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Safe House
USA, Japan, South Africa
Crime, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Daniel Espinosa
Vera Farmiga as Catherine Linklater
Stephen Rider as Richards
Jenna Dover as CIA Analyst
Nora Arnezeder as Ana Moreau
Fares Fares as Vargas
Joel Kinnaman as Keller
Rubén Blades as Carlos Villar
Liam Cunningham as Alec Wade
Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston
Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost
Tracie Thoms as CIA Analyst
Sam Shepard as Harlan Whitford
Brendan Gleeson as David Barlow
Robert Patrick as Daniel Kiefer
Storyline: Matt Weston ( ) is a CIA rookie who is manning a safe house in Cape Town, South Africa, when Tobin Frost ( ) the CIA's most wanted rogue agent is captured and taken to the safe house. During Frost's interrogation, the safe house is overtaken by mercenaries who want Frost. Weston and Frost escape and must stay out of the gunmen's sight until they can get to another safe house.
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Capetown tourism
OK I live in Capetown so I may have a jaundiced view of this movie . First of it is a below average conspiracy movie of no remark . The thing that struck me about it was how the script was somehow manipulated to show various parts of the Cape (or Capetown). Was this actually written in conjunction with cape tourism , It certainly looks that way . Maybee the production company got discounts on filming fees in return for showcasing various parts of the cape .Oh and by the way if you have to have a car chase at least have some kind of continuity reality to it for the viewers who are from the place were you are filming , you cut from Capetown central to nearby highways to suburbs and townships 20 miles from downtown in the same chase , I wont even start on the white elephant world cup football stadium ,Ridiculas , Anotherthing Capetown is still extremely racist and divided by suburb on race lines of old , the idea of a white man living in langa by choice is f*cking laughable So if your not from Capetown its just about watchable but please don't think your getting any sense of this town from the movie
Below average action flick.
"Move along people, nothing -new- to see here". This old police saying (with a twist) certainly fits in this movie's review.

The movie starts promising but soon after that you realize that this movie will be nothing new. We've seen it all before.

There are so many plot holes that makes you wonder if they writers gave any credit to the viewers intelligence when they wrote it.

On top of that, the action sequences are nothing to brag about. Plus the shaky camera style doesn't help. There is also a pretty useless romantic subplot that doesn't add anything other than useless minutes to a movie that shouldn't have been more than 80 minutes.

Ryan Reynolds has a pretty good performance, but Denzel Washington's action performances are really getting old and clichéd. Don't get me wrong, he was once a great reliable actor, and still is a great actor, but the amount of average action movies that he has been doing lately makes me wonder if he has some gambling debts to settle.

The rest of the cast seems a bit out of place.

With that said, not all is bad. If you are the action type you will probably be a bit entertained, just don't expect to be blown away.

My 5/10 stars rating suggests that is worth a watch.
Disappointing and weak story
I have seen the directors biggest success fast cash(snabba cash)which shows that Espinosa has potential but this is a weak international debut. Only Denzel saves this from to be turned into a TV movie. 90% of the shots are close up regardless of angle or point of the story which made me bored and tired. The story does not explain why Denzel is hunted and what for, the villains motives are not explained. Lot of unexplained fights and shootouts, the car chase was though a plus and edited well. The character learns nothing from their experience and do not change in anyway, there is no mutual respect and no chemistry in their relationship. all the plots are explained in the last 5 min of the film which makes it uneven and non committal.
A satisfying film for a Bourne fan
Let me start by saying that I am a great fan of Bourne series and always look for films to get the similar enjoyment that I derive from that series. It's sort of a benchmark for me in spy-thrillers. When I saw the trailer of Safe House, I was impressed and was so tempted that I downloaded it in 15 minutes and was watching it by the 20th minute. The film started rather slowly but that was fine, most films do. there were, however, some points in the middle and the second half of the film where I literally yawned. Being a Bourne film, I really loved the action sequences, they were fast, logical and impact leaving ones. The story, however, I won't say straight but rather conventional, we have seen the similar thing in spy-thrillers, tinker tailor soldier spy being the last such film I saw. Acting was awesome, at least on the part of Denzel Washington. Story could have been more compact, thrilling and could have a good ending.. I heard they are working on a sequel and hope that they figure all those low points, specially a good start to cover up the low ending they gave to this film in that sequel. Overall, a good film to watch but only if you have two long free hours.
Time's a-wasting. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...
The 2012 Denzel Washington film Safe House is a film I have enjoyed watching a few times over the past couple years since its release. The film is action packed, with practical effects, and the acting for the most part is top notch. With Washington making so many great movies over the course of his career this film will get overlooked by many, which is a shame. I will be breaking down this film as well as the Blu-Ray special features. The following is my review of Safe House.

