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Drama, Biography
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David Gordon Green
Clancy Brown as Big Jeff
Kate Fitzgerald as Aunt Karen (as Katherine Fitzgerald)
Michelle Forziati as Jill Hurley
Nate Richman as Big D
Patty O'Neil as Aunt Jenn (as Patricia O'Neil)
Sean McGuirk as Bill Hurley
Frankie Shaw as Gail Hurley
Lenny Clarke as Uncle Bob
Carlos Sanz as Carlos
Miranda Richardson as Patty Bauman
Tatiana Maslany as Erin Hurley
Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman
Storyline: Stronger is the inspiring real life story of Jeff Bauman, an ordinary man who captured the hearts of his city and the world to become a symbol of hope after surviving the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.
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True Grit
Based on a true story one of the victims of the Boston bomb loses both legs and needs massive courage if he can survive and cope with his condition.

This is an engrossing tear jerker of a movie.

The lead actor steals the show equally with the actress playing his girlfriend.

One of the great attributes of first rate film making is that real events can be made into an educational yet entertaining picture and also provide inspiration to all of us: this is such a film!

Right to the Heart and from The Soul
Jake Gyllenthal has accomplished almost the impossible, to give a performance that will rank among the best ever. He channels the ferocity and pain of the best work by Denzel. His "Fences" work might have been depended on a combination of fine acting and his masterful command of theatrical delivery, but Gillenthal here makes you recall how wonderful it can be when the delivery is raw, pure, and intelligent. There's the fire that Jamie Bell brought to "Billy Elliot", and I can certainly could see and feel the pain, much like Eddie Redmayne showed it in both "The Danish Girl" and "The Theory of Everything". It emanates from the soul of an actor who has connected with his part and reaches sublime levels.

"Stronger" has Gyllenthal showing us what his character went through as a result of losing both legs during the Boston Marathon attack. We know we're dealing with a man who has faults but is able to show the fact that he has a tremendous emotional core. He is not afraid to reach to show his passion, with a touch of insecurity, and suddenly, the tragedy makes him grow up when he has to deal with issues that shatter both his body and his spirit. He must climb out of the place he is in to learn how live a completely different life. He now relies in others in ways he could have never imagined. His nerves are overactive, giving him anxiety attacks, bouts of depression which can only sabotage the little progress he makes.

His face is a mask of frustration, terror, anger, confusion and so many emotions that arise as his life changes. He is in the middle of public events; something that is affecting him in more negative ways because he's frail and lost. He has the support of a few people, some like his mother, tries hard; yet she drinks and is easily seduced by the spotlight. She praises her son, yet ignores the torments he goes through.

Jeff's girlfriend remains at his side, enduring the not so easy task that caring for him entails. They have a connection, but there is much that needs healing. Unless, people face their demons, talk frankly, and go through some type of therapy, the pain will become something uglier, and this is where the performance takes your breath away. His rage and cries of desperation when he should be thankful for a new gift, leaves you speechless. There are many amazing parts to his performance, and the degrees of anger and ache are intense and varied. It's not a simple performance. Here's not a man who just looks devastated. Here's an actor whose body, eyes, voice, and who uses anything he can to bring those moments to life. Gyllenthal is absolutely brilliant in what appears so simple but is so powerful. He's not afraid of quiet moments. His voice work here is among some of the finest on film. We have seen him lose weight, add muscle, take chances few actors do. Here he has reached the finish line, giving us something that will probably never be improved upon by him and many others.

Gyllenthal does wonders when he's in the hospital in recovery, in his discovery of how difficult it is to use his home's facilities, how hard it is to tell anyone what he is really feeling. His hands shake,his mouth is frozen as he is unable to cry out how much he is suffering. He doesn't understand what he symbolizes for many because he is now in a place which few of us visit, a hell that has taken over his world and makes him hurt in unspeakable ways. He will make, but the road is long and full of all kinds of obstacles. Here's a performance that needs to be seen, admired, rewarded, and applauded because the actor has done exactly what he needed to do: Show us how complex emotion can be.
To the top reviewer
The top reviewer on IMDb complains that this movie is too patriotic? What? Its a movie about an American who was watching the Boston marathon in the United States of America. They complain that it doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the world. Well, that's because this movie didn't have anything to do with the rest of the world. If you wanted to watch something that does, why in the world would you watch this movie and then complain about it? Makes no since. You sound upset about how Americans are too patriotic. Thats like me going to a website from the Netherlands, commenting on a movie made in the Netherlands about a citizen born in Netherlands and then complaining that the movie is too patriotic. You would hopefully think that sounds absurd, which is why I do as well. Sounds like you might have some deeper issues going on.

