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I Come with the Rain
Spain, UK, France, Hong Kong, Ireland
IMDB rating:
Anh Hung Tran
Elias Koteas as Hasford
Eusebio Poncela as Vargas
Jo Kuk as 9mm Lover
Thea Aquino as Dancer
Tse-ho Chow as Mifu
Bo-yuan Chan as Dai Xi
Sam Lee as Monk Artist
Russ Kingston as Felix Sportis
Byung-hun Lee as Su Dongpo
Shawn Yue as Meng Zi
Josh Hartnett as Kline
Takuya Kimura as Shitao
Storyline: Ex-Los Angeles cop turned private eye Kline travels to Hong Kong in search of Shitao, the missing son of a powerful pharmaceutical conglomerate boss. Enlisting Meng Zi a friend and a former colleague now working for the Hong Kong Police, Kline follows a faint trail left by the ethereal Shitao. The path leads to local gangster Su Dongpo and his beautiful, drug addicted girlfriend Lili. But Kline is distracted from his search, haunted by memories of the serial killer Hasford whose 'body of work' was the reason Kline quit the police force. Will Kline once again need to lose his mind to find his latest quarry?
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Too vague in symbolism, but it shows violence the way it truly is
I believe the director Anh Hung Tran once said I Come With the Rain is not finished. And it shows. With that in mind, though, it can offer a satisfying cinematic experience; but it's definitely not for everybody. Perhaps not for most of the people.

The plot is surprisingly simple: Kline (Hartnett) is an ex cop, now a private detective, who is sent to find a billionaire's missing son Shitao (Kimura). The trail leads to Hong Kong. Turns out the son is actually a Christ figure who uses his powers to heal people. Add in a gangster and his girlfriend and Kline's troubled past (in a form of haunting memories of a serial killer that made sculptures out of his victim's bodies), and there you go.

There have been some criticism for the acting, particularly for the Asian cast's shaky English. It might be distracting to some people, but it's not unbearable (the fact they speak English to each other is confusing, though). Hartnett is surprisingly good as Kline, portraying his apathy and madness in a reserved manner, rarely going over the top. So I don't think he should see this movie as a bad acting choice; it's another role (along with Mozart and the Whale and Lucky Number Slevin) in which he proves he can act, after all.

The story isn't told in a linear manner, which troubles some people. Editing does seem random at times, but it's actually possible to follow the plot just fine. But it's clear the film isn't really about the plot, but the symbolism; and it's where it becomes too vague to truly shine.

They say the best art is the one that doesn't force a message on you, and the one that lets you form your own interpretation. It is true, but there seems to be very little solid material to build your own interpretation here. It seems the director wanted to explore so many things at once: religious symbolism, common thriller tropes, evil and violence, and human body. Taken individually, these things work, but the end result lacks coherence.

However, some of these things do work well. The best is Kline's story that slowly unfolds in flashbacks: his identification with the murderer (and the sculptures inspired by Francis Bacon), his insanity, his apathy, and his inability to view human form in a healthy way. Human body is closely inspected in the film from various angles, and is not limited to grotesque sculptures and healer's tortured body: for example, actors are often seen shirtless, but it doesn't seem sexual.

There are some quite good things in this film. It might be gore, but it shows violence the way it truly is: disgusting, extreme, often grotesque, never romantic. In a way, the film can be taken as the inspection of evil and all the disgusting things people do to each other.

But at the end of the day, the most interesting seem to be the things we don't see: Kline's full story arc with the murderer and slipping into madness, or Shitao's whereabouts. What's in the film seems to be quite peripheral, which might, or might not, be intentional.

