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Gallows Hill
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Víctor García
Peter Facinelli as David Reynolds
Tatiana Renteria as Marcela Reynolds
Juan Pablo Gamboa as Capitan Morales
Sophia Myles as Lauren
Nathalia Ramos as Jill Reynolds
Storyline: In Bogota, Colombia, the widow American David Reynolds is ready to travel back to America with his fiancée Lauren and his daughter Jill to get married after the death of his wife Marcela. However Jill has left her passport in the house of her aunt Gina and they travel in a car with Gina and Jill's boyfriend Ramon to the town where Gina lives. They drive through a shortcut but they are stopped on the road by Capitan Morales that warns them that the road is flooded and is too dangerous to drive along, but Gina decides to continue. They have an accident and the car overturns and Lauren breaks two ribs in the middle of nowhere. They decide to walk and find an old hotel that has been closed since 1978. The owner Felipe is reluctant to let them in, but he decides to lodge the group. While bringing some wood for the fireplace, the snoopy Jill and her boyfriend Ramon leaves the room and Jill overhears a cry. They seek out and find the girl Ana Maria padlocked in a wooden box. When Felipe ...
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Gallows Hill
Gallows Hill has an intriguing premise with pretty much opportunities to generate horror, paranoia and suspense; unfortunately, the irregular rhythm and slips of the screenplay betray the potential of the premise, making the intervals between murders and demonic manifestations a bit frustrating. On the positive side, during those cruel moments, the blood flows freely and it's well combined with subtle special effects. On the other hand, the characters tend to make the most absurd mistakes whenever the screenplay doesn't find a logical way to continue the story. The actors make a decent work in their roles, highlighting Sophia Myles as the stepmother who tries to keep her false family united and Julieta Salazar, who is able to bring an appropriately terrifying attitude to her character. In conclusion, Gallows Hill is a mediocre but moderately entertaining horror film. I will probably erase it from my memory in a few days, but it didn't bore me, and I can give it a slight recommendation because of that.
All in all, not a bad little flick.
I didn't know what to think about this before I threw it on. Directed by Victori Garcia (the man who helmed my hands-down least favourite horror film of all time Hellraiser : Revalations), this appears to be the first film that allowed him full creative control. Prior to this movie, he was the director of Mirrors 2, Return To House On Haunted Hill, 30 Days Of Night : Blood Trails, and of course the worst movie ever… however, based on the jump in quality with this one, I have a feeling he felt considerably more free, and wasn't just after the work. Another surprise was the writer, Richard D'Ovidio, who previously penned Thir13en Ghosts, and The Call. All around, based on the previous work of both of these guys, this might have been one I avoided. I can honestly say, I'm glad that I didn't.

The movie begins with some pretty flat seeming characters, and felt quite generic. That being said, the style actually seemed to change pretty drastically and became quite cool and atmospheric. The effects are minimal, and effective, and the actors seemed to get their sh*t together part way through the movie. The young girl who plays the 'ancient evil' is pretty effective and creepy, though her performance is pretty short lived once the the demon starts to switch bodies. The story moves along at a pretty good clip, and delivers on some pretty good tension all the way through, it does have fall a little bit flat from time to time, but not enough to kill the movie or stop it dead.

I will say this, the story comes off a little bit heavy handed with the occasional voice over about secrets, and the fact that all of these characters are also tortured souls with deep dark secrets to be exploited. As a result, there are some moments that get a little bit eye-rolly, but overall it's actually pretty effective and does make a reasonable (albeit heavy handed) point about people's secrets coming back to haunt you.

All that said, the movie is occasionally frightening, grim, and even becomes quite bleak and heavy near the end. It's also not a movie that forces a happy ending, and the ending feels natural without sequel baiting. That really was a breath of fresh air to have a movie end in a bit of a non-traditional, and down-note like this one did.

So, all in all, this is a fun movie, that delivers a pretty satisfying level of scares throughout. It might not make anyone's top-10 of all time list, but it really is one of the better horror films I've seen this year. Go ahead and give it a watch, you could certainly do worse! Also, never, ever, ever watch Hellrasier: Revelations.

Final Grade : B-

Worth watching for the atmosphere and Carolina Guerra
After a car crash a group of people take sanctuary in an old hotel, only to find a girl in a basement that is not all she seems.

Gallows Hill A.K.A The Damned is packed with atmosphere and wonderfully shot by Richard D'Ovidio. As a creepy tale in a large decrypted hotel it works well but as horror piece it falls short. Sophia Myles (when not possessed) is on fine form and Carolina Guerra is simply outstanding as Gina leaving her co-stars in her wake.

There's blood, shootings, twisted heads and fantastic settings but unfortunately the well trodden Exorcist and Evil Dead style demonic voices fail to give big scares. This offering is debatably not as strong as some atmospheric horrors Livid, REC, The Beckoning (2009), or The Orphanage to name a few.

That said, The Damned is still worth watching for its eerie ambiance created in the first half and Carolina Guerra performance.
don't waste your time
It's hard to put into words how bad this film is. Yes, it has all of the clichés, old house, rain and thunder, creepy old guy. What really kills this film is how unlikable the characters are and how positively stupid as well. You could care less if they are killed off and when they are, you find yourself almost cheering. This, of course is when you aren't yelling at the screen. What is the first thing you should do when things get threatening? Have everyone separate! Absolutely! There is nothing redeeming about this film at all. I am a horror movie buff and this is just about the worst I have ever seen. This is so bad that I set up an account here so I could write my first review.
I liked this to start with. It's conventional, but I think they set it up well for a ride into the depths of horror.

