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Open Season 3
Adventure, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Cody Cameron
Crispin Glover as Fifi (voice)
Dana Snyder as Alistair (voice)
Dana Belben as Bear Trainer / Cat #2 (voice)
Kirk Baily as Additional Voices (voice)
Michelle Murdocca as Marie (voice)
Sean Mullen as Roger (voice) (as Sean P. Mullen)
Matthew W. Taylor as Elliot (voice) (as Matt Taylor)
Fred Stoller as Stanley (voice)
Steve Schirripa as Roberto (voice)
Nika Futterman as Rosie (voice)
Karley Scott Collins as Giselle (voice)
Jeff Bennett as Earl (voice)
Cody Cameron as Nate / Distinctive Dog (voice)
Ciara Bravo as Giselita (voice)
Storyline: Boog's friends rally to bring him home from a Russian traveling circus.
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Corny, cheesy, predictable and also highly forgettable!
It hasn't been too long ago since Open Season lastly got it's own sequel, and that one became a horrible wrenched film I wish to keep out of my mind forever. Now 2 years later, we get a new one and it's more crazier than we can imagine.

Set fully short after Elliot and Giselle became husband and wife, they have children of their own named Gisela, Gesalita and Elvis. Elvis looks a lot like his dad and even loses not one, but two antlers just like him. And the twins, Gisela and Gesalita, resembles their mom expect to tell the difference, one has a black nose and brown eyes and the other one has blue eyes and a pink nose. And this of course makes Boog the uncle cause he has a brotherly relationship with Elliot.

Well as the movie begins, Boog has made a plan just to hang out with the guys, not just with Elliot, but also with Ian, Reilly, McSquizzy and Buddy. But the whole thing becomes a total waste when everyone couldn't make it, especially Elliot who lets his partner down. Heartbroken, Boog sets out on his own for the trip, but it leads him a circus where he befriends a llama named Alistar and a bear named Doug, who looks just like Boog. But that's not the only thing missing; there right away Boog falls crazy in love for Usla, a female Russian bear.

Doug decides it's time he switches places with Boog so he can be the only bear and become king of the forest. But right away when it happens, everyone realizes that their old dear friend grizzly bear, ain't the same guy so they must find a way to save their pal before it's too late and he'll be gone to Russia forever.

Like most direct-to-video sequels, you'll know that they can't make good money, so this one goes out to the same as the other one. Cheap actors, lame story writing, and poor directing. It makes up for the second sequel after being so bad, but that still doesn't make the third sequel any good. So the new characters drop down too! After viewing this, I hope that Sony Pictures can cut down to their ideas. They're not good, and they never will be. So they just leave all of the direct-to-video making to Disney cause that's what they were there for in the first place!
Fell Down On Distribution
It's a shame Hollywood is churning out so many films these days; this was a formulaic film that ticked all the right boxes but ended up in the bargain tub.

Lots of good things come up in basements and bargain bins; and I hope someone digs this out and at least gives it an airing on TV.

Many actors do their best work; Stallone, Italian Stallion, Madonna, A Certain Sacrifice; which find their way into video shops, but are too graphic for young people; but not dirty enough for teenagers.

Anyway; one of the great directors said: "they are like orphaned children and you love them a little bit more."
Time for this season to end.
The first one was 'meh'. The second entry was 'huh'. The third is 'Whatever'. Sense a trend?

I've got very little to say here. There are too many characters, most with weird foreign dialects... which are still more amusing than half of what they say. The animation is about as good as you'd expect for a straight to DVD film. For those who like their stories predictable to a ridiculous level, this won't rock your boat at all. It's all I could do to stifle a yawn every five minutes, though.

