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Logan Lucky
Crime, Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Steven Soderbergh
Katie Holmes as Bobbie Jo Chapman
Sutton Johnston as Levi Chapman
Boden Johnston as Dylan Chapman
Farrah Mackenzie as Sadie Logan
Eric Perez as Construction Worker
Adam Driver as Clyde Logan
Riley Keough as Mellie Logan
Tom Archdeacon as Max's Non-Tourage #2
Jim O'Heir as Cal
Rebecca Koon as Purple Lady
David Denman as Moody Chapman
Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan
Seth MacFarlane as Max Chilblain
Storyline: Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.
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Lovely comedy,:-)
Cool movie about a heist. Doesn't rely on Adrenalin rush, but strong interesting characters and a good story and realistic plan. Calm nature, dialogue between people and the situations they find themselves in makes it feel real, not another over the top action film. Love the ending.
Ocean's with ......
A heist movie with NASCAR, pageants, and pool of pig's feet: sound like a good idea? This is not a rhetorical question. Theoretically I could provide insight, but truthfully, after the analysis I am just going to deliver a verdict that is basically my number out of 10 answer to this question. Yes, there is going to be the rest of the review, but if you're deciding on whether to see Logan Lucky backtrack to sentence one. Your answer is more important than anything I have to offer.

Logan Lucky is an Ocean's with rednecks. Normally critics use comparisons of this format out of laziness. Movie is other movie, but with other stuff. Ingenious. I only stoop to this since Logan Lucky bludgeons you over the head with the blunt end of this premise and to ignore this fact is to be negligent. Steven Soderberg might have had déjà vu when he first read the script. An ensemble cast, long set up, the job, failure?, and, with the benefit of a flashback revealing new perspective, the sting. Ocean's and Logan Lucky are not similar because they are both heist films with the same director, it's because they have the same structure. The West Virginia vibe, a façade.

Jimmy Logan (Tatum) is latest recipient of the Logan curse. Although content to live simply (without cellphones), his life is threatened when ex-wife (Holmes) wants to move taking their daughter with her. Jimmy is unemployed and desperate. Auspiciously, Jimmy's recent construction job has allowed him intimate knowledge of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, including the subterranean network of pipes transporting cash. Jimmy enlists the help of his younger brother Clyde (Driver), convincing him to get incarcerated so Clyde can conspire with locked up explosives expert Joe Bang (Craig). Together with sister Mellie (Keough) and Joe's bumpkin brothers, the team hopes to break the pair out of prison, pull of the heist of the century, and return the pair to the prison unnoticed. It is a solid plan, but unexpected advances in construction prompts immediate action. The team is forced to give up or tackle the mark during a Memorial Weekend race, the grandest event of the year.

So the bluegrass rift is clearly a creation from someone who has only interacted with Boone Country through TV. Our protagonist is a down on his luck ex-football player with a bum leg, recently divorced, has a daughter in beauty pageants, a veteran brother, daisy duke wearing sister, and his favorite song is, of course, Country friggin Road. Clearly an exploration of the Appalachian experience this is not. Silliness abound, still Logan Lucky is a charmer. I say this knowing that there are those who will never fall for country charm.

Now let us look at the salespeople. With the possible exception Adam Driver, every actor here is clearly playing a part, but loving every minute. Authenticity is out the window, but the magnetism is everywhere. Hillary Swank shows up in the third act as an FBI agent, the closest thing we get to an antagonists, and even her exaggeratedly stern character is likable. Charming potato Channing Tatum has performed variations of this shtick successfully his whole career. Even country pioneer Dwight Yoakam gets in on the act as a warden maybe possibly perchance inspired by Cool Hand Luke. But Daniel Craig is king. He plays the anti-Bond. Totally unrefined and downright bubbly, he is clearly having more fun than any other cast member, maybe even most audiences. The scene in which this convict hick pauses the robbery to explain the chemistry of his explosions is the best of the movie.

I initially referred to the players as salespeople because such slickness aimed at amiability might be occasionally disconcerting, but possibly the only option for the material. The essence of Logan Luck is hockey beyond belief, but never is this pile of clichés painful. If there is anything more to enjoying Logan Lucky then the premise, its understanding the premise is a total fabrication. There is a line describing the events as "Ocean's 7-11." These characters might eat at 7-11, but to suggest this is more real than Ocean sophisticated team is ridiculous. This is a totally contrived fantasy world from people who watched too much Beverly Hillbillies. And I love it.
The Laughs of Logan Lucky
Read full review here: https://ericsgoodstuff.blogspot.com/2017/09/logan-lucky.html

Within Logan Lucky the film itself gives you the most succinct description of what it is: Ocean's Seven-Eleven. Steven Soderbergh returns to the comedy heist genre replacing Las Vegas with West Virginia, the equivalent of a casino on boxing night being a big Nascar race at a track, and instead of a swanky pair of slick criminals we have a couple of lovable, white-trash brothers who you should not underestimate. While not as innovative and novel in style as his original foray into this type of movie, I'm glad Soderberg's back with Logan Lucky.
"Ocean's 11" meets "Talladega Nights"... but not as good as either.
It seems that everybody likes a good heist movie. This one has two guys who have a long history with each other (one of them dealing with a hostile ex-wife) who decide to rob a large entertainment venue during on especially busy day. They put together a motley crew to pull off their plan, which is very intricate, involving many moving pieces and requiring a few lucky breaks along the way. We don't see the extent to which everything came together until flashback scenes toward the end of the movie and, in the last scene, we're left with the impression that the story may not be as complete as we thought.