In any case, it's difficult to enjoy a film like I Come With the Rain, but it doesn't mean the movie was bad. There's some quite good stuff in it. Too bad it's too vague to truly engage us.
The opening scene was worth twice the price of admission alone.
one of the best things about deploying (besides defending freedom, liberating a people) is buying gems like these from the locals, years before its marketed to you Philistines in the states. If your like me you've seen every movie that features a cop recovering from a tragedy in his past. And the guy either breaks down while guzzling whiskey or it appears in flash-backs. Well you've never scene it like this before. The first scene puts everything in perspective so concise, sexy, and brilliantly. Then the second scene (which stands alone from the first scene) even nails it home even harder. I was like hey take your foot off the gas, I get it already he's messed up in the head, damage goods. Interesting characters, interesting dialog, and real and bizarre scenarios.
It tries a bit too hard to be something it's not
The main reason why I decided to see this is because it has Byung-hun Lee in it although he isn't the main character in this. I wanted to see more movies where he is in mainstream Hollywood movies. Besides him being a top actor in Korea, I enjoyed few of the movies he was in and few dramas as well. And thought the movie was at least going to be interesting because of Lee's charisma and coolness he portrays on screen. He just didn't stand out in this and his character is wasted, plus the direction of it all made it a disaster. This is far from one of the best thrillers I seen, but it's a explicit thriller with violence and nudity. It's basically a thriller with shock value, but it sort of lacks in that department to some degree as well. It isn't really a clever thriller or anything like that although it has symbolism, it just seemed a bit forced at times. It also isn't really all that psychological either, even if it tries to be. While also trying to get the female audiences attention by getting the main actors to take off their shirts constantly, which might have worked. But it takes away from the movie because it just seems like a they are at a photo-shoot or shooting a commercial. After the first hour the movie starts to really drag with nothing much happening and without the plot progressing all that much. I also disliked the girl that played Byung-hun Lee's character's lover in this, I didn't like her presence in this movie and her acting was terrible. It would have been nice if Thea Aquino got a bigger role in this although currently she is a unknown actress, but her presence in this seemed much better and it's not only because she takes her clothes off. I know it's trying to go for the artsy approach but it fails in that level, it just didn't seem all that artistic. The second half of the movie just didn't feel the same as the first half and not in a good way either. When I first saw the trailer to this I thought it was going to be at least a decent movie, but was left disappointed. It just tries too hard to be something it's not. It should have just went with the direction of the first half without the crap that is thrown in for the second half.

Apparently boredom also comes with the rain...
"I Come with the Rain" actually had potential to be something unique and memorable, but it failed to do so. And director Tran Anh Hung just didn't manage to create a movie that stood out.

Set in seedy and gritty Hong Kong, this movie had so much potential, but it just never took off. The pace of the movie was good, but it never really delved deep into the plot or storyline, and it seemed like a half-hearted attempt of making a film, to be bluntly honest.

Actually, the storyline was a confusing and scrambled mess of a storyline, and it seemed more like a series of randomly filmed sequences put together in the editing room to make a movie. I wonder if the script never had that crucial red thread throughout the plot, or it was the director who managed to lose the red thread along the way.

"I Come with the Rain" had some rather interesting and good names to the cast list, which include Byung-hun Lee, Shawn Yue, Elias Koteas and Josh Hartnett. However, they had so little to work with in terms of script and story that they were never really given a chance to shine on the screen.

I have watched "I Come with the Rain" twice now, with several years in between. But the movie has just failed to improve over the years. So I doubt that I will return to watch it a third time. "I Come with the Rain" suffered terribly under a confusing and scrambled mess of a storyline.

It was a shame, because "I Come with the Rain" really had potential to be so much more than just your less than average thriller. In fact, there was nothing thrilling about this movie.
I come with nonsense
Tran Anh Hung could have been proud of three extraordinarily poetic reflections of life in his native Vietnam ("The Scent of Green Papaya", "Cyclo" and "The Vertical Ray of the Sun") before he committed "I Come with the Rain" in English (followed by even worse "Norwegian Wood" in Japanese)- sickly romantic neodecadent fantasy nurtured by masochistic-messianic wet dreams with a crush on American/Korean gore. The story itself abounds in nonsense. While Byung Hun-lee is the right man for this picture, Josh Hartnett seems to have wandered into it from some teenage surfer romance. Imagery is as beautiful as it is hollow ; the sculptures might have been appreciated by the great Francis Bacon - if he could have got over Elias Koteas' meditations.
transnational disaster
Kilne is a former detective, 'contaminated' from his investigation of a serial killer with a penchant for sculpture using human flesh. He turns private eye and goes in search of Shitao, the missing son of a Howard Hughes-style millionaire recluse, his journey taking him from The Philippines to the homeless ramshackle dwellings of Hong Kong's underbelly. Reliable reports say Shitao was gunned down and left for dead, but he seems to move ghost-like in the shadows and crevices of the city. And crucifix-like graffiti and barking prophets seems to carry a message connected to Shitao…

Somebody had the idea to take a festival darling of a director, connects him with two of the biggest stars in the East Asian market, throw in a young Hollywood heartthrob to keep the dialogue in English for the all-important US market, all to a soundtrack by Radiohead – how can it lose? By a complete lack of a semi-coherent script, that's how. Rarely does a film fail so completely to display any shred of plot or coherence. There is some waffle about the beauty of human suffering, a bit of scripture misquoted here and there, but it resonates to absolutely nothing. Depressingly, it is a certainty some people will make great claims for this, condescendingly pontificating that if you didn't 'get' it you don't know your religious history, iconography, semiotics, blah blah blah… Nonsense. This film is an insult to the intelligence, pure and simple.

