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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
John Carl Buechler
Jeff Bennett as Eddie
William Butler as Michael
John Otrin as Mr. John Shepard
Lar Park-Lincoln as Tina Shepard
Diana Barrows as Maddy
Terry Kiser as Dr. Crews
Larry Cox as Russell
Susan Blu as Mrs. Amanda Shepard
Kevin Spirtas as Nick (as Kevin Blair)
Jennifer Banko as Young Tina Shepard
Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
Storyline: Lying dormant at the bottom of Camp Crystal Lake, Jason Voorhees is released from his watery grave by a telekinetic girl. And so the killing begins again. Can she use her powers to stop Jason, or is he back for good?
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A bit more imaginative than others in this series.
The popular, money-making slasher series continues with Lar Park Lincoln (the best leading actress in the Friday films) as Tina Shepherd, a pretty teen with telekinetic abilities who accidentally uses her powers to release Jason (Kane Hodder) from his underwater grave. He lurks around (with exposed spine) and sets his sights on a group of young people who rent a cabin for a birthday party. To justify some of the murders, many of the characters, like shrink Terry Kiser (who plots to exploit Tina) and Susan Jennifer Sullivan (great blonde bitch) obviously deserve to die.

Gore-wise we have a decapitation, a hand thrust through a chest, a party horn stuck in an eyeball, an axe to the face (twice), a drowning, a body thrown out a window and, the best murder, well I won't ruin it by saying it involves a sleeping bag and a tree, but it's a hoot.

The make-up FX are great, the women look good (and several of them have nude scenes) and there's a surprise ending you may not expect, but still not much plot. Kane Hodder went on to become the only actor who played Jason to receive a little fame for this thankless role. This was the number one box office draw at movie theaters the week it debuted.
Jason Vs. Carrie...sort of
Weepy Tina Shepard arrives at Crystal Lake with her mom and her doctor. Tina is a wreck of a girl - plagued by a powerful telekinetic ability, Tina killed her drunken and abusive father in a fit of rage many years ago and has been trying to deal with her guilt ever since. Unfortunately, her sadistic doctor wants only to exploit Tina's powers and drives Tina to the breaking point with his cruelty. In yet another emotional fit, Tina attempts to raise her dead father from the depths of Crystal Lake, but instead raises the rotting carcass of Jason Voorhees instead, who emerges with his hockey mask intact and his bloodlust stronger than ever. Jason immediately heads into the woods and starts killing, gradually working his way to the house next door to Tina's, filled with vacuous partying teens. Tina, who is also precognitive, tries to warn those around her of impending death, but no one will believe the stressed out girl. Finally, Tina must battle Jason herself is she hopes to save her new boyfriend and herself from death.

This is Kane Hodder's first outing as Jason Voorhees and its a really great one. Jason is a hulking killing machine of pure, cold rage and the deaths the accrue have never been more vicious or grimly satisfying. The now-famous sleeping bag bludgeon makes its first appearance in this 6th installment, and its one of my favorites - really nasty and brutally hilarious. Lar Park Lincoln is great as Tina - perhaps a bit too weepy, but almost as angry as Jason and erupting in great displays of rage, both verbal and telekinetic. Lincoln did a lot of her own stunts in this one too, which is always impressive.

The make-up effects in this movie are my absolute favorite. Jason is a wet, rotting cadaver, his spinal cord clearly visible through the shredded remains of his clothes, his ribcage poking out, his flesh dark with rot. The unmasking scene is a truly shocking and "wow!" inspiring awesome moment, as Jason's face is revealed to be little more than an animated skull - but animated it truly is! Beneath the hideous make-up, Hodder impressively expresses the evil wrath of Jason with one empty eye socket and half a mouthful of teeth. The telekinetic effects are a lot of fun as Tina "throws" every weapon at her disposal at Jason: a couch, a jar full of nails, a light fixture and finally a can of gasoline and the flames from the basement furnace. It was great to see someone give Jason a run for his money instead of just screaming and running away.

