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Good Time
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Joshua Safdie, Ben Safdie
Robert Pattinson as Connie Nikas
Astrid Corrales as Bail Bondsman's Assistant
Gladys Mathon as Annie
Peter Verby as Peter the Psychiatrist
Saida Mansoor as Agapia Nikas
Eric Paykert as Eric the Bail Bondsman
Taliah Webster as Crystal (as Taliah Lennice Webster)
Barkhad Abdi as Dash the Park Security Guard
Ron Braunstein as Caliph
Rose Gregorio as Loren Ellman
Rachel Black as Rachel the Public Defender
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Corey Ellman
Storyline: After a heist goes awry, a bank robber tries to free his brother from Rikers Island, all in one night.
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Unsettling, Unwavering, Electrifying
Good Time is an unrelenting edge of your seat thriller, that demonstrates the Safdie brothers mastery of both social realism and genre filmmaking. This film uses a b movie set up to hammer home an emotionally riveting story ladened with social commentary. The story is that of Connie a low level criminal who finds himself in increasingly desperate circumstances trying to free his brother whose taken the fall for a crime conceived by Connie. The brilliance of this film stems from the Safdie brothers no hold bars gorilla direction, and Robert Pattinson's powerful central performance. The direction of this film is energetic and eerie, with much of the film made using real locations and non professional actors. This makes the films various twists and turns palpably plausible. For example at one point the characters end up in a Dominos Pizza, desperate to hide. This moment comes off as entirely realistic and earned, where as in another movie it would come off as contrived. But by far the best aspect of this movie is Pattinson's central performance as Connie. Pattinson has taken a lot of flack over the years for his role in the Twilight films, but Good Time cements him not only as capable actor, but among the best working today. Seriously he's Oscar worthy here. All in all Good Time is film that shows the blossoming of both a pair of great new directors, and an actor fully realizing his craft.
One of the best films I've seen recently
I've been a fan of the Sadfie Bros since Heaven Knows What. This was a moving film about a night with some real characters. .especially liked seeing Buddy Duress. It's worth a watch, it's gritty, fast-paced and intense. All about Robert Pattinson trying to help his brother. I was not a Pattinson fan before this. I abhor twilight-refuse to see it. But, his performance here was riveting. Very believable. Plus lots of shots of NYC, the Sadfie's style immediately caught me from Heaven Knows What. This film almost seemed like it could be in the same universe as that. It draws you in from the opening scene, and doesn't let up. Jennifer Jason Leigh's supporting role was intense as well. I truly hope to see more from these director's.
So surprisingly fresh and unique!
'GOOD TIME': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The new stylized heist genre flick from directors Ben and Josh Safdie; Josh also co-wrote the script with Ronald Bronstein (the trio performed the same duties on 2014's 'HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT'). Ben also costars in the movie with Robert Pattinson, Buddy Duress, Taliah Webster,Jennifer Jason Leigh and Barkhad Abdi. The film tells the story of two brothers that rob a New York bank together, but things go horribly wrong when the younger brother (who's mentally handicap) is caught and taken into custody by the police. His older brother will then desperately do anything to get him out of prison. It's received rave reviews from critics, and it also premiered at the main competition of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival; where electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never's score won the Best Soundtrack award (Iggy Pop collaborated on a track as well). The movie is now playing in indie theaters, and I absolutely loved it!

Connie Nikas (Pattinson), and his mentally handicap brother Nick (Safdie), rob a New York bank together. They appear to get away with several thousand dollars of cash, until a dye pack goes off in one of their bags, and causes their getaway driver to crash his car. Connie and Nick flee the crash scene on foot, but they're stopped by police for questioning. Nick panics and runs, so Connie follows. Connie is able to evade capture, but Nick is caught and arrested. Fearing for his brother's safety, Connie desperately tries to get enough bail money together to get his brother out of prison. When Connie finds out that Nick was taken to a hospital, after being beaten in a prison fight, Connie attempts to break him out. He mistakes another criminal (Duress) for his brother though, and things keep getting worse from there.

The movie is so surprisingly fresh and unique, that I can't help but rave about it. It's stylized in a familiar genre way, but the story and characters are so original and different (than almost any other film out there), that you can't help but be completely captivated by every minute of it. The characters are mostly unlikable, and the entire setting is pretty depressing and disturbing, but the film leaves a very memorable impression by it's conclusion. Pattinson also gives arguably the best performance of his career (and I remember when I use to think he was a horrible actor), plus the soundtrack is also totally awesome and classic as well! I think this film is definitely worth seeing, that's for sure.

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A Very Good Time
Very ironic title as a good time was not had by Constantine "Connie" Nikas (Played by Robert Pattinson who I'm sure is having a good time over the praise he's getting from the film). His brother lands in jail after a bad bank heist and Connie is trying to raise the bail money to get him out, which turns out to be a serious night walking down the danger zone.

Robert Pattinson does do an amazing job in this movie. I come from a stand point of a person who has never scene Twilight so I have little impression of who he was really as an actor prior, except to say he looks very different now and the difference is better. You can compare this performance in this to DiNiro's in Taxai Driver, it does stand up like that.

