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Menace II Society
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes, The Hughes Brothers
Tyrin Turner as Caine
Larenz Tate as O-Dog
June Kyoto Lu as Grocery Store Woman (as June Kyoko Lu)
Toshi Toda as Grocery Store Man
Samuel L. Jackson as Tat Lawson
Brandon Hammond as Five Year Old Caine
Glenn Plummer as Pernell
Khandi Alexander as Karen Lawson
Eugene Lee as Man #1
James Pickens Jr. as Man #2 (as James Pickins Jr.)
Nancy Cheryll Davis as Teacher (as Nancy Cheryl Davis)
Storyline: This urban nightmare chronicles several days in the life of Caine Lawson, following his high-school graduation, as he attempts to escape his violent existence in the projects of Watts, CA.
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How can anyone be stupid enough to not give this a 10?
This movie has to be the most realistic ghetto movie I've ever seen.. the profanity is there because that is really the way people talk. Boyz In the Hood had a sappy plot and and a sappy storyline in it that was full of preaching and unrealism. the main character always makes the right choices and comes out good and everything. Menace is much better because while the main character does have some good in him, he cannot break free from the harsh society he and his parents were trapped in. The whole movie hits you and scares the hell out of you because it is truthful and this is actually what people do. If anybody out there is enough of a moron to give this movie a bad review, I'd like to know why.
This movie was stupid
This movie had way too much profanity and characters that were so criminal that you didn't feel any sympathy for them but rather wanted to see them get shot or go to jail. The people who say that Menace was "keepin' it real" are idiots who think being a gangster is cool. I lived in a government housing while I was growing up and while this movie reflects a lot of the stuff you have to deal with in ghettos, it amplified it way too much. Just a movie trying to act more hardcore than the previous ones. This movie may reflect a few people's lives, but if you can identify with it, you should be in prison rather than watching this movie. Anybody who thinks this represents the norm of what life in the ghetto is like for black teenagers has never lived there.
8/10 Good
This film is actually quite good. Not great however. After a brilliant jaw dropping opening, and an amazing first 45 minutes, the film starts to drag, and starts to become the same old thing.

A depressing ending leaves this film for non-entertainment value. Another problem: so many films have spoofed this film, it ceases to have the impact it once had.
Violent, brutal, most realistic and interesting ghetto-film. Very good.
-Sorry for a few spelling mistakes

It's hard not to find 'Menace II Society' interesting, even entertaining a way. The Hughes brothers has captured the ghetto-life perfect, and the movie gets more and more frightening for every minute that's ticking away. I must say I was impressed by this movie. Acting was more than ok, all from Turner and Pinkett to memorable cameos from Samuel L. Jackson, Charles S. Dutton and 80's B-actor Bill Duke. This film is definitly not recommended for those who can't stand harsh language, blood and violence. Maybe it's understood right?

The movies moral is quite clear, and it might get just a little bit slow in the turns but still it is worth the rating soon below.

MENACE II SOCIETY suprised me. It was way better than I've ever could imagine it to be. And the life in the ghetto actually entertained me. I don't know if that's good or bad.

An extra plus is the music. That gangsta & hip hop tunes matches in just as perfect as it you've might suspect. Dialuoge is nothing special, but the opening scene is a 90's classic. And the ending is powerful. When the credits starts to roll, you're not really recovered after the shock from a confession of the true ending that hits you in the face just before the credits shows.

Don't miss it. 9/10
Brilliant movie

Menace was a brilliant film. There are many reasons to it, but I think what makes it so special is it's sense of style. It proves effectively that a gritty street-drama doesn't have to look bad in order to be realistic. Instead of using hand held cams and grainy film the Hughes' shoot their film with style, influenced by John Woo, and action-comics.

The violence used is also excessive and very graphic. There are brutal beatings as well as bloody shootings, all shot much better than your average action-movie. Like as in Dead Presidents, the directors aren't afraid of over-doing anything. Through slow-motion and impressive camera manoeuvering they're making great, exhilarating action.

Well, besides the violence the movie is great in many other ways. The shootings and bloodlettings are just to make it more realistic, which is pretty much the goal of the movie. In heartbreaking detail the main characters narrate us through youth criminality, drug-dealing, racism and a lot of other nasty stuff. The voice-over works really well, making Menace a sort of black "Goodfellas".

The story is great, in some points resembling some greek tragedy, with a storyline used successfully in other movies like Carlito's Way, Goodfellas, American History X and many others. It's about changing your life in time, before it's too late. If you don't change in time, all your past sins will come back to you. The movie is hilarious, sad, suspenseful and very educational for those who think there is racial equality in USA.

The Hughes' are young, aggressive and untouchable film-makers who intend to show you the real world, and do it with style.

