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Justice League: The New Frontier
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Animation
IMDB rating:
Dave Bullock
Keith David as The Centre (voice)
Lex Lang as Rick Flagg (voice)
Miguel Ferrer as J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter (voice)
David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern (voice)
Townsend Coleman as Dr. Magnus (voice)
Kyle MacLachlan as Superman (voice)
Joe Alaskey as Bugs Bunny (voice)
Brooke Shields as Carol Ferris (voice)
Lucy Lawless as Wonder Woman (voice)
Corey Burton as Abin Sur (voice)
Neil Patrick Harris as Barry Allen / The Flash (voice)
Phil Morris as King Faraday (voice)
Jeff Bennett as Sportscaster (voice)
Jeremy Sisto as Batman (voice)
Storyline: Adapting the award-winning DC Comics miniseries DC: THE NEW FRONTIER by Darwyn Cooke, Justice League: The New Frontier spins a tale of the DC Universe in the 1950s, focusing on test pilot Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and the Martian Manhunter. The story also features other DC characters, including Barry Allen (the Flash), Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and many more.
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Well executed animated film on par with S:Doomsday but gets a tad boring towards the end!
This is drawn in the style of the 50s comics which is not for everyone's taste but is a rather bold and well executed move by Warner Bros Animation Studios.

The New Frontier as you might have guessed is set in the 50s, more precisely 1953 towards the end of the Korean War. It starts out with Hal Jordan, a fighter pilot for the US coming back from the battlefield having just been told that the war is over. Hal's jet is downed by enemy fire and after he lands, has to kill an enemy soldier(who either didn't know the war was over or just wanted to kill an American) in self defense.

The first act of the film plays out like an origin story for Hal Jordan (later to become the green lantern) and for Jon Jonnz (The Martian Manhunter). It also introduces supes and the B man (in a pretty cool way I must say) but supes' and wonder woman's introduction are the best by far. People tend to forget that wonder woman is from an amazon island (only ladies) and has no notion of democracy or due process, she's a warrior, she stabs first and asks questions later and her first scene illustrates that very well. We also get a nice scene with the Flash saving Iris (his wife).

The second act continues the exposition showing us that a mysterious force called 'the centre' is zombifying people into doing its deeds and apparently 'the centre' (who is the main villain who u never see) has seen the evolution of the human race since it began and thinks that they don't deserve to exist. Which is basically an excuse for blowing up the whole planet.

The first half of the film gets you hooked on the story and characters and delves in very little action (but oh so cool action). It also shows the state of society in America with references to the Ku Klux Klan, racism and the short minded perceptions and stereotypes of humans 'different = bad'.

By the third act, we start feeling the pressure of the WB execs pushing the writers to script big frickin fight scenes with as many heroes as possible to please the crowd. They didn't push the PG-13 envelope with this one but they certainly made good use of it as we do see off screen decapitation and blood flowing in many kill scenes. Basically, a lot of fighting and killing but there is some substance in a scene prior to the Big Bash that shows the superheroes (not yet understood or accepted by society) joining forces with regular humans to fight a common enemy.

I cannot remember who said this but: 'Today there are no democrats, no republicans, just the naked simplicity of an absolute: Mankind's survival' The fourth act is super whammy hammy with a lot of comic stereotypes and feels a bit rushed in my opinion so i'm not even going to say anything about it. Except that the last monologue is very fitting of the overall message of acceptance scattered through the film. The monologue is from none other than John Kennedy and is pure gold! All in all, a very good at effort at converting a graphic novel to film. The premise is very easy to understand the character development is given a lot of attention towards the first half to setup for the mindless action in the second.

However, my main gripe with this is that it doesn't show enough of batman and treats him as a semi granted character. But the green lantern's origin is well executed and therefore a must see for all JL fans.
Epic, but still disappointing
There are a lot of things going in favor of Justice League: The New Frontier. The shear scale of the storyline, a world devouring creature who's sole wish is mankind's eradication, striking in a world that has abandoned its heroes, its brilliant, and it is EPIC. From the opening montage to the closing glimpses of the future, there really is a lot of mythos and grandeur to this storyline, and that's a big plus.

The storyline is set right in the heart of the 1950's and McCarthyism, driving the JSA to shame and retirement, and causing the public to cast a wary eye on the newly blossoming roster of heroes. Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, and the Flash are all well established at this point, however the true stars of the show are Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Martian Manhunter. Not my personal favorites, but the story for them is quite good.

The voice acting was in my opinion the greatest weakness of the movie. The problem wasn't the voices themselves, but the delivery of lines that should have given me chills fell flat. The flash especially spoke way too fast, as did Hal Jordan. The 70 minute run time should easily have been extended by several more minutes and they could have allowed the actors to actually ACT and not run through their lines at breakneck speed. Jeremy Sisto did a great job as Batman, but sadly he was given about 5 lines in the whole movie, and therefore was a truly wasted talent.

The movie also took a decidedly more mature turn than its predecessors, not to spoil key moments, but blood, death, even rape are not out of bounds in this outing, so be mindful of the children. What annoys me is that while there were more mature tones in the action, the dialog and the plot still condescended to 10 year old children. WB really needs to choose who they're shooting for, because they will alienate everyone with this approach.

