney classic or Pixar film, but Dreamworks really hits the spot with this different and sometimes weird family animation film. It is very entertaining and the characters are both charming, likable and sometimes strange, but they fit into the story and experience a lot of new stuff and that keeps you interested and watching all the way.
An Enjoyable Prehistoric Animation Romp
The Croods are the last cave family in their "neighbourhood" with the other families having been killed by one thing or another. This leads Grug Crood (Nicolas Cage) to be a bit over-protective with his family meaning that they hardly ever leave their cave and that anything new is bad. Eep Crood (Emma Stone) is more adventurous, though, and is constantly frustrated by her dad's over-bearing manner, so one night she leaves the safety of their cave to investigate a strange light. It's here that she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds)...an incentive young boy who predicts "the end of the world". After an earthquake destroys their cave, the Croods - along with Guy - leave to find pastures new, bringing about different dangers & adventures.

The Croods is an enjoyable roller coaster animation ride, but unfortunately I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong...it's still a very good movie, but it was just missing a certain something to make it better. DreamWorks have done better animated movies with Shrek and Turbo to name some, but that doesn't mean The Croods is bad.

As we have come to see from a lot of DreamWorks movies, the animation is superb and is crystal clear, especially in Blu-ray. The humour is constant throughout the movie as well which is good because that's much better than an animated movies that only have two or three funny moments and then nothing else. The humour isn't "roll about laughing" kind of humour, but it is enough to definitely make you laugh.

One wee minor downside was that a couple of scenes did tend to drag on a bit with the "chasing for food" opening scene being one of them. The casting was spot on as well and they all done a great job. None of the characters were annoying, and I actually think that Belt - Guy's pet sloth - is one of the best characters in the movie.

The Croods isn't just a kids movie but is a family movie, and it doesn't matter if you're 6 or 60...this is a movie that everyone can like.

Watch it and enjoy.
Something for the entire family
This is a must see for ANY FAMILY appropriate for all ages It was nice to finally see a movie made !!for the entire family.. The animation was great!!The Characters were amazing and you definitely picked the right cast for this film .We enjoyed the whole film and even got a few laughs and trust me when I say it is not easy to get my husband to laugh but he even enjoyed this one!!! I will definitely be recommending this movie to my family and friends I would also like to say Bravo to the producers,Directors,Actors,Actress' and writers You did extremely well on this one thank you for making and family night even more enjoyable The Flintstones and land of the lost don't have anything on this movie it was by far a much better film then either of those
Good fun, great voice-cast - highly recommended
I had seen nothing of the advertising for this movie and I didn't really know what to expect - perhaps more ice age stuff? But no - this has animation with focus on the fantastical, a great voice cast and a story line that is simple yet works surprisingly well and just invites you along for the ride.

Nicolas Cage as Cave-dad is fantastic - Cage should definitely do more voice-acting as it seems to set him free from his usual manic style and just deliver a very different thing. But everyone works - I don't know if the cast recorded their dialog together, but there just seems to be great chemistry between the characters.

And it's FUN! Great comedy - some of it slapstick, some of it from the character interaction and good dialog - and it doesn't take itself overly serious.

A warning to those demanding high doses of reality - this is NOT it. The Croods deliver a prehistoric setting in the best tradition of what-if - strange animals and creatures you could almost believe had existed once upon a time.

Highly recommended.
This movie is not too good animated like frozen but it's more entertaining than frozen for me. The plot is awesome. It has many scenes that will make you laugh. Everybody has did an awesome job. I didn't fell one bored while watching this movie. The climax is awesome. The climax will make you cry. It's the most entertaining animated movie. The kids will surely enjoy the movie. The movie will look more good in 3D. I couldn't go to watch this movie in theater I watched it in my laptop but I am sure that the 3D effects would be good as the movie.

Animation: 7/20

Comedy: 7/10

Plot: 10/10
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