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Kangaroo Jack
USA, Australia
Crime, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
David McNally
Marton Csokas as Mr. Smith
Damien Fotiou as Baby J
David Ngoombujarra as Sr. Sgt. 'Mr. Jimmy' Inkamala, Australian Police
Dyan Cannon as Anna Carbone
Marco Sellitto as Blasta (as Mark Sellitto)
Bill Hunter as Blue
Estella Warren as Jessie
Michael Shannon as Frankie Lombardo
Jerry O'Connell as Charlie Carbone
Christopher Walken as Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
Anthony Anderson as Louis Booker
Storyline: Louis Booker and Charlie Carbone are close friends with an association with the mob. After the duo botch a delivery of stolen TVs, the duo are given a second chance by mob leader Sal Maggio, who happens to be Charlie's stepfather. The duo are to deliver $50,000 to a contact in Australia. As simple as the job sounds, complications emerge when a kangaroo steals the money. Now Charlie and Louis must find the kangaroo and get the money back before they find themselves in a worse predicament.
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The best movie i ever seen!!!!!!! ever!!!!!
this movie was amazing. A true great. I reckon this film easily deserves its place in cinematic history next to the all time greats like Wild Wild West, From Justin to Kelly and Our Lips Are Sealed. I just hope that directors can keep making films this good in the future instead of unimaginative, predictable and boring films like Lord of the Rings. I loved it a clear 10 out of 10.
Enjoyable fluff
I was intending to see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind but the newspaper had the times wrong so I ended up seeing this film instead.

The ads for the film don't do it justice. Don't get me wrong. This film is not Citizen Kane but for an easy way to spend a few hours in the theatre isn't bad. The best things in the film are the settings. Sal Maggio's(Christopher Walken) house in Bensonhurst was perfect. Being an old Bensonhurst boy myself, I've seen those huge houses with big walls on small lots which are owned by second-rate mobsters. The Australia scenery was magnificent and has me wistful about getting the chance to spend a month there eventually. The CG Kangaroo is pretty good, better than much of the CG in the last Star Wars atrocity. There's lots of good slapstick.

The film ends stupidly and Estella Warren cannot act. She makes Margaux Hemingway look like Katherine Hepburn or Elizabeth Hurley look like Dame Maggie Smith in terms of acting ability. Not even a clue. Not even the merest soupcon of talent. Stick to the catwalk, baby.

If you like good slapstick and fairly decent chemistry between the two male leads, and you don't mind checking your brain at the door, I recommend this movie.
Stop that 'Roo! A fun romp without pretense, but lots of laughs!
I took my daughter to see the Sneak preview showing of this film the week before it came out. I was expecting a fun movie for 12 year olds, heavy on the scatological humor, light on the brains. While some reviewers will say this is exactly what you get with Kangaroo Jack, we were pleasantly surprised by this film.

There is quite a bit of silliness in this movie, and truthfully there are indeed some "poot" jokes. On the other hand, you could tell that the writers actually gave a darn when they were writing this movie. They trust the viewer enough to set something up early on and let it pan out later.

Further, there is a lot of humor in the movie that is above the waistline as well. On a reluctant trip to Australia to deliver Mob Money that they think might save their lives, two best friends accidentally hit and presumably kill a Kangaroo with their rented Jeep. Louis, the joker of the two, decides it would make a hilarious picture to dress up the 'Roo in a Brooklyn Jacket and Sunglasses. Fortunately the 'Roo is alive and hops away. Unfortunately he takes the Jacket with all the Mob Money still in it with him.

The remainder of the movie is a hilarious romp across the outback with the two buddies tripping from scene to scene attempting to get their money, and (they believe) their lives back from Kangaroo "Jackie Legs!"

There are a few twists and turns, some predictable... others, less so, and more than a few "you've got to be kidding" moments. But it's all in good fun!

Jerry O'Connell is better than usual as the protagonist. He manages to gain the viewer's sympathy early on, and doesn't resort to such idiotic conventions as in Tomcats. Anthony Anderson is likewise hilarious as O'Connell's best buddy. This guy is a great physical comedian, and never seems embarrassed about his weight. Together they seem a lot like they're on one of the Road pictures featuring Crosby and Hope. No, they're not as great as Crosby and Hope, but they do pretty well! Estella Warren is lovely as ever and is given a little more to do in this movie than is common for her. Walken plays the same typical Mafioso clown we've seen in a hundred movies with and without Walken in them. He plays a stock character, and plays him as such. His misuse of the English Language and vain attempts to improve upon this obvious misuse does crate a smile or two.

Essentially this is a truly fun movie. By no means is this a contender for nine Oscars, nor will it be on any Critic's top ten list... but, seriously, was that the plan? This movie sets out early on to be a fun ride, and it really delivers. Everyone in the Theatre seemed to be having the fun that was promised in the movie, and at the same time, never did the movie talk down to the viewer.

It may not be Citizen Kane, but if you're looking for a fun ride with more than a few laughs, give this film a chance. It just might surprise you!
This sucks, this ruins everything, it uses on of my favorite funny stories as the selling point to the plot. The whole thing with people traveling in the Outback, hitting the kangaroo, thinking its dead and then dressing it up for the sake of comedy and some pictures. The punchline being that kangaroo was actually alive but in shock and it comes to and hops aware wearing the clothes.

