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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
IMDB rating:
Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck
Alan Tudyk as Duke of Weselton (voice)
Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (voice)
Santino Fontana as Hans (voice)
Chris Williams as Oaken (voice)
Livvy Stubenrauch as Young Anna (voice)
Eva Bella as Young Elsa (voice)
Patricia Lentz as Additional Voices (voice)
Ciarán Hinds as Pabbie / Grandpa (voice)
Idina Menzel as Elsa - Snow Queen (voice)
Stephen J. Anderson as Kai (voice)
Josh Gad as Olaf (voice)
Kristen Bell as Anna (voice)
Robert Pine as Bishop (voice)
Maurice LaMarche as King (voice)
Edie McClurg as Gerda (voice)
Maia Wilson as Bulda (voice)
Storyline: Anna, a fearless optimist, sets off on an epic journey - teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven - to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. From the outside Anna's sister, Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved, but in reality, she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret-she was born with the power to create ice and snow. It's a beautiful ability, but also extremely dangerous. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, spending every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her mounting emotions trigger the magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter that she can't stop. She fears she's becoming a monster and that no one, not even her sister, can help her.
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If you don't like musicals do not see this!
I don't usually feel the need to write reviews on any films that I watch but this one evoked such frustration from me I felt compelled to put my opinion into the mix of reviews on IMDb.

I, like most peopleprobably saw this film advertised in a trailer whilst watching another. As far as I remember the trailer showed nothing of this film being a musical. Now I'm one of those people who just cannot stand musicals. If you are reading this and that includes you too I urge you not to waste a penny on seeing this film. Not only is it practically back to back singing the actually storyline is just recycled Disney garbage. The heroin, the quirky character and the obligatory serious character. It's a rehashed and poorly made Shrek and not a patch on any of the Disney Pixar films like Toy Story. The adult humour you usually find in animated films these days which always appeals to me is virtually none existent and is in my mind plain and simply aimed at young children and/or musical lovers.

Now I'm aware of all the critic reviews by all the big papers and magazines. A couple of snippets I saw plastered across the cover art about this being "Disney back at its finest" and "The best film this year". Who are these people that right such utter rubbish I ask myself. Were they watching the same film as me!? There is no way this is Disney at its finest and unless it's the only film I've seen in a year it most certainly isn't the best.

If it wasn't for the fact I felt so utterly robbed by going to watch this film I probably wouldn't of written a review but as movies get more and more expensive to watch at the cinema with their high FPS footage, 3D viewing and D-Box force feedback seating I felt it needed mentioning to help the unwary avoid the same mistake.

In conclusion, if you are unsure about this then simply wait till it's out on TV or borrow it from a friend. Then realise you'll never get those couple of hours back in your life that you've just wasted watching it.
One of the Weakest Animations by Disney
In the Kingdom of Arendelle, Princess Elsa has the power of freezing and creating ice and snow, and her younger sister Anna loves to play with her. When Elsa accidentally hits Anna on the head with her gift and almost kills her, their parents bring them to trolls that save Anna's life and make her forget the ability of her sister. Elsa returns to the castle and maintain herself recluse in her room with fear of hurting Anna with her increasing power.

Their parents die when their ship sinks in the ocean and three years later, the coronation of Elsa forces her to open the gates of her castle to celebrate with the people. Anna meets Prince Hans in the party and she immediately falls in love with him and decides to marry him. But Elsa does not accept the marriage and loses control of her powers freezing Arendelle. Elsa flees to the mountain and Anna teams up with the peasant Kristoff and his reindeer Sven and with the snowman Olaf to seek out Elsa. They find Elsa in her icy castle and she accidentally hits Anna in the heart; now only true love can save her sister from death.

"Frozen" is one of the weakest animations by Disney with a lame story full of flaws in inconsistencies. There is no explanations for the origin of the gift (or curse) of Elsa. After the death of the King and Queen, Elsa grows along three years and who has governed the country? When Elsa flees, a stranger is in charge of Arandelle. Elsa finds that love is the key to control her power, but didn't she love Anna and her parents? The characters are boring, with the exception of Olaf and the songs are annoying including "Let it Go". My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Frozen: Um Aventura Congelante" ("Frozen: A Freezing Adventure")
Disney made Elsa a epitome of a Ice Goddess out in Frozen and the relationship of Anna and Elsa made Frozen apart from any Disney Princess Movie
everyone who watched Frozen will surely agree that the character of Elsa which was derived from Hans Christian Andersen's original character The Snow Queen is really what magnetize most of the audience aside from the great chemistry Elsa and Anna displayed all throughout the movie making Frozen the highest-grossing animated film in history and the 5th highest-grossing film in box office yet.

