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Man of Steel
USA, UK, Canada
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Zack Snyder
Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni as Colonel Hardy
Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard
Jadin Gould as Lana Lang
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry Ackerdson
Richard Cetrone as Tor-An
Dylan Sprayberry as Clark Kent at 13
Antje Traue as Faora
Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent
Michael Shannon as General Zod
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
Russell Crowe as Jor-El
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Richard Schiff as Dr. Emil Hamilton
Harry Lennix as General Swanwick
David Paetkau as Threat Analyst
Storyline: A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. But the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind.
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Buildings blowing,pumps exploding,guns blazing,CGI and special effects overflowing...NOT WHAT I WANTED
I had been waiting for Man Of Steel for more than a year. Watched all its trailers on IMDb itself. And look what they did.

Snyder wanted to make his masterpiece. He probably considers himself a genius. But seriously are we so foolish that we consider such a movie with no decent plot and no clever twists or character development not only good but GREAT.Well its not.

The first half is basically introducing kal-el and his extraordinary abilities and hiding them from the world. It is slow , uninteresting but however provides decent possibility of a lift up in the second half

Now is when it gets worse.

The second half is filled with special effects, CGI and nothing more.The last half hour had me yawning and cursing zack snyder.

This could have been a masterpiece. It had all the elements but missed the thread that ties it all together. And i do not think that nolan was associated with the project in any creative way. The first half was nothing special and the second half was just blowing stuff and 'aliens' beating each other,buildings been torn apart and similar BS.

Almost all the actors were wasted.Although Kevin Costner was good in the screen time he had. Russel Crowe was completely wasted and so was adams. Henry Cavill didn't have to do much but to make weird sex faces while flying. Nothing special about the others either.

I had great expectations from this but they were not met. Rather i left the theater bored, cheated and poorer.

So i suggest not to waste your money on this.The 3d was nothing special either. Overall this was a huge disappointment.

And please don't compare this to Batman Begins. Its not even in the same class.

1/10 and thats because i am a generous fella........and i don't have a choice.
Change of heart...
Months on after calming down and watching it again, I've decided to up my rating from 3 to 7.

First of all, if you're a die hard Superman fan like myself. Then you might be slightly disappointed that this Superman doesn't share the same morals as his predecessors.

Like the earlier movies Kal-El is born on the doomed planet Krypton. His loving father Dur-El rescues his son by sending him to Earth as a last resort to continue the Kryptonian bloodline. Kal-El grows up on a farm in Smallville with Super Powers and the name Clark Kent. This is where the similarities between Man of Steel and the Superman series end. Which is why it got a few peoples backs up.

When watched with an open mind and seeing it for what it is (A whole new movie) it's actually very good. The specials are incredible though some times slightly overdone (Especially the shaky camera). The acting is top notch and Henry Cavill plays the role excellently.

I think it's 7.5 Overall rating on IMDb is where this movie belongs and should be viewed by everybody.

MY OLD REVIEW "If you can overlook any Superman film or series you've ever seen, put aside a million and 1 inconsistencies and watch with an open mind. Then this is the film for you.

Superman is not just a man with superpowers but a man with strong morals that means more to him than his own life. Under no circumstances does Superman endanger the lives of civilians. The big battle will have killed thousands and thousands of people, and left millions injured or trapped. But "Superman" continues to throw Zod through buildings, without a care in the world for the people inside as the building collapses to the floor."
What defines perfection!
Man of Steel - I thought it's gonna be like The Amazing Spiderman at first. Same storyline, same plot, and just a little bit fresh look and technology touch up for a new millennial version of a superhero movie. Watching it for the first hour, I was about to give it a solid 4/5, until it went up to such perfection level of watching satisfaction. The storyline was quite impressive, without losing its originality but a better improvement in line. The plotting of the synopsis was done amazingly different than the other versions of Superman we ever saw in the theater. And characteristically, it was perfectly put on such great screenplay. I wasn't sure if Henry Cavill was a suitable role player with Amy Adams for the Clark-Loise characters, but through out the movie, they seemed like doing the best as it should. Clark is a good choice. And I can see there's somewhere in the scenes, Tom Welling is never left behind for the heroic role. He resembles him very much. And not to forget, there are some extra credit deserved to this movie, which somehow balanced the movie to its perfection. I even love the arts of its photography. It was full of drama and actions, emotions and everything else needed to be there in a great, legendary film should be. Everything was perfectly there, from the storyline itself, the plotting, the casting, the cinematography, the screenplay, the actions and all the effects, the plus and minus, and the everything. It was perfectly superb! If you're ever wanted for a great movie, this is one of your definite option! Almost there, full stars!
Swing and a Miss!
"Man of Steel" is not just a failure on it's story, but a catastrophic meltdown right down to the fundamental core.