Overall, for fans of DC comics, this is worth a look. GL fans in particular should be happy to see his story finally animated in full, however lovers of the core trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) will be disappointed by their lack of screen time. They shouldn't have tried to hard to include some action with everyone, because everyone winds up getting short changed. The throwback costumes are a big plus though. 7/10 from a hardcore Superman/Batman fan.
Not a solid superheroes movie
My main gripe with this movie is the development. It's alright for a movie to be fast-paced but it's another story when the development seems to fall short. And for a origin story for the Justice League I expected a bit more. 75 minutes just doesn't seem like enough time to compact a origin story such as this into a movie form. Maybe that is where the animated TV show comes in. However still, reviewing this movie on it's own merit, it just isn't all that good or immersive. It seems like a taste test or a teaser for comic book fanboys, but as a movie as a whole it falls short of it's potential. It's a movie that is super fast-paced and yet felt slow...That really isn't a good thing. I also had a problem with the voice overs for some of the heroes. Yeah, that maybe a unfair complaint to some, but Batman's voice just didn't fit.

I came in with high expectations but this just doesn't cut it
The movie had a lot of promise, especially in the beginning but the story seemed a little rushed, and the movie primarily focused on two characters The Green Lantern and the Flash, Superman seemed kind of dull, Batman's character sounded like an old man, and everybody else was there just for show. The movie was poorly done and nowhere near the quality of the Justice League: Animated Series, which had much better voices and an actual story instead of random meaningless action sequences. Sure their good, but they have to have some meaning behind them. Plus the mysterious appearance of Aquaman at the end that was just to much. Very disappointing effort.
I absolutely hated this movie.

The animation quality was extremely poor, this is a movie, and the animation quality is worse than even the old Batman animated TV series from 10 years ago. Surely they could have done a much better job if they cared at all. The character models were so bad, they made everything look simple as per the DCU animated universe style which usually looks very good but they lost the style and personality of the characters and they all just end up looking so bland, Martian Manhunter is a good example of how bad it is, even the Flash and Batman look almost generic animated character with a costume.

The voice acting was similarly poor, batman's voice made me wince every time he spoke.

The story wasn't very interesting to me, and all the pro USA propaganda was complete cheese.

It is sad how DCU animated universe can go from being the very best in animated entertainment to how bad it is now.
A teenage boys wet dream.
Do you want to see backstory and irrelevant side-story for the majority of the movie that fails to bring any of that together by the end? JL: New Frontier is for you! (I'll try to keep spoilers separate, and at the end.)

The movie brings us back to an age of post Vietnam war in the 1950's. The Justice League isn't a thing yet, but all of our heroes are there. Well almost. The movie follows all the characters independently, giving them full stories, and backgrounds. The camera focuses an unusual amount of time on Hal Jordan, which isn't the Green Lantern (yet) as he's recruited to be in some top secret testing program. We skip around between him, and the Martian (John) a fair bit more than anyone else. Superman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman- they all get minimal screen time compared to Hal and John.

Early on we're given a creepy introduction on what to expect; The "Center" is coming to wipe out all of Humanity. Some of our heroes are investigating its coming as cults devoted to this dark god begin to spring up all over the world.

Ultimately JL: New Frontier tries to jam in to much content to quickly, and resolves the end plot with the finesse of a young teenage boy. Many of our heroes do come through the plot with a kill-count, and there's far more blood than expected. The final climax of the movie expects the viewer to be totally on board with its plot, but the rest of the movie fails to do anything to get you the viewer there.

The themes are also something that never hold up. There's some theme of the coming end, but then it's a theme on putting aside differences to stand together, then there's a theme of a better tomorrow. It's a jumbled mess by the end. By the end, there's characters and faces that never had screen time prior, and someone not familiar with the comics in general would have no idea what to make of.

The one enjoyable aspect is the focus on John the Martian as he investigates the cult of the Center as a detective. The movie could have just been that, and had been totally watchable.

I would just avoid this movie. It's to childish for adults, and it's to adult for children. It tries to cram to much into a tiny package, and just fails to deliver. There's to little of its redeeming qualities to make it worth anything of anyones time.


(This starts with weak spoilers and builds to the big spoilers. No accidental ruining for people!)

Here's some things that come up and make me immediately face palm.

Hal Jordan is apparently a pacifist, but we don't learn about that until the beginning of the final climax. Was I supposed to know that before hand? The assumption is of course that I'm familiar with the comic books.

Hal is suffering from some form of PTSD for having killed someone in the War. That is preventing him from advancing to realize his dream of becoming an astronaut. Except Secret-Government-Organization totally wants him, and he's amazing, and totally not suffering from PTSD.

Secret-Government-Organization starts off as very gun-ho with plans to attack Mars with the very greatest of America's weapons. They're painted as almost bad guys, but suddenly become man-kinds best hope by the end. And it is sudden.

