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USA, UK, Poland
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Ann McElhinney, Phelim McAleer
Mark Ruffalo as Himself (archive footage)
Craig Sautner as Himself - Resident, Dimmock, Pennsylvania
Mike Uretsky as Himself
Bryan Swistock as Himself
Carl Shaffer as Himself
Marian Schweighofer as Herself - Dairy Farmer
Karl Canfield as Himself - Dimock, Pennsylvania, Dairy Farmer
Terry Engelder as Himself
Karen Radwanski as Herself - Resident, Dimock, Pennsylvania
Bruce Ames as Himself
Bill Graby as Himself
Josh Fox as Himself
Ernest Majer as Himself
Storyline: FrackNation follows journalist Phelim McAleer as he faces gun threats, malicious 911 calls and bogus lawsuits when questioning green extremists for the truth about fracking. Fracking is going to make America one of the world's leading energy producers and has become the target of a concerted campaign by environmentalists who want it banned. In FrackNation McAleer travels across the USA and Europe to uncover the science suppressed by environmental activists and ignored by much of the media. He talks with scientists and ordinary Americans who live in fracking areas and who tell him the truth behind the exaggerations and misrepresentations of anti-fracking activists.
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McAleer captures green hypocrisy
What a pleasure to see a real journalist skewer the self-referential, self-puffing, unhinged cadre of greenbots. We face a similarly defective minority in Elbert County, on the brink of joining the modern energy world with shale gas horizontal drilling. Literally thousands of wells have already been safely drilled with this technology in other counties on the plains of the front range of Colorado, and the greens act like this is a new technology that threatens our future existence.

Fracturing is just the latest symbol to enable Luddite political action. McAleer is drawn to them like a fly to a steaming cow pie, and I'm thankful for people like him who have the fortitude to withstand their assaults.

Green science, that is, science for which outcomes have been predetermined, violates the scientific method and insulates the greens from reality feedback. McAleer skillfully shows how this disjunction gives them no pause in their crusade against modernity.
Excellent documentary that does what a documentary should: shine a light on truth
When Michael Moore filmed Roger and Me, I applauded him for standing up to big corporate America. Ironically, the tables have completely turned. Documentarians who once were interested in uncovering truth and righting wrongs have now turned to pushing agendas and twisting facts. The latest efforts by such filmmakers as Michael Moore, Al Gore, and the newest member of the club, Josh Fox, show that one-sided analyses, coupled with big Hollywood production values, are enough to brainwash masses of people.

Ironically, the tables have completely turned. Those who once fought for speaking truth to power are now the power--and they want to bully and silence filmmakers like Phelim McAleer. While they claim the speak for the common man, McAleer literally went to the common man to fund this project through Kickstarter, and the people he interviews in the film are all farmers and landowners who have been silenced by big environmental activist groups, helped by big Hollywood and a left-wing media.

McAleer's statistics are well-researched, beautifully presented, and provide a much-needed "other side of the story" to a debate that's been dominated by loud and intolerant voices.

I won't go so far as to say it's completely balanced or unbiased, but it does do the thing that great documentaries do: showcase the hypocrisy and the intolerance of the left and bring to light those whose voices have been silenced by the conspiracy of NGOs, politicians, and media working together. And it shows what a hypocrite Josh Fox is, a coward who can't take in as he dishes out.

It's really a shame that these same mindless robots and useful idiots are going to come to IMDb and downvote this movie and this review. Don't pay attention to whatever rating you see. This documentary is, bar none, the best I've seen in the last year and one of the top 10 I've seen in my life. If you're interested in understanding the truth beyond all the obfuscation and lies promulgated by the anti-fracking fanatics, you owe it to yourself to watch this.
Science trumps Emotion
Phelim McAleer in "FrackNation" provides a well researched, thorough, entertaining, and scientific rebuttal to the emotional pleas provided in Josh Fox's "GasLand."

Opponents of hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) would have us believe that the human push-and-pull of fueling civilization versus conserving the biosphere is a left-versus-right or climate change supporter versus denier phenomenon; in fact it is a conflict of science versus emotion. This is the genius of "GasLand": we want to get emotionally angry over a cause. "FrackNation," however, tosses some ice onto those smoldering embers with cold facts.

