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Shadow Man
USA, UK, Romania
Action, War
IMDB rating:
Michael Keusch
Eva Pope as Anya
Imelda Staunton as Ambassador Cochran
Michael Elwyn as George
Skye Bennett as Amanda Foster
Garrick Hagon as Waters
Alex Ferns as Schmitt
Elias Ferkin as Velos
Levan Uchaneishvili as Jensen (as Levani Uchaneishvili)
Zoltan Butuc as Seaka
Emanuel Parvu as Urick
Vince Leigh as Roger (as Vincent Leigh)
Storyline: An intelligence operative discovers that no one is what they seem in the shadowy world of espionage.
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For a cheap,cheesy movie it's a lot of fun....................
The Big Man is what he is.You don't like him?Well,hell,nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to watch his movies....... The plot is nearly always - as here - completely irrelevant;we just want to see Steve get revenge against whoever has p*ssed him off this week.You think they'd know better by now. In "Shadow Man" he takes on most of the Romanian nation,several Brits and the odd rogue yank,a helicopter and a central library,leaving them dead,destroyed and in tatters respectively.Way to go Big Steve. Miss Imelda Staunton keeps an admirably straight face and looks to have enjoyed herself immensely sharing screen time with a true legend. Miss Eva Pope,as unlikely a killer as you could hope to meet,is involved in a half - hearted attempted seduction scene but Steve knows the importance of keeping his vital bodily fluids intact before going into action and merely gives her an avuncular hug. I think Steve should have it written into his contract that only he be allowed to sport a ponytail :to see and the chief villain going mano a mano with ponytails swinging was just a touch de trop. But overall,for a cheap,cheesy movie,"The Shadow Man" is a lot of fun and good value for money.Honest.
Damn this movie was really bad..
An intelligence operative discovers that no one is what they seem in the shadowy world of espionage. The Shadow Man makes fun of 80's Pop Corn Action Flicks and unlike films such as Commando and Rambo 2 which although they were corny and over the top they still had a lot of cool one liners and a lot of great action that they were entertaining and turned into classics now in this case we have just a bad made for DVD kind of action movie starring Steven Seagal who shoots down a chopper with a gun and then it explodes and has some of the worst cgi effects i have ever seen , also he punches a dude and his eyes go missing or even the fact that a guy gets shot in the cheek and he is still alive for a few seconds before he gets shot in the head. Action Movies might be corny and over the top but they are entertaining and great if they are directed by the right person and have a great cast which in this case we have none overall The Shadow Man is just terrible.
Kind of like seeing a sporting Icon, a few years after their prime! (Maradona)
The last time I saw Seagal, was in Exit Wounds. He'd really packed on the pounds since his glory days, but then I watched this film, during an action man rampage (Icidentally, Dolph Lundgren's The Russian Specialist was my clear winner) and boy was Seagal looking fat, old and horribly sweaty.

Shadow Man has no plot to speak of, it's just a bunch of guys who turn up to get beaten up by Steven Seagal. The film is poor. Seagal as well is half asleep, he's awful here. It was actually saddening to see once one of my idol's (I took up Aikido cause of him) looking so unwell. It's my estimation that he's probably done a few too many films past his prime, a bit like Brando, without the talent.

Shadow Man has in its favour some nifty, and violent action, but not nearly enough of it, to overcome the boredom elsewhere.
Every new D.T.V has serious upside, serious flaws...
I enjoyed this, or I tried to. I really did. Major improvements-better story, better script, more Seagal, the scene in which he makes a gun out of pipes in the wall was nostalgic. Downside, dubbing with body double again playing a major role here when Seagal is supposed to run,body double runs. When Seagal walks across street, its actually body double walking across street. The body double in Seagal's films should get listed on the acting credits, because he is in these movies as much as Seagal. The FX on the helicopter explosion was awful.007's Dr. NO had more state of the art car chase scenes in the 60's than this had. The problem I had with the film was it never grabbed me. In my opinion "Mercenary for Justice" was a better film. It was faster with better action sequences. This film dragged, the pacing was faster but the director failed to capture the action scenes to make his audience care about them. The ending of this film just came and went for me as I had started to fast forward 2x through a lot of the last 20 minutes or so. Unlike others who reviewed this film, I felt this was a step backwards after "MFJ" rather than forwards as it reminded me of "Out of Reach" or the "Foreigner" which were his worst of the "D.T.V" releases. 6 out of 10 or 2 1/2 stars out of 4.
OK Seagal flick
Well, another of Seagal's Direct-to-DVD movies down the hatch. This one actually wasn't too bad.

Once again the the big dude plays a former operative with a colorful past which is hinted at but never explained. Once again he has a daughter that's kidnapped and he breaks some bones to get the guilty party.

The script, in fact, is somewhat confusing now and then and the paper thin story seems more complicated than it actually is. Old Steve does OK here, he's not dubbed (I think) and he seems to be doing most of his fighting himself. Oddly enough, fairly many shots show him (and leading lady Eva Pope) continually below face level so just about anyone could be doing the running there.


