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Is Genesis History?
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Thomas Purifoy
Paul Nelson as Himself
Todd C. Wood as Himself
Andrew Snelling as Himself
Marcus Ross as Himself
Danny Faulkner as Himself
Art Chadwick as Himself
George Grant as Himself
Robert Carter as Himself
Steve A. Austin as Himself
Steven W. Boyd as Himself
Del Tackett as Himself
Kurt P. Wise as Himself
Storyline: A comprehensive documentary featuring scientists and scholars looking at the world and explaining how it intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. Dr. Del Tackett, creator of "The Truth Project," serves as your guide-hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea-in an exploration of two competing views...one compelling truth.
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An interesting watch
It was an interesting perspective to watch about the Genesis account. I did notice that they said the genesis account supports that the earth was created in 6 24 hour days, based on the Hebrew word yom meaning day. That it is only used in a context of the 24 hour day. That isn't true, in Genesis 2:17 same word yom is used talk about the longer period of time that was "the day" in which Adam died. Also, 2 Peter 3:8 mentions that for God a thousand years are like a day and a day like a thousand years. So the six "days of creation in the Bible could definitely be referring to periods of time longer than a literal day. Similar to how the English expression "in my day" refers to longer than a 24 hour period.

I did however notice comments on the Epic of Gilgamesh pre dating the bible account, but I would argue that is not accurate either. By bible history Noah's flood Took place in 2730 BCE. Jehovah (YHWH) warned the people that of the flood 120 years prior to that, that'd be 2850. We know too that Noah warned people and was ridiculed throughout that century. Gilgamesh began to rule 50 years after the word of a global deluge had started to be spread. It's said the epic was written down 1000 years before Moses wrote the account of the flood in 1513 BCE. So the epic of Gilgamesh was written in 2513 BCE.

The flood water rained for 40 days, but they were on the ark for over a year. So by 2727 BCE they were able to to start repopulating the earth. That would leave 214 years of people on the earth who would've been descendant of the survivors of the flood. Also the account says that Noah was alive 350 years (life spans we don't experience but the Babylonian account of Gilgamesh says he ruled for 126 years so it notes he had and unusually long life span as well) after the flood until 2380 BCE. So he would have been alive when the Epic was written 133 years earlier. It is likely that everyone living at that time would be well aware of this and passing the history down. It's noteworthy that the Epic is written as a sort of mythology whereas the Bible account is written as a depiction of real events.
An excellent investigative documentary
An excellent investigative documentary. Make lot of sense. I personally, don't want to champion what Bible doesn't reveal. It's clear that the Bible doesn't say how it happened but it only says what happened. I listen to compelling arguments from both the OEC and YEC. It's good to know but for me it doesn't matter if earth is created in 6 literal days or millions of years. We are saved through faith alone in Christ.
BE CAREFUL! Not a documentary...
I rated it 3 stars because of the beautiful images. But it is so disappointing ! This film is obviously biased from start to finish. Contradictory points, so many obvious questions just ignored... I thought that finally this film would open a real dialogue, but it is way too inconsistent -only six people are interviewed, all creationists anyway, forgetting extremely important factors. Not scientific, not rigorous. Just creationist propaganda. Too bad.
See It!!
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!! I love science, which is observing and analyzing what is seen or measured.

Video and audio were excellent!! I enjoy honesty. The interviewed scientists do not seek personal fame or fortune, but to do good science.

I am a big skeptic. Del Tackett is great at interviewing authorities in their fields. My favorite interview was of Steven Austin, Geologist. Favorite scene was opening monologue. The closing discussion was great too!

See this movie! Encore presentations Mar 2 & 7. I am going to see it again.
best view of real earth history
Finally some real scientist rise up to debunk the great lie of evolution religion... Evolutionsist proclaim their good idea is science but in reality severely lacks credible strength on numerous serious scientific failures of the theory. While the logic 'sounds' good and the science 'feels' good, the theory falls drastically short of credible acceptance. Originally, this good idea was formed over 140 years ago and has undergone severe scrutiny to the point that died hard Darwinist have had to modify their belief into new Darwinism. This lead to the creation of a highly sectarian group of Neo-Darwinist who are headed by Dr. Richard Dawkins. Dr Dawkins published his book, "The Blind WatchMaker" which has become a Bible of sorts to this emergent sect of radicalized atheist. I approve the movie.
The creation explained thru the bible with science!
At last, my questions about dinosaurs and cave men have been explained in a clear and Christian way that makes sense. I have watched this show twice and am recommending it to all my family and friends. The scientists were on location to show the rock layers that were created with the Great Flood and told how it happened. There is no way dinosaur bones could have been preserved for millions of years without pulverizing. A must see! And you can watch it with your children.
Massive Yawn ....
They really do take you for a fool in this one. They are trying to make you believe in Genesis rather than evolution. The Harry Potter story is slightly more believable.

They just harp on for 1.40hrs on the same topic asking the same question again and again prompting the same answer again and again. It's sad to see highly intelligent people so bewildered. Just to point to a few, I think they've forgotten about the Yucatan Meteor, ice cores, ageing using Mammoth tusks and tree rings, to name a few....

A very shallow and monotonous watch. I hoped they'd have a new line to entertain us with this time.
Is myth fact?
No. I am a geologist. Carbon dating leads to the earth being much older. Fossilization is much older than genesis. Thing is the bible could not happen and if they did they would be much more common place. There are many contradictions in the bible. Stack your proof against science and...just compare and contrast.
On the evolution/creation fence- both sides are too polarized!
Full disclosure: I am a Christian but I am not committed in any way to creationism or evolution. It honestly doesn't matter to me how God created the world, but I find it fascinating to learn facts about it. Am not a scientist but I have always been fascinated by science and tried to learn all I can without being in the field. As such, I have seen evidence that convinces me that micro- evolution happens but I just honestly haven't seen convincing evidence for macro-evolution. However, I didn't think or believe that Biblical literalists had a leg to stand on. First of all- until the fourth day, the celestial bodies aren't created so how can there even be a literal day? However, I must say I actually thought some of the evidence they produced was compelling and I wish they had someone in the documentary with opposing scientific ideas to have a fact based discussion. Don't know if the film makers asked people and were turned down or if they(the film makers) weren't interested in their facts or beliefs being challenged. I notice that likewise, evolutionist don't have creationists in the documentaries I have seen of theirs as well. Have been combing through the reviews looking for fact-based rebuttals and "ain't nobody got time fa that!" seriously folks, why are we spending all this time and energy putting each other down? In my opinion, this just weakens our own argument! Thanks for reading!
Well done documentary
The movie covered all the essential points in support of Genesis being historically accurate. It was quite scientific and scholarly, so may be difficult for anyone expecting to be entertained. I was with someone who was anxious to leave, so missed the very very end where they recommend various places to get more information but wish I could have stayed.

Don't know if this movie will be viewed and considered by traditional evolutionists, but it seems to me they ought to review the possibilities presented here.
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