The film was written by David Guggenheim and his script was on the Black List for some time before it ever took off. This was his first major film and has since wrote the Nicolas Cage direct to home video movie Stolen. Thankfully it did get made as Guggenheim wrote a pretty good story. The film follows Matt Weston(Ryan Reynolds) as he is working at a CIA safe house. His job has normally been business as usual with nothing out of the ordinary going on. That is until one day former CIA agent Tobin Frost(Denzel Washington) pops back on the CIA radar. Frost is then transported to the safe house where Weston is working. Things eventually go north during Frost's interrogation when a terrorist group breaks into the safe house. Weston has to now protect Frost so that nothing happens to him. The story features some great story twists and turns that will keep your interest. So many of the films Washington does these days can be considered more of the same, but this film is very much different in terms of overall story. David Guggenhiem wrote a great story and one that will very much keep your attention.

The film was directed by Daniel Espinosa who made his major Hollywood debut with this film. He is currently working on one of the most anticipated films of 2015 called Child 44. Before this film I personally didn't know much about Espinosa, but after watching this film, I knew I was watching a great director at work. There are some very intense moments of action throughout the film. Most of the first half hour of the film has mid to high level action scenes. That really builds the momentum for the rest of the film. Not only are there some bigger action scenes like car chases for example, but there is also some intense hand to hand combat scenes. The action is done very well and is a great joy to watch. The acting is another area that is good overall. The film stars Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in the lead roles with other great actors like Sam Shepard, Brendan Gleeson, Liam Cunningham, Rubén Blades, and Robert Patrick taking up some important secondary roles. An interesting fact is that Denzel Washington was actually waterboarded during this film. No stunt double on that scene. I don't say the movie has great overall acting because I've personally never been a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds. I don't think he is a bad actor, but I just find his style to be wooden or the same in every film. Espinosa for the most part is able to bring the entire cast together for a nice well rounded film from his directing to the acting performances. If you are a big action fan like myself, this is one film you surely shouldn't miss.

The film was scored by Ramin Djawadi who is known for scoring films like Iron Man and Pacific Rim(one of my favorite scores). While this film is much different compared to those two films I mentioned, his effect is still very good. Not great like on some of his other efforts, but his score adds some nice depth in the action scenes and in the build up to the end of the film. I would personally say the score is good, but not great, but those who like a good score won't be disappointed.

In closing, after having already watched this film a few times since its 2012 release, I must say that the film is still as fun as ever. The action scenes are amazing, and minus some less than perfect acting from Reynolds, this film is a must see film. Denzel Washington fans, like myself, shouldn't overlook this film especially with Washington making many great films lately. As I said this is a must see so do so as soon as you can. You won't regret it.

As I said above, I will also be going into the Blu-Ray special features as well. The Blu-Ray for this film features seven featurettes and runs for a total of about fifty minutes. So overall no bad at all for a film like this. The behind the scenes material really breaks down some of the bigger action scenes and combat scenes to show how they were filmed. This is great to see for special features fans like myself. Some other features break down the story and the CIA aspects and how the film makers really wanted to be authentic. This home video release is truly a good buy if you come across it at a good price below ten dollars. It is well worth adding to your collection.

Formulaic Action Yawn Not Worth It
I don't use the word "formulaic" lightly, but in this case it totally deserves it. Everything that was done here you have seen a thousand times before. All the requisite telephoto sniper, associate appears for no reason in the plot to only get shot in the head moments later are there. Denzil played a character he's seen played too many times before and here he just mailed it in - played a rebel rouser who likes to outsmart everyone. When Denzil gets water-boarded, he still looked cool. Nobody saw to it that he should be a bit dishevel ? Ryan Reynolds finally got onto the big screen, I am glad; but it was not a star-maker. Reynold's youthful charm were nowhere on display. He's rather straight-laced and bland. And he is not Ethan Hawke in "Training Day". Ethan portrayed similar role but he had some kind of fu going on that Reynolds lacks. And is there anything more annoying than the bad guys announcing their presence by shooting through the window every time? One such occasion was hilarious because the guy being shot at was a professional forger, with all kinds of special gadgets, printers arrayed in the house, you would expect one would do this kind of master work of art in the privacy of a basement. No he had to have open drape and window in front of a street, or whatever it was that courses through the shanty town,all the more reason to do your work in a secure private location. The deliberate shaky camera work was deployed to the extreme, to being nauseating. Save your $$$.
Nothing you haven't seen before.
I wanted to like this. I really did. I love Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is good enough not to be type-casted while still holding onto his own style.

Unfortunately, nothing works here.

This movie is incredibly simple to summarize, due to it's simplicity. Ryan Reynolds plays a caretaker of a Safe House. He's a CIA agent trying to prove himself, and that chance comes when Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington, and the only character who's name I can even remember) is caught through some suspiciously specific circumstances comes his way.

Sounds cool, right? It's not.

Specifically? It's nothing we haven't seen. Corrupt government, predictable plot points and you'll figure out who the bad guy is halfway through the movie, which takes away some of it's sting. It predictably tried to make us think the woman-agent (I don't even know their names) was working against the office but it wasn't, because the movie pressed to much into her "hardass" attitude. It wasn't believable.

