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Silent Movie
IMDB rating:
Mel Brooks
Harold Gould as Engulf
Harry Ritz as Man in Tailor Shop
Carol Arthur as Pregnant Lady
Valerie Curtin as Intensive Care Nurse
Fritz Feld as Maitre D'
Charlie Callas as Blindman
Ron Carey as Devour
Liam Dunn as Newsvendor
Marty Feldman as Marty Eggs
Dom DeLuise as Dom Bell
Sid Caesar as Studio Chief
Mel Brooks as Mel Funn
Chuck McCann as Studio Gate Guard
Bernadette Peters as Vilma Kaplan
Storyline: Aspiring filmmakers Mel Funn, Marty Eggs and Dom Bell go to a financially troubled studio with an idea for a silent movie. In an effort to make the movie more marketable, they attempt to recruit a number of big name stars to appear, while the studio's creditors attempt to thwart them. The film contains only one word of dialogue, spoken by an unlikely source.
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Am I the only one thinking a silent film isn't better with colour??!
When I started watching the film and realising it was in colour, I really didn't think it works that way because I think black and white is better for silent films. Whatever Mel Brooks had in his head for making this in colour, was pretty much a very bad idea!

It's just annoying, you can't hear what the characters are saying and they pretty were off sync. Yeah the sound effects and the instrumental music was suppose to save it, yet it really ain't good enough to make it one of Brook's best movies hes ever done!

