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Spreading Darkness
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Comedy
Josh Eisenstadt
Eric Roberts as Stu Undercoffler
Tara Cardinal as Elle Undercoffler
Shayla Beesley as Lita Minscourri
Andrew Lauer as Antonio Jarson
Robert Davi as Garvin McHulsey
Louis Mandylor as Byron Fresnel
Musetta Vander as Harriet Skelp
Elissa Dowling as Misty Kroeben
Irene Bedard as Marci Gippolin
Dominique Swain as Fiona Funari
Rena Riffel as Daniella Menzie / Elle
Bonnie Aarons as Gertrude
John Savage as Brett
James Duval as Mark Minscourri
Storyline: Stu Undercoffler (Eric Roberts) is a corrupt CEO who's drive for power has led him to make some highly unethical choices. Once Stu's unethical choices have begun too spread darkness through the world, there is no stopping it. After losing his wife, Stu begins to have a crisis of conscience but starts to believe he is being stalked and has been hallucinating. Is he losing his mind or have his former victims come back to wreck havoc on him? A avant-garde psychological thriller where the true protagonist of the film may be the darkness itself.
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