The only multi-dimensional character is Harnett's Kline, and his arc is all in flashback to the guy you start the film with, he never grows during the course of the film. Shitao has an American father (actually, less Howard Hughes and more Charlie of the Angels fame) but hardly speaks English. This is obvious from the few lines of dialogue given to Kimura, who gets to grunt a lot clearly because he can hardly manage basic English. Every line he has punctures the suspension of disbelief.

The saving grace for this film is the acting, with Harnett especially powerful when we see his moment of contamination, and Byung-hun Lee effective in his vulnerable moments, few and far between as his day-job is psychotic gangster. Elias Koteas, one of the most reliable character actors around, is under-used, managing to charm and repel in the manner of Lecter, despite having the most giggle-inducing junk to say as dialogue.

Kimura, unfortunately, lets the side down badly. Apparently Byung-hun Lee prepared and rehearsed his scenes meticulously, while Kimura would turn up and ask "What do I have to do?" The Japanese star looks out of his depth beside the Korean. Far and away the most charismatic member of the boy band that spawned him here in Japan, Kimura has coasted through his acting career, looking like he could put in a shift if asked to rise to the challenge. He came close in Wong Kar Wai's 2046. I Come With the Rain asks him to step up to the plate, and he is found badly wanting. The charisma is all surface pouts; when asked to come up with something more nuanced, he simply doesn't have it. I for one thought he had, and to see him crash and burn like this is extremely unpleasant. I should have been feeling pity for the character, not the actor.

Apart from that, there is little to praise. The direction never gets out of third gear, while the editing looks like a work-in-progress. Continuity seems to have been sinful. Clearly the filmmakers think this film will travel on the elements alone, and spent little to no time developing the script. They may be right; the female fans of the male triumvirate pouting on the posters may just be young and naïve enough to think this is art. If they are wrong, they have the consolation of knowing Antichrist will keep them company this year in the category of misjudged art-house projects with messianic connections.
What a bore fest
I turned this movie off half way through, I was bored to death.

It looks like a cross between a student film and a doco. The editing is terrible, and the story so boring you just don't care.

There is just nothing there to keep you interested, at all.

The only good thing I can say about the movie is that the blood/cuts etc fx were great, very realistic.

The movie just cuts from one random scene to another, which makes it seem very amateur. There isn't a pinch of substance, the movie felt really hollow.

I would not recommend wasting your time watching this movie at all.
At least makes you think
So many movies are like chewing gum. You get what the title says, the higher the number the more boring the story. No numbers here. Nice title. Then a story that is so confused and confusing that will make you think for some time. That's already worth it. Asian movies can do way better than the big factories of Hollywood. There is a brave and overly complex story here. There is 2 or 3 different story lines. 3-5 important characters. Asia as the backdrop. The head of a pharmaceutical company, that can't be seen or met by anyone, the private detective who has to find and protect the only son of the aforementioned, the son who can heal others by taking over their pain and who can't be killed, the artistic serial killer, the Asian mafia guy filled with cruelty but also with true love for her drug addict girl. Some of these are very obvious references to the Bible but others are more difficult to figure out. At least not chewing gum.
Excellence Unique
It is an outstanding movie.

Authors' mind-playing is superb to an extent hardly followed by a reviewer as so much of different genres had been mixed and inter-lapped through detective Kline's sick-with-crime-solving-expertise brain. Family issues. Sexual fantasies, sadomasochism, pedophilia, blood-thirsty games and murdering, German-anatomy style art and fetish. Zombies. The modern USA, Philippines, Hong Kong. AND really nice music.

No wonder, everyone keeps this DVD on a shelf, no Amazon sales as "R" is too soft for classification as R is too soft for classification while "X" would hardly attract adult shop customers en masse.
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