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Police Story: Lockdown
Hong Kong, China
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Sheng Ding
Jackie Chan as Zhong Wen
Fu Hai as Tao Zi
Zou Yizheng as Worker
Peiqi Liu as Chief Zhang
Hailong Liu as Pi Song (as Liu Hailong)
Zha Ka as Bin Ge
Xiaoou Zhou as Wei Xiao Fu (as Zhou Xiao'ou)
Tao Yin as Lan Lan
Wei Na as Na Na
Tian Jing as Miao Miao
Lu Cai as A Kun
Yiwei Liu as General Manager Niu
Rongguang Yu as Captain Wu
Ye Liu as Wu Jiang
Storyline: A man looking for the release of a long-time prisoner takes a police officer, his daughter, and a group of strangers hostage.
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Full Metal Jackie
Police Story (1985) marked the start of Jackie Chan's adventures as Captain Zhong Wen and the many other names his character has gone by. Now in the 2010's Chan is back in a one-man-versus-gang hostage situation in Police Story: Lockdown.

The films plot and story is intriguing, a Die Hard hostage movie with a touch of mystery as the film keeps you guessing as to what the villain, Wu Jiang's motive is. The mystery of the motive and enigma's of the film are interesting enough to keep you watching but the reveals and answers to those enigmas aren't delivered as well. It's not that the resolve is bad its just a tad confusing, but maybe if you have seen and remember the past films of this series, or you are fast enough to read all of the subtitles, you may understand everything that happens in the end. My confusion was that everyone in the film seemed to know more than I did and so I think I probably got lost in translation with this one.

Jackie Chan is great in this film. Hong Kong's best known actor plays a gritty and at times emotional character. Chan brilliantly breaks away from the happy and smiley Jackie Chan role he has been some what type cast as. As well as delivering a serious performance, the 62 year old still impresses as he is able to perform the stunts you expect. Jackie shows no sign of slowing down.

Speaking of stunts, there aren't that many in this film. Those expecting a 2 hour martial arts fight sequence where Jackie Chan runs, jumps and fights to the death will be disappointed. Don't get me wrong there are fight scenes in this film and they get quite brutal at times, such as the cage fight. My point being that this is a Chinese, mystery, thriller with a lot of talking, so if you enjoy watching mysteries unfold and reading subtitles (if you don't understand Manderin) then this film is for you.

Which brings me to an issue of mine, the subtitles come and go far too quickly. This may just be me being rusty at my subtitle reading as its been a while since I've seen a foreign language film, but there are times where the subtitles appear and suddenly disappear again almost in a blink of an eye. This is especially noticeable in back and forth short bursts of dialogue between characters but I understand the subtitles have to translate what is being said at the exact moment, but nevertheless you do need to be on you toes with this one.

Overall Police Story: Lockdown is an average hostage movie with a great performance from Jackie Chan. Its a film for fans of Chinese cinema, mysteries and of course, Jackie Chan. If you are a fan of the Police Story series then I am sure you will enjoy this grittier instalment to the Action Comedy saga. But for me, I'm waiting on Rush Hour 4.
A Jackie Chan movie, NOT Police Story sequel
This is another Jackie Chan movie featuring himself, nothing less, nothing more. To call this is a Police Story sequel is a big stretch, it practically have nothing to do with the first 2( or 3 including supercop but supercop was a Michelle Yeoh movie).

The movie itself is alright, thriller elements, fight between Jackie and the Thai(?) guy, Tian Jing who's everywhere now in martial art movies, these are pretty much like a standard in any martial art movies now.

What's wrong with the movie is that, one, Jackie isn't Chan kai ku, that doesn't make sense, 2, the directing.. Police Story was used to be fast paced, self serious ( which this movie is also the case), and insane stunt choreography, it's really the slow pace in this movie that's unsettling me as the first 2 movies fans, it's used to be a HK flick when the people in it are so hyper speed that make their movies also speak that fast tongue language, that's what was unique about HK flicks but now all Chinese movies are just a bunch of Hollywood wannabes.

In general, I wouldn't pay money to see this Jackie Chan movie that's my afterthought after watching it.
Wasted potential... could've gotten a Fincher treatment, instead backs out
Starting good, the pros: good writing, good acting, good direction, good character, good action. There is nothing really wrong with this movie(except for a few times where the shaky cam is just too much).

However, it could've turn into an exceptionally amazing film, but the director/writer/producers/studios played safe on the ending. All this movie, the dark, gritty tone and the characters, builds up to the final showdown(gunshot on the train-track). It made me feel the same feeling(kudos to the director and writer) as I did with Se7en's showdown: the moral conflict within the character. Could've gone Se7en's route and leave an emotional impact on the viewer by killing off Chan's character, but they instead backs away, and instead gave us a minor fight and a happy ending.

