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Open Season 2
Adventure, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Matthew O'Callaghan, Todd Wilderman
Joel McHale as Elliot
Mike Epps as Boog
Jane Krakowski as Giselle
Billy Connolly as McSquizzy
Steve Schirripa as Roberto
Diedrich Bader as Rufus (voice)
Cody Cameron as Mr. Weenie
Fred Stoller as Stanley (voice)
Olivia Hack as Charlene (voice)
Danny Mann as Serge (voice)
Matthew W. Taylor as Deni / Buddy / Ian (voice) (as Matt Taylor)
Sean Mullen as Roger (voice) (as Sean P. Mullen)
Michelle Murdocca as Maria (voice)
Jacquie Barnbrook as Fifi's Owner (voice)
Dana Belben as Additional Voices (voice)
Jeff Bennett as Additional Voices (voice)
Ranjani Brow as Additional Voices (voice)
June Christopher as Additional Voices (voice)
David Cowgill as Additional Voices (voice)
Rachel Crane as Additional Voices
Omar Crook as Additional Voices (voice)
Georgia Engel as Bobbie
Lauri Fraser as Additional Voices (voice)
Nika Futterman as Rosie (voice)
Elisa Gabrielli as Additional Voices (voice)
Nicholas Guest as Additional Voices (voice)
Bridget Hoffman as Additional Voices (voice)
Wendy Hoffman as Additional Voices (voice)
Walter Jones as Additional Voices (voice)
Scott Menville as Additional Voices (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: Elliott incessantly parades proudly with his antlers, until unwise rock-jumping sees them crushed, and thus his new pride. Bride Giselle thinks Elliott has commitment anxiety when he rushes off to take the lead in the rescue of canine buddy Mr. Weenie, who is kidnapped by a poodle's gang of master-devoted pets determined to reconvert him. The feral gang has great trouble even penetrating the heavily guarded holiday resort where the brainwashing attempt is happening.
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Perhaps not as good as the original, but . . .
Still damn entertaining! There as a serious shortage of Boog to go around, but the addition of a poodle with a serious Napoleon complex, voiced by Crispin Glover, almost makes up for it. Fifi steals the spotlight; speaking as a groomer's assistant, do not underestimate the power of a small dog!

As some have pointed out, the animation isn't as smooth as the original, giving the movie a rather "rushed" feel to it. All the original animal characters are back, but with a different cast for the voice work.

The storyline in a nutshell; the gang is set out to rescue Weenie from the clutches of his owners, interrupting the marriage ceremony of Giselle and Elliot.

Not a perfect movie, but one that may still be able to give you some smiles and laughter.
Rent don't buy
I'm an animator myself... so thereby an animation geek. I really liked the first open season movie. Didn't love it.... but liked it. When I saw it again a couple of weeks ago I thought it didn't feel as good as it did the first time. The story isn't just good enough to watch more then once... maybe twice. But I absolutely loved the look and design of the film. So when Open Season 2 was lying in the shelfs at the local DVD store I bought it right away. Hoping it would be as good or hopefully better then the first one. Just a nice animated film with some humor. I expected nothing more nothing less. But Open season 2 is a real let down. All I can say is that it feels like the just didn't rewrite the script. Stuck with all there first ideas and just rushed it out the door. Even the animation doesn't feel as solid as the first movie. It had some funny moments and some really nice characters. But it wasn't worth the money I paid for it. Maybe kids will love this... but as an adult... just don't expect to see a movie that will have the extra layer so you to can enjoy it as much as your kid would. Still... Boog the bear... for me is one of the best designs of a bear ever.
Q: What does a man do when he got scared of marrying ? A: Run !
The sequel starts where Open Season stops. D'uh, this is a sequel after all. Elliot is head over heel for Giselle, so he plans to get married with her.

However, nervous hits him in the stomach, and suddenly he got reservations about the whole idea. He just lost his left antler and took it as a sign that maybe this whole marriage thingy ain't gonna work. He was having doubts about the marriage and maybe him losing an antler is a sign by the Almighty God that it is a bad idea to marry Giselle.

So like what most men will do, he didn't discuss it with his partner and friends, and decides to cook up some tall story to pull out from marrying Giselle.

He got his notion when he saw his friend, Mr.Weenie being 'kidnapped' and 'tortured' by a middle-aged lady in a posh clothing.

