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Crime, Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
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Adam Randall
Storyline: After being shot while calling for help trying to stop a violent attack on his high school girl, a 16 year old boy awakens from a coma to discover that fragments of his smart phone have embedded in his brain, giving him superhero powers. He uses this knowledge and technology to exact revenge on the gang responsible for the attack.
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A decent addition to the superhero genre
Lad is involved in incident with mobile phone and starts to exhibit special powers which he begins to use in many interesting ways. British cast, with younger actors predominating, does well in a film which is well photographed, well edited, and has a good soundtrack and better than average script. It's entertaining, has some novel twists, and is certainly well worth the watch.

Perhaps it doesn't have the budget of the alternative superhero studios but Netflix have done well to release this as one of their originals. You will pay more to see worse.

Recommended to anyone interested in the superhero genre or who like good, solid entertainment.
Better off as a series.

As a movie, not bad. Except for the fact that none of the characters were skeptical or demanded further proof when they discovered that the guy was iBoy. They simply accepted it like they came straight out of the DC universe. This just doesn't happen in real life, so it's fairly difficult to believe.

I had many recurring questions throughout the whole course of the movie, most important one being, "How did those phone fragments give him these powers?" or "Why didn't the gang shoot Tom on sight instead of chasing him THEN shooting him?" But of course, this is a movie and not all questions can be answered.
An alright movie with a good concept.
I think this would have mad a much better TV series with a Daredevil, Jessica Jones vibe. Since the premise is clearly a superhero fighting low level gangs and not power versus power. I disagree with most critics calling the premise "unrealistic" because this is A. sci-fi and B. a superhero movie. I enjoyed it. A few of the high school moments came off cliché and awkward, in a bad way, but it was mostly an adequate representation. The acting is okay: nothing exceptional other than Maisie Williams. The effects were surprisingly nice and fit the world well, but some of the technology sounds were just high pinched and irritating. The music was great as well. Overall watching iBoy is fair use of 90 minutes, but I wouldn't watch it a second time.
Good Movie Loads better than most out there
I like this movie. I don't understand the negative reviews. How can you have humour with rape, extortion, kidnapping, murder, suicide...It's ridiculous and just another sign of the times we're living in.

I like this movie because there wasn't that much violence, blood and gore like Daredevil and much of what is on TV today. I would have preferred no swearing but...oh well. Typical with British shows iBoy is chalk full of swearing but not nearly enough slang.

The concept of a phone embedding into the brain and merging with it is not much different from Daredevil and Spiderman. I thought this was going to be a TV series and not a single movie.

I will suggest this show to others with a short disclaimer. Good movie! Bring a on sequel!
Idk why but I really enjoyed this film normally I don't watch all of these super power films because I don't like unrealistic films but this one was awesome!!! Everyone needs to watch his its promising! The perspectives and the roles in this film were perfectly matched but towards the end it kinda got confusing and made no sense, I believe they had of rushed the ending of the this film but still great to watch.
0% Sense
***** Review contains spoilers ***** (Can't help it).

Starting by what is in my opinion a terrible pick of cast for this type of movie, scene after scene we see it getting worst. The story stands on an indescribable non-sense consequence (Really? A guy holding a phone gets shot and the phone goes inside his head? I mean really?) which causes the main character to be able to control any device... Powered by electricity? I'm not even sure if I understood what it was that he could connect to (???), because sometimes he controls mechanical devices too? *Confused*

Mid-film playing we surely see the epic "hero?" comebacks that almost.. Almost! bring us back to being interested, but that lasts a few minutes and it all goes back to non-sense. The character that it's supposed to have such an open access to the world-wide digital/electrical network, never goes much further than his little neighborhood/close friends? Gets scolded by (I don't even understand the reason) his grandmother that we believe to be a secondary character but all the matters related to her that seem to be good to push the story back are never known. Questions and topics that just suddenly stop being talked about and end up with no answers.

Not really sure how is this a Netflix produced/supported film, worst movie I watched since Sharknado, and I actually understand that Sharknado was supposed to be bad.

It looks very amateur in all the ways, for a Netflix production/supported film I was surely expecting way more!

Sad, that they made such a promising actress like Maisie Williams on a fast-growing career moment, act in such a bad movie.

Will for sure recommend this film to all the bricks i know! :D
A decent flick with it's flaws
The very best with this movie is: - Maise Williams: Great work from her and as always she is showing of amazing skill and proves she's a future name for generation to come. Underused here but good when we see her. - The settings: I really likes the settings for this movie. Rough part of a society on a downfall, but still a beauty and a feel flirting with movies like "This is England" and "Green Street Hooligans"

The "Meh Stuff": The story: Short you can tell that this is a superhero-movie and a troubled- teen- high school-flick. A lot of the story works and are works getting invested in, like the parts of Lucys (Maise Wiliams) parts when she tries to comprehend with her rape right from the start of the movie and all the scenes when the people around the gang who are the for guilty of Lucys Rape is falling apart. But overall it feels like this Movie is wanna be a "Kick-ass" but without all the jokes and with more underdeveloped relationships and dialogue.