I wouldn't consider this to be watchable, it just drills your head and your brains out in a very unhappy ending!
An Interesting Idea
Of course, only Mel Brooks could have the idea to make a silent movie in today's Hollywood. And silent it is-this isn't one of those films like "City Lights","Modern Times","Bean" or "Playtime" that uses background noises and dialogue. No, aside from the brilliant John Morris score, the film is completely silent. Being that this is a Mel Brooks comedy, this COULD be considered a downside. It is filled with sight gags, from a pregnant woman upsetting the balance of the back of the car; the reaction of the executives to Vilma Kaplan, the sultry spy; the video pong-game on the life support machine; and of course, the fly in the soup. Unfortunately, there are stretches where the action moves very slowly, without sufficient explanation. Also, the music score occasionally has very unpleasant, loud drum crashes to indicate when there is action, and these can be an unpleasant contrast to the surprisingly quietly recorded music score. If you want to hear the music score, you'd best buy the soundtrack, where it is clear of the drum/cymbal crashes. The soundtrack mixes bits and pieces of "The Emperor's Waltz"(Strauss) and "Jalousie"(Bloom-Gade) as well as "Babalu"(Lecuona-Russell). The cast includes six main guest stars, as well as character actors like Chuck McCann, Jack Riley, Howard Hesseman and Fritz Feld. On top of this, Harry Ritz of the Ritz Brothers, Henny Youngman, and even Barry Levinson (DINER,HOMICIDE:LIFE ON THE STREETS) as a movie executive. All in all, it makes for genial entertainment and if nothing else should be seen to gain an appreciation of silent comedy. As a movie, it gets a 8/10. For a Mel Brooks film, it gets 7/10 on the Laff scale.
Not as memorable as Mel's classics,but funny just the same.
Mel Brooks has an incredible knack for both paying loving tribute to a particular genre of film and giving it a pie in the face or squirting it in the face with seltzer water.As with his other films,this is what you get with Silent Movie.Though perhaps not as memorable as Mel's previous directing efforts,the film should provide laughs for even those of minimal senses of humor.Where else in but in a film made by Brooks can you see Burt Reynolds make fun of his own image? He even managed to get Paul Newman in on the gag.It should also be noted that there is only one spoken word in the entire film,and it is spoken by one known for not saying anything at all.Harpo Marx would have been the ultimate choice for this clever moment had he still been around,but it is just as funny a moment for Marcel Marceau.Good comedy film from one of the masters!
Silent clowns, loud laughter
A team of movie makers, Mel Funn (Mel Brooks), Marty Eggs (Marty Feldman) and Dom Bell (Dom DeLuise) march into a film studio to speak to the chief (Sid Caesar).They've got a marvelous movie idea, that can't fail.They want to make the first silent movie in 40 years.So soon they're into the making process.They have to get the biggest stars there are in the show business.They're after Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman, Liza Minnelli, James Caan, Anne Bancroft (Mel's wife) and Marcel Marceau, the mime.The crook of the story, Engulf (Harold Gould) does everything to stop the movie from being made.Mel Brooks made this extremely funny comedy in 1976.He made it completely silent, except for one little word said by the French mime. The comical work of Mel, Marty and Dom is something you don't have words for.They're not the only people in this film who deserve praises.Caesar and Gould are excellent and so are those who appear as themselves.Then I must mention people like Bernadette Peters, Carol DeLuise (Dom's wife) and Charlie Callas.Film maker Barry Levinson can also be seen there. This movie seems in some points like a real silent movie made in the 20's.Except this one comes with color.Mel and the gang do it as good as did comics like Chaplin,Keaton and Lloyd.The use of music by John Morris is marvelous.There is a huge amount of funny scenes offered in this flick.I almost laughed my lungs out when the trio tried to get in Liza Minnelli's table dressed in armors.That scene is one of many, which makes you howl from laughter and wake your neighbors. Thank God somebody had the courage to do a silent movie after all those years.That man was Mel Brooks.There is a talented young man who will go places.And remember; Silent Movie doesn't mean silent laughter.
Worth Seeing
I suppose having made a black & white film (Young Frankenstein) it was odds on Mel Brooks would do a silent movie as there hadn't been one for years. It's quite funny overall with some very good bits. There is an underlying message about large corporations and their disregard of ordinary people. In that respect Brooks is paying homage to Chaplin but Chaplin was far more of a rebel than Brooks ever will be. Most of the slapstick works well and the 'Big Stars' obviously enjoyed themselves immensely. Dom DeLuise and Marty Feldman are very good as Bell and Eggs. If anything lets the film down it's just that certain scenes are so predictable you see them a mile off (the 'fly in my soup' bit, while very predictable, is one of the better moments in the film though). Definitely worth seeing and as the region 2 DVD is available in a boxed set with Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety and To Be Or Not To Be I now have my own copy.
Incredible that he got it made - but not a patch on the real thing.
Brooks gets a silent movie made! Surely he deserves some kind of award for this - sure, he got away with it by the similarities between this project and his previous ones: it would be a spoof, a send up of silents, like he'd previously sent up the western, classic horror and the movie business in general. The other way he got it made serves as dramatic irony in the movie itself: "Silent Movie" is about Mel Funn, a movie director who ruined his career with drink, and his misfit friends Dom Deluise and Young Frankenstein's Marty Feldman who try to both resurrect Funn's career and save the studio from being taken over by the evil Engulf and Devour Corporation by putting on a silent movie. The only way Funn gets his studio boss (Sid Ceasar) to agree to the project, is if the picture is loaded with stars! So the primary plot of the movie is Funn and his friends chasing stars around town trying to get them to sign. It is ironic because each time a major star like Liza Minelli or Paul Newman appears for a token cameo, this star by their presence helps Brooks convince his boss to do the picture. Stars are really all that's needed to get a picture green-lit. If you've got Jack Nicholson or Tom Cruise saying they want to do your picture: it doesn't matter WHAT the script is like - it'll happen! There are other ways it'll happen, i'm sure, but the big star is sure-fire.

On to quality control: Brooks ends up with something that's fun, but just not as clever or complex as the thing its trying to send up. Physical comedy is actually a terribly tricky thing to do well, and make funny - and a whole nother ball game from dialogue comedies (the norm for Brooks - if you turned the sound off Spaceballs, you'd be left with nothing. Same for Blazing Saddles. It was presumptuous to think he could make a silent movie. The comic situations he's thought up are just so elementary. Its just a disconnected series of gags sewed Frankenstein-style onto the skeleton of "finding big stars to be in Mel Funn's silent movie."

There's certainly nothing to offend silent film fans here - its all very good natured, just very naive as to how to make a good physical comedy. The man who should actually make a silent comedy is Rowan Atkinson - best physical comic since the masters.

