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Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
Drama, Adventure, Romance, Family, Animation
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Tom Ellery, Bradley Raymond
Irene Bedard as Pocahontas
Jim Cummings as King James
Donal Gibson as John Smith
Finola Hughes as Additional Voices (voice)
Linda Hunt as Grandmother Willow
Judy Kuhn as Pocahontas
Russell Means as Powhatan
Jean Stapleton as Mrs. Jenkins (voice)
David Ogden Stiers as Governor Ratcliffe
Billy Zane as John Rolfe
Jeff Bennett as Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen as Additional voices (voice) (as Robert Bergen)
Mark S. Brien as Additional voices (voice) (as Mark Steven Brien)
Rodger Bumpass as Additional Voices (voice)
Amick Byram as Additional Voices (voice)
William Morgan Sheppard as Additional voices (voice) (as Morgan Sheppard)
Rob Paulsen as Additional Voices (voice)
Kath Soucie as Additional Voices (voice)
Brad Garrett as Additional Voices (voice)
Gregg Rainwater as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: Pocahontas sets off on a journey to England with Meeko, Flit, and Percy. Hearing rumors of John Smith's death, Pocahontas tries to prevent war and battle.
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View with caution or don't view at all
To all the Pocahontas lovers, it is probably for the best that you do NOT view this movie. It is not terrible, and to some degree it is a nice extention of the story, but ONLY to some degree. As a whole I'd call it mediocre.

Pocahontas 2 lacks a sense of maturity which is part of what made the first so good. The humour here is a little stronger, but you get the feeling that the filmmakers may be trying to hard to appeal to the smallest ones in the family. There are more kiddie laughs than there are decent lines of dialogue.

I found Some scenes to be better than others. Pocahontas 2 doesn't get off to such a bad start but it has a poor finale which is the result of the very bold move. Pocahontas never ended up with John Smith (for those who don't know) She married John Rolph, an adviser to the king, who would become a plantation owner upon his return to the new world. In an attempt to bring he and Pocahontas together, the character of John Smith gets a major mistreatment. This is not the same person who we loved and/or admired from ten years earlier. Here he seems brash, brain-dead underwritten and unappealing, sort of like he was before he met Pocahontas. Rolphe meanwhile is given all the better qualities.

The three or four song numbers in the film, feel rather like rehashing of previous Disney works. One number is accompanied by a sequence which pilfers too much design from the opening number of Beauty and the Beast. Pocahontas doesn't sing as well in this movie, probably as the result of a new vocalist.

The movies only effectiveness goes as far as having a few laughs, and for a while being able to provide something new, but when it's over it feels a little to cheap to recommend. If you absolutely have to see it, go ahead, but you won't like it that much.
What a waste of time
God awful. I loved Pocahontas, (the original) despite the bad reviews it garnered, but this is just ridiculous. In this movie Pocahontas journeys to London, (what some say she should have done the first time around) with a Mr. John Rolfe, who comes across as a pompous sailer who thinks he's a big shot. They are friendly together as he tries to help her blend and mix into London society, but nowhere here do you see these supposed "sparks" of interest as they really are just working together. She doesn't do well with the King (who is represented as a dumb puppet with no thoughts of his own, and drawn to resemble the bad guy from "Swan Princess") and who is being manipulated by Ratcliff. (Why is he still here?)

The story just gets more ridiculous from there. The animation is very "straight to DVD", heavily resembling that of "Hunchback of Notre Dame 2" and the musical numbers are beyond dreadful. Even with Judy Kuhn reprising the singing voice of Pocahontas there is only so much she can do. The one semi-decent song is "Where do I go from here" but even that gets annoying by the time it is reprised in the forest. When John Smith miraculously appears to be not dead (As Pocahontas thought) you find that he is not the charming, understanding man from the original. They made him more narcissistic so as to make you the viewer more inclined to like John Rolfe who has no personality at all.

By the end of this rushed movie with no story line you are confused as to why the King suddenly changed his mind, why John Smith is now a jerk, and why Pocahontas wants to be with this John Rolfe man. (Perhaps she is just lonely) All in all this story could have been put together by a bunch of brainless third graders. I do not recommend it to anyone, child or adult. This is probably THE worst Disney sequel and movie ever made. It almost makes me cry with grief because of it.
Unnecessary, but alright for the kids.
It's not horrible, but it was definitely unnecessary. I had this movie on VHS when I was a kid, and I remember I liked it and watched it quite a lot, but now I'm seeing all the flaws. I'm not bothered by its lack of historical accuracy; I don't expect it in a Disney movie. What I don't like is, if it was going to be inaccurate anyway, why wouldn't they just leave Pocahontas and Smith together? I love the first Pocahontas film, and there was no need of ruining the relationship built there. I kind of liked the idea of Pocahontas going to London and seeing all the strange new things, and some parts of it were pretty cute. Mrs. Jenkins was a slightly endearing character and Uttamatomakkin was sort of funny. It didn't make much sense to me to have Ratcliffe as a villain in the film, since he had pretty much been taken care of at the end of the last one, and the antics of Meeko, Flit, and Percy seemed worn out and repetitive. Like most of these direct-to-video sequels Disney has put out, it's okay entertainment for kids, with not much to offer a more grown up audience.
I thought this movie was terrible. There is nothing inappropriate, but the way the movie was composed was awful. The first movie in this series was very well done, it was a beautiful romantic, sweet, and heartfelt movie. But it did not go along with history. The real John Smith and Pocahontas never had a romantic connection. Although Disney being Disney decided to create a relationship between the two. I am going to go out here and say most people enjoyed this version much better that actual history. Because Pocahontas really meets John Rolfe and they have a child, while all of this is going on Pocahontas thinks John Smith is dead. But this does not matter to her because she and John are only friends. Sadly a few years later she falls ill with small pox and dies. If Disney decides in the first movie not to go along with history then they should keep that promise. What ever happened to "I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you"? and "no matter what happens, I'll always be with you, forever"? I mean Pocahontas and John Smith were really in love, Pocahontas even stops a freaking war just to be with John (hello...true love right here) And then by the end of the 2nd movie Disney makes John Smith look like a jerk when he totally is not. Even though in reality John Smith and Pocahontas never end up together Disney should have made it so they do. So in conclusion heres what i think: I do not CARE how it was in reality. I wanted to see how John Smith and Pocahontas be together. Oh and BTW i am a huge Disney fan but for this movie I'm not, way to step on my childhood Disney! I WISH I COULD ERASE THIS MOVIE FROM MY MEMORY
Crushed the favorite romance of my childhood
Pocahontas 1 was and still is my very favorite Disney cartoon and one of my favorite movies ever - a bit more adult than other Disney works, especially due to its most beautiful love story - Pocahontas and John Smith.