Elsa though only the second protagonist in the movie overshadowed every character in Frozen with her goddess like ice power and goddess like appearance after she transformed and become The Snow Queen top it with her performance of Disney's best hit song yet "Let it Go" while both Elsa and Anna's story and their relationship set apart Disney's princess traditional norm from appearance and personality just like Disney's Brave. that it doesn't always take a romantic story, a damsel in distress princess and a handsome prince to live happily ever after.
The worst kid movie I ever took my 5 yr old grandkid to
My wife and I are fairly young grandparents and take the grand kids out for a movie time to time A good movie to me is one that I see the kids enjoying a film and also if the adults enjoy the film is an extra. I took two kids 5yrs old and 7 to see "Planes", and hearing some rather bad reviews was expecting a boring movie trying to capitalize on "Cars" and sat down to take a nap. It turned out I really enjoyed this movie along with the kids.

Now to this ...movie...? I actually had more fun watching the coming events than this weak weak weak movie. I looked over at my wife after 5 or 10 minutes and her face told me the same thing I was feeling. I was ready to walk out after spending $50 for a terrible 3D movie and would of thought I was saving time instead of spending $50 and being punished to sit in that chair and waste another 5 minutes on this garbage.

The shifting plot...singing...singing and singing for no reason ( Music is suppose to accompany plot and be almost unnoticed). This was like sitting in an opera and the music was so overwhelming that you couldn't pay attention to the weak weak weak weak plot.

I also watched the kids faces...and in that time (5-10 minutes) they also weren't even looking at the screen but were more engaged in watching the other bored kids in the movie theater.

I was far more proud of the kids ( 5 yrs male and 7 yr old female) for being good even though neither of them faced the screen the majority of the movie.

And this movie is not a movie for all ages... it is more of a movie for no ages. It tries to be a romantic movie and tell me what 5 year old is interested in romance...or singing romance...

They invented a snowman monster...for whatever reason which made no sense, because supposedly the sister Elsa banished herself because she was afraid she would hurt her sister or others from her powers...now suddenly she is sending a monster snowman to try and kill her sister and her accomplices? What .. what? The movie is full of disconnects that your brain tells your heart yo are being used and manipulated in this movie and a computerized formula was the guiding director in this piece of garbage movie.

I've watched Cars 1 &2 (cars 2 not so good either) , Planes, Toy Story 1,2,3, and other kid movies a hundred times on DVD with the kids and still get some enjoyment from it because of entertaining stories that have plots that make sense.

This movie...is terrible....did I mention that before...I would go over all the details but I noticed the other one star reviewers covered it pretty well.

The part that amazes me is seeing that some people gave this 5 stars and also say the kids were laughing up a storm. Maybe their theater got a totally edited and rewrote script? I can't believe it would be possible for anyone to possibly give this 5 stars.