What a wasted opportunity.
Amazing Film! (Except For The Editing)
This movie was great! Bottom line it is nothing groundbreaking but it kept me entertained the whole way through! I'll start with the positive first! The story I thought was great, the characters were awesome, the setting was awesome, action was awesome (although its nothing as crazy what were used to from Chan for the type of film the fight scenes are very well suited) and best of all I thought Jackie did an amazing job at being serious and exploring different areas.

the only things that were negative about it was surprisingly THE EDITING.

The editor tried way to hard to make it fast and crazy (this was only for the action scenes, most notably in the car chase scenes), but the truth is, it is just way to damn fast, the cuts are incredibly fast and also you can notice tons of jump cuts (look that up if you don't know what that is) which as many filmmakers know is a no no, on top of that too I love the fact that things happened throughout the film that trick you and it turns out its just an alternate scenario, but there are some pretty cheesy editing going on here sometimes for example when they freeze the frame (to me this felt extremely amateurish.

My final conclusion I cannot stress enough how much the editing bothered me, and about 10 percent of the special effects shown. I am literally serious but if the editing was great then this would be an easy 10/10 for me, there honestly isn't anything at all I didn't like about it other than the editing overall.
Jackie deserved better than this...
To date, Jackie Chan has appeared in over 100 movies and is an international super-star. Because of this, I really felt confused as I watched Police Story (2013). After all, with his clout, you'd think he'd get the best of scripts…but this film is a muddled mess of a film. This does not mean some die-hard Jackie Chan films won't like it—the film has plenty of action to keep them happy. But the script is poor, the number of flashbacks boggling (and often irrelevant to the plot) and the film isn't fun—and most Chan films are fun. It also, inexplicably, has absolutely nothing to do with his previous films called Police Story!

The film begins with Captain Zhong (Chan) going to a very strange place, the Wu Bar, to meet his estranged daughter. She apparently has hated him for years because he's always working. She also blames him for not arriving on time at the hospital as her mother (his wife) was dying. The daughter is angry—and introduces Zhong to her fiancé, Mr. Wu—a man she hopes will irritate her father. However, out of the blue, suddenly Wu and a group of his men take the pair hostage—along with more than a dozen others. Now Wu informs the police that unless they deliver a certain prisoner to the Wu Bar, the captives will all die. But, instead of explaining WHY all this is happening, lots of filler occurs in between—some of which just seemed irrelevant. For example, there is a UFC-inspired cage fight right there in the middle of Wu Bar with Zhong and one of the kidnappers (????). There are also LOTS of flashbacks—many of which turn out to have nothing to do with the plot!! And, when the big finale finally comes, it feels that it is about half an hour too late. And speaking of the finale, as I watched it unfold, parts of it made no sense whatsoever. In particular, Wu that done unspeakable acts of brutality, yet the Captain risks his life to save Wu at the end—even as Wu fights tooth and nail to die! Think about it—the super-villain WANTS to die and risk your life to keep him alive?! On what planet does this make sense?

In many ways, Police Story seems like a film that went to production way too soon—well before all the bugs were worked out of the script. At quite a few points in the film, instead of the film being action-packed, it sometimes was incredibly talky and padded. And, instead of the film being fun like most Jackie Chan films, it just seemed oppressive and anything but fun. In fact, that is THE biggest problem with the movie—there is none of that usual tongue-in-cheek fun and there were less stunts and more explosions, blood and breaking of bones. This is not the sort of Jackie Chan film I would want to see again—and the guy deserves so much better.
The Worst Jackie Chan Film I've Ever Seen
This was absolute crap. The movie made absolutely no sense for the first hour, maybe even 1:20, and when it finally came together it was such a convoluted piece of rubbish that it made my head hurt. The movie just had absolutely no logic to it. They tried to make it seem like it did all in the last 5 minutes, but that didn't change anything. It made zero sense for any of his buddies to be in this situation with him, nor why any of these random people (except for Jackie and his daughter) actually all showed up. The cops/swat tactics were bordering on insanity, serving no real purpose unless their goal was to actually get everyone killed. And worst of all, it had little to no action; with what little action their was ridiculously short and comprised of lots of camera angle switching and silly slow motion scenes. Worst Jackie Chan movie I've ever seen, and that's really saying something. But don't get me wrong, Jackie wasn't bad in it or anything. It was just the cockamamie story that made this such a trite piece of garbage. 1/10 stars.
I expected much better
I like Jacki Chan Movies but I don not Know why he not produce it in Hollywood.

