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Joseph: King of Dreams
Drama, Adventure, Biography, History, Family, Animation, Musical
IMDB rating:
Rob LaDuca, Robert C. Ramirez
Ben Affleck as Joseph
Mark Hamill as Judah
Richard Herd as Jacob
Jodi Benson as Asenath
Judith Light as Zuleika
James Eckhouse as Potiphar
David Campbell as Joseph
Steven Weber as Simeon
Dan Castellaneta as Auctioneer / Horse Trader (voice)
Tom Virtue as Reuben
Storyline: When Joseph receives a beautiful coat from his parents, his eleven brothers hate him even more and are driven to sell him to desert merchants who take him to Egypt! There he is made the servant of a wealthy Egyptian who misunderstands him and has him thrown into prison! He shows his God-given gift by interpreting the dreams of two other prisoners. Eventually, the Pharaoh begins to be plagued by dreams and sends for Joseph, who interprets them and saves Egypt in the process. He is made second in command to Pharaoh, and has most of Egypt's grain stored. Eventually his brothers arrive in Egypt to buy food because of famine, and he must forgive them. Then the dreams that had angered his brothers were in reality prophecies that had come from God.
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A pleasant watch...
This is Dreamworks' 2nd attempt at an animated movie based on a Biblical story (note the word "based"...plenty of artistic liberty is taken). Though it can't hold a candle to "Prince of Egypt", it is a fair attempt and a pleasant movie to watch.

The animation doesn't seem to be top notch (or at least as well as Dreamworks demonstrated in PoE), but it was easy to get used to. The songs were not particularly memorable (ie: I couldn't tell you more than a line of lyrics used), but I can't really complain because the music was very nice and the singing was good. Not enough to blow me away, but a pleasant background to the story.

Perhaps what I liked best were the characters themselves. After experiencing Andrew Lloyd Webber's take on the Joseph story, I was eager to see how someone would take it seriously. I found that the movie made Joseph to be a rounded character. I mean, he had character flaws! Good for him! The brother's sudden change (well, I guess there were 20 years...) wasn't bothersome, and I thought Potiphar was particularly well done. Asenath was a nice addition as well.

Overall, a nice way to get kids to enjoy the story. A good execution of the story, which did make me care about the characters. Okay animation and music. 7.5 out of 10.
Such a good film - I nearly rate it 9!
Genre: Cartoon Bible story Musical

My thoughts: To admit the plain truth, I was a bit shy of watching this because we had watched the "Prince Of Egypt" by the same makers and DID NOT like it! We watched this just over a month ago and I really like it! Since then I've watched it about four or five times (including once yesterday) and I'm STILL not bored of it (I think my bro's a bit bored of it. He keeps saying this film is "barking religious" but then he thinks that about anything that's religious). I like this film because of the beautiful songs (I can't stop singing "You know better than I", but of course my bro's bored of it because he's changed it to "I know better than you" and he gets a good laugh. I'm more bored of that version than the original!), stunning animation, good characters and it does a good job on the bible story.

What it all adds up to: Beautiful songs + Stunning animation + A good job on the bible story + Memorable characters = The beautiful film that is "Joseph: King Of Dreams. Enjoy! :)

What happens: Joseph is the first born of Rachel, which makes him a miracle child. In a way he is! He outshines his half-brothers and makes his father and mother happy. He even receives a beautiful, shining coat...
Very good for a direct-to-video film
The movie is a sort of companion piece to The Prince of Egypt. The art style is the same, but it is obvious that this was made on a far smaller budget. The animation is pretty rough in some places, but not so much that it really bothered me while watching it. There are some very beautiful backgrounds and landscapes.

Especially noteworthy are the dream sequences, which use some more experimental animation. Joseph's two dreams have a style like a van Gogh painting, which works very well. The Pharaoh's dream uses CGI, and looks like a video game cutscene. I didn't like that one, but kudos to the creators for taking a risk.

The songs are all very enjoyable and well sung, but none of them really stuck in my memory.

I definitely enjoyed rediscovering a biblical story that I had almost forgotten. I think anyone who liked The Prince of Egypt will enjoy this movie as well, as long as they keep in mind that this was made on a more modest budget.
Pretty nice and not too long for a child's attention span
The first time I watched "Joseph", my attention was attracted by the film. I liked the songs, the animation, the Egyptian stuff, and the simple fact that it is a Bible story. Immediately after finishing the film, I played it again. So the first time I watched it, I watched it twice. It was a refreshing film, after hundreds upon hundreds of films containing violence, bad words, immoral acts and filth. It is perfect for children and adult alike. The length of the film appeals to the child's attention span, while the Biblical message appeals to all. The songs were "singable", that is, they were easy to learn and fun to sing. Plus they have a meaning. I especially like the first song because that's where you first see how Joseph's brothers feel about him. In the first song, you already get to learn a lesson: be careful in what you say. Overall, it's a good movie for all age levels. I hope that other people will like and understand the message in it.
I think this movie does not fall short of the Prince of Egypt at all... Even though the animation did not have as much detail. Dreamworks chose one of the best stories in the bible- actually it is my personal favorite... Not only is it an interesting and easy to follow story, it makes you understand many sides of the story equally. I felt sorry for Joseph but understood the brothers for example. The characters were very humane and I loved Affleck as Joseph- his voice fit the character perfectly. I also loved Joseph period... :) I think he was really cute <3... I also thought the songs were very catchy. This is the type of movie you watch with a glass of hot cocoa when you're snowed in with the whole family! I think it was truly a delight!
One more thing I *had* to add...
After "Prince of Egypt," I never thought I would see another memorably wonderful film again. What followed was a series of shallow, temporarily funny, and rather depressing films. But then "King of Dreams" came out and changed the course of...well...everything. A wonderfully made film with stunning visual effects, uplifting songs, an outstanding cast, and a heartwarming theme: the decision of forgiving those who have hurt us. Indeed, this is the best film I have seen for 2000. It is such a refreshing break from the rest of the so-so films that the film industry has been churning out lately. (With the exception of "Gladiator.") What puzzles me though is why it did not go to theaters. It is sooo nice!
Enjoyable but not really memorable.
The movie is a good watch but it doesn't really impress.

