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Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
Fantasy, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Matthew O'Callaghan, Theresa Cullen, Carole Holliday
Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse
Tony Anselmo as Donald Duck
Bill Farmer as Goofy
Shaun Fleming as Max Goof
Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck
Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse
Jeff Bennett as Elf #2
Jim Cummings as Blitzen
Jason Marsden as Max Goof
Chuck McCann as Santa Claus
Clive Revill as Narrator (voice)
Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck
Gregg Berger as Additional Voices (voice)
Cork Hubbert as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: Mickey and the gang team up for a new holiday adventure and for the first time ever they are all computer animated. There will be five mini films that include: Belles on Ice, Christmas:Impossible, Christmas Maximus, Donald's Gift, Mickey's Dog-Gone Christmas
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The standard Mickey Christmas offering
Computer graphics are used to shorten production times. In an ideal world they don't shorten artistic content but this is not an ideal world. The Christmas 2004 Mickey mouse "film" is not ideal either. It's simply trying to rerun old glory and just doesn't do it for me.

Sure there's all the competency one would expect from Disney. It's cute, and the CGI animation is very good but it just doesn't say or show anything new. I don't expect anything amazing from what is in effect a film annual, you understand, just a little bit of freshness would make it good for me.... but it ain't there. I can see Walt sleeping in the front row on this one. If you just want a Mickey Mouse film, choose something else - this isn't a good example.
Entertaining enough to own on DVD.
I normally dislike CG animation. Its graphical perfection makes it too artificial for me. "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas," however, is perfectly suited for CG animation. There is a colorful vibrancy and liveliness to it that makes it much more festive. Consider the sad alternative: second rate hand-drawn animation rivaling that of Saturday morning cartoons. That being said, the animation here is top-notch. Disney is no-doubt attempting to flex its CGI muscle as it transitions away from hand-drawn animation (also, see the theme park commercials, Mickey's Philharmagic, etc.). Also, it should be noted that comparing the quality of this animation with that of a big budget Pixar movie is extremely ignorant. CG animation has its own costs and it would be poor budgeting to spend that much on a video feature. Regardless, it does not suffer from the lack of that detailed a polish.

The stories themselves are entertaining, and there is a surprising amount of wit and imaginative storytelling written into the script. My only complaint is that it would be nice for Disney to create a full feature Mickey Mouse film. Short stories work fine, but it ends and starts again too soon to create any audience involvement.
They'd be be better of at the Old Toons Home
This isn't your father's Disney. The original Disney franchise players now reside in the Land Where Everyone is Nice, preschool toons rendered in kiddie-grade Pixarish 3D. Mickey always was a little wimpy but even Donald has been completely Dippified with the Evil Daisy Duck browbeating him at every opportunity. He was a WWII hero for chrissakes, selling War Bonds to defeat the Nazis! Goofy has become a caricature of himself and his goofiness has been choreographed to a perfect death, Huey Dewey & Louie can't stay conniving for more than 30 seconds without guilt spoiling it all, while Pluto would be better off on Animal Control's 3 Day Plan. Its not pretty, what they've done to these old Toons.

