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Drama, Biography, Comedy
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Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
Clotilde Mollet as Marcelle
Cyril Mendy as Adama
Alba Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi as Elisa (as Alba Gaïa Bellugi)
Thomas Solivéres as Bastien, dit le Plumeau
Dominique Daguier as Amie de Philippe
François Caron as Ami de Philippe
Dorothée Brière as Eléonore (as Dorothée Brière Méritte)
François Cluzet as Philippe
Marie-Laure Descoureaux as Chantal, la femme de chambre
Anne Le Ny as Yvonne
Omar Sy as Driss
Christian Ameri as Albert
Joséphine de Meaux as La DRH société de courses
Audrey Fleurot as Magalie
Storyline: In Paris, the aristocratic and intellectual Philippe is a quadriplegic millionaire who is interviewing candidates for the position of his carer, with his red-haired secretary Magalie. Out of the blue, the rude African Driss cuts the line of candidates and brings a document from the Social Security and asks Phillipe to sign it to prove that he is seeking a job position so he can receive his unemployment benefit. Philippe challenges Driss, offering him a trial period of one month to gain experience helping him. Then Driss can decide whether he would like to stay with him or not. Driss accepts the challenge and moves to the mansion, changing the boring life of Phillipe and his employees.
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Beautiful and mesmerizing
It has been long since I laughed, cried, and more over, felt over a movie. And this has given me all the feelings to be acquired by a man in just two hours. I have to say, I wasn't expecting much. But after watching this movie twice in one go, I have to say it now.... This is a great movie, a wonderful work and a beautiful tale as it is.

The story, from the very start to the very end, is so beautiful. And the performances were mind blowing. This movie can teach you the true essence of life and friendship.

I have nothing more to say, except one thing. If you are looking for a movie that can melt you literally, you should watch this one.
This movie is excellent.

Actors are very good and touch you on many levels. It is funny, it is serious and has a story to tell which won't leave you intouché.

First I though this is going to be more or less a cultural film for a selected audience. But this wasn't true at all. This is a film for the broad audience, and I think it can be appreciated by everybody.

I don't know if this film has been dubbed in English, it will certainly lose some of it charisma. If you understand french, then get it in the original voice.

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. It is a beautiful movie.
A Touch Of The Poet
Unlike their counterparts in the rest of the world critics in the UK - where it opened today, months after its initial release last year - have been giving this movie a hard time. I would have thought that people who spend their working lives watching one violent film after the other punctuated by mindless horror, teenage pap and worse would find a film like Untouchable a pleasant antidote but that doesn't seem to be the case and the fact that it's all true - we learn in end captions that both men remain close - appears irrelevant. So much for hacks; the International public have already embraced it and it's more than likely the UK will follow. For many non-French audiences Francois Cluzet appeared on their radar first only six or seven years ago when Tell No One was an International hit. Jazz buffs had registered him as far back as 1986 when he co-starred with Dexter Gordon in 'Round Midnight' (coincidentally another 'true' story based on an unlikely friendship between American Jazz pianist Bud Powell and a young French fan). I personally have yet to see him give even a mediocre performance let alone a bad one; as for Omar Sy this is the first time I've heard his name. There are, of course, precedents for unlikely male bondings in fact Francis Weber, the French writer-director, specialized in the genre in such titles as Le Chevre, Les Compreres, Tais-Toi etc, Daniel Auteuil has also joined in at least twice (Mon meilleur ami, Apres Vous) and so on but despite it being well-worn Untouchables applies a new lick of paint to the genre and delivers a feel good title to remember.
Tender, beautiful & very funny. One of the French joys of 2012.
Intouchables / Untouchable **** 10 September 2012 I hate having to start like this but, based on the discontented grunts from the morons who walked out in the first minute, I regret I must begin with: Intouchables is a French film. Which means it's in FRENCH. Which means there are subtitles!!! Arrrggghhh.

For the readers who actually have a brain, Intouchables (Untouchable for those who can't work it out) will almost certainly end the year as one of the most tender, beautiful films of 2012. Yes, it was released in France last year but this is no place for such pedantry.

Intouchables is the true story of Phillipe (François Cluzet), a wealthy, aristocratic quadriplegic and his relationship with his caretaker-cum-care assistant, the reluctant, defiant Driss (Omar Sy). When Driss turns up for an interview at Phillipe's home it is with the sole intention of failing in order to qualify for unemployment benefit. Phillipe, however, sees in him a man who will challenge and inspire him and, much to the annoyance of Magalie (Spiral's Audrey Fleurot), hires him on the spot.

And so begins a clash of culture, class and conduct from which both parties will surely emerge richer, softer and sharper.

There are no surprises in the broad story; if a true-life tale is worthy of the big screen treatment, there's a very good chance it sticks to the formula, although don't dismiss Intouchables as merely formulaic. The surprise here is how effortlessly engaging, inspiring and downright funny it is. No, it isn't specifically a comedy but I laughed out loud more often and with less control than I have in any films billed as such this year so far.

There's no great villain, no huge love story, no major tragedy, just a simple story of friendship where two men, though apparently diametrically opposed in every aspect, are absolutely meant to share their lives and have more in common and so much more to give each other then either could have considered.

Cluzet, in a welcome return to British screens after last year's superb Little White Lies, is huggably dour as Phillipe with an outer crust and a rod up his backside that are begging to be shattered. Sy meanwhile, in his most prominent film for English-speaking audiences (other than a supporting turn in Micmacs), storms into frame with a demeanour that would make most of us back away and cover our throats. But though we get the measure of both men fairly quickly and there are no road-to-Damascus conversions, each of them evolves and when the inevitable tug at the heartstrings arrives, it brings a hollowness that you'll hope desperately can be filled. Soon.