The biggest disappointment was the whole plot point, the MOVIE'S TITLE, was barely utilized. I went in expecting a psychological thriller, maybe 60-75% of the movie taking place in the Safe House as Tobin Frost messes with the minds of everyone around him. That's what the trailers implied anyway. I got no such thing.

Instead, the Safe House is broken into within minutes of Frost entering the building. There's a second safe house later in the movie and it, too, serves little point except the placeholder of the climax. All in all? I doubt we get 10 minutes worth of what is supposed to be the movie's title. Frankly, the movie should have been renamed.

Let's not forget that Frost barely proves his reputation, which we get in a quick scene of exposition as it explains that he "rewrote interrogation protocol" or something. At most, he says about four mindscrewing lines to Reynolds' character, and not much happens with it.

It just felt everything this movie was supposed to be was abandoned.

That's what I didn't like. The fight scenes were fine, the actors were fine, even (some of the) writing was fine. But when I left I found it difficult to like this movie.
Conventional but Effective Action-Thriller
In Cape Town, South Aftica, the rookie CIA agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) is a safe house keeper and is in love with his French girlfriend Ana Moreau (Nora Arnezeder) that does not know about his double life.

When the most wanted rogue and former CIA agent Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) surrenders to the American Consulate to escape from an attack of dangerous soldiers of fortune, he is brought to the safe house to be interrogated by the specialist Daniel Kiefer (Robert Patrick) and his team. However there is a breach in the safe house and mercenaries break in the place expecting to capture Tobin Frost and they kill Daniel and his men. Matt escapes with Tobin and he contacts the CIA senior management Harlan Whitford (Sam Shepard), David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson) and Catherine Linklater (Vera Farmiga) that give instruction to Matt to reach another safe house with the prisoner. But Tobin warns Matt that there is an informer in the CIA and he shall not trust in anyone.

"Safe House" is a conventional but effective action-thriller with the usual shootings, car chases and explosions. But the great cast, with the charismatic Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds; great veteran actors Brendan Gleeson and Sam Shepard; the always excellent Vera Farmiga; and the gorgeous and unknown Nora Arnezeder, makes the difference. The Hollywoodian commercial happy end is unrealistic but certainly will pleasure a great number of viewers. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Protegendo o Inimigo" ("Protecting the Enemy")
"Safe House" is a exhilarating action thriller with explosive stunts and sequences.
One of the CIA's most wanted, Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), is back on the run after a ten-year disappearance. This alerts the CIA and sends their team to a gripping chase in Cape Town, South Africa. At a remote location, the CIA's safe house is guarded by a rookie operative, Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds). The house have been empty for years, involving no guests or action. At the arrival of Frost and the intelligence, a brutal investigation occurs. Phased by the presence of a notorious criminal, Weston becomes nervous and confused. In the midst of questioning, mercenaries invade the house and begins a killing spree in an effort to kidnap Frost as well. Frost reminds Weston, that as a house guest, he is to be protected. This sends Weston to a dizzying panic and eventually escapes along with Frost.

"Safe House" is a exhilarating action thriller with explosive stunts and sequences. The team behind the film stages multiple exciting scenes that involve beat down rooftops in the rural areas as well as heart-stopping car chases along the streets. Frost is an intelligent man. Being a former intelligence, who's gone rogue, he knows the rules and procedures. Most of the time, he's fascinated by watching Weston carry out his duties. Weston is continuously conflicted, looking for ways to hide Frost. Yet, Frost never makes it easy for him, as he tries to escape as well. Weston communicates with one of his supervisors, David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson), to determine their next move. But, the gunmen are determined to kill Frost, forcing Weston to take matters into his own hands.

Denzel Washington is an actor full of intensity. He can sit there and watch Reynolds do his thing and still convey the deepest of his character's emotions. He gives Frost both a terrifying presence and a sympathetic feel. Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand, manages to stand along Washington and give the same intensity. His wits and charisma works perfectly for his distressed rookie persona. The film succeeds best because of this tandem, allowing the actors to build a good enough relationship to carry out the entire film.

"Safe House" is a great action thriller with non-stop action. This is the first mainstream feature for Daniel Espinosa and he comes forth as promising due to his skillful camera work with the action scenes. One of the most impressive is the rooftop chase at night. The editing is pitch perfect as it allows the audience to feel the danger of the situation from each point of view. This film could have been bleak and predictable if the leads were miscast but Washington and Reynolds' enigma make the film satisfyingly fun and fresh.

Its 2012, And Movies Are Awful.........
Let's go to the contemporary movie shelf and pick a canned plot (comes pre-packaged with theme). Looks like there's only three choices but...Hmmm, this looks like a good one, GENERIC ACTION No.2, instructs "Pair neophyte with hardened, wrongly accused pro and watch them bond. Slowly reveal authority, government, etc., as bad guy. Pad with traditional chase scenes, shoot-em-ups, etc. Script, dialog to "action" default mode. Cast with established box office draw and beefcake, minor love interest as proof of virility. Jerk camera about to defray costs. Sit back, rake in box office proceeds". Hey, let's go with this one.............
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