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The Bye Bye Man
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Stacy Title
Carrie-Anne Moss as Det. Shaw
Ava Penner as Anna
Kurt Yue as Fireman
Dan Anders as K-9 Cop
Laura Knox as Jane (as Lara Knox)
Faye Dunaway as Widow Redmon
Doug Jones as The Bye Bye Man
Cleo King as Ms. Watkins
Michael Trucco as Virgil
Douglas Smith as Elliot
Jonathan Penner as Mr. Daizy
Seth William Meier as Police Captain
Storyline: When three college students move into an old house off campus, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as The Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon them once they discover his name. The friends must try to save each other, all the while keeping The Bye Bye Man's existence a secret to save others from the same deadly fate.
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Bye Bye Man, Bye Bye Money
I'm a lover of gore, horror, thriller, suspense type of movies. This? Is nothing. I feel bad. I'm writing my first review and it's because the movie is horrible. But I feel I must warn you.

3 students rent a house away from campus and accidentally unleashes the demon within. And if you hear a coin drop that means he's coming and if the ghoulish dog appears, you're dead.

Concept-wise, it's unique. I have to give them that. But there are a lot of things that doesn't make sense. Or at least they tried to put it there just so it appears to have a story or scary scene.

The actor who played Eliot saved the film through his acting. And Lucien as John is an eye-candy. Other than that, it can't be saved. Even Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss and Faye Dunaway fell flat.

Don't waste your time. Read a book. Any book. Or magazine. Even the TV guide.
So glad I skip this movie from theaters but regret renting it
This movie suck so bad. It's boring like so boring that I almost feel like falling asleep. The acting suck, the story is terrible, poorly done C.G.I, terrible writing and it's not even scary. This feel like a IT (1990) rip off (I'm not saying the 2017 one because it didn't came out when this was release). I kinda hate it even since it was release but I didn't see it in theaters. I wish I didn't rent it my god that's a big mistake. Don't watch this movie. Don't think this movie and Don't say this movie because it suck.
the low ratings are a result of an industry vendetta
I'm a horror fan. Any horror film rated 5 or more is descent. I disregard all that are under. This movie was a rare exception. The first review gave a 1!? What? Did he date and have his heart broken by one of the gaffers or perhaps one of the actors? Did this person somehow get screwed? Casting couch? Ouch...OK too far. Bye-Bye Man deserves a 5+.
Good solid Thriller
I don't understand the bad reviews this movie has received by those claiming to be horror fans,I think some people just expect way too much from a 90 minute period of time. I started watching horror movies in the very early 1970's,when they were truly bad,so you can imagine how many I've seen in the last 40+ years. The Bye Bye man is one of the better ones I've seen.More of a thriller than a horror,I found the acting solid and felt their was a great chemistry between the three main characters,Cressida Bonas did particularly well in her debut movie and I really enjoyed her performance. The plot was a tad loose but not too bad,tending to concentrate on the three main characters story line rather than boring the watcher with a long drawn out back story,the movie got to the point early and stayed there,which I personally loved about it. The few FX that were needed were well done and the makeup was excellent. All up I'd recommend this movie to any thriller/horror fan and ignore the haters who have forgotten how to enjoy a movie for what it is and have become armchair critics.
For a movie without a massive budget it does well
The negative reviews for this movie are unjustified. For a what is a fairly low budget in this day and age it did well. The acting was good, the plot was intense and the twists were brilliant.If they had a higher budget I'm sure they could have done even better, and I'm sure a sequel would do well.
An egregious sin
This movie is atrocious! In 2017, we still get piling lumps of crap like this. I wish I had never watched this and wasted my time. I CANNOT BELIEVE this is a movie. The plot is horrible and really doesn't give you any cause for interest. The acting is quite possibly some of the worst i have ever seen. The "bye-bye man" is not even remotely scary.

I will never get my time back.
The best slasher film in theaters I have seen
This is a fantastic, strong, original slasher. As a horror fan its rare that such a film gets the ability to screen in theaters and I am so glad this one did as it really shines. It's well shot, well written, the male lead in wonderful and charming/creepy in all the right ways. It's one of those films that mid-film you can see your friends physically reacting which is rare! Really powerful story line that remind me of classic slasher films, but with a fresh take. I look forward to seeing sequels of this story, as well as what the director and actors do next. Definitely a MUST SEE for ALL HORROR Fans. The fact that Doug Jones is in it and Robert Kurtzman did the fx are a huge bonus :)
Its so bad...!
Incredibly bad movie. Bad acting and the story could have been so much better than it was. I thought it was a bit messy. The lines were too unnatural. When someone breaks into your home, the question is not "who are you?" in a calm way, but "got the hell out !!" . Was also a lot of mistakes in the movie... it's simply a low budget movie... The only reason I went to so this film in theaters was due to the good feedback some people on IMDb had written. If you are in doubt then wait until it comes out on DVD / Netflix. it's not worth seeing it in theaters, select a different movie.
Genuinely boring.
As someone who is a big fan of horror films, I can truly say that this film was bad. This film had no originality whatsoever. The entire film made me feel like I was watching a movie about Slenderman, The Babadook and something just plain weird. The film had so many things that were unexplained (which sometimes isn't bad) but it was to the point where I was entirely lost and waiting to be picked back up by something good. The acting was horrible, the content felt unoriginal and the whole film relied on jump scares to get any sort of reaction. If you're someone who loves jump scares and doesn't appreciate real suspense, terror or fear then this movie is for you. The jump scares were interesting and there were a few points where the movie could have expanded or gone somewhere deeper with it's scenes, but it failed to do that and falled flat with every chance it had. I had such high expectations for a film that was from the producers of The Strangers but this was just completely horrible. Skip this movie, you aren't missing much.
VIEWS ON FILM review of The Bye Bye Man
Low budget horror films like Get Out and Lights Out, have been successful both critically and financially. The Bye Bye Man however, has not quite garnered these accolades. What a shame. "Bye" (my latest review) may not be the pinnacle of epic fright or the echelon of monumental creep shows. Regardless, it's as good if not better than the two flicks just mentioned.

Recently released on DVD and possibly too intense for a PG-13 rating, The Bye Bye Man is a consuming affair. You revert back and jog the ghastly events in your head just as the closing credits come up. Granted, it's no M. Night Shyamalan circa 1999 but heck, what is. This head-jogging notion is similar to the story of "Bye" and at the same time, it's also the opposite. The main characters in The Bye Bye Man aren't supposed to think about their ghostly villain (named The Bye Bye Man naturally) or say his name. They'll either die or become possessed with the intent of harming others.

Three things to consider before viewing "Bye": Don't see this thing alone or in the dark (it's a cliché, I know). Also, try to realize that it's only a movie and that The Bye Bye Man is not in your reality-based vicinity. Finally, know that you'll never look at raincoats, falling coins, or train tracks the same way again.

In terms of direction, well helmer Stacy Title carefully plots the film along. She builds scares to a slow creep, uses minimal gore, and adds decent cameos in the form of Carrie-Anne Moss and Faye Dunaway (where the heck has she been).

In jest, "Bye" is gnawing psychological terror that only suffers from the occasional, layman acting and an abrupt ending that's barely the sum of its parts. Still, "Bye" steadily brings to life the dormant, urban legend of The Bye Bye Man himself (first in 1969 and now in present day). He's hideous, he'll make you hallucinate, and he will feed off of any cancerous attention. Starkly original and worth a look, The Bye Bye Man gets a "hello" and a three star rating from me.
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