For those who know the real story of Pocahontas it is clear that the cartoon was simply inspired by the real story: it has never been proved she had any romantic involvement with John Smith, John Smith did have to leave the land due to an injury, then she thought he was dead, married John Rolfe, had a son with him and only THEN went to England, where she fell ill with smallpox and died, never seeing her home again. So Disney decided not to make speculations on the story but make it more or less how it really was.. omitting the marrying and having a child part..

So here is what I can tell you Disney: I do not CARE how it was in reality. I wanted to see how John Smith and Pocahontas get together again.

No.. They decided to follow reality. So their task was to make Pocahontas' choice for a new boyfriend justified. So they decided to show off Smith as a complete moron, a terribly selfish Narcissus, who does not approve of her ideas, does not understand and does not support her. The epic moment was the last part when he says "I got a ship" and then corrects I to we - and this is the moment when Pocahontas realizes that John Rolfe is better: he was the one who always believed in her. Just discard the "love you forever" part from the ORIGINAL movie. Well, thank you Disney for killing the best fictional couple for the sake of making it look historical.

I wish I never watched it. I will try to erase this heresy from my memory.
Never EVER should they of allowed this out!!
I remember buying this when i was 8, back in 1998, and not being over excited by it, but when your 8, that sort of stuff doesn't bother you

Just recently, i decided to watch Pocahontas 1, and fell in love with it!! Then i made the mistake of watching THIS film. It totally spoilt the plot! OK, so I've heard that Disney mucked up on the original, WHO CARES!! I didn't like John Rofle, and what the heck had happened to John Smith!!! The graphics on this film are bad! seriously.

Basically the story is, Pocahontas goes with john rofle to Britain because the king wants to see her. Thats it.

If you love the first one, please please please, do not watch this one now. It will just ruin it for you
The worst Disney picture of the 90s.
This is by far the worst Disney film in a raft of pointless remakes and sequels which Disney chucked out in the late 90s. The animation would be a disgrace to a seventies TV cartoon. As for the art direction...

One example of this travisty will suffice. When P arrives in London, the artists manage to mix up Medieval, Tudor, Stuart and Regency period dress all in one seen. Oh, and London has Gas Lights...

The horror, the horror!

rubbish. absolute rubbish
why do Disney make truly wonderful films and then make a complete botch job of a sequel? really i would rather they leave it alone. This could have been a half-decent movie, if the writers had done some research and put some effort into it: the basic plot is sound -- Pocahontas goes to England... that is fine (and historically accurate.) the thing that really bugs me about it is how Disney have oversimplified every character. Pocahontas and John Smith were beautiful, believable characters in the original, but in this Smith was reduced to a set of cheesy one-liners and Pocahontas a pathetic mess blubbering on about peace every minute. the historical context also was ridiculous, England went flying around from medieval to Victorian eras. this movie could have been good, if they chose a time period and stuck to it, along with the original characters. the songs were rubbish too, nothing compared to colours of the wind. save your time and money... do not see this film.
The BEST of Disney's direct-to-video sequels
After being stuck with two mediocre direct-to-video sequels to Aladdin and the very lame Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas, Pocahontas II proved to be quite a satisfying treat. Granted, the animation is not "movie quality," but it's definitely an improvement as far as Disney's video ventures are concerned. The story is fairly engrossing if simple, and the songs work well in moving along the plot. And unlike "The Return of Jafar," where the absence of the vocal talents of big-name star Robin Williams was sorely missed, Mel Gibson's absence from this venture is not... since his brother Donal took over the role of John Smith and is vocally indistinguishable from Mel. All-in-all, it's the first WORTHY direct-to-video sequel to one of Disney's finest modern classics.
Historically speaking, it's a heck of a lot better than the previous film
This movie is the sequel to the immensely popular cartoon, POCAHONTAS. For history teachers like myself, POCAHONTAS was a horrid mistake of a film because adherence to fact was pretty much irrelevant to Disney--making a film that was offensive to Native Americans, historians and cheapens the memory of the English colonists. I do realize that this makes me a major kill-joy and NOT someone you want to take with you to see a historically inaccurate movie! So much of what I have to say about these films must be understood from my context.

Now as for POCAHONTAS II, it, too, is a nightmare for historians but at least it's not as big a nightmare! The facts, while quite distorted, are still generally correct but the film is just too heavy on the politically correct side (with tons of images of the "stupid" English and the "good" Indians) and it totally ignores the fact that Pocahontas died soon after moving to England! Now I do understand why this was omitted, as countless kids across the globe might need therapy to deal with this loss! However, if you want to play that "fast and loose" with the facts, why not just make up a movie from start to finish? A wonderful example is THE ROAD TO EL DORADO--an infinitely better film because it's obviously fantasy and doesn't try to sell lies as historical facts.
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