All in all, one of the better sequels to follow the original Friday the 13th. 7 out of 10.
This Time Jason Meets His Match.
I am actually surprised with this one, it's actually quite good. This film picks up were Jason Lives left off supposedly. In this movie Jason meets Tina, a girl with Telekinesis. When she was very young she got so mad at her father, she caused his death, and released Jason from his watery grave. It's about 10 years later and Tina has returned to Crystal Lake with her Mother. There she is to undergo therapy with her Dr.. Her doctor is Dr. Crews(Terry Kiser) who is a sleaze. He doesn't tend to help her, only to keep her thinking she is crazy. She refers to her Dr. as Bad News Crews, which is fitting. When she arrives back at the cabin strange images begin. The cabin is where it all started, with her father and Jason. Once there she meets Nick, who befriends her. He is really nice and could care less about her past. The some of the others, like Melissa hate her; and are really mean to her. Nick and Tina form a bond, she tells him about her past and he tells her his. To him those so called friends aren't his. He is just there for is brother's surprise birthday party. Tina begins seeing visions of his friends getting murdered by Jason. One of the first is the vision of Nicks brother, and she tells Nick. Then she sees Jason with a type of spike impaled into her mother's cabin. She tells Crews, he doesn't believe her, and wants her re-committed. Even though he knows the truth, it really happened. Her visions are real and Jason is back She is the only one who can stop him with her powers. This film is pretty good, and I can't believe it took me forever to see it. In fact I bought it through Ebay 4 5 bucks. I also got part 8 with came with it, but that one SUX. It's not the best of the Friday series, but The New Blood delivers. The best and will always be the best is part 1 and 2. This one is definitely worth Ur 1 hr 40 minutes, if U like it it's a great buy. I will let you be the judge, but for a sequel I like it. THX, Kris L. CocKayne
Guess what? It's rubbish!
Here we go again. The makers of this instalment pretend that events in the previous films have any bearing on the current one by recapping so-called highlights of the last couple before Jason is up and about again, using various sharp implements to kill partying teenagers.

This time he finds himself up against a telekinetic girl who envisions the murders and tries to stop him, but not before a lot of boring set-up and bloody deaths involving saws, knives, spikes and, for a bit of variety, party favours.

Still no variation in formula on any significant level, just the usual crap. Even the make-up effects aren't up to much this time round; at least the others had a kind of momentum, but this just stumbles around for eighty minutes, throws a couple of trick endings at you, and then falls down and dies.
Great Horror, Jason at his Best!!!
This movie of all the Friday the 13th movies is quite possibly the best. Kane Hodder delivers an incredible performance as Jason giving the character depth and real life motion(s) he has been lacking in the previous installments. While CJ Graham might be the most physical imposing Jason of the original series Hodder is the best. the idea of a girl with telekinesis powers fighting Jason might seem like a stretch its not cheesy, they do a good job with keeping it at a minimum. This movie is EASILY the darkest and most aggressive of the series. Dark sets and tons of night shots make this a creepy flick. the Music and sound effects in this movie are insane. This is the one to see!!!!
Chopped Up
I still remember the day that I rented F13 part 7 back in 88 or 89 and I know that in general I liked it, and still do like it. Its not special its not unique and its definitely no different than the previous six films(except for the better ones). However the gore in this installment is at the minimal level. In fact there really isn't any gore. I usually mention death scenes when reviewing the F13 films and sadly there's none worth mentioning from "The New Blood" except Melissa's and that's only because we hate her and want her to die(not literally). Too bad she lived through all but ten minutes of the film though. I guess Robin's death scene is a highlight, as well as the banana sleeping bag:) There's plenty of sex and nudity and the body count is still high but its just not creative in its execution and I'm disappointed to find out that a lot of the gore was cut from the film. Paramount needs to release the UNcut versions of these films!! And until they do my vote for this film will always be a 6/10. I really felt cheated after all the chasing and hiding in Maddy's death scene only to have the camera cut away from her actual death. What a let down.

Still The New Blood is okay and is one that I do watch occasionally. I like the mother/daughter relationship of Tina and Ms. Shepherd and really love to hate the conniving doctor(played well by Terry Kiser). I still cringe when he holds Tina's mother in place so Jason can stab her. Total sleaze-ball. And then we get ripped off with his death scene too!!! What the hell! Here we go again....

In my opinion F13 The New Blood was 'sort of' disappointing but is a saint in that respect when compared to Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X(I love to mention those two:)) F137's formula is a dead breed(it is the last one to take place at Crystal Lake) unless you count Jason Goes to Hell which in my opinion does NOT count since its so bizarre. If you're gonna use the same formula for eight years then go ahead and stick with it. It worked this far. 6/10. It would have gotten a seven if it wasn't so chopped up and I tend to like the ones with camp counselors better.
Has some ideas, but the film in a hole doesn't work.
Often considered to be "Carrie vs. Jason", Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood may very well be considered one of the most popular in the series. It is however, looked down upon by hardcore fans of the series, and I can somewhat see why.

A New Blood introduced an extremely cheesy supernatural aspect behind the main heroine character. This can be looked at through several different view points; while one person can see this as an opportunity to develop a character, another person would see this as a cheap way to kill of Jason. I personally think that this supernatural "Carrie" element added onto the main character, which is a good idea considering that sympathetic characters have never been Friday the 13th's positive points.