So that should have picked up speed right after the witch was released. There was some spooky ghosting around the house, but ... the little girl was not scary. We even had the closing the fridge door jump - if they have to resort to that then something's gone wrong.

But don't worry - there were other versions of the beast to come. And I think that's the problem: they didn't have to focus on one character, so all characters became a bit bland when it was their turn, and you never got the essence of the original beast.

Then you've got the back story, which they returned to a few times with an unnecessary complication involving the relatives of the persecutors. Then they threw in a dose of guilt from each character's life. And it all got a bit cluttered, losing focus on the original elements.

Think of the Blair witch - you get some sketchy exposition at the start, the audience fills in the details, we go to a lonely place, all the elements are in place, and bit by bit the witch simply shows what she can do, raising the stakes steadily without once appearing on screen.

The final insult was some dreadful dialogue between father and daughter as they cowered in the basement. And oh - there was another bloody twist after that too.

Keep it simple!
Another lost in the woods, happen upon the demon locked in the box story, but it ends well.
Gallows Hill or The Damned. I really didn't think that I was enjoying this movie at all for the first two thirds or so, then as the story sort of rallies, and gives more substance to all of the chaos that is making everyone's heads spin; I suddenly saw the actual movie, and realized that it all made sense, and they had meant to be that vague.

In a tired horror world that is just too saturated with poltergeist- ery and other forms of possession or dispossession, and completely unnecessary death just for the filler of it all; This movie does nothing new, including the worst plot device of all - the foreshadowed introduction, then the quick spin back to tell the story so far. However, there is a good, simple, and properly worked out ending that ties all of the loose ends together, and makes for a decent ride that may leave you with your knees still shaking just a little.

The acting is no special event, but the sets are well lit, and the look of everything is realistic, and never too "set-up" looking (the backgrounds were open enough, and there is no sense of claustrophobia even in the buildings).

Would I rush out to see this? No, but I would throw it on the list to be seen. There is enough here to Enjoy, the jump scares are not cheap, and there is a ton of blood, hardly any nudity, and some bad language, but this is an adult horror movie so expect that.

Jesse of www.Jesse.ca
Mediocre first half but improves quite a bit
In hindsight maybe the rating is too high for this movie. But I am partial to movies which have a better second half.

The main problem is predictability. If you have seen similar movies, then it is pretty much the same template. Too many elements are derived from so many other movies. There is really no attempt to bring anything new to the table. Another thing was the dad character. He is a good actor and all but I just couldn't buy him as the father of that girl. When she called out "Daddy" in the first scene of their meeting, I was quite surprised. He looks way younger than that. I also disliked the nosy nature of the characters. They invited trouble by going down to investigate. I am not sure if it is manners to explore since they were just guests in that house. The frequent Spanish also doesn't help matters since I was puzzled at the long conversations.

But once the girl is out, then it is game on. It just pretty much piles on the action from that point. Well, whatever action is possible within that house for the most part. The frequent bursts of Spanish doesn't matter now since we are as puzzled as the dad character. It also works well for the devil voice as well. Then it becomes a Thing-like situation with pretty much anyone being a target for the possession. The ending is a nice touch. Here the negative ending actually works instead of being a lame shock ending out of nowhere which many movies do nowadays. It is actually believable and doesn't feel like a gimmick.

There is plenty of eye candy but unfortunately not much nudity. I guess there is not much time to do anything and the characters are not in the mood anyway with all the possessions and all.

I liked it. 7/10
Cluttered and Claustrophobic…Bloody and Semi-Clever Familiarity
Extremely Claustrophobic and Bloody Demon Doings. It is one of those that the Evil Entity can leap from Body to Body. The Atmosphere is sometimes Chilling and the Gore is Prevalent while Weak Characters are put in Jeopardy in a Regular Rhythm of Gross and Disgusting Displays of Horror Movie Tropes.

But there is enough Splatter in this B-Movie to give it a Pass on the Familiar way it goes about its Story. None of the People here are Relate-able and some of Their Back Stories are so Glossed Over the Victims remain Nothing but Props.

Some Creepiness is at hand and the Movie does make for a bit of Unsettling Reaffirmation that when told that a Road is Unusable, the Horror Movie Thing to do is, well You Know. This Leads to the Clichéd Set-Up of the "Cabin in the Woods" Variety of Pent Up Spirits and many Brutal Deaths ahead.

Overall, there is Something here that makes all of its Familiarity somewhat Watchable for Horror Movie Fans. Just don't Expect Anything other than a bunch of Semi-Clever Kills with an Eat Your Own Tail Ending.
Nothing original here
This might be the worst horror movie I've ever come across and I've seen my fair share of bad horror flicks. There is nothing here you haven't seen before and is done far worse then anything I've ever seen before. The acting is horrendous, the decision making of the characters is ridiculous and feels really out of this world stupendous. There are some really cheesy, decades old horror clichés here which are totally misplaced. The dialogue is ridiculous and David, the main protagonist, is really the most dumbass, idiotic character there is. Seriously, save your time and your money, because this movie is really not worth it. I gave it 2 stars because the location they filmed it in was pretty neat, but that's all there is to it.
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