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Mad Families
IMDB rating:
Fred Wolf
Finesse Mitchell as Franklin
LilRel Howery as Ron Ron
Amanda Christine as Ron Ron Kid 2
PJ Hubbard as Ron Ron Jr
Ashley James as Francesca
Justice Alan as Rolando Jr
Naomi Kyle as Ranger Kelly
Chanel Iman as Shantaysia
Clint Howard as Gravy
Storyline: Three families compete for a camping spot during a busy Fourth of July holiday weekend.
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Mad Families
I met Clint Howard in South Bend, Indiana during a film festival. It was three years ago. He's a nice guy. Therefore, I wish I could go back in time to tell him not to appear in 2017's Mad Families (my latest review).

So OK, what do you get when you put Charlie Sheen, Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, Howard, Leah Remini, Barry Shabaka Henley, and Chris Mulkey in a quasi-movie together? Well, you get the weirdest casting combo since 2004's Wild Hogs. You also get one of the most annoying films this side of last year's Undrafted. I ranked Undrafted the worst piece of cinematic crap via 2016. It's only March but Mad Families might take 2017's Razzie prize come December.

Oh I almost forgot, Dennis Quaid is sadly featured in a cameo during the ninety minute running time of "Families" (seventy-five if you take out the commercials and end credits). He plays a park ranger who slurps rum and views porn. I'm gonna have to watch him in Breaking Away just to get those images out of my head. Ugh.

Anyway, "Families" is about three families comprised of African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians. They have similar last names and because of a computer error, they all book the same camp site on a hot Fourth of July weekend. These socially inept weirdos have a competition and whoever wins said competition, gets to stay and take in the leafy wilderness at Site 16. IMDb doesn't indicate where the proceedings were shot but hey, who cares. Oh and "Families" doesn't have an MPAA rating but I'll go with a hard PG-13. Again, who cares.

Cultural tensions, ratings, and sparkler holidays aside, Mad Families is a so- called comedy about race and it feels really dated. Characters bicker, fight aimlessly, tell jokes, and project themselves as total buffoons. I wanted to slap these hackneyed characters and the actors who play them. Are these troupers appearing in "Families" strictly for the paycheck? Maybe. Are they embarrassing themselves regardless? Yup.

What's worse is that this flick's production company (Crackle), appears on screen via the lower right-hand corner throughout. I don't think I've ever seen that in a movie before. Pretty lame and tacky if you ask me. Bottom line: Mad Families as an Internet release, should've never been made. David Spade co-wrote the script and you wish that he could just go back to being on the canceled sitcom, Rules of Engagement. Nevertheless, my rating is one star only because I don't give zero stars to anything. After all, making a film is hard work even if it sucks as much as this drivel.
Charlie Sheen
Alright, so I watched this movie mainly because I was excited to see more of Charlie Sheen. It was a bit disappointing that he did not play a big role. It would have been nicer if he had played more scenes. I love Charlie, however, I think he shouldn't have been playing a role of a son, I think he's just too old for it. It would make more sense if he starts taking up roles that suit his age, it would be more believable and he could also ease up on the foundation.

I think maybe it's about time that Charlie stops playing the role of a drunk. I think his melt-down is far behind us and we should be able to see more of him playing a different character.

That being said, I think some of the jokes were redundant, as we've heard them repeatedly on Charlies' sitcoms, and on many others.

These are my Sheen related comments.

I don't have much to say about the other actors, because again, I believe we all watched this movie to find out what Charlie has been up to.

Overall, for a comedy, I think it's weaker than the other comedy films out there. It doesn't compare to the standards we expect of today's comedy. It was a bit lame, a bit plain, and that is understandable for a family genre, however I do believe that for this scenario there is a big room for a better more creative delivery.

I'm not a professional critic and this is my first review ever, this is just what I personally have to say about this film.

I still love Charlie, and I am always looking forward to watching him, well, winning.
Warning: Just because you're funny on SNL doesn't mean you can write a comedy movie script.
I'd hate to begin with the cliché 'this is the worst movie ever made,' but this movie (if you can call it that) is certainly in the running. Who knows? Maybe David Spade still believes he has talent and is writing another one that sinks even lower than this debacle, or any of his other box office blunders. He seems dead set on reaching the bottom of the moviedom barrel, and by God, if he can somehow summon all his writing talent, I believe he'll get there.

The film's cast is made up of C, D, and no list celebrities, and Charlie Sheen should have stuck with what he does best . . . whatever that is. Honestly, I haven't seen the ending, and there is no such thing as a 'spoiler alert' with this little gem. There is nothing to spoil. If you do happen to get to the ending before you throw yourself out a window, let me know if we ever get to see the busty blond in a bikini. A little gratuitous skin would certainly lift the artistic integrity of this masterpiece to a whole new level of 1 star entertainment.
The Racial "Joke-off" Is Only Funny Scene...
I managed to see this brand-new Crackle original comedy the other day. Charlie Sheen and Leah Remini head up a cast of 3 families of different racial backgrounds who compete for a camping spot on one 4th of July weekend, and all chaos ensues. Dennis Quaid has a little cameo as the park ranger, and producer David Spade as an intervention specialist. LOL

I managed to chuckle a few times throughout this, particularly at the series of racial jokes in the "joke-off" scene, but other than that, this is a pretty forgettable and unfunny film. I read one IMDb user say it best I guess -- which it's "not bad for free". I sure wouldn't pay to see this.. LOL
Not even Charlotte McKinney can save this piece of crap.
Big Charlie Sheen fan here, he's completely wasted in this flick. Defitelyu worthy of Crackle, but not worthy of your time. Dennis Quaid makes a funny cameo, and McKinney makes for some good eye candy when she's not bitching at Charlie or making ugly faces, but this thing is just not funny.

"We have become a nation of soft pussy people." OK, thats the highlight of the movie. You've been warned.
Not so good as i expected
OK, so let's begin. This movie is worse than a YouTube 20 seconds advertise. Everything begins so spontaneous that you don't get to remember the characters. The movie has a story ? Wow... about 3 families, Mexican family ; white family and black family. I'm sorry writers but you forgot to add a new family.. the Chinese family because why not? I give the movie 3 stars because Charlie Sheen plays in it and i love the actor, that's all. He still use that ,,Charlie Harper" character style and i love it. The actors ain't that bad.
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