1.) If you didn't have tinnitus going into the movie, you will when you come out. This is one of the most unnecessarily decibel cranking movies I have ever seen, that's not me being oversensitive, i've sat through plenty of loud movies.

2.) The Krypton story. I appreciate that time was taken to explore Superman's home planet, parents, and how he came to be on Earth. It's also when I started to become uneasy with this movie. Zod & co. are convicted and sentenced, and a huge spacecraft collects them for punishment.

I could accept that perhaps this supposed advanced culture's arrogance stopped it from seeing it was doomed (I'll reluctantly give it a pass, it's been in every Superman i've ever seen, But why didn't Jor-el utilize a bigger ship? Surely he'd figure out how, or own one of his own. I didn't question this in the original Donner version because no Spacecraft scene was there, only the weird mirror.

3.) The Codex. Jor-el swims through fields of growing babies left over from the Matrix, grabs a skull, dissolves it, and infuses it into his baby. Couldn't we just stick with he obtained powers from passing through a sun?

When you suck all the mysticism and wonder from a story, something is lost in translation. (that's you Star Wars prequels).

Likewise this happens when you try to shovel in as much ridiculous crap as you can.

4.) Pa Kent. Wasn't this supposed to be the surrogate father that Clark loved, respected and who helped to mold him into a good man? Watch as he treats his son with indifference and coldness. His demise, a scene that is supposed to be powerful and poignant, is instead boiled down to a stupid action scene for no real reason at all. Costner really phoned this one in.

5.) Some stories are means to be dark and full of drama and angst. Superman is not one of them, and it shows. It's a huge trend now to make every super hero story dark and depressing, this works great for comics like Batman or Watchmen, but backfires horribly for Superman,(Take a note from "The Avengers" guys, it's possible to be successful and convincing without being dark all the time.)

Am I saying he can't be frustrated, angry or upset? No, of course not. Reference again the Donner version for how this can be achieved properly and effectively.

6.) Numerous miscasts. Don't care for Henry Cavill...I just couldn't get into him as Superman, and I tried, I really did, he just didn't convince me.

Likewise on Amy Adams, who took me so far outside the character of Lois Lane there was no going back. She also lacks any chemistry what-so-ever with Superman.

Fishburne is well...there, but nothing about him is memorable. Diane Lane is serviceable.

7.) Superman doesn't act like Superman, and may actually cause more casualties that any villain, device, in this movie. Huge buildings are destroyed, countless people are incinerated, crushed or seemingly blown up, and it goes on forever.

This contributed greatly to the further removal of myself from the Superman character, frankly this molds him into more of a douchebag hellbent on personal vengeance than it does as a hero. (btw there is continuance here of the "Jesus" savior references from the last movie..ridiculous.) There no way I could invest in him, I promise I tried, I did.

8.) Other misc. stuff thrown in that bothered me. Lois in the Arctic, there was absolutely no reason for her to be there. The dumb Arctic spaceship and the equally ridiculous contents therein. The anti-climatic death of Zod.

9.) Lois Lane on board with the army/Air Force with the baby ship. Why do movie makers constantly feel the compulsion to have characters do things for the sake of having them in some big action scene. Lois functions best as the snoopy reporter, and occasional damsel in distress.

A few things I liked about the movie:

1.) The terraforming machine was cool. I "guess" I could buy the explanation about terraforming other planets. It's not the worst plot line they could've come up with. I liked the way the CGI/special effects for it were done.

