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USA, Australia, Canada
Drama, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Mangold
Hugh Jackman as Logan
Dafne Keen as Laura
Al Coronel as Federale Commander
Boyd Holbrook as Pierce
Anthony Escobar as Federale
Frank Gallegos as Federale Lieutenant
Eriq La Salle as Will Munson
Elise Neal as Kathryn Munson
Patrick Stewart as Charles
Richard E. Grant as Dr. Rice
Reynaldo Gallegos as Rey (as Rey Gallegos)
Storyline: In 2029 the mutant population has shrunken significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. Logan, whose power to self-heal is dwindling, has surrendered himself to alcohol and now earns a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of the ailing old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. At first he refuses, but the Professor has been waiting for a long time for her to appear. Laura possesses an extraordinary fighting prowess and is in many ways like Wolverine. She is pursued by sinister figures working for a powerful corporation; this is because her DNA contains the secret that connects her to Logan. A relentless pursuit begins - In this third cinematic outing featuring the Marvel comic book character Wolverine we see the superheroes beset by everyday problems. They are aging, ailing and struggling to survive financially. A decrepit Logan is forced to ask himself if he can or even wants to put his ...
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It's different, but that is it's only really good trait
Yes, it's very different from other superhero movies. Not just that it takes inspiration from classic westerns, but also showing superheros when they are out of control, in fear, vulnerable, just trying to get by, rather than "solving the world's problems".

But, otherwise, it doesn't have much going for it. Hugh Jackman tries, but his "Old Man Logan" is strange, somehow you don't feel his struggles. You see them, but you don't feel them. Patrick Stewart does a fine job of depicting an old and sick Professor X, but his story is rather undeveloped, so, again, you don't feel it. OTOH, the X-23 is going "full feminist rage", and at 11 is much better than Wolverine ever was - you obviously can only feel silly about that.

In trying to escape explaining too much, they went overboard. They explain way too little. What's wrong with Professor X and Wolverine? Is it the same as the other mutants or not? What happened to other mutants? I mean, there's this virus and that's it? Come on, there were some geniuses there, The Beast, Emma Frost, Professor X, Jean Grey - surely they figured out something was wrong and tried to fight it. OK, they lost, but we feel way too disconnected with them to make us feel for the ones left behind.

Looking at this movie at its own, it has the problem of many modern movies of loosing its "steam" near the end. Start is OK, hey, there's even a few jokes after the first clash. But, afterwards, while trying, it fails to provide real meaning to all of this. Things happen, so it's not boring, but, it doesn't feel real or meaningful - and the "party line" is that this should "feel real, unlike other superhero movies". One of the problems is there are no more funny moments, which is not real in general, and especially for Professor X and Wolverine, who both had their distinctive senses of humor.

So, it's an OK watch because it's a fresh, different take on a somewhat washed-up genre, but don't expect too much.
Hugh Jackman's finest hour
The most downbeat of all the XMen movies but a good effort. From the beginning it is apparent Wolverine is not well, and Prof Xavier is fading. The glory days of the mutants are long gone, as are most of the mutants. It falls on Wolverine to save a kid, a mutant created by humans.

Hugh Jackman is superb, as is Patrick Stewart. The little girl who plays the young mutant does a great job too. The film is violent, graphically so. This movie is to the XMen franchise what 'MacCabe&Mrs Miller' was to the Western - a deconstruction of the genre.

One of the better XMen films certainly. Worth watching.
If there was ever a comic book movie deemed worthy of perfect, Logan is it.
The word 'perfect' is very objective especially when it comes to film. While Logan may not be a perfect film, it is most certainly a perfect comic book film. It is a masterpiece of the most epic proportions and leaves us with a brilliant swan song for producer and star Hugh Jackman in his final outing as Wolverine. The film, directed brilliantly by James Mangold, is a two plus hour comic book fan's wet dream as we see the version of Wolverine every fan has wanted to see for nearly two decades. While many will be very sad to see Jackman step down from the role, he couldn't have picked a better or more satisfying film to end his cinematic legacy with.