And it's not a good idea to remind me of the plot of one Madagascar 3, one of my most hated animated movies of recent years. This is a marginal improvement... at least the finale in the Big Top this time didn't go on FOREVER. It was still pretty tortuous, though. And when it all wraps up after barely an hour (with a bizarrely unfunny slideshow over the credits) you wonder: was there any need for this to be made? No... No, there wasn't. 4/10
I thought the movie was wonderful.... a great use of my time!
I loved this movie..... the plot was funny and my grandson and I enjoyed it.... as it is an animated movie for children! However, I guess I must be a big kid because I was locked on to it until the end! The relationship between the bear and the deer was complicated, however it showed how complex friendships can be. The movie also highlights how friendships change when one of the friends gets married or has a lifestyle change. I think it has a good message for kids. Also, the movie shows a female in a "control-type" role, I liked this quality. The 'mom' took care of everything, and made sure that the family was working correctly... so much like real life. I could see how young kids could relate to this... Now I can't wait to see 1 and 2!
Review of Open Season 3
We watched Open Season 3 at school. This movie is about a bear who wants to find more friends. So he goes out to the circus. He finds friends but something bad ends up happening.

We liked this movie because... 1. Elliot the deer was silly. 2. It was weird when the bear and the other alpaca were together and they were getting along. 3. I liked how Boog was dancing with the other bear and when he was afraid of heights he went up on the tight rope and did his best. 4. One of our favorite characters is the alpaca because of his accent. 5. It was good, Boog and Elliot got into a fight and then they made up.

We would recommend other classes watch this funny movie.
nice movie for kids!
this is my first review on a movie! so please be kind enough to read this!i wanted more from this movie... compared to the 1st and 2nd parts of the open season movie series! it wasn't that great. but this movie was fun. it had a simple story and all the lovable characters from the open season series were in it. this movie is very good for kids. tells us about the importance of friendship! but the movie is flawed. i know that some people are going to hate this movie. but I'm not going to hate this. this movie goes into my favorite DVD collection. the story is simple boog goes on a guys trip alone and sees a circus where there are two grizzly bears. boog falls in love with the female grizzly. the male grizzly tricks boog and escapes from the circus and goes to the forest where boog lives and resides as the king. the male grizzly whose name is dough gets caught and elliot and the gang goes for the rescue!
Good Luck With Everything.
Why does everyone think that kids are stupid or they can't actually spot a poorly made movie. I watched Open Season 1 and 2 before. IMO they were fine children movies. Now, I have seen some weak animations before but this really surprised me.

I tried to laugh in this movie but I think my hand was busy facepalming. In short, I regretted watching this movie. I thought maybe they will end with a bang and I would get some fond memories out of it, but no, they just ruined all the magic and probably made me hate this trilogy.

Unless you're a slow kid or just love these characters, I would recommend you avoid this movie. Watch something else or try watching something from the past.

TL;DR, Life is short, don't waste it on this one.
There was no reason for making this sequel...
I think this sequel was made, because they didn't have anything else to do, so someone said "Hey, let's make a sequel to Open Season, we just need to create the animation, story will come eventually!" And this useless unfunny video is the result.

Open Season 1 had an old cliché story, but it was rather funny, not even near to the top though. Open Season 2 also had its moments, but this one, it absolutely useless. Old unfunny jokes, bad story that has nothing to do even with the name, or the 2 first ones, only characters are the same.

I, as a big animation movie fan, couldn't bare watching any further than 30 minutes.

Well, if this and the first two Open Seasons are the first movies you ever watched you could find it funny. Other than that, it doesn't much worth watching.
The saddest cash grab I've ever seen
After years on IMDb, I created an account just to warn potential viewers about this movie. I was fortunate enough not to pay money for this garbage (Netflix). My kids watched the first two and I've seen bits and pieces, but I saw enough to know that the animation was high quality - deserving of the big screen. This, on the other hand, is the saddest, most blatant cash grab I've ever seen. With the 2nd movie, they lost their big name voice talent. With the 3rd, they apparently also lost the art talent. The CG in this film would seem dated in a 15 year old video game. Unnatural movement, poor textures and laughable scenery... Those are the things I would say if this movie looked twice as good as it actually does. The term "bait &switch" isn't commonly used in this industry but if any franchise deserves that label, it's this one. You will literally see better writing and animation from just about any Saturday morning cartoon nowadays. These people should be ashamed of themselves. On the bright side (for Sony Pictures), though, even if they only made a couple hundred thousand, they would have quadrupled their budget. I couldn't imagine they paid their staff more than minimum wage for this embarrassment.
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