So i guess my main regret is that this will not probably win any fans for silent movies, let alone encourage people to check them out. If you want to see some great silent comedy, check out Chaplin's The Kid, Keaton's The General and Sherlock Jr. Those should be good jumping-off points.
Kind of movie you like but expect others to hate
Every silent movie i've seen from the actual silent era has been a gigantic bore to sit thru. Best you can say is "good for its day". And yet somehow Mel Brooks made this silent movie in 1976 and it's quite enjoyable. Mel and his co-stars Dom Deluise and Marty Feldman play a three stooges type gang but are much more likable - More like laurel & hardy. Burt Reynolds has a hilarious cameo as an actor in love with himself. Bernadette Peters has a great role as Mel's girl friend and is both funny and gorgeous. Never thought of her as a sex symbol but she is here.

Interesting plot - the three main characters Mel Funn, Marty Eggs and Dom Bell are trying to make a silent movie with a number of big stars in cameo roles - and that's the very movie Mel Brooks, Marty Feldman, and Dom Deluise have made. Movie helped immensely by very funny sound effects and score. One of a kind movie, to say the least.
Nobody in the silent era was ever this shameless...
Once Mel Brooks got a taste of success (via the western parody "Blazing Saddles" and his monster-movie homage "Young Frankenstein"), he couldn't stop himself. This honest-to-God silent movie, full of rampaging shtick--and Brooks' celebrity friends popping in just long enough to enjoy the ride--was soon followed by a Hitchcock spoof, an historical free-for-all, twists on "Star Wars", Robin Hood, Dracula, et al. (all concepts). There aren't many original ideas here beyond the conception of Brooks, Dom DeLuise and Marty Feldman mugging shamelessly in a silent format (with title cards reiterating the visual gags with a repeat punchline; when a joke bombs, it does so twice). Bernadette Peters (perhaps standing in for Brooks stable-player Madeline Kahn) and Burt Reynolds (in a lively cameo) give the proceedings some bounce, but rubber-faced Mel is all waving hands and toothy grins...and you can't escape from him. Except for one spoken word (by mime Marcel Marceau), an energetic score and sound effects, this really is a silent movie, but inspiration runs dry, especially since the 'plot'--about modern-day filmmakers casting a silent picture with stars and hoping to save a financially-strapped movie studio--doesn't allow for comic momentum to build. If you're attuned to this kind of childishly raunchy slapstick, there are a few big laughs, and it's blessedly brief. ** from ****
This is a silent review
In the land of Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles is often deemed king. Equal successes like Young Frankenstein and The Producers are the king's notorious sons, while Spaceballs is his court jester. And I think it's safe to say Robin Hood: Men in Tights and History of the World Part I would be the beheaded wives unable to bear him children.

But, to stretch this metaphor so thin you can see the blood running through the blue veins of its translucent skin, there's the wise old man, an adviser -- he is, in fact, the king's ailing father. Such is Silent Movie, and such is its role in the kingdom.

Making a silent film in 1976 was a gutsy move, which Brooks parodies by making the plot of Silent Movie about a director trying to make a silent picture. With only one word of dialogue -- spoken, ironically, by Marcel Marceau -- the film relies heavily on the forgotten arts of vaudeville and slapstick. Brooks is not foreign to these tricks; in fact, they have always been the primary source of laughter in all his movies. Sight gags and outrageous behavior are his fodder, and he uses them abundantly here: the Coke machine battle; the board room's reaction to Vilma Kaplan's picture; the heart monitor/Pong machine; and more.

Silent Movie is full of laughs, far more than any director has the right to expect. The reason is because Mel Brooks (who is teamed up here with the very funny duo of Dom DeLuise and Marty Feldman) will try anything for a laugh, no matter how silly. Even if we're not laughing, we're chuckling; and if we're not chuckling, we're smiling at the audacity.

To return brazenly to that thin metaphor I hatched earlier would be a kind of critical suicide. Yet I might as well. Blazing Saddles may be king, and Silent Movie may be the wise adviser. And Young Frankenstein and The Producers may be princes. But royalty usually serves a god. That god is Mel Brooks -- and with every movie of his that I see, I realize just how much I love going to his church.
A great watch
This a great watch and worth it too. All this people who are giving this movie bad reviews are idiots who don't understand comedy. Mel Brooks, Marty Feldman, and Dom Bell are on their A game in this movie and so I recommend it anyone who loves comedy or Brooks Any ways it a movie worth watching mind there is a lot of reading because of course it a Silent Movie.
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