2.) General Zod. One of two characters I actually enjoyed. Too bad they didn't develop him more or give him some real dimension. But Michael Shannon does a great job. After a while his scenes were the only ones I looked forward to. At least he had some passion, conviction, and reasons behind him doing the things he's doing. After the disaster the rest of this movie is, you'll find yourself rooting from him. (um, filmmakers, this is what you intended right? You didn't want me to root for the hero did you?)Too bad we won't be seeing him again as Superman offed him horribly.

3.) Jor-el was great. Russell Crowe did a great job. He was a highlight for me. There was more intensity and emotion in interactions between himself and Zod (both "hologram" Jor-El and person Jor-el) than collectively between anyone else in the entire movie. Great job guys.

Skip this one, you'll feel mad at wasting your hard earned money on the ticket. If you were a fan of the Donner series (I am.) Remember your hero as Christopher Reeve portrayed him, brave, honorable, kind, and properly angsty and emotional.

2/10 for Shannon and Crowe, and for some of the effects.
Great Superman film and this film is Comic Book Superman post crisis Not Donners Silver Age version
All in all i have to say Man of Steel is a great film, saw the early screening and believe me this film is up there with TASM and Batman Begins. I expect the film to be divisive for the reasons being this isn't the Donner Continuity. Matter a fact most of the critics of this film kept referencing to the Donner Films every paragraph in their reviews. Let me get this out of the way right now and this is a sad reality to people who are fans of COMIC BOOK Superman. Nobody knows comic book superman a lot of people claim superman was always light hearted, that is BS when Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster made superman he was a very serious character and wasn't a boyscout the popular idea of Superman being who he is ( which is slowly changing with MOS and post crisis version) is Silver Age and that's a fact a lot of fans don't want to admit.

Man Of Steel does a amazing job and giving us Modern Superman better then Brandon Routh ever did in all honesty. His Superman was too selfish. Henry Cavill Superman serious demeanor is pure Kingdom Come superman and Golden Age Superman and Bruce Timm superman from the 90s( the original vision of the writers superman was supposed to be taken has a serious science fiction character has superman earliest adventure dealt with crime and corporate greed and a lot of his villains dealt with Transdimsional travel like some Bioshock Infinite stuff. Comics Code came along and we have Silver Age campyness. Anyways the special effects and the acting are solid. Superman is a bit to serious but i really don't care there are Superman in comics that are very serious like Kingdom Come Superman and to me Cavill Superman falls under pure Golden Age Superman personality.

Russel Crowe was awesome in this film he has more screen time and everyone will agree this is the best Jor El ever in all honesty better then Brando IMO.

Micheal Shannon has Zod was the only this that was disappointing but he was still good none the less and still way more threatening then the Mandarin of Iron Man 3 or the Real Mandarin i might add. DC at least showing that there villains are not throw away characters.

Amy Adams has Lois Lane is great and i expect there relationship to expand more in the sequel to this film ( which will definitely be better since WB wants Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Writer and Lost Ark Indiana Jones film) I have a feeling that she is the best Lois Lane and why some people may think its a miscast it is not IMO it isn't.

Kevin Cosner and Diana Lane are great in this showing a more realistic depiction or should i say NOT the Silver Age Superman's your destined for great things Pa and Ma Kent like we had but the more Golden Age Version when they were very over protective of Clark has a child.

Action in this film rivals the avengers and the spectacle is absolutely incredible MOS fight scenes have Heart the critics are BS a lot cause i didn't see them say anything about Iron Man 3 fights don't you. Man of Steel has raised the bar on action in Superhero films and i expect the action will be toned down for the sequel a bit more cause of the possibility of Lex Luthor has the villain. Man of Steel for me has a Comic Book fan of Superman and love for DC and Marvel characters Man of Steel is a thrilling experience and will entertain Man of Steel will be the Anti Iron Man Fans love it audience love it critics pan it. But for me Man of Steel is a 9.8/10
Half baked story employing a famous brand...
This movie didn't bother to provide a reason for the non-comic book crowd to care about the characters. If you subtract or otherwise disregard the previous superman movies, then all you're left with is some weird tale about a willfully reclusive guy who's chosen to save the world and has a devotion to a woman (Lois) whom he only shares screen time with for a few minutes.

