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London Boulevard
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance
IMDB rating:
William Monahan
Donald Sumpter as Pentonville Governor
Anna Friel as Briony
Andrew Havill as Unlikely Vagrant
Sanjeev Bhaskar as Dr. Raju
Velibor Topic as Storbor
David Thewlis as Jordan
Ray Winstone as Gant
Eddie Marsan as DI Bailey
Colin Farrell as Mitchell
Keira Knightley as Charlotte
Ben Chaplin as Billy
Matt King as Fletcher
Jonathan Cullen as Anthony Trent
Storyline: Fresh out of prison, Mitchel wants nothing to do with crime but accepts a kip from Billy, a marginal grafter, and accompanies Billy on rent collection trips. He's also old school, wanting revenge on two youths for assaulting a mendicant he's befriended. He's got a strung-out sister to protect, and he's offered a job protecting a famous actress from paparazzi. The plot lines join when Michael finds himself attracted to the actress and Billy's Mob boss, Gant, finds ways to force Michael work for him. He also warns Michael off revenge against the assailants of his friend. What are Michael's options: is there any way to avoid Gant, protect his sister, and find a path to love?
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Muddled thriller
I enjoyed London Boulevard even though it has a bit of an identity crisis.

Hard man Mitchell (Colin Farrell) comes out of prison determined to reform. He gets a job as gofer / handyman for Charlotte (Keira Knightley), an unhappily married young movie star who is constantly pursued by paparazzi. Unfortunately, Mitch is still in touch with all his old contacts, in particular his worthless sister Briony (Anna Friel) and his even more worthless friend Billy (Ben Chaplin), and it is through Billy that he is brought into contact with ruthless crime boss Gant (Ray Winstone).

There are so many plot threads introduced that you're never quite sure how important each one is or where they are going or how they interlink (if at all), other than that you suspect a Get Carter ending from fairly early on, courtesy of the weird paparazzi guy.

For all that, it keeps you interested all the way through. It's violent, foul mouthed, sometimes amusing, filled with faces familiar to UK TV watchers,and with some good performances. My main reservation is that there is much of it which doesn't make apparent sense if you think about it.

Still, when has that ever stopped me enjoying a film before? Apart from Independence Day, that is?
My 387th Review: Smart film spoiled by blatant buffoonery
Boulevard is a mishmash of plots, characterization, and mostly works. When it works it's very good indeed. But, and it's a massive but, when it loses it's way it's nearly dirigible. There juxtaposition of the two worlds: gangster London vs. Holland Park (think Upper West Side) is handled well, but the 70s Get Carter / 90s Guy Richie feel is at odds with the romantic plot and the palette of genres and styles is too much - you end up feeling that it's a bit overwhelming.

Everyone does what they're supposed to do effectively, all the London geezers are just that, and Kneightley is actually way better here than I can remember - a big big improvement on The Duchess.

I could very happily take away Ray Winstone's role and you'd have a complete film (and another entire film) that would work just as well. His role overbalances this film into the cartoonish and what could have been a really nicely done film turns into something bordering on the buffoonish.

It's a good attempt at doing something new with the British class movie but you never get to feel truly involved, in addition, the film is weakened by an ending that should move us and just leaves us empty.

Liked the themes and the chemistry between the leads a lot and they should have gone with that. Worth watching but the last quarter lets it done a lot.
Utterly Pointless
The F-word is bandied about far more than is necessary by characters other than those you might expect it of. With big names like Colin Farrell and Kiera Knightly you might be fooled into thinking that the movie must be good and it could have been if only some of those swear words were replaced with something that gave the characters believable motivations for the things they do in this film. The synopsis says this is about an ex-con falling in love with a reclusive actress but you barely see evidence of a romance. Too much time is spent on things inconsequential to the story line leaving the viewer wondering at the end what was the point.
It works well, but so does castor oil supposedly.
Just another British gangster flick? That's what I was afraid of. It starred Colin Farrell, so I thought I would have to at least give it a try.

Farrell, like most actors, has a limited range, but when he fits a role, he usually excels, as he does in this flick. Of course he plays the brooding, soulful, powder keg criminal with a heart of gold (whose sister, well acted by some relatively unknown performer, is a mentally disturbed hooker with a heart of stone). Very pleasantly, the storyline, which is punctuated with some pretty rough violence and a killer soundtrack, is quite unpredictable (at least, I thought so).

Even though I watched it a couple of days ago, I'm still not certain about how I feel about the ending, which will likely leave a sour taste in a lot of people's mouths. Still, I can't say that I saw where the plot was going, or where it was going to end up, which is one of the characteristics I value most in a film experience.