I really liked what the Safdie brothers have done here. Ben (Who doubles as co-director and plays Connie's brother, Nick) and his brother, Josh have created a well told adventure here through the gritty part of The city, using that strange retro 80s style all the fresh young directors in their thirties seem to be doing. Good Time is raw and grounded yet slick and stylistic. Makes me want to see the rest of their filmography.

It's oddly colorful and filled with characters. It does not seem like the type of movie people would get but it's relateable, thanks in large part to the focus on Mr. Twilight, cause it does pay to have a well known actor in your movie.

Good watch!

Pointless writing, terrible screenplay and awful score = pointless toxicity that left me feeling sketchy, stale, empty and cold
Not sure why this film has such a high rating.

For starters, the sound/score must be the worst I have experienced in any film - so bad, that had it been different, I may have enjoyed the film a little more (and perhaps added at least two more points to my rating). It was way too overpowering, evident and distracting. Having a popular electronic musician doesn't make the score good, acceptable or appropriate to a particular film. Had an amateur composer submitted something more fitting that worked, I wouldn't have spent this much time critiquing it. It just didn't make any sense, nor contribute (if anything, it detracted) to what the viewer is supposed to feel. It made me feel sketchy throughout the entire film.

Then there's the pointless writing... starts off with a normal planned-out heist for the first part of the film, then stupid decisions to get another 10k, or was it 15k? Why not save us all the pain and agony and go rob another bank with a note for the rest of the money? Dumb, just dumb. There is no way a seemingly effortless bank robbery could end up with such bad decisions afterwards. Very far fetched and I didn't buy into the premise. Sure it's different, but pointless and unreal. I expected much more and was left very unsatisfied. There were many plot holes in the screenplay, dragged out scenes, too slowly paced and no proper resolution or climax to this film.

It's a very generous 3/10 from me as I had a Bad Time watching this pointless toxicity that left me feeling sketchy, stale, empty and cold.
Something of a Heartbreaking, Heart Racing Cinematic Masterpiece
I had never been more excited to see a film after viewing the trailer, and as soon as my local theater showed it (only for a short time, it's a shame, really), I jumped at the opportunity to see it. In fact, I decided to watch it a second time just two days after my first viewing. I don't hesitate to say that this is my absolute favorite movie of the year. This was my first Safdie Brothers film, and it was brilliantly done.

Good Time delivered a very engaging and nail-biting story line. The camera work and background music was so well done that it effectively slowed and quickened the pace when (I'm speculating) it was needed. Robert Pattinson took this role to a whole new level, and he has never failed to impress me with his acting.

Essentially, you're enveloped in a neon world with characters that are nothing short of real. Words can't describe the flurry of emotions that rushed through me. The story itself is so raw and harsh, and as you watch, every obstacle the main character encounters snowballs, and every single time, it's a thrill. Needless to say, it will never allow you to feel bored, leaving you wishing there was more to it. I believe though, that that's the beautiful thing about this movie.

For anyone who might say that this movie was too spontaneous or confusing, I believe you missed the fact that this movies emulates life as it is. Life in and of itself is spontaneous.

"You're gonna have a good time."
hyper-kinetic frenzied trip
Greetings again from the darkness. The Drifters and later George Benson sang "the neon lights are bright on Broadway". Well, we aren't on Broadway, and though they aren't bright, the neon lights are ever present and crucial to the tone of the latest from brothers and co-directors Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie.

Robert Pattinson stars as Connie Nikas, and turns in a performance unlike anything we have previously seen from him. Connie is protective of his brother Nick (played by director Benny Safdie), and he's also a grungy unhinged bank robber. He doesn't look like a man with a plan, but fortunately, Connie is a smooth talker who thinks 'quick on his feet'. We say fortunately, because he is barraged with an endless stream of danger, catastrophes and near traumatic events as the story progresses.

A botched bank robbery separates the brothers and sends Nick to jail and Connie on the lam. Co-writers Ronald Bronstein and Josh Safdie seemingly take immense pleasure in sending Connie off-the-rails has he desperately attempts to avoid capture while simultaneously figuring out how to spring brother Nick. With a frenetic pace that escalates Griffin Dunne's misery in AFTER HOURS, Connie's escapades have him crossing paths with his girlfriend played by Jennifer Jason Leigh (wish she had more screen time), a psychiatrist played by Peter Verby, a new anxious-to-help acquaintance in Taliah Webster, an accidental partner-in-crime played by Buddy Duress, an amusement park security guard played by Barkhad Abdi ("Look at me!"), and a brutish thug played by hip-hop artist Necro.

The pounding, pulsating techno/synth music perfectly complements the unusual tone (almost noirish, and bordering on comedic), feverish pace, and fascinating visuals throughout. Some viewers will be turned off quickly, and those that stick with it will be rewarded with an entertaining crime thriller featuring Pattinson's best performance to date.
Dig through the show times to find this one
"Good Time" is a drama/crime thriller with a tight grip. It constantly ups the stakes and keeps you invested thanks to its blend of tension and humor. With a stellar performance by Robert Pattinson and slick direction by Ben and Josh Safdie, you've got one of my favorite films of the year.

