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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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Addictive and fun to figure out
Christopher Nolan's "Memento" is truly a rare and exceptional achievement in modern filmmaking in that it manages to be new, fresh, hip, and exciting without ever tiring its audience out - unless you're walking into this film without the desire to participate and actively analyze the mysterious details.

If that's the case, then this is DEFINITELY not a movie you should see. If, on the other hand, you are open-minded, creative, and alert, you'll definitely appreciate and get a kick out of this one. "Memento" is an old-fashioned "film noir"-type mystery thriller with an intriguing, ingenious twist: outfitting the entire film with a style that mirrors the protagonist's own mental condition while giving the poor viewer(s) his own perspective as well. It is masterfully filmed and edited in such a way that it is chronologically presented backwards (with two initially separate, parallel storylines - the main one, shot in colour, is the chronologically-backwards story with scenes that intercut with those of the other story, which is filmed more like a documentary, shot in black & white, and mostly takes place inside a motel room with the main character narrating, talking about the effects of his condition, etc.) While the average viewer may already be put off by such a complicated, confusing format, it is a very original premise that is well worth the struggle to figure out.

Acting is solid across the board, as is the writing, directing, etc., but special kudos must be extended to the very talented editor Dody Dorn, who successfully managed to put all of these fragments together and help them flow in a smooth, healthy manner that is not easy to pull off.

One of the most "memorable" (sorry, couldn't help slipping in the bad joke) films you're likely to ever see, "Memento" is an instant classic due to its groundbreaking narrative style and impressive dramatic undertones. For those jaded moviegoers who seek something to keep them awake, interested, and constantly thinking, there couldn't be a better choice than this film.

substantially unrealistic
Why didn't this idiot keep an organized journal instead of always shuffling for small pieces of paper and pictures in misc. unorganized places, not to mention different rooms, when he knew he wouldn't remember anything come tomorrow? There was no way he should have been/could have been on the street driving [not knowing where he came from or probably why he was going to point B] let alone seriously be carrying a gun trying to fulfil a vengeance correctly. I'm lucky he didn't point the gun at me. A boring story told in forward so it had to be told sloppily and in reverse as a last ditch effort to be "intellectually" interesting. Save your time on this one. And ya, ya, don't bother to tell me about the nuances of it being told in reverse it was just lackluster film.
One of The Best Mystery Movies Ever Made
This review does not contain any spoilers. First of all this movie is one of the best mystery/plot twist movies ever, so if you haven't watched it do it before you read a review with spoilers. Knowing the ending before watching the actual movie would be a tragedy, so watch it know before anything is spoiled. I have heard many people say that this is Christopher Nolan's best movie yet, and I often find it hard to disagree. This movie is just perfect, even with movies like this where not knowing the ending is almost everything, it is still as interesting even after knowing what is going to happen. The direction is absolutely incredible, especially considering it is one of Nolans first time as a director. The story is without a doubt one of his best, and becomes even more interesting when you watch it again. I am not going in to the story, since going in not knowing what is going to happen will most likely be the best experience. The acting is amazing, Guy Pierce gives almost without a doubt his best performance. So if you haven't seen this masterpiece yet, get ready for one of the best movies of the 20th century, and one of the best mystery movies of all time. 10/10
how exhausting watching this !
I just don't understand what it is that makes this movie so popular, especially with male viewers, I mean 8.6? Come on, what is that?! ...

Leonard suffers from short-term memory loss and tracks back using notes and body parts to find the man who killed his wife. On his journey he encounters a number of people who he has to be able to assess at first sight because of his deficiency.