Oh, but I wasn't just talking about the subject of this review, the comedy crime drama "Logan Lucky" (PG-13, 1:59). Everything I said in the previous paragraph also applies to the 2001 crime drama "Ocean's 11". It only makes sense. This movie's director, Steven Soderbergh, also directed the first three "Ocean's" movies (including the 2004 and 2007 sequels, but not counting the 2018 all-female "Ocean's 8" for which he's as producer). (However, he did not write any of these films – or his Oscar-winning effort, "Traffic", or "Erin Brockovich", "Contagion", "Side Effects" or "Magic Mike", all of which he also directed.) Soderbergh's 2017 heist movie has a lot in common with some of his previous work, but has a very different setting – the southern U.S. This is "Ocean's 11" meets "Talladega Nights".

The Logans make up one of the most UN-lucky families in the South. At least, that's what Clyde Logan (Adam Driver) believes. He can rattle off a long list of relative misfortune to anyone who will listen, especially to his older brother, Jimmy (Channing Tatum). Jimmy had been a star high school quarterback and appeared destined to play college ball and then move on to the pros… until a leg injury ended those dreams and left Jimmy with a permanent limp. Since then, he married a woman named Bobbie Jo (Katie Holmes), had a daughter named Sadie (Farrah Mackenzie) and got divorced. Since Bobbie Jo got full custody, Jimmy has to drive from Charlotte, North Carolina to West Virginia to visit his daughter (which he does frequently… but not always reliably) and support her participation in beauty pageants.

Complicating matters further, Jimmy just loses his job working construction in the tunnels underneath the Charlotte Motor Speedway (due to liability issues related to his bum leg). For his part, Clyde is a disabled military veteran who lost his left hand and forearm in Iraq. Clyde is now a sad sack bartender who never smiles, usually speaks in a monotone and is… kinda slow. One day, British businessman and NASCAR team owner Max Chilblain (Seth MacFarlane) comes into Clyde's bar and begins mocking his disability. Jimmy defends his brother, gets into a fight and destroys Chillblain's car, and the incident gets on Jimmy's last nerve. He decides to stand up for the little guy – and take a bold step to change his life.

Jimmy cooks up a scheme to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Having worked that underground construction job, he knows how they move the money, where they store it and how to get to it. Clyde convinces Jimmy to join him, but they're gonna need more help. They visit an old acquaintance named Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) who is an explosives expert. One problem – Joe is "in-car-cer-ated" (as he sarcastically reminds the brothers) – and is up for parole soon. They say they can get him out of jail to do the job and get him back before he's missed. Joe decides to trust Jimmy and Clyde – but not completely.

Joe insists that his brothers be a part of the heist. Jimmy and Clyde recruit Sam Bang (Brian Gleeson) and Fish Bang (Jack Quaid), even though the Bangs says they "walk with God now" and need "a moral reason" to do the job. The Logans invent one, add their younger sister, Mellie (Riley Keough), to the crew and Jimmy's plan takes shape. Along the way, Clyde gets himself thrown in jail (on purpose), the robbery has to be moved up a week (to Memorial Day Weekend!), and other problems arise, but Jimmy gets everything set and he makes a phone call, saying "call the baker", a signal which sets the plan in motion. After the job, Logan's Six must try to avoid suspicion from FBI agents (led by Hillary Swank).

"Logan Lucky" is a pleasant enough diversion, but not especially creative. Soderbergh himself calls it "an anti-glam version of an Ocean's movie", but he doesn't make especially good use of his setting. Although the locations, circumstances and people are indeed "all South all the time", the script isn't as funny as it tries to be and most of the cleverness comes from heist movie clichés. Country music fans will enjoy the soundtrack (with special attention paid to John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads"), but may wonder whether they're laughing at these unsophisticated characters – or with them. The bright spots come from a few very good moments and the performances against type by actors like Adam Driver and especially Daniel Craig. With all that and a moderate amount of southern charm, the movie is mildly entertaining, but whether you'll consider yourself "lucky" if you're fixin' to take a peek at this Logans' saga, I reckon is kinda iffy. "B-"
Ernest Goes to Jail: Revengeance
Despite the film being an all around good time, it's a very subtle brand of humour. If you're going in expecting a laugh-out-loud comedy, you're gonna be disappointed. I mean, I enjoyed myself but it was an experience that contrasted with what I was expecting of the film. The bulk of the cast does well despite this, especially Adam Driver; he steals every scene he's in.