Oh well difference of opinion is what makes the world go round.
An unfunny and predictable Disney Princess musical
I was hoping for something similar in entertainment value as Despicable Me. This movie was anything but.. I heard some talk about this movie, people saying how good it was and so on. I'm wondering if we even saw the same movie! The jokes were few and far between and the plot/conflict was more than predictable. Song replaces regular dialog for much of this movie to the point that it becomes tiresome. Unless you thoroughly enjoy nonsensical musicals with Queens and Princesses, you'll want to drive a railroad spike through your head to avoid watching anymore of this garbage. The preteen girls in the theater seemed to enjoy the film though..
A female fantasy without real power or shape
Well a story of two princesses is going to lean on the feminine side of storytelling no doubt but I have no problem with that if the story is engaging, well structured etc. People might accuse me of being sexist and they might be right in general but I am also an appreciator of good movies regardless of the tone be it masculine or feminine. This movie however doesn't satisfy me in that regard. Of course, the scriptwriter as I checked is a woman. And this is going to be important as I analyze the themes of this movie because I will take the author's gender and sensibilities into account. So basically the story fails to engage because of its simplicity and baseness. It is so based that it struggles to even be called a story since it almost has no deep characters with conflict, nor any metaphors or an underlying message hidden in between the lines. So basically you have an older and a younger princess. The older one is defined as having an extraordinary talent which allows her to freeze anything on touch, even build complex structures out of ice and give life (!) to a snowman. She is also a beautiful young blond. That would be her outward appearance and actions. Inwardly she is "shy" and closed because of the fear her power will hurt others and so has to act responsible and overly cautious. The younger sister is an "ordinary" girl by her own admission (or should I say the words of the female author). Maybe next movie we will have a villain stock character say "I'm a villain" or a cool hero stock character say "I'm just a cool hero". Anyway she is a gorgeous red-haired beauty that travels the movie with wide eyes and easily falls in love. Her inward appearance is vibrant, full of life and naive. So basically you have a "conflict" between two sisters. One tries to be responsible with her power, the other one tries to live her life to the fullest. This sets in motion a conflict free movie where the older sister has to stop the winter she unknowingly unleashed while the younger one is a protagonist who falls in love with any man she spends more than one minute with. So why is it a bad story? Like I said, written from a female perspective what we do have is a villain that is not threatening, a girl (young sister) that goes on a not so dangerous journey to talk to her sister (who we know loves her and is going to stop the winter in the end anyway since all of it is just one big misunderstanding). We, or at least I, know all this before it happens but the journey itself is boring. So the focus of the movie becomes the younger sister's interactions with a stranger that helps her travel to her older sister. She is already engaged to a prince back home, but spends most of the movie making the moves on the handsome stranger looking at him with wide eyes and basically acting innocent while being all over him. Well one female fantasy for certain was fulfilled while writing this script. Who will the younger sister choose? Her fiancé or the handsome and rugged stranger? Of course any woman would choose the dangerous stranger over the boring fiancé and that shows in the story. I admit I didn't watch till the end but apparently the fiancé at the end turns out to be bad. So I guess the woman screenwriter solved that dilemma efficiently. "hmmm I don't want my girl to look bad by leaving her fiancé for another man so I am going to make the fiancé the last minute bad guy. That solves everything and absolves me from being morally reprehensible. This way I can live out the all-female fantasy." What else? Oh yes, this entire movie wouldn't have happened if the trolls (side characters meant to be cute. Meant to be.) didn't advise the older sister to keep her powers hidden from everyone and live a life of shame and fear. So that is why I put the "shy" part in quotations when referring to the older sister's characteristics. She was forced to shy away because of one really ill gotten advice when she was a young girl. The real villain of the movie - the cute little trolls. For shame.
Awesome and Empowering!! <3 ^_^
This is a great movie for younger and older sisters alike. It shows that you don't need to rely on a guy to save you every time you're in trouble. You may just need your sister's love. Because a lover's love is only temporary; a sister's love is forever. I watched this with my sister and mom, and we all agreed that this was a very good movie with a very good message. I especially liked how Elsa was in trouble, but then she was looking into Anna's face as she saved her. And she realized after Anna was back that it was not the love of a man, but the love of her sister and of family that will always save you from the things that will hurt you the most. Awesome movie!! Loved it!!
Bad storytelling and sickly music
This is not good. 10 minutes into the story, I'm assuming it's a 20 minute film. The songs are not good, the American accents are too sweet, and the conversations are extremely flimsy. This is not a well-told story. It's fully predictable, and I'm sure Andersen wouldn't approve of the naivety in an attempt to mesmerise a child's imagination. This is so overly-Disney, it would probably make Walt Disney shudder thinking that story has been devalued has at his company. Ugh!

Even the opening music is mislaid, a combination of either African chanting or Native American ritual. My guess is that we were being taken into the great white north of the Inuit tribe in the Northern Territory of Canada. I'm fairly certain this was an animation project given to older Disney employees who reminisce on the old days.
Load of poop.
Terrible songs, sounded like they were sung by Idols rejects. Really bad sound mixing and mastering. The characters singing voices changed for each song. Easily the most unpolished animation I've seen. A real shame to the creator of one of the greatest movies ever, Mary Poppins, which they blatantly ripped off in one scene. Doubtful anyone who rated this movie more than 2 would even know this though. The fact that this film did so well represents everything that is wrong in society today. I'd to recommend this to no one. Totally appalling. On the other hand, perhaps my expectations were set too high after hearing this was better than Toy Story.. what????
Most Overrated Movie of 2013
I'm an 18 year old girl, who is a HUGE Disney fan and loves watching what her friends deem "little kid movies". I was looking for a way to celebrate finishing my first semester at college(in December), so I went to see Frozen, which had gotten great reviews.