The acting by Guy Pearce is very convincing and even appealing but the story however is most of the time way too irritating because you constantly have to backtrack yourself in order to completely understand what's going on. I like flashbacks in movies but a film that turns out to be one big flashback by itself may be a little too demanding for me. I guess this is just not my kind of entertainment ...
Unique but slightly overrated...
I've been trying to watch this movie for ever and finally got a chance to do it. This movie is like a puzzle for you to figure out. Guy Pearce is Leonard, a man who suffers from short-term memory...the last thing he remembers is his wife dying.Now he seeks for revenge and in order to do so, he creates a system, he takes pictures of everyone, he writes down important facts and it gets tattooed with reminders.That's how he copes with his condition. I don't want to give too much away but the way this film is told is pretty unique to say the least and has influenced other movies like The Machinist.That said, Memento is a really good movie and the concept is amazing,the only thing less positive is that it gets a little boring sometimes.I can see why this is on the top250 but it doesn't deserve to be in such high position. 7/10
Huh? I was truly disappointed
My friends had raved so about this one, I was expecting depth, intricacy, and brilliance. Instead, this played like a contrived derivation of an old Alfred Hitchcock episode that starred John Forsythe with a dash of Mr. Buddwing and a pinch of Wait Until Dark thrown in for good measure. # 14 movie of all time !?! -- someone is playing a joke -- right?
Its not a gimmick, its something new
Yes, it's true. The entire movie is based on a gimmick. However, I honestly feel that this does not cheapen the picture in the slightest bit. I loved every scene; discovering information as our lead character discovered it. It demands a second and third viewing, as there are many subtleties and quick flashes that may not be picked up on the first time around. Its one of the most original films ever made, and for people who scoff at the concept of not having a short-term memory, it actually is a real condition. Watch this movie. And, please pay attention. The performances are wonderful, and its structured magnificently.
What, is telling a story backward now become standard?
I cannot tell you how many recent movies I have seen that start with the character in a screwed up situation, then backtell how he got there. I hate it! It's like a spoiler for the whole film! It takes away all the mystery, it's like someone telling you when you are going to die. Why go on living? Why go on watching such a film? Just Married and Salton Sea are two recent copy cat examples. I guess it is the latest style. And what about all these absurd movies trying to be like Fargo or a Tarantino flick, example Orange County.

This film is like all those, rolled into one. This film is very clever with the main character having no short term memory but that is where it ends. It is NOT top 250 material. I think that the ranking system is screwed up or something. It is better than 238 of the best films of all time? Helloooooooooo?

It is a crappy overused story, told in an unusual way with ok acting. Wife is killed, person seeking the murderer etc etc.
Okay, what am I doing? Oh, I'm chasing that guy.
What I generally look for in a good movie is character development. If nothing changes in the characters' personalities, I have trouble enjoying the film, as it loses a certain sense of realism. One method of character development that I particularly enjoy is that of the "revealing" method, finding out more about a person's personality by being shown information. Many people mention The Usual Suspects when reviewing Memento and I can't help using it as well. This method of character development is used very well in that movie also, in the twist at the end. I felt that Leonard's character developed extremely well in that we were shown bits of his personality at a time and it was not until the end that we found out what he was truly all about. *Spoiler comment at end*

This film, with its memory-troubled main character, reminded me of a sub-plot in the Kurt Vonnegut novel, The Sirens of Titan, in which the main Character, Malachi Constant, must endure repetitive memory wipes, only knowing what is going on by re-reading a series of notes that he writes to himself.

I was going to mention something else about Memento, but I forgot it. Maybe I should have written myself a note.




***Spoiler comment below***


I really enjoyed the sequence of shots in which Leonard realizes that he's crazy and consciously decides to prolong his fictitious search by leaving himself a note that is, in effect, a lie. The idea of lying to oneself brings up entirely new issues of paranoia that I thoroughly dig.

Will have to count next time i see it, the number of times that Teddy tries to get the keys to Leonard's car. I think it may be as many as six.

small plot hole, the Jaguar's car alarm goes off when the window is shot, but the alarm had not been armed.



***End Spoiler***


total confusion
Many people seem to consider this to be a brilliant film. Not me. It was a confusing barrage of flash backs, flash forwards, flash whatevers... There were few times when I thought I was beginning to get the drift of what was going on, but that's not how I felt by the end of the film. I believe that the intention of this film is just to mess with your mind, and that was not the sort entertainment that I was looking for when I watched it. Perhaps, at the end of the movie, they hoped I could have empathy with what it must be like to suffer from the memory condition that this guy has, so they tried to create an environment where my brain is turning itself inside out while trying to understand what's going on. Perhaps they succeeded, but I didn't like it and don't recommend it.
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