Because my mind hasn't made complete peace with the ending, I'm holding back full marks, although I think there are arguably legitimate artistic reasons for how it was all wrapped up.
A Nutshell Review: London Boulevard
If a beautiful world renowned actress asks in point blank fashion the very first time you meet her, whether you will be able to protect her, the only answer that's valid, is a Yes, even though you have absolutely no idea why that was asked and how you're going to fulfill that promise. That's what transpired when Keira Knightley's character Charlotte meets Colin Farrell's Mitchel initially, setting the stage and sowing the seed for a thick romantic angle in London Boulevard.

Based upon the novel by Ken Bruen and adapted for the screen by William Monahan, who got his fair share of fame from adapting the Hong Kong crime thriller Infernal Affairs into Martin Scorsese's The Departed, London Boulevard had a lot of good things on its side to guarantee success but its potential got lucked out through some astonishingly perplexing pace and development, with aspects of it feeling rushed yet stagnating at the same time. Monahan's debut directorial feature film, it goes to show his inexperience in helming what would be a Brit gangster movie, riddled with clichéd moments and characters that made it a mediocre effort at best.

Colin Farrell's Mitchel is a man just released from prison, and as far as stories go there are a dime a dozen of tales where the anti-hero decides to turn over a new leaf after a jail term, but finding himself inevitably sucked back into the life of violence, with the adage of living and dying by the sword being that constant reminder. He gets offered two paths at his crossroads in life, one to become a protector and handyman to a reclusive actress who is constant paparazzi fodder, and the second is to enter the fold of a vicious gangster Gant (Ray Winstone) who sees Mitchel as a promising lad to have to do battle on his side. Trouble comes from Gant being rejected outright for that of a more normal livelihood, and revenge at being jilted (yes, it does seem that way) is of the order as Mitchel tries to become that romantic hero in Charlotte's life.

That basically sums up the plot, filled with enough violent moments ranging from smashing a man's face on a glass to cold blooded murder, and even suggestion of violence through shots such as a clump of hair bloodily stick on a hammer. Gangsters spew expletives, and that was peppered throughout everyone's dialogue. But these elements do not make an exceptional gangster film. For starters, perhaps the English was too heavily accented that I can barely make out what each of the characters are saying, with plenty of mumbling being no help at all.

While Colin Farrell had enough of screen time to show off his acting chops, exuding his suave charisma as the gangster determined to stay on the right side of the law, little can be said of the same for Keira Knightley, whose Charlotte is as thin as cardboard and doesn't make for a believable character, who had chosen to confine herself and live as a recluse just because of a reason mentioned in passing, and the loads of creepy, insult spewing paparazzi who invade her comfort zone when she steps out of the house. The romance between Knightley and Farrell also felt too rushed and forced as you stay a step ahead and predicted the outcome. And when the lead characters do not share chemistry, it's half the battle lost.

Probably the key saving grace to the film is the excellent cast of supporting actors who brought a little bit extra to the table despite their limited screen time, and it's certainly their star studded presence that helped. Anna Friel plays the scatty sister of Mitchel's who truth be told is a needless character, and David Thewlis' perpetually high business manager of Charlotte's bring much needed light-heartedness to what is a film that takes itself too seriously. Ben Chaplin as the bumbling hoodlum also brought on some laughs through his character's unfortunate ineptness, and I was looking forward to more scenes with the character that was not to be.

First films come with limitations no matter what the filmmaker's pedigree is, and London Boulevard is a classic case example of just that, and wasted potential. Great soundtrack though that helped to carry this film through from start to finish.
http://readreels.blogspot.in/ : A half baked cake.Half is so good that you'll want your full but sadly its not there.
London Boulevard, a crime caper kind of a movie stars Keira Knightley and Colin Farrel in the lead. The films starts with Colin Farrel's character Mitchel getting out of prison after three years.He decides to go straight.He takes a job of protecting this young out of work actress Charlotte that Keira Knightley's playing who is quite unsocial and reclusive in nature and is quite paranoid with the surrounding paparazzi.Charlotte lives with Jordon played by David Thewlis who plays his part exceptionally well.The problems start when Gant who is a big time don becomes interested in Mitchel.You'll get the idea if you have seen Michael Mann's Thief as this film's outline is quite similar but they are totally different films.

Keira has little to do in the movie, though i haven't read the novel this film is based on but I'm sure Keira's character in the novel would have been much more developed than what we see in the film and to make this story work that was essential.The chemistry between the leads has few moments but they are not fully realized and it feels chopped off.Although the film was beautifully scripted but the acting sometimes looked forced and quite unnatural at times.Only David Thewlis catches your eyes every time he's on the screen.Colin Farrel never makes me care about his situation or his dilemma.

