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Thriller, Romance, Horror
IMDB rating:
Glenn Gers
Abraham Benrubi as Detective Yarden
Gabriel Conte as Carbonite
Ema Horvath as Shell
Amy Pham as Kiki
Monica Lopez as Marie
Mikey Bolts as Skeevix
Remy Nozik as Petunia
Michael Boatman as Norman
Norma Maldonado as Detective Reyes
Patrick Gorman as Mr. Crossbow
Jessica Rotter as Open Mic Singer
Nate Hartley as Lyle
Storyline: Garrett is a rising YouTube star. Shell is a deeply emotional fan. When they begin a romantic relationship, he's forced to question whether opening your life to strangers online is an invitation to community and rescue...or to stalking, obsession and madness.
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wild ride
so be warned, there might be sort of spoilers concerning the characters in the movie. why? because i don't really know how to sum up the things happening, without mentioning key elements of the story-line. so well, Garrett is a young social media star on the rise, with his two coworkers Lyle and Kiki, he produces a successful YouTube show that got a soaring number of subscribers and hardcore fans as well. some of those are more twisted than others, while you come to judge some characters loyalty way before Garrett is faced with the realities. i was positively surprised by the story development, there were some interesting takes and twists on the almost classic "Stalker" theme. If you got movie time at hand and have no other pressing film that you feel you must see, this one here is a fine choice if you like suspense and thrills, with a bit of teen horror and a modern take on it. go watch it and then decide for yourself
very poor remake of fatal attraction sort of
This movie definitely takes its theme from a fatal attraction type of vibe but it's not very good. You tube star Garrett is stalked by Fan girl. He meets Shell has a one night stand only to find out, she is really fangirl. She breaks into his house, drugs him, keeps sending texts. Then it gets serious when she sets an arrow to fire when Garrett's door opens and kills a cop instead of Garrett. Garrett learns she was in a psyche ward for a hit and run on an ex, may have killed a girl he was talking to, and quite possibly offed a 6 year mail employee for the job so she could meet Garrett.

Garrett goes to a secluded cabin to hide from her but using old videos, she figures out where he is hiding with his friend. She shows up, his friend bails, they have a fight, Garrett gets stabbed but she's the one who dies.

Then the twist, some girl shows up to rescue him. Problem she's also a weirdo stalker fan and has intentions of keeping him to herself. NO hospital.

FINAL VERDICT: A thriller for the electronically obsessed. A very bad imitation of a stalker movie. Not worth checking out.
Decent enough to be entertaining
It's somewhat predictable it's low budget, it's fairly predictable. Typical obsessed fan stuff like Swimfan or any other similar movie. What I did like about this is the acting. Ema Horvath was quite good as She'll seeming like a deeply troubled stalker. Kieynan Lonsdale was pretty good at times too. I'm giving it a 7 based on the decent acting of Horvath and Lonsdale but I have to detract some because the adults are less believable. If you're just looking for some generic entertainment with some better acting amongst the younger starts it's worth a watch. Could have found worse ways to spend a late Halloween night,
Better then expected cyber thriller
Like. Share. Follow was much better then I expected. The dim starts out a bit slow but picks up speed at about the 20 minute mark. Garrett is a YouTube star with his Friday night show which is about his life and antics assisted by a couple of friends.

He is very popular and has many viewers. He has a self imposed rule of not getting emotionally involved with any of his 2,000,000 viewers but one girl seems Insistent on meeting him and will do anything at any cost to do so.

Avoiding spoilers at this point, let's just say it's not an original theme and has been done before in the fashion of "Fatal attraction", the king of all stalker films. With that said, however, this film is better then most and keeps you interested throughout. It has some very creepy scenes and the acting is very good. The elements of the plot are simple enough but done without going over the top and without gratuitous violence.

There is a great twist at the end as well. Enough said.

I recommend this film to any fan of the thriller and stalker sub genre....7/10.
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