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Return to Never Land
USA, Australia, Canada
Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Robin Budd, Donovan Cook
Harriet Owen as Granny Wendy
Blayne Weaver as Peter Banning
Corey Burton as Capt. Hook
Jeff Bennett as Smee
Kath Soucie as Granny Wendy
Andrew McDonough as Danny (voice)
Roger Rees as Edward (voice)
Quinn Beswick as Slightly
Aaron Spann as Twins (voice)
Dan Castellaneta as Additional Voice (voice)
Jim Cummings as Additional Voice (voice)
Rob Paulsen as Additional Voice (voice)
Storyline: The classic tale of 'Peter Pan' continues in Disney's sequel 'Return to Never Land'. In 1940 on a world besieged by World War II, Wendy, now grown up, has two children, one of them is her daughter, Jane. She wears her trench coat during the air raid, and later that night, Wendy tries to give her own children hope by telling them of her magical experiences with Peter Pan in Never Land. However, Jane, Wendy's daughter, sees it all as make believe and refuses to believe in the tales. That is, until the villainous Captain Hook mistakes her for Wendy and abducts her to Never Land in an attempt to lure and capture Peter Pan. Peter Pan's quest to return Jane safely home is jeopardized until she can begin to believe in the magic of imagination.
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Rather unimpressive!
Return To Neverland isn't terrible, but it does fail on many levels, so can't be classed as a good sequel. The animation and the story were the redeeming qualities, but unfortunately the songs and the characters fall flat.

The animation is mostly bright and colourful, but falls flat in the dark backgrounds. The story wasn't bad either, trying to keep Hook from getting the treasure and everything. I also liked the war scene, because that was quite interesting on an animation perspective, and brought some intrigue on a contextual level. I was unimpressed by the trailer, but the film itself wasn't bad, but loses the charm about 15 minutes in. I will say it has a great message about cherishing your childhood.

The first problem was that the kidnapping scene took far too long, despite the breathtaking animation of Hook's ship, and I hated the change to Hook. In the original and the criminally underrated TV series Peter Pan and the Pirates, which are both classics, he is complex and vindictive, but here he was manipulative in a negative way, and lacked menace. The best character was Jane, but that isn't saying much, and Peter's new voice was horrible, too bolshy. The songs were terrible and forgettable immediately after you've finished watching the movie, likewise with the dialogue. The main problem was that it isn't a true sequel at all, compared to the first film and the book. And the octopus, why replace the crocodile may I ask?

I'm sorry that this is mostly negative, but Return To Neverland was very disappointing. Though better than the trailer suggested, it is still a pretty charmless film, with a 3/10(Adequate) Bethany Cox
This is a good movie
Peter pan is a very good movie. My friends and i love watching it because it brings out the kid in you and make you remember how fun your childhood was. Also Peter Pan 1 was ever good and if you watch that you have to watch Return to Never Land.
This one's not going to make Walt Disney roll over in his grave, but it isn't gonna make him stand up and applaud either.

Picking up a generation after one of my two favorite "Classic" Disney films, Peter Pan (Sleeping Beauty is the other), this one follows Pan, the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, and all as Wendy Darling's daughter Jane is brought to Neverland, kidnapped by Hook in an evil yet doomed to fail scheme to capture Peter Pan. Of course, this one obviously had a narrow escape from the direct-to-video market, but don't let that be a huge drawback. Still, the idea of putting a sequel to Peter Pan out now, 49 years after the original does subtly symbol how deep into a creativity funk Disney has fallen after their brief comeback in the 90s, which gave us Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Tarzan. Now they just seem willing to throw anything out there.

But hey, I've been a sucker for the whole Peter Pan ideals system since I was little (now that I've reached adulthood, I still wonder how the magic Pixie Dust that would whisk me to NeverLand evaded me). In many respects, this is a more playful version of Steven Speilberg's "Hook", a well-intentioned attempt to give the endless adventures of Peter Pan a second volume which is as good as the first. Even (as I suspect) though most adults will be checking their watch to see when it's finally over, you're not that bad off - the film runs only 75 minutes, identical to the original.

It was colorful, quick-pace, and though it lacks that "serious" cinematic and aritistic merit of other films, it was fun to watch. The message of both the original and this sequel remained the same - we're all, by force or choice, in some big damn hurry to grow up. Suspend

Peter Pan Still Flies
It's been rare for a Disney animated feature to have a sequel hit the big screen. The more recent Disney movies such as "Aladdin," "The Lion King" and "Pocahontas" have had sequels released directly to video. And even earlier Disney classics such as "The Lady and the Tramp" and "Cinderella" have gotten similar treatment. Now, we have "Return To Never Land," the sequel to "Peter Pan" go to movie houses. You'd think that such a movie would be worthy of debuting in theaters instead of on video. "Toy Story 2" was indeed worthy of such honors, but I didn't find "Return To Never Land" quite good enough. This movie has Wendy from the original story all grown up, in the era of World War II, and now it's her no-nonsense, mature-beyond-her-years daughter Jane who meets Peter Pan, a character she only knew and wrote off from her mother's stories. The movie isn't so bad, but the glories of earlier animated movies seem to have made "Return To Never Land" pale in comparison. The addition of the giant squid as the creature that pursues Captain Hook does not really measure up to the crocodile from the original. At least they did not include too many clichés. I almost expected Peter Pan to take on the Luftwaffe, but thankfully, they didn't go there. Thinking about this movie released during America's war on terrorism, I get the message that in times of trouble, one must have something to believe in, even "faith, trust and pixie dust." All in all, I'd say this movie might as well have gotten the direct-to-video treatment.
Unlike Jane, how can *I* believe in Peter Pan anymore?!
***NOTE: my review contains spoilers, but none so spoiled as this movie itself.***

Some will say that Disney has already sold out. My gripe is not with marketing strategies, nor with flooding us with sequels to ALL of the classics within a couple year's timespan.