The Center... throughout the movie is portrayed as some kind of god that can take over peoples thoughts and actions. It is interesting at first, especially as it randomly speaks to some of the Heroes at times. But by the end, the Center is nothing more than a flying island with tentacles, and "energy blasts." It's world ending payload? Dinosaurs. By the end of the movie, mankind has to fight off... Dinosaurs.

And the Heroes of the movie do JUST that! The kill the ever-loving daylights out of these creatures! But it would seem that death is just the beginning of the end, as smaller, other dinosaurs spring to life from the carcass of the fallen dinos!

And the best of the worst was the death of the man that ran Secret-Government-Organization, as he's accidentally elbowed in the face by John, torn away from Dinosaur tentacles, and self destructs with a pair of grenades inside the maw of a T-Rex, blowing its head to smithereens.

You can do better than this!!!
Again I must mention having watched Batman: Under The Red Hood and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Batman Vs. Dracula, The Batman Superman Movie: World's Finest, Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm and also Green Latern: First Flight, this one here falls into the just-about-watchable (or bearable) category.

Out of all the above: Batman Under The Red Hood is still the best one I have seen. Then comes the Green Lantern: First Flight. The next in line is Batman/Superman: Public Enemies. That's it.

If you haven't seen the above movies that I mentioned, watch them first before you accept my criticism of this film.

A boring opening picks up slowly, gathers some momentum and keeps up the pace till the end. But this film is still not good enough.

And also talk about running out of ideas. The creature called "The Center" is just ripped of the movie Independence Day. I mean you don't need a brain cell to figure that one out do you? I think even the cartoon industry is on the decline in Hollywood!!! Also I think the film does not do justice to the animated TV series as well.

Bottom line: if you show this one to your kids and they demand a refund, or switch of the TV set and for once start doing their homework, you know you've made a wrong choice.

Score 5/10= passing mark.

Have a nice day. :)
Some things should be left alone
For the record, this has nothing to do with any previous series or animated films from the DCAU, and there lies the problem. Why? Didn't this Golden Age universe get destroyed in the comics during the '80s?

In attempt to adapt a comic mini-series, Warner Bros is 0 for 2 in my book. The Superman:Doomsday film was just has horrifically boring as this, but The New Frontier lacked any solid plot. Its like, the multiple stories that I expected would mend in the end never happened.

Oh my, we're being attacked by alien monster that wants to wipe out humanity. There's a shock! Been there, done that, can we just continue from the JLU series and leave the experimental stories for the comics? Keep the DCAU going the way it's expected by many.

The animation was pretty cool and I liked the attempt to reinvent that Golden Age art style. The voices were excellent, especially Flash and Batman (Jeremy Sisto sounded a tad like Adam West). I do appreciate the effort, but after the way Warner ended the JLU series, nothing they do can renew my faith in their animated works.

This was simply boring from start to finish!

I want my 75 minutes back... huh... can you give me that?!
Total mockery unrelated to the Justice League
I would give this movie a zero if that was an option. This movie has nothing that relates to the original Justice League. The League has broken up. There is no justice here, only vengeance. In the beginning of the movie, Diana stands watch while a group of criminals are murdered, and gets killed by a giant flying thing later in the movie, but revives fully in less than 15 minutes. Barry gets owned by armed forces. Bruce goes solo and you only see him fight once for 10 seconds. J'onn looks like some kind of Hercules with a bald head. Hal Jordan is some kind of wanna-be superhero. The ship kills Clark with a giant Kamehameha blast, but he too revives fully in less than 10 minutes.

Everybody looks weird. Never once in the movie did the whole League join forces. The original Justice League was about teamwork. This piece of crap just has all the members of the League going Rambo.
Good super hero movie if it weren't for the political BS
I realize it's pretty much de rigueur nowadays for Hollywood movies to trash America, patriotism and the military, but somehow I keep being disappointed when an otherwise good super-hero movie has to veer into left-wing orthodoxy like "New Frontier" does.

First off, we have Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, portrayed, apparently, as a pacifist fighter-pilot. If you're scratching your head at that one, he "guesses he just doesn't believe in what we were doing over there," (the Korean War) so he never uses his guns, just out-flies the commie enemy pilots so they crash into each other.

America in the 1950s, apparently, has lost its way. Anti-communist paranoia is ruining the former utopia. As Wonder Woman puts it, "things have changed since the war. They still say they're the good guys, but they don't always act like it." So killing the Nazis was all perfectly cricket, but fighting Stalin and Kim Il Sung is apparently much more morally ambiguous. There is a fleeting reference to Senator Joe McCarthy, whose villainy is of course assumed.

The Martian Manhunter remarks on how all the "mindless conformity" on Earth is killing him. That's not "mindless conformity" in the Soviet Gulags or Mao Tse Tung's slave labor camps, mind you. He's talking about New York City in 1954. For crying out load, you want mindless conformity, go to a cocktail party at George Clooney's house.

The movie's not all bad. The animation is wonderful and the story, while loaded with liberal tropes, is at least well-written liberal tropes. I don't think Bruce Timm could make a bad super-hero movie. It would just be nice if conservatives could go the movies and not be insulted.
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