The film takes place in 2029 and shows the world in shambles. Mutants are nearly extinct, water is scarce and the world is just an overall wasteland. This is where we find Logan. He is a limo driving cantankerous caretaker to an even more cantankerous Professor X, who is now suffering from dementia and seizures. He is a borderline alcoholic suffering from a mysterious illness that limits his mutant abilities. Due to this, he lives this quiet life until he meets a young girl who he feels he must protect. Without giving too much away, there is much more here than I can go into but I will say, if you are a fan of the Wolverine comics, this film will bring a tear to your eye. This is probably the most faithful adaptation of a comic book character EVER, Marvel and DC combined. The way the story goes, the way Logan behaves, the selflessness and the rage, this is an all around realized version of this character. While it may have taken a little longer than it should have, this film was worth the wait. James Mangold does a fantastic job at creating the world Logan knows now. This is more of a film like Mangold's 3:10 to Yuma. It is bleak, violent and absolutely heartbreaking. This is far from the PG-13 character we're used to. This is a foul mouthed, miserable and very VERY bloody rendition of the source material. This is a film very much like The Guantlet or Badlands, a crime thriller and on-the-road drama. It very much embodies the look and feel of a film from the mid-70s and it plays to this very well.

The performances in this film are amazing. Hugh Jackman's performance here is the best as the character and may be one of the best of his career. He is miserable and broken in this film and to see him like this as the character, it is bittersweet especially because Jackman has been so attached to this role. If he hurts, we hurt. If he's mad, we're mad. It is a true testament to Jackman as an actor to make his audience feel this connected to someone who is, by traditional standards, completely unrelateable. Boyd Holbrook brings a sinister performance to this and continues to build a very impressive resume. Holbrook is someone who you'll love to hate. The real standout performance here is from Dafne Keen who plays Laura. Without giving away any spoilers, she is BADASS in this film and even gives Logan a run for his money on the brutality.

Overall, Logan is a perfect comic book adaptation that is as heartbreaking as it is visually stunning. Mangold and Jackman create a special film with this that should be talked about for years to come. Believe the hype, Logan is a seriously amazing comic book film that just may be the best ever made and embodies the definition of a perfect adaptation.
How is this movie so highly rated?
I created an IMDb account solely for the purpose of reviewing this movie and to give it a more honest and accurate rating. It says it has an 8.5 rating, but really it should be more like a 1 or 1.5, seriously. What happened to people? Is this really the standard for a good movie nowadays?

I will spare you the suffering of going into great detail about every little flaw in this movie. With that said, here are some of the reasons why this movie sucks:

1. No explanation of the events that have transpired to get to this point. Logan has apparently decided to become a limo driver to make money so that he and Charles can go live on a boat somewhere in the middle of the ocean? Really? And what happened to the other mutants? Supposedly there was some kind of "event" that I guess killed off all the mutants and also stopped them from breeding more mutants. It's hard to say because the movie makes no attempt to clue you in on what has happened.

2. No plot. Besides being lost from the very beginning, nothing really happens throughout the entire movie to progress the story. Logan just drives this little girl and Charles cross country while being chased by some random bad guys who eventually catch up with them -- there's a fight -- more driving -- they get caught again -- rinse and repeat.

3. Who is this Wolverine clone? Where did he come from? how was he made? what is he doing here? Want answers? You get none. He's just there.

4. Both Charles and Logan die in the most anticlimactic and meaningless ways.

The positives:

1. Hugh Jackman
A movie void of any emotion
I do not understand the reviews... What the heck? This movie was maybe not worth 1 star, I agree, because I enjoyed the brutality to some extent. But it falls very short of being the sort of masterpiece it is made out to be. I chose to rate it 5.

First of all, I am not a fan of Wolverine but I've always admitted that Hugh Jackman was made for this role. And his role in pretty much every X-men movie so far was outstanding. He is the Wolverine.