Angry, underprivileged youths act out against an indifferent society
It appeared almost the entire neighborhood was either evil and drugged out or well on their way to that end. Murder and robbery were a way of life with these depraved kids who were indifferent to everything except whatever could lead them into crime or revenge slayings. Glad I don't live it their neck of the woods.
Interesting, and at times powerful, look at inner-city LA life
I don't pretend that I can relate to any of the characters here. But despite that, I developed a sympathy for them. That is because deep down beneath the surface, we are all human.

Many films tell a story that the whole movie revolves around. "Menace II Society" is not one of them. Although towards the end it sort of develops one, this is mainly a "slice of life" film.

In some ways the debut feature from The Hughes Brothers resembles Fernando Meirelles' masterpiece, "City of God," especially when it depicts the harsh reality of life for its characters. Yet for the most part, the Allen and Albert Hughes concentrate the "life" part instead of the "death." It's more about how people live and interact, and generally go about their day-to-day business. Not only does this help us grow to like the characters, but it gives us a look on how life goes in this setting.

There are some terrific performances in this film. Caine, the film's protagonist, is a great anchor for the audience. Despite having his share of flaws, he is generally a good guy, who really cares about his girlfriend, Ronnie (the wonderful Jada Pinkett Smith) and her son, and wants to make a good life for himself. He's a person that anyone can sympathize with. Likewise, the always terrific Jada Pinkett Smith is in top form here. She brings her usual cool maturity to her character, and she is the perfect love interest for Caine. Also good is Vonte Sweet in a small but nevertheless a sympathetic role as Sharif, the Muslim who is trying to help everyone else live a better life, even when it annoys everyone else (except the audience).

I don't understand why Charles S. Dutton doesn't get any more roles than he does. He is a talented actor, and here he is no different. Despite having only two scenes in the movie, he gives his character raw power that no one else could give. When he is on screen, he fully commands our attention, and everyone else seems to just fade into the background.

"Menace II Society" isn't perfect. Some of the sequences are not credible, and Larenz Tate is too over-the-top as the trigger-happy O-Dog. Nevertheless, the first feature from the Hughes Brothers is a great film, and highly recommendable.
Possibly the best urban movie ever made
**possible spoilers**

Menace II Society is definitely an unforgettable story as it is still spoken about today when you mention 'hood movies or black film. It revolves around Caine(Tyrin Turner) and his life. The film also shows in graphic detail about Caine's unfortunate childhood from his father(Samuel L. Jackson) bein' a hustler, to his mom being a heroin-addict who is so strung-out to the point where she steals out of Tat's stash just to get high which then 'causes Tat to raise his hand to her, to even witnessing his father kill someone over owed money at a card game(...and it wasn't the last) Also in Caine's circle is O-Dog(Larenz Tate), who in my unhumble opinion was the most unforgettable character of this movie. His short temper and trigger-happy tendencies made O-Dog such an unforgettable character surpassing the likes of Doughboy in Boyz N The Hood. I was real impressed with Caine's retrospective break down of his 'hood with the riots to the drugs, and before all of that - Dog shows a little of what I was talking about earlier at the grocery store in a very memorable beginning. Jada Pinkett is also in this as Ronnie, a single mother whose baby is fathered by Pernell serving a life sentence - who Caine looks highly up to. It's a very gritty look at the life in the streets and how decision can affect your life, more less be the difference between your life and death. Very well scripted and acted, it really felt like the real thing and there aren't many that will ever come this close as this did...

This is a must have on VHS or DVD or whatever unforgettable classic 10/10
Well-done but familiar
Caine (Tyrin Turner) and best friend "O-Dog" (Larenz Tate) grow up in Watts section of California--over run by drugs and violence. Caine is in love with Ronnie (Jada Pinkett) who wants to get out of there with her young son. She wants him to come with her...but can he break away from the drugs and violence he grew up with?

This is very graphic and well-done...but I've seen it all before. Doesn't anyone remember "Boyz N the Hood" which came out in 1991? It told virtually the same tale and had a similar setting. That aside this is still a powerful movie. The language is raw (there is virtual non-stop swearing) and the violence is very bloody, disturbing and right in your face. The movie sometimes hammers it's message too strong (this film is anything but subtle), but it was made by two brothers (Allen and Albert Hughes) when they were only 21 so that can be overlooked. There are also great performances by Turner, Tate and especially Pinkett. Actually, the entire cast is great.

So, I liked it but nothing about it shocked me or told me anything I didn't know. I give it an 8.
This is definetley one of my top favorite movies!

If you can get by the excessive violence and swearing then you'll love it (but that's what makes it so realistic!)

I've seen this movie several times on IFC and I wish that they'd air it more! They aired it a few times a few months back and I love it!

There's good characters, good actors, good plots...it's a VERY good movie!


It starts off with two guys in a grocery store and one of them guns down the store owners (the man made a comment about his mother, "I feel sorry for your mothers." and then he also guns down the woman in the back after telling her to shut up and she didn't) and they steal the security camera tape.

That's the main plot and their lives over the summer.

The ending is kinds sad, though...

My description is probably off since I sorta forgot some of it...lol

I give it a 10 outta 10!
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