The beginning of the movie was decent. Do You Want to Build a Snowman made me tear up and Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana's voices sounded like they were made for each other in Love is an Open Door. However, the positivity stops there. At the end of Love is an Open Door, when Prince Hans asks Anna to marry him, I immediately KNEW that something was wrong and that this was an attempt to mock the Disney "love-at- first-sight" cliché. Now, before I continue, I'd just like to point out that I am ridiculously sick of people praising Elsa for being the first Disney princess to say "You can't marry a man you just met".

1) This is a result of people on the internet poking fun at Disney Princess movies. However, if those people even bothered to REALLY watch them, they'd realize that although this movie may be the first to explicitly state that girls shouldn't marry someone they just met, this is not a new concept in the Disney world. In fact, I don't recall Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, or Belle marrying men that they just met.

2) Re-watch that scene. She only said that because she was worried about Hans' brothers staying over for the wedding and having yet another social event that she'd be required to attend. She panics and says "No one's brothers are staying here. No one's getting married". See her priorities? Elsa's reason for not blessing their marriage doesn't stem from their quick engagement. It's much more self-centered than that.

Next, let's not forget the plot holes, the most obvious one being the anti-climatic ending: "Of course...Love!" Sorry, what? Elsa trying to protect Anna from herself wasn't love? Besides, why does Elsa even have powers? Why are there trolls and where did they come from? Why did Prince Hans protect Elsa if he wanted her dead? He could have been "distracted" when the guard was trying to kill Elsa. Why does Olaf come to life and where has he been the entire time the girls were growing up? Maybe the directors should have paid less attention to casting *famous* people and more to making a good plot. (Casting complaint: Elsa looked like she was in her mid-twenties and sounded old enough to be Anna's mother.)

Anyways, moving on to my next complaint: Olaf, the snowman AKA my least favorite character in the entire movie. His awkward attempts at jokes and sheer stupidity were torturous to sit through. In Summer was one of the worst songs in the movie, right up there with Fixer Upper. What is Fixer Upper even promoting? Cheating?!?! Because that's what I thought as the trolls sang about getting Anna's fiancé out of the way. Also, I could not stand how Anna flirted with and almost MARRIED Kristoff while engaged to Hans. Luckily for her, Prince Hans just *happened* to be a villain. How very convenient (and completely unnecessary). Elsa, having been alone her entire life, could have used a love story and Kristoff would have been the perfect match for her. Elsa and Kristoff could have bonded over her powers and his love for ice. Instead, Kristoff and Anna ended up being an extremely weak, unlikeable rip-off of Flynn and Rapunzel.

Lastly, having watched Disney movies all my life, I have to say, this movie has the largest percentage of bad songs I've ever seen in a single movie. "Let it Go" is the most overrated song I have EVER heard and I was quite disappointed to hear that it had won the Oscar for Best Original Song. The rhymes were unoriginal and it was not memorable at all, although after hearing people sing it 24/7, it does get ingrained into your brain. Some of the other songs were catchy, but there was still a HUGE lack of originality in the rhymes. Even my nine-year-old sister criticized the Frozen songwriters' creativity, pointing out that they rhymed "door" and "anymore" in four songs ("Do You Want to Build a Snowman", "For the First Time in Forever", "Love is an Open Door", and "Let it Go").

To summarize, this movie was not deserving of the Oscars it won. Then again, there was not much competition this year. This movie was basically a slap in the face to all the Classic Disney Princess movies and is tied for #1 with Brave on my Worst Disney Princess Movies list. If you REALLY want to see a movie worth watching, I recommend Tangled, which is as underrated as Frozen is overrated. The songs, plot, and characters are much better developed and the whole movie is absolutely delightful. The music was beautifully composed and don't even get me started on how amazing Donna Murphy, Zachary Levi, and Mandy Moore's performances were! Whereas I will never re-watch Frozen, I re-watch Tangled every couple of months even though I can quote the entire movie and sing every song. I know many Tangled fans went to see Frozen - expecting it to be as good as Tangled- and were very disappointed. Disney may be gaining new fans, but they're losing their loyal fans. Look at Frozen's percentage of 1/10 ratings compared to those of Tangled. Until Disney gets their act together, I will not be wasting any more of my time watching these movies in theaters. As Zazu said, "If this is where the monarchy is headed, count me out".

tl;dr- Plot holes galore. Lackluster songs. Terrible morals/lessons. Save your money and time.

(Apparently 0/10 is not an option, so I'll give it one point for the animation.)
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