A particularly curious scene involves Seagal and Pope fleeing the safe house due to a helicopter chasing them. Their faces are never shown while running, neither in the car as they get to the woods and only a close-up of Steve with a gun while he shoots the chopper down. Very strange scene - might even have been put in after the fact. Very cheesy CGI in the scene by the way.

End of Spoiler

"Shadow Man" is average entertainment all the way. If you're in the mood for Steve, this is an OK choice. Decent fighting scenes and shoot-outs but it's mostly pretty forgettable.
It's actually o.k!
I only gave this film six because the plot line gets rather messy, apart from that it really is o.k and deserves a seven when considering how awful some of his films have been (The Patriot, Ticker). It is very well filmed has a shaky Micheal mann style about it and a crisp look. There are a couple of good hand to hand fight scenes and some clever action its just all let down by the story which gets increasingly messy until you really feel lost, there is one twist at the end which I feel would have saved the whole film but it is crudely pulled off and barely relevant to the moment in the film. I really would like to give this film seven but looking at it objectively; if I hadn't seen all the Steven Seagal films so far I would think it was a slightly above average film.
Not Steven Segal's worst film, but it is still pretty bad
I admit it, I am not a Steven Seagal fan or of his films, but I do keep watching them for curiosity. As far as they do, Shadow Man is pretty bad, but it does start off quite promisingly and it for me is not as bad as Out for a Kill, which is a serious contender for Seagal's worst film ever. Plus there are some striking locations. However, the camera-work is very slapdash a vast majority of the time, and the direction is pretty incompetent. The story is messy and predictable, the action is barely risible with some poor doubles, the film is dreadfully scripted and the pacing is sluggish. Sadly the acting doesn't fare much better, fine actress Imelda Staunton especially deserves much better than this but she tries hard with an underwritten role. Seagal is part of the problem, I actually consider him a poor actor overall, and this is no exception. Here, he looks very tired and unkempt and he seems to be going through the motions. Overall, marginally better than I thought, but that is faint praise. 3/10 Bethany Cox
Best Seagal film in a while, but still pritty bad.
Steven Seagal is getting old. Luckily he had found some extra energy when compared to his "movie" Black Dawn. Still - Steven seems to be so fat and tired of all this action junk, that he only has the energy to whisper his lines and barely keeps his eyes open. Anyways Shadow Man is definitely an above average film in Steven's latest production thanks to good production quality, director and a better script than on average in these films.

The plot is simple: Steven's character Jack is carrying micro cell containing a virus without knowing about it. Bad guys and the good guys want it. Ka-Boom. The end.

The film is pretty good in the beginning but it kinda loses it's intensity on the way. In the end of the film you just wish for the film to end. It's a horrible movie but if you have absolutely nothing better to do and you're a Steven Seagal fan - then you might check this one out. Otherwise - get something else. I'm not a demanding critic when it comes down to guys like Steven Seagal: The problem's just that I gotta keep it real - I didn't feel myself entertained during the film. Steven's losing his grip on this.

Some people say Steven Seagal has only one face. They couldn't be more wrong; Stevie has at least two faces. Cool and extra-cool. In the film for a second I thought Steven was trying to act but neh.. I was wrong.
"Nothings worth a life."
Of his recent straight-to-video, shot in Europe action productions. "Shadow Man" for me, would have to be the most enjoyable Seagal vehicle of recent times. Although there's no doubts, Seagal goes about doing the little things while his stunt man cops a real workout, even at times doing the slow jog for the big guy. But hey were used to it by now, like Seagal going through the motions, making a fashion statement, having young woman fall all over him wanting to bear all and of course being a shadow of his past self. Seagal stars as an ex-CIA operative holidaying in Romania with his daughter, but when arriving in the country his daughter is kidnapped and he finds himself being pursued by foreign agents, the police and the US embassy, who all believe that he's in the possession of a very dangerous chemical weapon. What I liked was that is that it keeps a brisk pace (the usual chase set-up), throws in brutal action (watch out for the hilariously edited opening marital arts stout and the finale eye gouging) and blistering suspense tied together with a muddled, if daft plot of numerous threads going on. Stale mechanics, but all flashed up and jumpy as the invincible Seagal leaves carnage and broken bones behind with sometimes something to say. "Man that's no freeway accident. That's syphilis". However some of the effects were laughable (the car chase sequence with an obvious blue screen) and one scene involving Seagal, a pistol and a hovering helicopter has to be seen to be believed.

"You really don't want to f**k with him."
Not Segal's best
The photography appeared to be foreign made and of poor quality. In many scenes Segal appeared passive and bored and just along for the ride. Overall it lacked the crispness of most of his prior films.

It appears that the shirt that Segal is wearing upon arrival at the taxi driver's apartment is not the one he was wearing in the taxi while on the way there.

The plot was difficult to follow and I found myself relying on the action scenes to maintain interest. There is an excellent body count if that is your bag, although some innocent people needlessly died at Segal's hands. He is usually for the underdog, but in this film he does not appear to care who he terminates.
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