There's no character development in this film. There's very little humanity in it. It gives you few reasons to keep watching, but if you have nothing better to do, it's not a complete waste of time. It's on par with the countless other half-baked movies that possessed a fraction of this movie's budget.
Would Superman Please Make Himself Known to the Audience
Here's the problem.

To make a successful Superman movie you only need one thing...


Not hard is it.

Why is it then that he is completely absent???

Sure there's a blue and red blob that zips from one scene to the next but I didn't pay to watch a pixelated blur.

I came to share a couple of hours with my favourite super hero of all time.

The guy who, when I was a kid, was on my bed clothes and whose outfit I proudly wore to every fancy dress party.

Alas it was not to be.

I'm not knocking Henry. He ticks a lot of the boxes but we just didn't spend any time with him. We didn't get to know him. We didn't care for him.

How could the writers of the brilliant Dark Knight series and the director of the equally brilliant Watchmen get it so wrong. Those films were all about character development.

We got to know them as human beings. We could relate.

Like the Iron Man trilogy, those movies weren't about the men in the suits, they were about the men. It made the moments they were in their suits so much more powerful.

And yet no. It was not to be.

I only hope they get it right next time.
Indestructible grunting Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
There are always hyped up "best movie ever" reviews, even for the worst of movies. Transformers2 and After Earth come to mind.

SPOILERS Krypton scenes straight out of Matrix (human pods), and Avatar (flying dragon), and Star Wars (weird shiny flying city lasers.. I was expecting a light saber any second).

Kryptonians have been exploring the stars, colonizing planets for 100,000 years only to stop recently... in ironic twist, the only two spacecraft are a prison ship for General Zod who tried to overthrow the government, and one only big enough for a baby. Oh and prison ship releases everybody when the home-world explodes - Seriously?

The beginning is OK. Young Clark is angry his father wont let him use his powers. But crucial character development missing. You don't see Clark smile, laugh, learn, or have any sense of what's on his mind, because he's a mindless frowning drifter.

General consensus on inter-webs has two categories of Man of Steel watchers: those who got super bored by beginning but gave 10/10 because of over 1 hr of non-stop punching and throwing through buildings, and those like me who watched in horror as your friendly neighborhood nice guy turns into the hulk smashing everything in sight.

People on Krypton are genetically engineered, and would be super strong if not for the poor air and faint sunlight on Krypton. Krypton had a archive of all DNA - the codex (no backups). Zod arives in giant spaceship and demands Kal-El (superman) to get Codex. USA military arrests Superman and hands him over to Zod. Superman bleeds from breathing poor air, but freed by Lois. Zod's invincible goons search Superman's baby ship for it, and fight him demolishing small town, killing plenty of soldiers. But Superman cracks helmet and gives them x- ray vision superpowers which they don't have Superman 33 years experience to control.

So, the aliens send down a terra-forming ship which stars destroying Metropolis and making air poor like Krypton's. In a "surprise" twist, it turns out the Codex is embedded in Superman's cells. Superman smashes the machine in 1 punch, and then starts 15 rounds of boxing with Zod (who got super powerful breathing Earth's air), smashing through building like Hulk, while military throws his baby spaceship into Zod's spaceship because it will cause blackhole. Finally, Superman gets really mad, strains like constipated and kills Zod... and flash forward Clark disguised with black glasses as reporter.