The worst stuff: Bill Milner: The biggest this flick has is it's

Protagonist Tom(Bill Milner). He doesn't feel investigated in his roll, all his lines feels cringe and awkward and he doesn't play he's part so good. If he watches his enemy's fall apart or fighting with his very lovely Grandma it just feels like his not there.

I also feel the need too mention the in many case bad and poorly written dialogue this movie has. All the way through it feels pushed, hasted through and they would have taken one last look at it.
What a waste of talent and opportunity...
In short: terrible script, lack of useful message.

The movie tries to be realistic. Other than the superpowers of the protagonist, everything tries to resemble to reality - or at least how the writer of this movie perceived it. But then very quickly you realize that plot holes are everywhere:

There is a teenager who is raped by a gang at her own home. A bystander gets shot in the head. The whole f*cking country would be all over about this story. No way that the police wouldn't be all over it asking them if they recognized their attackers? They even know the attackers and their motivation! And they don't f*cking report it to the police?! Just let's go do some vigilante!

Later down the line, he realizes that he can't bring them down, so he plant's on those guys fake evidence - which is highly improbable if not impossible to carry out the way the movie implied it, as we didn't even see him planting the fake evidence. WHY NOT JUST TELL THE POLICE THAT I KNOW WHO SHOT ME IN THE HEAD?! As stupid as a cabbage can go!

So many missed opportunities. Disappointingly shallow characters. Even Maisie's powerful performance is doomed by the utterly terrible script. And everybody knows that this trash of a movie would have never been seen by anyone if it was not Maisie in this role.

The plot is FORCED to flow in the direction in such an unrealistic way. And always by chance. The drug dealer leaves his door wide open and ALL of them leave the flat that they should be protecting, when its obviously a BAIT going on. They haven't seen any Godfather I suppose.

And come on, that Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker conversation was the lamest of all. I'm your father!

The pure black & white characters make it even more shallow.

And the thrown in plot elements that have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING - like the grandmother who writes. That information has nothing to do with the story-line. A good movie gives you information that is either interesting, or has something to do with the story at some point.

The conclusion of the movie is that London is full of psychopathic criminals and that ain't gonna change. Not even a "superhero" can make a difference. This terribly depressing message held me hurting throughout the entire movie, feeling utterly powerless, I can only accept my faith that there is no hope of change here. Thanks garbage scriptwriter, that was refreshing! Just checked it, it was 4 of them who managed to stockpile this amount of trash. You really need 8 hands for this :D

Yeah, unfortunately a serious writer wouldn't start writing a plot around the ultra-lame base story of having a cell-phone-propelled- superbrain that is injected via a gunshot.
Solid, but a missed opportunity to make something really great.
This movie has a lot of good qualities. A largely unknown cast come together nicely, and the cinematography, special effects and score are all very well done.

The story as a concept is pretty simple, and in the early stages of the movie things were looking very promising and I was enjoying it a lot. As the movie reaches its climax things began to run out of steam and a few unnecessary writing decisions opened up a number of plot holes which had me scratching my head at times. This movie didn't require the big ending it went for. Some more subtle twists and craft would have taken it to the next level and I can't help but thinking some big opportunities were missed.

Regardless, much of this movie is highly enjoyable and entertaining. I've certainly seen similar concepts executed far worse.
Predictable, clichéd, needlessly grim
A teenage boy (Bill Milner), living in the London outskirts, gets shot in the head as he stumbles upon his friend (Maisie Williams) getting raped. Pieces of his phone get blasted into his brain and this gives him the superpower of control over all things electronic. Because of course it does.

And the premise itself is fine. Super hacking as as a power is something you could definitely build a movie around. The way it's depicted here is perhaps the easiest way around the visualization issue, but for a low-budget film such as this one, I'm willing to give it a pass. I also like the two main actors, especially Williams, who gives a very credible performance as a strong person with inner fire brought low by the cruelty of life.

Unfortunately the story and its execution are garbage. The story is nothing more than a revenge fantasy. And that would be fine with the right tone. Many a grindhouse film has been nothing more than a revenge fantasy. But this film tries to be grim and realistic. Grim I could deal with. Realistic is a deal-breaker.

Plus, the central idea, that of super hacking, is not handled correctly. The way the main character gets the powers is cheesy enough that it circles around and lands on the right side of the line. The problem is the way these powers are showcased. Because it's not really super hacking. It's super martial arts, mind control, blaster powers, anything and everything under the sun basically. It's powers as the plot demands, and that is always a terrible idea. Always! Especially if handled this egregiously.

iBoy has a promising idea. It has some acting talent. But it also has terrible writing, uncomfortable morals, lackluster action, questionable plot twists and an overall poor structure. Not recommended.
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