Another factor of the movie that is commonly looked down on is the fact that this movie is virtually lacking in any gore at all. A New Blood was attacked by the censor boards more than any other film in the entire series, which was the films biggest downfall. Almost all the gore in this movie was taken out. Not only does this take away from the film, but it just makes the viewer feel sad and annoyed that the great gore effects that where there before have been taken away. No uncut copy of A New Blood ever has (or will) be released.

Overall, this movie had some interesting ideas when it comes to character development and storyline, but overall, it is nothing but Part 6 done over again. It is recommended, but I doubt anybody who can be considered die hard fans would think much of it.

A pretty mediocre edition into the series.

not bad.....
It wasn't all that bad I liked the kills and the characters but just found that how could the girl lose to Jason she was the power to control with her telekenetic power either pick him up and slice off his head with a machete or hold him down long enough to cut his head off or his heart out or something else. whatever.......5.5/10
This well-crafted movie is such a spectacle of thrills,

excitement, action, and special-effects That I don't know

where to begin! Even if you're not a fan of this wonderful slasher series, There's bound to be something in

this lucky number 7 that will draw you in. Legend has it that the diabolical Jason Voorhees has been

chained to a boulder at the bottom of Crystal Lake for

years... Fortunately for Jason, a frustrated young woman

named Tina with telekinetic powers accidentally releases

him from his watery grave while wishing to bring back her

father who died in Crystal Lake when she was a child. After rising from the depths of Crystal Lake, Jason once

again begins slashing up all the partying young men and

woman who are vacationing by the lake... Meanwhile, Tina

tries to convince her Psychiatrist, Dr. Crews, that a "man" came out of the lake. Unfortunately Dr. Crews is

more interested in exploiting her powers than helping her

and tries to convince her that she is only seeing delusions of her father...But Tina knows something isn't

right and when she finds the corpses of many of the folks

that were partying in the cabin next door she knows that

what she saw wasn't just a "delusion"...and it isn't long

before JASON meets his best match in "Friday the 13th"

history! The climax of the film is breath-taking, Loaded

with more stunts and special-effects than you see in most

action movies as Tina uses her telekinetic powers to battle the bone-smashing Jason! The movie may start of

like a slasher flick but the last 20 minutes of the film

are so exciting and exhilarating that it feels like you're

watching a big-budget action movie with Jason in the middle! This is incredible; a must-see! Not only are the

stunts, special-effects, and pyrotechnics incredible, But

Jason himself is an awesome sight!! He looks big and menacing, rotted into his shredded up clothes with his

backbones exposed...what a look, and Kane Hodder's deeply

animated performance gives us the best Jason yet!! I have

to give everyone involved in creating this film a giant

pat on the back! Who would have thought that a part 7 could

be so fun and exciting? Don't miss this cross between a

slasher movie, an action movie, and a supernatural movie

mixed together into one hell of a ride!!
Bad news Crews......
Tina Shepard has the gift of telekinesis. But her gift is also a curse, mainly because she caused the death of her father on the docks of Camp Crystal Lake.

Now Tina has returned home with her mother and her conniving doctor, who wants to exploit Tina's powers and become famous.

But the teenage residents of Camp Crystal Lake have something more to fear than Tina's powers as she accidentally frees Jason Voorhees from his watery grave.

And Jason is really in the mood for a massacre.

After the craziness of Jason Lives, Tommy has gone for a Burton, and the makers have upped the stupidness by pitting Jason against a girl with telekinesis. Originally this was the movie where Freddy was supposed to make an appearance,must the studios couldn't come to an arrangement.

So here we get a kind of Jason VS Carrie, with a house party at an uncles house next door for good measure. And it's as stupid and as good as you'd expect from a seventh movie where the main focus of the franchise is a 'zombie' in a hockey mask killing all and sundry.

It's a lot if fun from beginning to end, the kills, again, are edited within an inch of their life (or death), but they are at least inventive, and the makers add little details, such as Jason standing in a dark corner whilst his game goes for the fridge.

There is a silly subplot involving a shouty doctor hiding all of Nancy's proof of Jason killing, and wanting to make a name of himself by showcasing her gift.

On the plus side, the camera-work is marvellous, especially from Jason's point of view, and it's pretty clear that the house party next door was an inspiration for the setting of the 2009 remake.

But, if your not a fan of Jason, or really cheesy eighties slashers, stay away, the film offers nothing really new for horror.

But if your reading this,the chances are that you are a fan of the genre, and the series, and it delivers what Jason fans want, a good silly movie, with a few laughs.
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