So, what's wrong? EVERYTHING - young Clark saves kids but watches hurricane engulf his dad - all the kids find out he has superpowers, all town's people when he's fighting Zod's goons, and Lois tells everybody Clark is a super alien, yet he disguides himself by putting on black glasses. - No backup to codex.. seriously? Why not take Superman's blood he bled. And why Earth.. you can terraform any planet. Heck, we have super air, why "pollute" it? - no "its bird, its plane, its superman"... nobody admires him - he is like Hulk smashing villains through cars and buildings - so what's the whole point of inspiration speech by his father about being hero. - how can Superman be a hero. Hero is sacrifice for others. What can he sacrifice when he's invincible... we never see a bruise or scratch. - why bother giving military orders to drop his baby spaceship into Zod's ship if he's super strong and can do it lickedy split. And two "warp drives" explode if they collide - so how did Krypton;s people explore the stars? - since when was Superman so bossy? - 0 romance. 0 comedy. Only iconic memorable lines are spoken by Rusell Crowe. Superman makes up for only 6-7 lines, with plenty of frowning, grunting and angry face.. is he Hulk constipated? is this Halloween? - Dark Knight, Avatar, Avengers, even all 3 Transformers had memorable lines, laughs, comradery and imaginative original atmosphere. This new Superman has nothing... there was nothing distinctive. Just same generic skyrise being smashed over and over like punching bag.

Honestly, the legions of people voting this movie as perfect speaks to the extent of the brain drain in this world.

Man of Steel is EXACTLY what's wrong with Hollywood. It is the absolute worst of all the superhero movies ever created.
"Man Of Steel" was an absolute masterpiece.

"Man Of Steel" was an absolutely amazing movie, there's not much more I can say to convey how incredible that experience truly was. The development and the action was beyond anything I've seen. All of the actors/actresses were fantastic in this film, and they worked their hearts out. Cavill and Snyder both create a Superman that feels realistic, a man that has lost SO much. Clark Kent, who is struggling to find his place in the world that he doesn't fit in, finds out his people are wiped out, his home was destroyed, and he's essentially adopted. Now Earth, a planet that he does not originate from, is ENTIRELY on his shoulders, and he still manages to flash a smile. Between Henry Cavill, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Ayelet Zurer, the emotional connection this movie brought forth was outstanding.

Now, some negative reviews are seeming to take hold on this movie, and I have some input for these people. First off, this movie is obviously well made, there is no question about it, your credibility of even making an argument against that is practically revoked by standard. However, some people believe that the development of certain aspects of the movie were lacking, and for that I wish to elaborate my opinion on. "Iron Man 3" and "The Avengers" for instance both received high reviews, but showed just as much action as "Man Of Steel" did, possibly even more. Thing is, "Man Of Steel" had way more development in every fundamental department. I absolutely LOVE the "Iron Man" movie series, along with "The Avengers." I'm a huge comic book fan, but this is absolutely absurd. "300," another movie which I love, even has a higher review, but we ALL know that the development was sub-par at best compared to this movie. Stop leaving negative reviews in spite of a movie, just because it's highly anticipated, and you wish to be edgy.
Man of Aluminum (Can).
I just watched this movie again on Netflix for the second time, and I couldn't figure out why I didn't remember it, even though I was sure I went to see this in the theatre on its second weekend? I had apparently forced myself to forget it. To call this a Superman movie is an insult. Maybe I went into this movie expecting too much, considering what a hatchet job that has been done with remakes. Wow.

I won't rehash all of the many, many incredible errors in the film. I'm not even a big comic fan, and never was. (I couldn't understand the obsession even 30 years ago, when I was a teen.) This movie was a stereotypical summer blockbuster for now, filled of a bunch of guns, explosions, and wildly changing volumes...and very little logic, plot or dwelling into the hero's psyche to understand the larger picture.

Things like: 'Why would you keep blasting away with guns that obviously had no effect?' or the other side of that 'Where are these supposed bullets going, as they are not rebounding to hit their firer?'

The young male proclivity to 'Fight just to throw each other around with no real aim or objective?' or its inverse 'Are there people inside the building that are the host of this wanton property destruction?'

Another example: Superman breaks the neck of his enemy when said enemy uses his laser vision toward a bunch of panicked idiots. 'How does he do this?' 'WHY does he do this when there are many other options available?' aka 'Isn't Superman a pacifist?' 'How does the enemy know they are there so exactly?' 'Does the laser only shoot straight forward, rather than at the many angles the human eye can rotate in?'

These are just three examples. There are a lot more. An incredibly bad movie about an icon of our imaginations. How many boys have wanted to be 'Clark Kent, mild geek turned superhero' and how many girls have wanted to be 'Lois Lane, Daily Planet reporter by day, hot girlfriend of Superman by night.' I know I did.
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