However, here's the deal, ITS A BLUE METS JACKET, you know those shiny rayon blue ones with the orange embroidery. Brooklyn? BKLYN? what the? Come on hollywood, the mets jacket is way funnier. Oh yeah, there's no mob, no money, just two parents, their son and their daughter.

I LOVE telling that story, people loooovee hearing it. I've been telling it since 1996. What am I suppose to do now. Since this movie opened, i'm just making a lame pop culture reference. Sheesh, way too go, way to take the magic out of something.

Honestly, I'm not surprised that we finally have a film version of the story and in a perfect world where people don't spread good things to thin, I'd be happy to see it on the big screen. It would fit nicely into a funny movie that stood out on its own. It would be great as a comedic tangent to an already funny movie like meet the parents or something about mary. Thanks A LOT,

P.S. Some friends of mine have those pictures (them with the kangaroo and the mets jacket) somewhere, when I get them, I'm gonna have your balls.
This is ONLY No. 30 on IMDB's worst?
Truly, can Jerry Bruckheimer keep ruining his career? Pirattes of the Caribbean better be good, or he won't be able to churn out the inevitable sequel which will most likely follow this gutter trash. Man, what can you not put down about this movie? You can start off with the pitiful Jerry O'Connell, round it off with a dull and obnoxious Anthony Anderson, add in a `What the hell?' factor with Christopher Walken, and you clearly have one of those movies which makes you want to put your money in a slot machine, because it would most likely be put to better use. I just want to know how in the world did this movie lead the box office?
Jerry Bruckheimer meeets Disney?
"Kangaroo Jack" markets itself as a throwback to the old Disney, live action comedies like "Shaggy D.A." and "The Computer Wore Sneakers" but uses bathroom humor and sexual innuendo with some implied mob violence thrown in for good measure.

The story involves 2 buddies who find themselves in a quandry when they are sent on an errand to deliver $50,000 to the Outback after blowing the top off of Jerry O'Connell's character's step dad, a mob boss played by Christopher Walken. After a string of events, one of the friends' jacket finds it way on the titular character, a kangaroo, with the $50K in the pocket. The rest of the film is the 2 leads chasing the kangaroo and they in turn being pursued by the thug waiting for the money and Christopher Walken's son and henchmen.

Of course, there is a moral and life lesson as the friends learn to appreciate one another and that they one can't do without the other. The film seems to be marketed as a family film and probably doesn't have too many things that kids today would find shocking but it is certainly inappropriate for younger kids.

The film has some entertaining moments but is just forgettable fluff. It is best to wait until video for this one.
Its decent.
A somewhat original idea takes the stands, this movie is called Kangaroo Jack. Underrated in my opinion this movie is funny at times and is more kid friendly. Its one of those movies in which its stupid, but so stupid its decent. The story starts out slow in which we see our main characters meet one another for the first time. It turns out that they become life long buddies. As adventure soon meets them, they find themselves on a journey to Australia to deliver a package to a old friend of the step-father of Charlie played by Jerry O'Connell. The step-father is played by Christopher Walken, and Charlies lifetime friend Louis is played by Anthony Anderson. As the two venture through Australia, they run into a kangaroo and fear that they have killed it. Louis then gets the idea to dress up the kangaroo to make him look like Jackie Legs. But as it turns out the kangaroo is not dead at all and takes off with Louis' jacket containing the package. And so the plot begins, it starts off somewhat slow but does pick up. It has elements of slapstick and snappy one liners that add to this film's atmosphere. This movie isn't horrible but then again its not amazing. Its more for the kids, and reaches a very limited audience. This movie also slows down after a while and then winds back up and then winds back down. I recommend renting it. Overall this movie in my opinion is still underrated as it would appeal more to children than older audiences. Still this movie is decent. I'm gonna rate this movie with an 80% because of its wild cast and small bits of slapstick.
Oh My Gawd !
Obvious. Boring. Stupid. Pointless. Pathetic.

need i say anymore?
Fun, stupid, but fun.
The CGI kangaroo dominates the film, but Jerry O'Connell and Anthony

Anderson are an engaging duo.

Christopher Walken. If he does not intimidate you, you are either dumber than a brain-damaged clam, or you smoked too much pot, or both.

Australia is cool. Let 'Dundee' make way for the next franchise.
Jumping down under
I heard a story about the making of the film Kangaroo Jack. It was a dark story about mobsters putting out a hit on two young dudes who have been sent to the Australian outback who then inadvertently run over a Kangaroo.

Test audiences were rather negative about the film but the feedback was that it could do with more kangaroo scenes and more comedy and the film was reshot, recut and marketed as a silly action comedy.

Jerry O'Connell, Anthony Anderson, Estella Warren star in Kangaroo Jack with a cameo from Christopher Walken and an early appearance by Michael Shannon.

Charlie Carbon (O'Connell) and Louis Booker (Anderson) became best buddies when Booker saved Carbon from drowning when he was a kid. Since then Booker has always got Carbon in trouble and in the latest escapade, both end up in trouble with Carbon's stepfather (Walken) a local mobster.

To make amends they are sent to Australia to deliver a package but when they run over a kangaroo and put on a jacket on it to take pictures. The kangaroo revives and runs off wearing the jacket and with the package in the pocket. Before long they are being pursued by the people who were due to receive the package and Walken send some goons down under as well.

Its actually undemanding fun and I rather enjoyed it. Its a silly romp, O'Connell and Anderson spark off each other, Warren is very appealing and the kangaroo provides the bounce.
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