But back to the movie. This is a good, not great, movie dealing with one man's struggles after the Boston marathon bombings. Its a little slow in parts but overall recommended. I do not recommend you seeing this however, if you are, like the top reviewer, not in the mood for a movie about an American citizen living in the United States of America and dealing with a traumatic event.
you don't owe me anything..

Breeding the suffer and relinquishing the hope in some heartbreaking scene; Jake Gyllenhaal breathes Jeff Bauman's life, with the help of David's wide vision and John's tight adaptation which tears you down instead of cringing on the seat.
Yet another outstanding performance from Jake Gyllenhaal
The Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 has spawned two very different films within a year in Peter Berg's Patriots Day and David Gordon Green's Stronger. The former is a film about the manhunt for the two suspects while the latter is a film that focuses on one of the survivors of the attack however, both zone in on the Boston Strong movement that grew as a result of the attack in a similarly deep and affecting manner.

Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a man whose heart is in the right place but he just can't always be relied upon. When he goes to support his ex-girlfriend, Erin (Tatiana Maslany), at the Boston Marathon finish line, he is caught up in the blast, suffering life-changing injuries as a result. Stronger is Jeff Bauman's inspirational true story of how he survived and became a symbol of hope for the city of Boston.

The story behind Jeff Bauman's survival of and recovery from the Boston Marathon bombing is certainly inspirational however, it's much more complex than I ever thought it would be. I can't begin to understand what it must be like to try and get on with your life after such a monumental injury, Bauman's strength brought to the fore in David Gordon Green's film.

It's the imperfections of Bauman's character that makes Stronger such an engrossing experience though. A man surrounded by loved ones but often refusing help and behaving erratically towards them gives Stronger such a fascinating focal point, making for uneasy but necessary viewing.

The film is led by yet another outstanding performance from Jake Gyllenhaal, who again showcases his immense talents with such a different performance to what he's done before. It's a raw performance full of emotion and power, becoming one of Gyllenhaal's best in the process. Tatiana Maslany delivers a great supporting performance as Erin, the woman who served as Bauman's strong backbone during his time of anguish, as does Miranda Richardson as Bauman's alcoholic mother. There's no denying though that this film belongs to Jake Gyllenhaal.

Stronger is the telling of an inspirational true story that becomes so much more thanks to the brilliant Jake Gyllenhaal performance at its disposal. The decision to not sugar coat the story is one that only benefits the film and the impact it will have on the audience.
Stronger Review
Stronger is a brilliant film with strong performances by Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, and especially Miranda Richardson. David Gordon Green's choice to use practical lighting and creating a setting that seems real results in an extremely sincere film. John Pollono writes a script that held true to Jeff Blauman's story by focusing more on his struggles and keeping the Boston Marathon tragedy in the background. Also boobs.
Exterior Strength Fails
Jeff slaves away in the meat department at Costco. Amputated animal limbs are cured under his supervision. He does a passable job, and only leaves a mess every so often as he punches out. His charm fills the gaps in his work ethic, and his co-workers lift his weight out of admiration.

Fringing on the side of laziness, Jeff coasts on his ability to win his peers over. The one person immune to his sly likability is Erin. They have been on again, off again several times, and now Jeff is determined to get back on the vessel and stay for good. Erin's hesitation is echoed by her sister's face as Jeff approaching them at the pub.

Using Erin's upcoming marathon run as an in, Jeff steals her donation jar and proceeds to go on a fundraising venture throughout the bar. Embarrassed, but also significantly tickled, Erin drives away smirking when he promises to be waiting for her at the finish line. She knows all too well that he never shows up.

Patty, Jeff's mother, still makes him breakfast every morning. They are tight to one another. Too tight in Erin's eyes. He holds onto childhood traditions and expectations. Jeff has made a profession out of sliding by, and his family enables an ignorant worldview of tribalism.

Boston is a nation state. A brotherhood of macho denial. All things are taken personally, and aid is spat upon. The Bostonian tribe is one of defiance and egomania. When attacked, the community diminishes victims to numbers on a scorecard. The red pinstripes and the golden B's are larger heroes than the blue scrubs and Kevlar overalls.