So he told it to his friends and persuaded them to help him save Mr.Weenie from the clutches of the lady.

So they went on a mission to save their friend. They met up with pompous, pampered well-groomed pets and feelings of hatred quickly ensued.

The house pets don't like them because they thought that Elliot's bunch of friends were rude and uncouth. Likewise, Elliot thought that the house pets were cowards and a bunch of pompous animals.

So they fought, and soon enough, they began to understand about each other. And from being enemies, they began to be friends.

So finally, good friends they become. They stopped fighting and started shaking hands. And the misunderstanding about the kidnapping cleared.

And Giselle found out the real reason behind the whole 'let us help Mr.Weenie' that Elliot cooked up. She was furious but because they were in love, she forgave him.

A good watch for the whole family. Not as good as the first one, but still good. What I like most about it is that it does not have vulgar and sexual dialogues. I saw Shrek and there were many dialogues that made me embarrassed when my nieces and nephews asked me what they were about.

Too bad this film was screened at the same time as Wall-E, because being a sequel, and against a more hyped up film, this film lost the fight for ticket sales.
Fun and entertaining
This animation is about a bunch of wild animals who goes on a trip to rescue their previously domesticated friend, who got recaptured by is owner.

I find "Open Season 2" very similar to "Shrek", but a lot simpler and aimed at younger viewers. The story is fun and engaging. The dog, Mr Weenie is fun, and I like his German accent! Fifi makes me laugh too, as the vanity and beauty of Fifi clashes with his masculine voice and aggressive character. I liked the story as it celebrates friendship, and shows that sometimes it takes teamwork to achieve a common goal. The merry mishaps along the way are fun to watch.
Not the best, but it's fun
I love animated movies, I really do, they seem to have a genuinely happy feel to them, so when I sat down to this movie I had already seen the first open season, and I knew that there were different voice actors and the first one wasn't brilliant, so I just expected it to be a mediocre movie with a few laughs here and there.

I was surprised, because I really enjoyed it.

When compared with Madagascar 2, it doesn't stand up at all, but in its own right it is a very fun movie with some hilarious moments, mainly involving the white furball poodle type dog with the most amazing voice actor for the character.

I don't want to give anything away, but that character alone could keep me entertained for a few hours.

The animation is OK, there are points where it is great, and points where it looks like it was made in the 80s by a schoolkid, but generally it is OK, it does the job, and that is all that matters.

The voice acting is top notch, especially considering 2 of the characters (Boog and Elliot) have been voiced by different people, I honestly thought that it was Martin Lawrence voicing Boog, so hats off to Mike Epps.

The story is simple but effective. It simply tells the story of a daschund called Mr Weeny who was with the "gang" after escaping from his owners, which are an over loving woman and a guy that wasn't concentrated on very much.

Basically Mr Weeny gets found by her again, and Elliott sees her pick Mr Weeny up and he thinks she is hurting him, and the movie starts on their journey to find Mr Weeny.

There are other sub stories as well, but I don't want to spoil the movie, because although it isn't brilliant, it is still good enough to stick on for a few laughs on the cold winter evenings.

All in all, I gave this 7 out of 10, I would give it 8 but the animation problems knocked it down a point.

If it wasn't for the amazing voice acting and the white poofy poodle thing it would have been much less.

I do recommend it though, if you have nothing else to watch, you will not regret watching this.
The worst animation movie ever
This is by FAR the worst animation movie ever created by man. its also a horrible sequel to an OK movie. i think it is a Wayan brothers movie but with animation. all the stupid jokes about food, farts, sex, homosexuality and other mind numbingly stupid stuff. in fact you can see how bad this movie by watching just the first 5 min. this is the worst way you wan spend your time either if you are a child or an adult. technically, this movie doesn't have anything to keep you watching it till the end, you do not know exactly what you are supposed to do, who should you like and how you want this movie to end. and these are the basics for any animation movie that is aimed at children, youngsters and animation loving adults.
our funny animals are back for another round in the sequel to Open season,, I wish that the writers would have had a different storyline,,, because this one didn't click with me,, one of our favorite characters is in love and very happy,, our little deer friend is boasting about his rack / antlers,, and when he falls down his rack breaks,, and therefore his pride,, the "girl" he is interested in wants him to marry her,, and he has a big fear of commitment,, meanwhile, one of our animals is kidnapped by some human pet lovers,, trying to convert him to make him a "Pet" and not a wild animal, so all of the animal kingdom get together to try and find their friend,,, it would seems to me that this sequel was rushed and put out the door as soon as poosible,, this could have been a better movie with a different storyline,, I din't hate the movie,, there is some very funny stuff in here, and some parts are rather enjoyable to watch,, but as a whole the movie does disappoint.
Ideal family viewing.
I came home from work and when I got home I discovered my brother had rented WALL-E and open season 2 and of course decided to watch open season 2 first, and not being familiar with the first one I pretty much enjoyed this film, it had a lot of witty dialog that I actually caught myself laughing out loud, and I found it refreshing to be able to laugh at something that didn't have an over abundance of toilet jokes.