The movie feels like it had been made in an hurry. The movie is pretty short and even though the story covers everything that needs to be told it still feels hasty all.

The animations are decent but turn pail compared to other Dreamworks animated movie "The Prince of Egypt". The only scene's that are above average are the early dream scene's that seemed to be heavily inspired on the style of van Gogh paintings. Some of the other later dream sequences rely too much on some weak computer animations.

The songs are simply horrible, there is no tone in them and are merely some spoking sentences that are sung with some music played under it. The song "Better than I" however is an exception and is actually very good.

Pleasant to watch but also very easy to forget.


A worthy follow-up to Prince of Egypt from Dreamworks
I just stumbled across this on cable and was very impressed. It definitely meets and exceeds the expectations that you'd have for a direct-to-video follow-up. I guess this is Dreamworks' first effort at direct-to-video and I only wish they hadn't made such a secret of it.

It borrows nearly every aspect of it's storytelling style and production design from Prince of Egypt, and I do mean that as a compliment. The only thing missing is that there are no scenes that match the transcendance of the burning bush or Red Sea crossing scenes from POE.

If you examine the credits closely, you'll see thats some of the animation work was done by asian subcontractors, and it's a little disturbing that even with the lesser demands of video-only, Dreamworks still found this necessary. In spite of all the innovations Dreamworks is doing in terms of merging hand-drawn and computer-generated animation, there's still a lot of manual effort needed in the details of the character movement, and you can see where they cut corners if you're paying close attention.

The bottom line is that Dreamworks, even when it's "slumming" in the direct-to-video market, has still produced an animated Bible story that's head and shoulders above nearly every other animated Bible story that's ever been done, with the exception of POE of course. Not too shabby. Once again my hat is off to Katzenberg and his crew.
Solid, but not great
Prince of Egypt was a spectacular animated movie that blended seriousness, clever animation techniques, great voice actors, and a perfect soundtrack that avoided the pitfall of most modern animated movies - overbearing musical numbers.

Joseph King of Dreams came very close to matching Prince of Egypt in a lot of those areas. Though it's not quite as serious as Prince of Egypt, it deftly avoids any kind of slapstick comedy or cute animals. Ben Affleck gives a good performance, and the animation is near feature quality.

Where King of Dreams fails, however, is the music. The songs are not nearly as good as those in Prince of Egypt, tending to be more flowery and flighty. Furthermore, they interrupt the action in most cases and soon become overbearing. Prince of Egypt used songs to advance the story; the songs were in the background, and the characters rarely actually "sang onscreen." In King of Dreams, however, characters will break out into song in the middle of the action, and the song won't really have much to do with the plot of the movie. Fans of Disney animation probably won't have a problem with this, but I was disappointed in both the quality of the music and the timing of it.

The dream sequences in the movie were very well done, each having a surreal art style that reflected the dreamer.

If you were a fan of Prince of Egypt, you'll probably enjoy King of Dreams but be disappointed that Dreamworks didn't get Stephen Schwartz and Hanz Zimmer to do the music for this one.
A different film from Prince of Egypt ....less overwrought and more enjoyable
We bought this film in a two-pack with PoE and find ourselves watching King of Dreams much more than PoE. I personally find that:

1) The story is incredibly satisfying emotionally. Joseph's story of commitment to God in the face of such challenges and especially his struggle to forgive his brothers is something that I think everyone can relate to.

2) The acting is top notch. They didn't near as many high powered stars as PoE, but apparently Ben Affleck and Mark Hamil decided that they couldn't coast through this and put in super performances.

3) The music is less "soundtracky" and more singable. I 2 years later, I still can't get "You know better than I" out of my head.

4) The animation, sigh, is not quite as ambitious as PoE, but is definitely sufficient to tell the story. I didn't notice any letdown until I read a previous poster's comment about a lack of animation on the level of the Red Sea parting or burning bush PoE scenes, and they're right. But I didn't miss them. Go hang your PS3 screenshots in a museum -- I'll stick to my awesome Wii gameplay.
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