I've watched all police story and this one is worst. the events very slow, direction and the story bad and silly. the only advantage of this movie, Jacki Chan name in the beginning.

MANY MISTAKES in the directing and there is no realistic on it. there is some funny shots but not reach the desired expecting. fighting and action of the movie generally not bad but some times be a stall and u will dislike and bored..

I like Jacki act and how he acts in his face and u fell his emotion
I used to be a huge Jackie Chan fan.
'POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A reboot to the popular Chinese action flick series 'POLICE STORY', starring Jackie Chan. In this film, also known as 'POLICE STORY 2013' in China (where it was released two years ago), Chan plays a mainland Chinese police officer (rather than a Hong Kong one); who's trying to protect his rebellious daughter, from a hostage situation at a local bar. The movie was directed and written by Ding Sheng and it costars Liu Ye and Jing Tian. The film is quite a bit darker, and more melodramatic, than other 'POLICE STORY' movies; and for that reason (among others) I didn't enjoy it as much.

Detective Zhong Wen (Chan) is a veteran mainland Chinese detective, who's visiting his daughter, Miao Miao (Tian), at a popular nightclub. Wen is angered to learn that Miao Miao, who hates him, is dating the owner of the bar, Wu Jiang (Ye). After a heated argument, Wen is also troubled to discover that the club has been taken over by terrorists; he's knocked out and held hostage as well. Wen also soon learns that he's part of the criminals' revenge plot. Things become more complicated from there, as Wen desperately tries to save his daughter.

I used to be a huge Jackie Chan fan, when I was younger; I've since grown a little tired of the lack of diversity, and originality, in a lot of his films (I also really don't like him as a person, anymore, or his politics). The first three 'POLICE STORY' movies were some of my favorite martial arts action flicks though, and this installment definitely doesn't do them justice. The action scenes are OK, and Chan does give a good performance in it, but the serious dramatic tone definitely doesn't help the film out; it usually makes it seem a lot more cheesy. I was willing to give the movie a chance, despite my recent disgust for Chan (due to his personal views), but the film is definitely a disappointment; for fans of the series or Chan.

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Not a Typical Jackie and I Liked It
The reviews I have seen that rate this really low mostly have the same complaints. "Not enough action," Not enough humor." Personally I liked the fact that Jackie is going in a different direction. He is admitting that he's getting older. Instead of pretending he can still kick ass like when he was 30 ( *cough* Stallone, Schwarzenegger *cough* ) he is following more in the steps of Clint Eastwood.

In a way he reminded me of Robin Williams. When Robin gives up his clown persona and makes a movie like One Hour Photo, he shows he can really act. Well Jackie is moving away from his Kung Fu Clown persona and relying more on his acting. And he's showing that he has the chops.

I originally rated this movie higher, because I was unfairly judging it as a Jackie Chan movie.But I changed my score to a seven because I think that is a more objective rating. The movie does have some problems with the script, directing and editing. But it is by no means horrible. Perhaps some of the problems could have been fixed with a bigger budget. But then again, Hollywood size budgets are certainly no guarantee of quality either.

In short. If you do not require constant impractical martial arts action, or silly slapstick, then you will enjoy this for what it is. An action-drama, with enough action to satisfy your blood lust, but also an attempt at telling an interesting story.
Wasn't Up to the Same Standards of a Jackie Chan Movie
Because of his dedication to duty and the demands of his job "Senior Inspector Zhong Wen" (Jackie Chan) has essentially neglected his wife and daughter for years. As a result, when his wife is seriously injured in a car accident he arrives at the hospital much too late and this causes his grief-stricken daughter "Miao" (Tian Jing) to want nothing more to do with him. However, sometime later things seem to change when Miao calls him and sets up a meeting at a night club. Unfortunately, when he gets there he is knocked unconscious and is taken hostage along with his daughter and several other people. It soon transpires that the kidnappers want more than just money and Senior Inspector Zhong Wen is the key to their plans. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this is yet another movie which focuses on the serious side of Jackie Chan. And while he certainly performs well enough I believe that this trend has somewhat diminished the overall entertainment value of his films. It's just not the same without the humor that normally accompanies the martial arts and action. Likewise, the technique used to tell the story resulted in a slow pace which didn't help either. In any case, this wasn't necessarily a bad film by any means but it clearly wasn't up to the typical standards of a Jackie Chan movie and I have rated it accordingly. Average.
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