Open season 2 in my mind even though its a kids movie, was definitely a lot of fun, and if asked what would I literally recommend for ideal family viewing? this film would always spring to mind.

Of course WALL-E was also very good and funny, only it had fewer lines but also very good family entertainment.
The original is a bit bland, but this sequel is less funny and more boring, with the same disappointing animation
"Open Season", a 2006 Sony Pictures Animation production, turned out to be one of the more polarizing computer animated efforts of the past decade, and knowing that before I finally saw it for the first time just several months ago, four years after it came out, I wasn't surprised when I found it to be a mixture of good and not so good. The quality certainly wasn't enough to make me feel the need to watch this first sequel, "Open Season 2", right away. If the original had been much weaker (or probably even just a little weaker) than it is, I doubt I would have bothered watching this 2008 sequel at all. However, I have now seen it, and unfortunately but unsurprisingly, it can't even match the quality of the somewhat bland original.

Boog the bear and Elliot the mule deer now live in the forest together with several other animal friends. The deer has grown new antlers and is about to get married to Giselle, but before the wedding, he is very upset when he accidentally breaks those antlers. At the wedding, Elliot finds that he isn't quite sure if he wants to marry Giselle anymore. Meanwhile, Mr. Weenie, a domestic dog who escaped into the wild, has found a trail of dog biscuits left by his owners, Bob and Bobbie, and can't resist the temptation to eat them, so he eats along the trail and inevitably gets caught by his owners, who take him away in their RV! When Elliot sees this, he tells the other animals at the wedding, so the ceremony is cut off, and the deer sets out with Boog, Giselle, and several other animals that live in this forest on a mission to rescue Mr. Weenie. While they are on this mission, the dog they're looking for finds himself back with a group of other tame dogs led by Fifi, a toy poodle who hates wild animals!

When I watched the original, it seemed to me that the backgrounds looked more primitive than those of any other CGI animated feature I had ever seen. Well, the backgrounds in this sequel are the same. So, the animation is one of the flaws in "Open Season 2", but it's certainly not the only one. I didn't find the first "Open Season" THAT funny, but I hardly watched any of the gags in this sequel without keeping a straight face. Elliot takes Boog's place as the main protagonist here, and his freak-outs and such are generally not funny. That's also the case with the antics of Bobbie, Mr. Weenie's over-affectionate owner (I can see why Mr. Weenie wouldn't want to live with her), and the other characters who are supposed to be funny. The occasional toilet humour also doesn't work, though that's not to say that toilet humour is never funny. I would say the plot of this first sequel is also a bit bland, and I definitely didn't find as much excitement in it as I did in the plot of its predecessor, even if I occasionally found some of it.

This was the first movie I watched after "Monster House", another CGI film which Sony Pictures Animation was also involved in the production of, and I have to say, that film is much better than both of the "Open Season" ones I've seen. "Surf's Up", another Sony Pictures film, the one which led me to watch "Open Season" last November, also far exceeds the 2006 anthropomorphic wildlife feature from the same company in quality. Even though "Monster House" and "Surf's Up" haven't spawned any sequels and "Open Season" has now spawned two, the other two CGI animated films I've mentioned are clearly more popular, which I can understand perfectly. "Open Season 3" has recently come out, but I'm certainly in no hurry to see it, and I'm sure NEVER seeing it wouldn't be a great loss, as it seems to be even less popular than this second installment. Even if you like the first film a lot more than I do, this first sequel could still be disappointing to you, which I guess is very often the case with sequels.
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