London Boulevard doesn't quite finds its foot between its romance and violence and sadly stays quite mediocre throughout.Through last twenty something minutes promise to be fulfilling but they are undone by the ending with what we see and what we don't.Its a nice time spender but you don't get a reward back from it and that's what makes it so disappointing.Its a dart that misses the board.
Typical European movie
I asked the DVD store guy for an action ROM-com.He misunderstood what I said with romantic-drama and gave me this DVD.I watch British movies now & then 7 liked most of them.So, went ahead and bought it.I rushed to my home to watch it(BTW I know you don't wanna know you don't give a damn about why & where I 've bought the DVD but I wrote it because of the 10 line rule of IMDb).

Now about the movie,it was a stereophonic European movie in which everyone died at the end except Keira Knightly.From the beginning till the end it had too much of conversation and less of action really made me go to sleep.If there is anything I liked in this movie,then It would be,Ferrel punching Winstone's girlfriend & Ray Winstone killing Anna Friel.I was pretty much disappointed with the movie and would recommend it only if you like movies with -'ve ending.
Hard to follow at times
Mitchel (Colin Ferrell) is released from prison. His old gang wants him back, but he declines. Then he gets a job caring for Charlotte (Keira Knightley) a reclusive actress constantly besieged by the paparazzi, but the big Crime Boss, Gant (Ray Winstone), wants Mitchel to come and work for him.

(What was good?) The acting performances by Ferrell, Kightley, Ray Winstone, and David Thewlis as Jordan, Charlotte's cook, butler, and secretary of sorts.

(What was bad?) Pervasive use of the "C" word and this seems to be a common thread in some Colin Ferrell movies. Not good. (What else?) Too many actors with the Cockney accent to such a point no one could figure out what was being said. I almost shut this down as I couldn't understand anything in the beginning. Are we, the audience, the only ones who see this? When we meet Jordan I said, "finally, now I can understand something." (Anything else?) Well, the title made almost no sense and I suppose no one could come with anything better. Bummer. (That it?) Well, some of the killings by Gant will shock you. (Finished?) Sometimes the music didn't fit the scenes.

This takes a while to see what is really going on. Mitchel declines going back to his old gang and wants to go straight, but there he is helping Billy (Ben Chaplin) collect protection money from apartment dwellers. Will he end up working for Gant anyway? Inquiring minds are on the job again. (5/10)

Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: Yes.
Badly misfiring London gangster flick
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Mitchel (Colin Farrell) is released from prison, and meets up with a ne'er do well old friend who offers him little chance of a hopeful future, as do the wider circle of friends he knows. He's also concerned about his sister, who seems to be falling off the rails. But by chance he finds himself acting as a guard to movie star Charlotte (Keira Knightley) and finds himself engaging in something that could point him in a successful future. But things take a sour turn when he runs foul of a feared gangster...

London Boulevard is a total mess of a film, which an all star cast list and all the catchy 60s tunes in the world can't do anything to cover over. From the hazy, apathetic plot that's hard to get in to and all over the place, to lead star Farrell doing what seems to be another mumbling, poor attempt at a cockney accent, debut director William Monahan has chosen a weak effort to be remembered as his first film behind the camera, and another nail in lead star Farrell's rapidly disappearing career resume. Co star Knightley is of little value, just blurting out her lines as an uptight, on edge young woman, while Ray Winstone could have just phoned in his 'feared local villain' role. Current hot talent Stephen Graham and Eddie Marsan are wasted in more minor roles, not that the material is there for them to work with, anyway. The film just feels completely drained of any sense of coherence, direction or sense, a badly misfiring piece that had the potential to fire high but goes disasterously wide of the mark, and serves as a worthless notch on the bedpost of all those involved. *
Great gangster movie
I did not know anything about this film until I saw it. I felt greatly entertained while watching it and was happy to find David Thewlis in the cast (haven't seen him since Naked). The movie takes this sort of violent trajectory and just spirals down into the inevitable finale. There is a sort of a romance going on between Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley but thankfully it does not overshadow the gangster theme of the story. Ray Winstone is great as the villain and there are other great performances as well (for instance by Thewlis). All the acting is not flawless but all in all it's a movie I would tell my friends to go see. Only negative thing I have to say is about the ending. I don't like it when the hero is killed in the end by a good-for-nothing kid!

One thing that brought me a lot of pleasure the plot aside was the fact that Farrell at one point cites the writer R. M. Rilke. I did not now that guy until I saw the film. Guys, you cannot but dig the quote "Everything terrible is something that needs our love".
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