In this movie however, he bored me out of my soul. Even in the brutal scenes he played in, I was not convinced. I understand he is weak and old, and ravaged by Adamantium. But even so, it was not him. He kept whining and suffering and yet I felt nothing. I felt like a narrator who remains as distant as his character as he can. It was cold acting--I do not like cheesy actors either but he clearly left me unaffected. Too bad for a movie that relies on emotion to try and stand out.

Now on to the girl. I felt no emotion whatsoever for her either. There was no emotional build-up or any anchorage point I could tie my heart with. She was a dull character. The way she growled and made faces was overdone and... ridiculous. Her role was blurry. She begins as a beast bent on savagery and blood. And a few days later she calls Wolverine "dad"? And she actually has friends waiting for her? Let me have a laugh, I almost fell out of my chair. Several other people summarized her role in action parts; she goes on a killing spree for the first heated scene but at the end of the movie she cannot handle a small troop with her mutant friends--who make the cut by boasting their powers against a man already down and apprehended while she and Wolvie eat dust. ??? Charles-Xavier's lines were bland but at times I was almost convinced. If it wasn't for the unlikable character that the little beast is I'm sure his words would have affected me more. His death was not even moving--and God knows how much I love Charles Xavier.

The black family was forgettable. Nothing with them engaged my attention. Except the fact they served as a redemption for a Wolverine that had given up on standing for what it is to be an x-men. And even so he failed. Because of a plot twist character who was there for the sake of adding more Jackman for fan service.

But most of all... What happened? For the whole movie I craved some flashbacks, some relevant explanation for Caliban, Xavier, the disappearance of the other X-men, for Wolvie degrading so much, for his copy's reason to exist--why not copy much more powerful mutants that must have been out there. My head was dizzy with lack of information and all it got was a few sentences.

I am honestly quite the easy-going guy. I was not full of expectations prior to the movie. I actually expected the movie to be bad so that I could be less critical or hyped up. I wanted to avoid being disappointed. And while the beginning looked promising, it just went downhill when I felt my questions were poorly resolved, or when the girl's incoherent role showed more and more.

Perhaps the unmemorable soundtrack played its part, perhaps the questions I kept asking myself and the writing inconsistency spoiled my appreciation of the movie. But so it happened and whereas I know the movie tried hard to be emotional and do Wolverine justice, it actually did the opposite.

In a movie in which all I can remember are screams and growls and bloodshed a la Tarantino, Hugh Jackman's last role as the Wolverine is forgettable and painful.
Good bye Logan
X-Men is the first superhero movie I really loved,and the Wolverine is my favorite character in the X-Men movies.It's kind of sad to see the Wolverine gone.Hugh Jackman is a really really good actor,and his Wolverine is the best Wolverine,I don't think that anyone can outdo than him.Good bye Logan,I'll always miss you.
Not bad for a superhero film
I usually can't stand modern superhero films, the only exception being parts of Nolan's Batman series. But the mood of the first half of "Logan" is quite reminiscent of Nolan's work, as it brings a realism and humanity to these familiar, fantastic characters. There's something fascinating about an old, broken down Wolverine limping around half-drunk. Maybe I'm strange, but I almost wish the entire movie was just like the beginning: documenting the uninspiring life of washed up superheros. However, they just couldn't help themselves and the film's final act devolves into the typical kind of nonsense I've come to expect from Marvel movies. It almost seems like a different film at the end from the one that started.

I can't help but feel this was a missed opportunity to make a true statement and break the mould of superhero movies (a rare thing indeed in today's world of movies by corporate committee). While "Logan" is entertaining and certainly worth watching, I was reminded of the 2016 film "Midnight Special," which also features a strange young child on the run, and perhaps does a better job of it.
Sorry, but this is absurd
I don't understand what's the fuss about this film.

If one tries hard enough he might get some hint of motifs such as good against bad, slavery against freedom, and other Darwinian motives, but this is presented so poorly that it turns off any will to try.

Pure rubbish is an understatement.

I kept on going only due to the high rank and recommendations, but this is a total waste of time.

Maybe I am the stupid one, but this movie is so dumb that I had to force myself 3 days watching it.