Jeff becomes a symbol of this gross displacement of value, and vomits up the poison. Feeling the hopes of thousands crushes him to the bathroom tile. His attempts at standing come with the baggage of victory. He is beating the enemy by living and growing stronger news reports say, but he has lost. Terrorism won; now a city is forced to rewrite history, and breaking an 86-year drought does not come close to evening the score.
Some fantastic performances, solid film
I don't really think this film does anything too extraordinary. The good thing is that it could have been a lot more sentimental, hokey, and contrived than it is. On the other hand, it doesn't really do a lot of things to elevate it to greatness. It's a pretty straight-forward film with the usual structure for inspiring films like this. The aspect that does elevate it to greatness is the acting. Jake Gyllenhaal is really strong, but perhaps even stronger is Tatiana Maslany. She showed everyone her acting talent as the lead(s) in Orphan Black, and it's great to see her talent in film. She's amazing here, doing so much with such an internal, quiet character. I hope this film helps her get even more film roles.
Boston Strong
Man's inhumanity to man is something none of us will ever understand. This week, America is reeling from the worst mass shooting in it's recent history, topping only the last record setting mass shooting just one year ago. All seems hopeless to those who only see the worst in humanity in times like these. But in tragedy's wake, typically, heroes are born. First responders, police officers and yes, the victims themselves. Stronger is a film about such people. Stronger is the film of the moment and a film we desperately need at this moment.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff Bauman, the famous man who lost both of his legs in the horrific Boston Marathon Bombing of 2013. He miraculously survives, despite his legs, and instantly becomes the symbol of the "Boston Strong" movement. Throughout, Bauman deals with becoming famous and living a newly disabled life, all the while stuck with the excruciating memory of the moment his legs were blown up in the bombing. It doesn't take long for a devastating case of PTSD to kick in. Despondent towards his family and friends, Bauman slips into alcoholism, laziness and carelessness which results in him getting his girlfriend pregnant. Not only does he endure an unrelenting pain, but he inflicts it on everyone that is near him. But after meeting his first responder Carlos, Bauman is finally reminded of how important he truly means to everyone around him. Hero or not, legless or not, he gave hope to all of those who lost hope in the face of terrorism and evil.

Stronger itself provides the same amount of hope to it's viewers, as well as capturing a grueling, painful account of rehabilitation. Gyllenahaal, despite being an abled human being, knocks it out of the park as the disabled Jeff Bauman. Tatiana Maslany also gives a stirring performance as the emotionally spent Erin. David Gordon Green gives a seasoned directing expert's approach to the tragedy of the Boston Bombing and the true story of Jeff Bauman. To those with a heavy heart following Las Vegas, make it an effort to see Stronger wherever you can.
Boston strong and gritty
Grade: A-

Rating: R, 119 minutes

In a Nutshell: Jake Gyllenhaal's performance is outstanding, as always. He's truly fantastic in everything he does. I'm such a fan. I'd love to see him get an Oscar nomination for this role. He deserves it. He really makes you feel.

This dramatic, true story spotlights emotional honesty as one of the many heroes from the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 attempts to regain his life. The fantastic Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff Bauman, whose

If you like this kind of #BostonStrong movie, there is another one very similar called Patriot's Day. In fact, both movies were filmed at the same time.

#BostonStrong !!

Uplifting theme: Tenacity, perseverance Strength of every kind family, loyalty "You helped me as much as I helped you." - Carlos (Carlos Sanz) I was super impressed with Carlos' humble spirit. "I just want to see the world from higher up." - Jeff (Jake Gyllenhaal) I'm interpreting that line in a couple of different ways. He says it when he realizes he wants to be a better man, as well as get out of his wheelchair and walk. Hope

Things I liked: Fantastic camera angle in the scene where they take off Jeff's bandages. It doesn't feel like an acted movie, but more of a realistic documentary. I've been to Boston twice and absolutely love it there. It just broke my heart to see the iconic city in so much pain. I will never understand evil people who hurt others. It's not just about a man's rehabilitation from a terrible injury, but also the transition from being a regular guy to a national hero. Director David Gordon Green hired real medical personnel to act in certain scenes, which is pretty cool. My twin sister is a nurse. There is an incredibly touching, powerful scene towards the end of the movie that will make you weep or even sob. Miranda Richardson was really great. Tatiana Maslany also did a fantastic job. The relationship between Jeff and Erin was really interesting and showed the ups and downs of a relationship under stress and extremely unusual circumstances. Both Jeff Bauman and Jake Gyllenhaal got to throw the first pitch at Boston's Fenway Park in 2016. Cool. Blue collar grit.

Things I didn't like: I felt so bad for the Costco manager who was simply trying to help and Jeff's family jumped all over him. I understand that they were grieving and in shock, but still…a little kindness goes a long way. The family is extremely dysfunctional and not pleasant to spend time with, but their fierce love and loyalty are inspiring. By the way, the real Costco supervisor is an Extra in several scenes in the movie. So much profanity. Seriously, can't anyone speak a single sentence without using vulgar language?

Tips for parents: A LOT of profanity and crude language, including F-bombs. Some nudity during a pre-marital sex scene, mostly a women's chest. Some bloody, gory images of Jeff's legs. Lots of people smoking and drinking.

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