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Internet Famous
IMDB rating:
Michael J. Gallagher
Todd Berger as Man With Cat
Alan Chow as Prank-A-Lank
Adwin Brown as Darnit TV
Kingston Carnation as Young Tomas
Amanda Cerny as Amber Day
Wendy McColm as Veronica Decker
Shane Dawson as Tomas Butterman
Mark Elias as First AD
David A. Cooper as Unkind Casting Director
Bruno Amato as John
Adam Busch as Frank Riggits
Roger Bart as Chris!
Storyline: A group of Internet "sensations" compete for a tv show. Parody of the Internet.
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The best youtuber movie I've ever seen.
I've a lot of the YouTuber movies. Most of them were pretty crap and and didn't really laugh at any of them. I found 'Not Cool' quite a good movie. But 'Internet Famous' was just amazing. I laughed a lot. I loved the characters. The acting was great. I just really enjoyed it!If this movie was on DVD I would buy it! The ending was actually quite unpredictable. The only issue with the movie was that there wasn't enough details about the characters. But everything else was pretty freaking great! Well done to everyone in this movie! I also loved how enthusiastic it was. There was always an energy to it.I felt excited while watching it. I'm gonna have to say it again, this movie was just the best from youtubers. Just above 'Not Cool'. I hope more people watch it and enjoy it like I did. I literally have nothing else to say. But I need to some how fit 10 lines. I have nothing. Erm. Ya'll should check out all the YouTubers in this movie! They're all great. I have nothing else. Everything has been said. Stupid rules on this website my God. hmm. Again, very good.
Writer needs to learn how to write a script
I honestly liked it at the start, okay? I was afraid of cringey anti-comedy and annoyingly bad jokes, but it started off pretty strong. It all went to crap very soon, though. I'm honestly amazed how not a single one of the 5 plot lines set up were developed. I'm amazed how there was basically no evident character growth. I'm amazed how unbelievable the character growth they tried to cram in was. I'm so sick of these young internet directors writing a script and not having anyone with deep criticism look over it! Any English 11 student could look at this script and ask "Why didn't you finish it? Why does it end so abruptly? What's the climax supposed to be? Why did you foreshadow something and then never bring it up again?" Over and over again, Gallagher sets something up and doesn't follow through. I'm just annoyed at this point. It could have been great! Next time get someone to edit your script who's not just going to tell you it's hilarious and shoo you along. Please, for the sake of the world's respect for YouTube.
don't understand the bad rating
So the movie was funny. It was original (on my opinion), and it definitely is worth more than a 3.6/10 rating.

So the movie is filmed as a sort of documentary and the jokes are good, they are funny and made me laugh. It wasn't far as bad as I thought it would be. I know movies with 'youtubers' in it and most of the times they make me cringe because they are so bad. This movie surprised me a lot! It was really good! (comparing it to other movies) For once I watched a movie without stereotype people (allright, actually there were, but it was different) and that's a good thing.

So, yeah, I liked the movie. You should watch it if you want to watch a movie you actually can laugh about.
Stereotypical with a squint of problematic discussion
Well. If you have seen a few movies and are now going to see this film, you will definitely can see it's predictability. And if you are familiar with the internet clips platforms, you will recognize some of the faces (at least, I did for some). So, how does this match up? As you might expect, decent, at best. Those stereotypical views and exaggerations aren't the first and won't be the last attempt at reducing complex topics and boil them down to basic emotions. Thing is, it is pretty funny to see those categories you can clearly define in the real world, concerning YouTube and similar social media platforms, and see the effort to translate them to the movie screen. But it is almost a little bit frightening, since you might think the Internet and the people living in it, growing up with it could prosper in this direction. When it is all about cats, funny clips you forget in an hour and a little cleavage to satisfy the inner boy, people forget the struggle of multidimensional conflicts, deep threats, big love you can see in those real movies, the "classics". And this movie has it's moments, e.g. at the presentation of the guy behind the cat. Behind this American humor and this documentary-style imaging their is some process of the information delivered. And the casting was pretty good, I.e. Amanda Cerny who delivers exactly how it is expected with the right amount of oversimplification. But it doesn't break through and those moments get flushed away by pretty standard mainstream movie procedure. But you don't expect it from this film, and it doesn't expect it from itself either. So I guess it delivers what they wanted without any attempt at risking something, or moving into a probably more interesting direction.
Even has a message
This movie is more humorous than funny. There are few laff out loud moments but the characters are good and silly in their roles of ambitious internet personalities. None of the characters have any develop talent, nothing original, and bordering on boring. But they become very popular on the internet. The reward of persistence - maybe.