Stupidity and boredom at it's finest.
Dark and depressing movie
James Mangold wrote and directed Logan things became depressing quickly and set the tone for the rest of the movie.

This film should be titled kill kill and die. Or "Sick Wolverine" I find it hard to believe so many liked this movie, or worse thought it was great.

I don't care for sick wolverine, it makes no sense the adamantium was poisoning him, and I think it was the genetic stuff in foods, that made the mutants unable to reproduce, and also for them to die of some ailment. Wolverines healing power fought it but was losing. But really this is not a good story and ruined the movie for me, I would rather see a normal wolverine one last time than to see this travesty. And if they are going to kill him then so be it, but I don't really like that either. When a actor is saying one more time, they tend to think O lets kill him off then. I don't like that,

The girl Laura was the best thing in the movie, was his DNA daughter, and she looked like fameke Jansen who played jean so they could have said she had DNA from jean too. played superbly by the young Dafne Keen. She never speaks thru half the movie, so does it all with looks etc. And they could have ended it with Logan going to Canada with his new daughter, and the other kids, and starting a school like Xavier did in past. That would have been a better ending that this crap.

Basically everyone in movie dies, except few of the kids, and cant remember if any of the bad guys survived, like the geneticist? Even the family that helped them all died, kill kill kill, not a happy movie at all, just the opposite, very dark and depressing movie with a few light moments that were quickly squashed by something bad.

I did really like the character growth between Logan and the girl, which might be one of the main highlights of the movie's story for me.

I would only watch this again to see the Laura scenes, but it is so depressing I don't know if I ever will want to watch this again.

The main villains of the film are very one-dimensional; at times, the film almost goes deep into their motivations, but abruptly interrupts itself in lieu of more awesome fight scenes. Basically you have a bunch of guys with guns, but they don't use the guns or do so rarely. The main bad guy just seemed not bad, like a robot doing a job. The geneticist was a little better but seemed to come out of nowhere in middle of movie, and was kind of corny.

I gave it a 2 of 10 and I have always liked wolverine and the actor playing the part. The writing and story was awful except for Logan's daughter, take that and write a better story, and it could have been a great movie.

Aside from Laura, this story really sucked, the worst of all the wolverine movies.

It was R rated so they could show graphic violence and I like that, but combined with the depressing story makes it harder to watch.

So Logan winds up buried in some woods, and Prof X buried some unmarked grave too, and everyone says yeah it was great and fitting ending for these 2 characters lol.

O and having Prof X be sick like he was sort of ruined having him in the movie too, and not good to remember him by. I guess I am just an oddball for not liking it, or people who don't like it probably don't want to take the time to come here and do a review, just the fanboys that loved it.
It's okay, but ordinary, not clever.
Bleak, depressing, and average, with occasional entertaining moments and action.

Not as good as previous X-Men movies. Writing is simple and predictable. Very early it becomes obvious the story is about how "down and out" Logan will beat the odds and save the day.

The little girl is good, and does provide some needed unique action. She's a copy in some ways of hit-girl from Kick-Ass, similar age and similar level of violence. So it's not that shocking to see.

Fight scenes were mostly about "killing anonymous bad guys" with various styles of stabbing blades through different entry points. Much like a video game, bad guys never learn that approaching a mutant with only a gun is not the best strategy, but they keep coming in a conga-line of stupidity.

Writers applied a cliché formula to most scenes and characters.

No doubt there's entertainment here, and a keen fan base will lap it up. Many will be happy enough with what's on offer. But the story is ordinary, and the deaths of both Logan and Charles are quite the anti-climax. Last scene with Logan's grave with rocks and a cross was very cheesy.

No explanation is offered for what happened to other mutants. The whole narrative is forced, designed to send off two iconic X-Men characters, (because the actors are too old). Fair enough, but a better movie could have been written to achieve this objective.

Anyone who rates this movie greater than 7 is lacking imagination, happy to take whatever is given.

In the end, it's just a movie, so who cares. It's a solid 5 or 6 out of 10.
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