My gripe is with the new characterization of Peter Pan. It's kind of like the comic book that saw Luke Skywalker join the dark side, but without as good an excuse.

This movie has Peter Pan & the Lost Boys pulling a little girl's hair, destroying her journal to shreds, and getting ANGRY at her and calling her a traitor (when she was innocent)! Where is the magic of Neverland???

Peter Pan lies to her also...in a plot to save Tinkerbell, he tells her he feels sorry for her and wants to make it up to her...but he is just using her and has already explained why and how, to the Lost Boys!

I guess this film was made for little girls during a time of war. I guess by showing her have a change of heart, SHE is the real hero, and Peter Pan is irrelevant.

But I came to see Peter Pan! If you really really have to have good guys do bad things and not know any better...well why did it have to be a character that older Disney fans had ALREADY learned to believe in?

I still can't believe it.
Rent this for your kids... if you like seeing them cry
Okay, maybe your children won't weep upon seeing this, but if you have any respect for Peter Pan at all you won't waste your money on this one. It's terribleness is beyond words. The characters were trite, the plot nonexistent, and with every line the heroine Jane uttered, my urge to slap her and anyone involved in this mess increased ten fold. I urge any parents reading this to spend your valuable time reading the book to your kids, rather than exposing them to this rubbish.

Disney has reached a new low.
this was a great sequel
I took my daughter to see this movie and I must say that I was impressed. My two year old daughter sat throught the whole movie and sincerely enjoyed it. I liked it as well. It was like watching hook but made with all your favorite peter pan characters.
He's baaack!!
I LOVED Captain Hook in this movie!! This sequel really added to his funny side.(Same with Mr.Smee.)Smee's little song (spoiler) while summoning "the beast" was funny,especially Hook's "SMEE!" I give Hook's sequel a 10 out of 10.I call this Hook's sequel because I hate that Peter Pan!!
I wish Disney were alive.
This is a perfect example of why Walt Disney said very clearly "Don't let them make sequels to my movies." He didn't want Peter Pan 2, Snow White 2 and so on. The studio has made some great movies (Lion King, Little Mermaid), but has the creative well run dry? Aren't there thousands of wonderful fairy tales from around the world that could be done? This movie (short, like Tarzan and Jane short) felt more like an exploitation of a classic than a tribute to a timeless and charming film.
No surprise that it doesn't live up to the 1953 Disney movie, but it's better than "The Jungle Book 2"
This is a sequel to the 1953 Disney animated feature, "Peter Pan", and it was made nearly half a century after its predecessor. "Return to Never Land" was the second theatrical sequel to an animated Disney film, the first being "The Rescuers Down Under", released over a decade earlier, and a whole bunch of direct-to-video sequels were made in between. This "Peter Pan" sequel was followed by another theatrical Disney sequel in 2003, which was "The Jungle Book 2". I saw that one last month and was not impressed. "Return to Never Land" and "The Jungle Book 2" are both sequels to Disney movies that were made decades earlier. I didn't have high expectations for this one after seeing its successor, but it's definitely the stronger of the two.

Wendy Darling has grown up and now has a husband named Edward, a daughter named Jane, and a younger son named Danny. It's World War II, and Edward is sent away to fight. Wendy tells her children about her experiences with Peter Pan in Never Land, and Danny loves these stories, but Jane has become skeptical. On the night before the kids are to be taken away from their London home to the English countryside, away from the air raids, the evil Captain Hook, still hungry for revenge, flies to the house with his crew on his pirate ship and abducts Jane, thinking she's Wendy! They take her back to Never Land, and she is about to be fed to a giant octopus when Peter Pan comes along and rescues her! Jane is now in the land her mother has told her about, and wants to get back home, but before she can do that, she will have to believe in magic and learn to fly! She should also beware of Captain Hook and his tricks!

This sequel is not that bad around the beginning, showing what has become of Wendy since the events of the first film, now a loving mother, and there's some good voice acting here. However, I think some parts of the film perhaps could have been a BIT more focused, such as the part where Captain Hook comes and captures Jane, which I thought was maybe a little too sudden. One thing that makes 1953's "Peter Pan" entertaining is the humour, which is often provided by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. In this sequel, these two characters did make me smile or laugh lightly sometimes, but certainly aren't as consistent here. The Lost Boys are also supposed to provide comic relief here, but they fail, at least for adults, and their voices are noticeably different this time, not in a good way. The songs in the movie generally aren't that great, including the ones basically explaining Jane's feelings, which is unnecessary, and the song sung by the Lost Boys, entitled "So to Be One of Us". Fortunately, the animation is great, and there are some fairly exciting parts of the adventure, even if it's not as interesting as the original and could have been more detailed, so this film is not entirely bad.

I watched "The Jungle Book 2" less than three months after I last watched the 1967 version of "The Jungle Book", which the 2003 film is a sequel to. In 2007, I watched 1953's "Peter Pan" for the first time since childhood, and thought it was still very good. I haven't seen it since then, and watched "Return to Never Land" (a.k.a. "Peter Pan in Return to Never Land") over two years after that, so it may be a bit harder to compare them. Neither "Return to Never Land" nor "The Jungle Book 2" is really that popular. Both of them have disappointed many fans of their much earlier predecessors, and I'm sure many Disney fans strongly dislike both theatrical sequels, but personally, while I think neither of them lives up to the originals, this one was probably a bit better than I expected. I'm not even 100% sure if I can come up with enough reasons to justify giving it a 6/10 instead of a 7. This particular Disney sequel is probably more for kids than adults, but I know from experience that the company has made worse ones than this.
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