I really want to award Intouchables another couple of stars but it misses out on perfection for being too swift and not allowing itself the time to unveil the arcs of a couple of supporting characters that could have added greater depth to the film. Although we meet members of Diss' family at various points, there is another plot line with them that is never fully explored and there is more that occurs in Phillipe's household than we are allowed to fully enjoy.

But these are minor quibbles. See it. See it before it disappears from your local screen. See it if The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel left you hankering after India, see it if The Chorus made your heart skip, see it if… Oh, just go and see it. It's beautiful, warm and very, very funny.
A Movie that keeps you smiling from beginning to end
Knowing this movie had great ratings and reviews going in, I was hoping for something just enjoyable that I could agree with.

After spending my time watching this film, I was smiling from "ear" to ear the entire time.

Both characters come from a different neck of the woods but it's their friendship that blossoms into something more than words can explain.

Art, Poetry, Friendship, Loneliness, & the Human Relationship is something that this movie goes over the top with.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is looking for a heart-warming story, a great film, or just something to enjoy to pass their time.
great performances
Just seen last night, amazing movie, great performances from actors, particularly from Omar, and Cluzet is great as usual. Photography of images are great, supported by good choice of locations supporting actors are all good and natural so doing a great job to give a great solid base to the story. RIch of emotions on a simple story where ordinary people become extraordinary. Good representation of social differences in France without being too heavy on it. Simple, beautiful, efficient, like a good French cuisine, making a great dish full of tastes magically mixed :) Most to be watched and even more emotional when you know its based on true story !
This movie is kinda like your first love, you will never forget it or what it gave you, and when you realize it's over you just sit there numb and full of emotions, unable to actually fathom what just happened.

I have rarely laughed so wholeheartedly or with my soul as much as I did when I watched this masterpiece of a movie. There are few characters, and the main focus are on two men, who very obviously come from two different life's and struggles, but develops a friendship I have never seen anything like on a movie screen. I almost have trouble describing what this beautiful story does to you. You feel like you wanna run down to the streets and hug a stranger and let them know that whatever they are facing in life that it's gonna be okey.

The reason i LOVE this movie is because of the story and the people portraying the main characters. They have really done an excellent job both on the cast and the script. You can relate to the characters, they suck you in and you have no other option but to listen and laugh(and cry)with them. The story is unique and original, it touches you in ways you didn't think possible. Don't mistake this movie for a sob-story because it's anything but.

If you haven't seen it, and think for a second you are not going to either - well then, the jokes on you. Because it doesn't matter where you are, who you are or what kind of situation you are in, it will bring light and love right smack into your little beating bloodbox.
Keep the good work, Omar.
My wife was frightened when I was suddenly burst laughing at Omer Sy's spontaneous acting scenes. I enjoyed watching this masterpiece. Omar Sy is a great actor and he deserves an Oscar for his role in this movie. I found Omar Sy's role much more challenging and unusual than Jean Dujardin's... of course, few people make silent films today, but the character itself was incredibly stereotypical. As for The Intouchables, I really liked the film and found it entertaining and thoughtful at the same time .The chemistry between the two leads is wonderful. Not quite as insufferably retro as it sounds, the formulaic film gets a boost from the endearing performances of its leads — particularly Sy, whose ex-con-turned-servant instructs his cultured boss on the pleasures of '70s soul classics and pot-smoking before cleaning up nicely. The racial politics remain as sketchy as the sitcom-style jokes, and Harvey Weinstein smells a hit, having bought both the movie and, alas, the rights to remake.
Realistic Grandeur
The Intouchables begins with the disoriented action of an elderly white aristocrat being driven at thrilling pace through Paris in a Maserati by a strikingly tall (Omar Sy), as they devilishly evade arrest following a high-speed police pursuit. The narrative then returns in time to establish this relationship, which cleverly exploits the 'Unlikely friendship' cliché which would otherwise be presumed by the audience as tired before commencement.

The acting of both Francis and Omar combines to carry the realism and humanity upon which this magnificent film is grounded in. The incredibly dynamic portrayal of a mutual sense of humour, which acted as the primary catalyst between Philippe and Driss is testament to the level of artistry deserving of all awards they received for their performance.

Ludovico Einaudi has done a magnificent job at creating a score that not only sounds realistic itself, but brings classical profundity and a very French grandeur in to contrast with the very down-to-earth themes of friendship and raw human nature.

Cinematically flawless, the urban landscape of Driss' hometown becomes equally visually appealing as the aristocratic parties and over-decorated sweeping hallways of Philippe's mansion. Long-lens portraiture on wet Paris streets with dancing Bokeh consistently delivers as cinematography explores both the romance and cold edginess of the city's colour palate.

While The Intouchables delivers in all sections of production and narrative value, the story lacked legitimacy and depth when delving into the life of Driss, and at times felt slightly tokenistic and perhaps too evidently conceived from high-budget production. Despite the lack of a grungy social representation that maybe I wrongly expected, I vote this film as just short of absolute brilliance.
It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. but more then that it will make you feel again
This is my first time stepping to the other side, from been a viewer to been a reviewer.

This film made me do it. It shook me and made me realize that when you have nothing to lose then you have all to earn. It start with two mans that are in the lowest points of there lives. They are so different yet so connected. It will show you that you don't need to judge by look or by color and anyone can have a chance to influence the life of the other.

I will not say any more but this: Go and see this movie. this is a once in a lifetime.
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