The only way to reclaim my interest after this would be Donald doing his popular 'Who's Your Daddy?' with Daisy sparking his enthusiasm. I'd like to see someone with a duckbill pull that off They could've made it an Easter egg, being ducks after all. I can give this one a 7 because kids like it. They don't know any better.
A touching and warm Christmas story, made with Disney magic.
This movie looked great from the trailers alone. It is a shame it was a direct to video release because the animation is awesome, and certainly looks like it is feature length quality. I was looking forward to seeing it, especially since this is the first time the "Fab Five" have been computer animated for a movie. Without giving too many details, the film has all your favorite Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and his son Max, Donald and his nephews Huey, Duey, and Louie, and their Uncle Scrooge, and Daisy Duck. There are different stories involving the characters and the true meaning of Christmas. It is a wonderful movie to watch for the holidays, and it has a great story. I highly recommend it, if you are a Disney fan, or like to watch Christmas movies.
Some Of Our Favourite Disney Characters In CGI
'Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas' is a nice animated film with a series of stories that feature some of our favourite Disney characters: Micky, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Scrooge McDuck, his nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey, Goofy, his teenage son and the girlfriend. The stories follow the traditional Disney style and the only difference in presentation is that this time the animation is done with CGI rather than drawings. While it was refreshing to watch and the animation wasn't done in a bad way by any means, I still prefer they use their traditional drawing method and leave the CGI to Pixar films. I miss the Disney drawings and that's what Disney's best at. I hope they don't continue making CGI movies especially those featuring the classic characters. The film itself was fun to watch. It works as a brilliant winter holiday movie. The narration is very poetic and the songs have good lyrics. It was great to see those lovable characters we haven't seen in a long time. A nice little reunion.
Mickey, Pluto and DONNER!
Some complaints have been made about the computer animation, but at least these are new shorts and not just old ones thrown together with a thin story line. I liked seeing these characters animated this way. Not that this computer animation is better (or even as good) than the traditional, but having never seen these classic characters like this was interesting. The overall content is very good. The weakest story is the first one with Minnie and Daisy. The best one, by far, is the last: MICKEY'S DOGGONE Christmas. This short in itself is worth the price of the DVD. Santa's reindeer Donner steals the show in this fast, fun and very funny short.
Doesn't Live Up to Predecessor
Watch Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas--it is excellent. It's animated holiday fun with heart--the Disney way! This sequel, done with Disney's new computer animation unit, has almost NO heart. I was so excited (in 2004) when I saw "Twice" was coming out, since I LOVE "Once". Absolute disappointment. Each of the stories is about selfishness! The first story involves Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse trying to outdo each other at a skating event, which ends evenly only after Minnie is hurt in an accident. The second story is dreadful--Huey, Dewey, and Louie eat ALL of the Xmas Eve dessert BEFORE dinner, then make jokes about it at the table. They are sent to bed, where they make more jokes! Uncle Scrooge warns them not to make the mistake of ending up on the 'naughty list'--so the boys head to the North Pole with the intent of changing their names to the 'nice list'! In the process, they make a mess of the North Pole and the viewers are to feel as though the boys redeem themselves when they help clean up the fiasco THEY MADE. Next, Max gets angry because he is embarrassed about his dad, Goofy. Last, Mickey is trying to decorate his home for a Xmas party, but Pluto creates havoc during the process. Mickey ANGRILY kicks Pluto out to his doghouse IN THE SNOW, then feels guilty once Pluto runs away. Pluto ends up at the North Pole with reindeer that do not look like Disney characters. To this day, whenever Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas is on, I will lovingly watch (even though I own the DVD). If "Twice Upon" is on TV, I skip it--as you should.
Cute Christmas special...
I rented this, watched it, and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting much, but I was surprised. Each of the stories were very good, and they each had a moral at the end.

The first one is about Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse fighting for the spotlight at a ice skating competition, the second one was about a Christmas gone wrong at Donald Duck's house, the third about Goofy and his son Max, who is bringing his girlfriend over for a visit, and is afraid that his dad will embarrass him. The fourth one is about Donald's trouble with spreading Christmas cheer, and finally, the fourth - the best one - about a fight that is resolved between Mickey Mouse and Pluto through an intervention from Santa and a few of his wisecracking reindeer. All in all, I loved this, and I think I may add it to my Disney DVD collection! Recommended!
A computer animated Mickey,...I was skeptical
Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas came out on DVD last week and I was a skeptic. Sure, Pixar and Disney have had (mostly) homeruns with their computer animated films. Sure, their are currently two computer animated films dominating the US domestic box-office,.....a death knell for traditional animation unfortunately. Still, I've enjoyed most of these films. Why not a computer animated Mickey, Donald, & Goofy? Well, why not indeed.

Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas, is a good holiday family film. It isn't too cloyingly sweet, it's probably got more in common with recent Mickey/Donald/Goofy films than with Mickey's Christmas Carol (my personal fave), but, it certainly tries and actually has good stories (it's an anthology of mostly, fluffy yule-tide tales). I liked the Pluto/ Reindeer storyline in particular. Anyway, how does a CGI Mickey look? Surprisingly good. A few years ago a company released another ,...ahem,...homage to a classic Christmas special about a certain reindeer with a red nose. It stunk and it was CGI. Not so with this movie. Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas uses computer animation well and it looks good, has a good storyline, and is overall successful and worthy to add to your collection of Disney DVD's. I certainly hope we don't just get CGI animation from Disney or other companies anymore, although, it really looks like we may,...*sigh* But, if the quality is like Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas it'll definitely soften the blow. So, warm up some Cocoa and pop this one into your DVD player over the holidays.
Few words will be enough...
...this "movie" discredits Disney's name by revisiting classic Disney characters into a modern world and a modern computer-graphic. I Disney has decided to ride the wave of computer-graphic based animation. Toy Story (1&2) and Monster&Co were good examples of how to use modern techniques in the context of a good starting idea although I can't help thinking that art of animation the way I knew (and loved) has been certified dead by monstrous photo-realistic productions. But this...I'd say it's almost dis-educative for the young generations. I won't comment the technical side of this poorest production but the result is an awful experience that I could not even bring to an end, watching only the first 20 minutes. More than enough. Walt would have no peace if he knew what they are proposing under his name today...
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