And in their popularity lays a message. How brief and low is the attention span and critical thinking ability of the viewing public becoming? This is a make believe movie but it is surely inspired by the real world around us. Is a 30 second video or a 3 minute video really a developed talent. Yes, something fun and funny can be shown in a short video but not consistently.

Think of it this way; each one is a pretzel and not a whole bag of pretzels. And if you take 50 short Internet videos by just one internet person you still only have one pretzel.

A curious movie to watch.
Good attempt, but tried too hard
Who would have thought. YouTubers making their own movie. It happened in the past and that didn't work out that well. I personally love cult movies. It doesn't have to be flawless if it is at least is somewhat entertaining. I watched my fair share of terrible movies, like Birdemic, Grand Theft Auto (1977) and Jennifer's Body. All bad movies, but somehow still entertaining enough to sit through the whole thing. Then you've got this movie. Internet Famous. This whole movie is one big cliché.

Let's start with the concept of this movie. To be honest, it's not terrible. In fact, I actually liked it. Five YouTube stars go on an award show to show that they're worthy of a reality show. And to their own surprise, it wasn't an award show. No, it was a gameshow. You've got the five main characters and everyone is a cliché. You've got the narcissistic guy, the dumb hot chick, the quirky chick, the weird parent and an another narcissistic guy but different cause this one has a cat. At start, this movie seems really promising. You meet the characters and how they got quote on quote internet famous and I actually thought this could work. But to quite honest, it didn't.

The clichés stayed clichés the whole movie. There was no character development, the events in the movie didn't make a lot of sense and overall it felt like a big mess. It felt like an hour and a half YouTube skit that tried really hard to be funny. For example, you've got this dumb hot chick that's surrounded by three cliché nerdy guys that wanted to sleep with her but didn't had the balls to ask her out. At one point one of these guys get the chance to see her naked, but freaked out and closed his eyes. This is an example of the jokes you can expect. Another one, the narcissistic with his cat. He's so full of himself that everyone should notice him and consider him to be an artist. There's this scene where he attends the gameshow and the receptionist didn't recognized him. Of course not, she only knows the cat. The guy goes totally mental and that's the scene. Pretty fun ain't it? And to be fair, the characters are so forgettable that I don't remember much of the three other characters. The examples I gave were of the hot one (of course I'm going to remember that) and the least funny guy.


This movie tried way too hard to be funny. It's filled with awkward moments and clichés that are supposed to be funny. I must admit, the concept is very nice. The whole reason why I wanted to watched the whole movie. But sitting through this movie felt like somewhat a chore. If the writing was better, the actors took their roles a little bit more seriously and the direction wasn't all over the place it could have been a really fun movie. If they just had focused less on the jokes and more on the characters, that could make all the differences.
It's funny
Yes, it's stupid. Yes, it's only going to appeal to some people, but yes, it is funny. If you don't see the humor in something that mocks the internet culture of stupid videos and narcissistic morons, then you won't like it. I thought it was well made and had enough heart to keep you invested in the characters.

The writing jokes are often subtle but good. It is much better than most "parody" movies because it counts on intelligent humor over stupid gags and physical comedy. In other words, the jokes aren't spelled out for you. You either get why it's funny or you don't and if you do, you'll like it.
Funny but not amazing
This movie is quite good compared to other youtuber movies! It's not amazing as I said but it is good enough to make you have a little chuckle! One of my favourite you tubers are in this movie ( Shane Dawson ) and I was quite pleased with his role! My rating of 7 is quite a good rating for a youtuber movie! Michael Gallagher ( Writer and Director ) did a good job and I hope to see more of him in the future! Cast- I thought the cast were not overly good but still good enough to put on a good show Favourite Joke- I loved the idea of the wobbly walk and how the wobbly walk girl was a one hit wonder and you get to see that her life is different! 7/10
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