The direction and cinematography were both top notch, in contrast with the editing, which was very sub par. There was a lot of room to make multiple humorous edits throughout the film, yet these opportunities were wasted.
Logan Lucky is a very decent movie!
Logan Lucky is about a NASCAR bank robbery that is set in motion by Chaning Tatum and Adam Driver. They look for help from Daniel Craig who is the stand out in this movie, he is funny, charismatic and steals every scene he is in. All the performances are great and everybody brings their A game.

This movie definitely uses the 3 act technique, I won't spoil anything but when you see the movie you will get it. The great things are definitely the performances of everybody and how they set up the heist is very interesting. There are some issues with the movie like some scenes just feel pointless and because of that they are a little boring. Also there is a subplot with Chaning Tatums daughter and it is not as interesting as the rest of the movie.

Logan Lucky is definitely a very decent movie and I would definitely recommend to see it. The most interesting thing with this movie is that the director Steven Soderbergh is doing the marketing all out of his own pocket, there is no big studio supporting the film. This is a great thing in my opinion and I hope the movie get's his budget back so other directors will do this and they can completely use their own vision without studios trying to interfere with the project. Logan Lucky is a fun heist movie with good performances and some boring parts, but I would fully recommend you check it out!
I loved the light hearted fun movie
I liked it even more after reading Steven Soderbergh's interview about cutting out big studios from the profits and sharing it with the crew instead. Good for him! "The film is also an answer to questions he's been grappling with his whole career: What if you could make a movie that cut out studios entirely, allowing the filmmaker to do as he or she pleased? What if infamously shady studio accounting could be reduced to something as simple as a password-protected website, where everyone involved with the film— from the producers to the costume designer to Adam Driver— could simply log on and see how much money the film had made, and what percentage of that money was theirs?"
This movie was so bad I was more interested in why the Critics are acting like cult members reviewing it.
It's truly the overblown, fake reviewed movie version of Dianetics! They bought their own books to make it look like a fantastic bestseller.

I've seen people praise it because they feel it accurately portrays Southerners! Holy stereotyping 200,000,000 people Batman! This is what these kids truly think nowadays, about half the country!

OK here we got Channing Tatum, a guy who gets fired, and decided to rob the Coca-Cola 600. He's not a likable person. He's not doing this out of revenge or anything, and somebody even says "What did NASCAR ever do to you?" to which there's no response? There's no build up of a relationship with the recruits.

They, like the critics simply go along because hey, it's Channing, our secret boy crush.

People say what Channing does in the end is a plot twist. Really? We were shown nothing to make us think he wouldn't screw everybody over? When I read review after review that praises this, I really wonder if half the reviewers actually sat through the movie?

Honest to God, not one outburst of laughter from a full audience! Yet it's constantly referred to in reviews as a fun, funny, hilarious movie. The only other conclusion is...reviewers are getting paid off? Everybody is stupid a sa rock! Everybody(underlying, subtle theme Southerners, NASCAR is for retarded rednecks)but not in a dumb and dumber comedic way. In an insulting the entire South way. Way to alienate your paying customers!

You know, I never really got the pretentious Oceans movies, anyway. They're simply big cast throw together movies. And now they're making an all female version? They're Love Boat with a heist. Do people really worship the hip new movie stars instead of a deity, nowadays?

How bad, miscast, and trying to be funny, but falling flat is this movie? Imagine dubbing James Bond with Huckleberry Hounds VOICE AND ACCENT and restraining somebody and making them watch it for 2 hours.

I see Rex Reed pretty much agrees with my assessment. All the other critics are acting like they discovered Soderbergh's Godfather 11.

One more thing, the Screenwriter is not a real person. This is being tossed around as cool, and vogue. Being too embarrassed to want people to know it's you is cool? That's the funniest thing in this movie!
I walked out. This movie was completely uninteresting. I'm guessing the makers found it funny to have all of these stars speak in Southern accents and act like rednecks...it wasn't. The dialogue was uninteresting, and a huge disappointment overall. I guess because Sodenbergh was returning from "retirement", the "Experts" gave this film high marks, but time will show it was not. I'm also guessing that someone finds a man with one arm amazingly funny...not.
Smartly written script and great fun
"Logan Lucky" is very similar to the heist movie "The Killing" in 1956 by Stanley Kubrick. The difference is that "Logan Lucky" is a comedy while "The Killing" is a film noir.

"Logan Lucky" has a smartly written script. The heist is carried out in an intelligent way with some clever technology. The movie deserves a nomination for Oscar original screenplay.

Thanks to the brilliant performance from the cast, especially Daniel Craig and Adam Driver, the film achieves genuine comedy effect in the sense that it can really make the audience laugh a lot.

As Jimmy's daughter sings "Country Road", I think of the years when I grew up listening to the song. John Denver has truly influenced several generations. Not coincidentally, the performance takes place in the state of West Virginia.
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