Connie Nikas (Pattinson) and his mentally handicapped younger brother, Nick (Ben Safdie) attempt to rob a bank. When the heist goes wrong and Nick is captured by police, Connie fails to come up with the bail money. He decides that it'll just be easier to break his brother out of the hospital room in which he's being held.

This film is a continuous cycle of "bad to worse". Connie is basically chewing his fingers off worrying about his brother. To him, nothing is too underhanded. He's willing, quick-witted, resourceful... but he's also been cursed with the Midas touch of sh*t and, let's face it, he's not all that intelligent. The man has a knack for finding people to prey upon. You'd feel bad when the situation blows up and he's the only one left unscathed... but it feels like their fate was an inevitability. It just happened a bit quicker thanks to our protagonist. You're nervous all the way through, but dumb criminals are such a joy to watch that you devour every moment with enthusiasm. I never knew what to expect out of "Good Time". Will Connie find some kind of redemption in the teenage girl (Talia Webster) he dupes into helping him? Will the innocent, naive bystander become a pawn or a victim? Whenever the crook encounters someone, you tense up.

Even if you disregard the tight story that keeps you guessing, this is a great film. It's expertly shot, the use of music and the general tone give it a distinct identity. Then, there are the performances. Pattinson disappears in this unglamorous, but meaty and nuanced role. He's accompanied by many great moments courtesy of Jennifer Jason Leigh (in a small part), Barkhab Abdi (whom you'll remember from "Captain Phillips"), Buddy Duress as a criminal who forms a tenuous alliance with Connie as well as the aforementioned Ben Safdie and Taliah Webster. I never wanted the movie to end. I enjoyed seeing this seedy world that much.

"Good Time" offers a slow, steady drip of thrills. You'll be sweating and, very frequently, laughing at the expense of people who are probably getting what was coming to them. There's also tenderness. At its core, this is a story about love, a poisonous love. It's another small film that you're going to have to look for, but wow is it worth the effort. When you watch "Good Time", stay through the credits. The story continues as the words scroll. (Theatrical version on the big screen, September 5, 2017)
Intense crime drama
I had heard good things about this indie thriller and found the film suspenseful and enjoyable showing a life that doesn't always receive the spotlight. Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) tries to take care of his troubled brother Nick Nikas (Benny Safdie) who has a learning disability. He takes him out of a learning program and on a heist at a bank. He wears the mask of a black man and demands the cash through handwritten notes. The thieves get away and are picked up by a friend but when they are driving away the bag explodes with red paint. Connie and Nick try to hide by washing off as much of the paint as they can and pulling up their hoods. The cops still question them and Nick takes off running. Connie follows and pulls ahead leaving his brother behind as Nick crashes through a window and is caught by the cops.

Nick is shipped to Rikers Island and his behavior problems lead him to be hospitalized. Connie works to free his brother by negotiating with the bail bondsman but the money is stained with red paint. He asks his girlfriend, Corey (Jennifer Jason Leigh) to use her mother's credit card to pay the bond but Corey's mother doesn't like her boyfriend so she cancels the card before Corey can spend the ten thousand dollars. During the process to bail out his brother, Connie learns that his brother is in the hospital. Connie heads to the hospital to find his brother. He uses his craftiness to find his brother's room and break him out. He sneaks out covering his brother with his jacket and sneaking him onto a medical transport bus.

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One of the Absolute Best of the Year
Good Time stars Robert Pattinson as a desperate criminal fresh off of a botched bank robbery that tries to free his accomplice brother from Rikers Island before he gets sent to general population. Written and Directed by The Safdie Brothers, Good Time is an exhilarating crime drama that brings back the grit that made these types of films so palpable and treats us to both a visual and emotional journey through the underbelly of NY.

Starting off with the robbery and subsequent botching, Good Time starts off like a bullet train and doesn't let up for even a second. Centering on Rober Pattinson's Connie Nika, the film is a crime odyssey much in the vein of Scorsese's After Hours. This is a ticking time bomb of a film that brings Pattinson to his absolute best. Make no mistake, this is a master class performance from him. This is far from the performances he gives in sappy romance films. This is a fully realized performance that is bound to be talked about for years to come. But as great of a performance as he gives, the credit goes to the Safdie brothers' phenomenal script.

The story of Good Time is very race-against-the-clock. But when broken down, this is a film about a desperate guy that wants to make a change. He doesn't want the hustle and bustle of NY, he wants a farm and his brother. He doesn't want to do bad things but he's willing to do it if it advances him to get to his brother. The whole story is centered around Love, much like their previous film Heaven Knows What. Love is a central theme in Good Time and it might be hard to decipher that through its gritty absolution but the end result will surely make you realize what really was important all along to Connie Nikas. It's a truly magnificent and heart pounding film that has surprising emotional heft to it.

Overall, Good Time is a fantastic film that finally allows that NY grit back into the scene and really cranks up the tension while doing so. With a great script and an undeniably Oscar caliber performance from Robert Pattinson, Good Time ranks with the very best of the year.
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