Nothing is more damaging to the platform of "GasLand" supporters than Fox's multiple refusals to answer pointed questions from McAleer:

McAleer: "Isn't it true that decades before fracking started, that there was methane in the water there?" (regarding the flammable tap water)

Fox: "Can you identify yourself?"

McAleer: "My name is Philem McAleer."

Fox: "Okay, where are you from?"

McAleer: "I'm a journalist."

Fox: "Journalist from where?"

McAleer: "From Ireland."

Fox: "From Ireland?"

McAleer: "Yes. Isn't it true..."

Fox: "You're concerned about the fracking going on in Ireland?"

McAleer: "No, I'm concerned about the accuracy of the documentary."

Fox: "You're a journalist for what paper?"

On the surface, a cause's champion refusing to answer the opposition is unsettling but it goes further; Fox's thinly veiled attempts to impugn the credentials of McAleer--even his nationality--and his absolute refusal to respond to challenges to "GasLand's" documentary authenticity leave the watcher mentally ticking off points in McAleer's column. But there's more.

At another point, Fox repeatedly refuses to engage MacAleer in conversation at an event held at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Eventually McAleer and his director are ejected from the event... scientific dialog indeed.

Through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, McAleer obtains video from the US Government's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the largest environmental regulatory body in the world. In this video, the Sautner family--the champions of "GasLand"--were presented with the results of an EPA sampling of their well water, demonstrating that the well water was not contaminated. The Sautners react with emotion: the wife storms out, the husband demanding the results are false, and the EPA representative stating "we found no contaminants."

Scientific and methodical thinking people of the entire political spectrum are forced by this film to consider the evidence of the hydraulic fracturing issue and see the opponents reacting with emotional pleas and the supporters providing clear and well documented science.

Awful propaganda
This dreadful film is crafty in it's creation but delving deeper into the supposed "experts" used in the film you find close ties with the energy sector and the right wing "tea party". This article (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/steve-horn/fracknation_b_3384531.html) can gives a good insight into the films background and when you watch it with this knowledge in mind you just see it for the biased bullsh*t it is. The film never once questions fracking as a bad idea and uses the most patronising animations to explain how simple fracking is as if teaching to junior infants. If this guy thinks he will convince anyone with half a brain that he was even remotely unbiased he has another thing coming. You never quite trust him at all in the film simply because he never puts into question the dangers of fracking of which of course there are due to pipes breaking a mile underground.
"The truth will set you free."
I had heard some of the buzz from the Anti-fracking movement, but I never had any real data on which to form a personal position on the issue. It was pure luck that I stumbled upon this film at all. I have watched other documentaries about religious, social and political issues. In my opinion there were only two that did not show an obvious bias. This film is one of them. Ben Stein's documentary expelled is the other. I thought the director did a fantastic job of presenting the facts of the case without an agenda. He was not the main focus of the film. It felt like he was just a facilitator. He allowed the data and the people involved to speak for themselves. The best part: he provided real verifiable data from independent sources. Real honest investigative journalism. Very refreshing.
Excellent documentary!
This was an excellent documentary showing the real scientific facts about drilling. I live in Bradford county with natural gas wells all around me. I have had absolutely no issues with my water at all. This documentary showed the positive side of natural gas drilling. We live in a depressed area and natural gas has been a true blessing to many. People were losing their farms until they signed on with a gas company and received royalties. Great job interviewing the actual people that live on Pennsylvania farms. The White's that were in the documentary live near me and are thankful for their gas wells. I hope this documentary will help the people in New York state to allow drilling/fracking begin. The politicians in New York state need to watch it. Thanks for a job well done!
Eye opening documentary of energy and food costs rising.
Really quite shocked that such a revealing, truthful documentary was able to be published in America. Now, if this does not show Americans how Hollywood, Gov bureaus,political power, land grabbers,foreign governments are at war with your liberties, than we do not deserve our freedom. This does reveal how our energy and food costs are controlled and manipulated with lies by individuals, town,city,state, federal and political parties. Took a foreign journalist,Phelim McAleer,with the courage and investigative talent, that not one American journalist can stand shoulder-to-shoulder and measure up to. What a shame that Americans are blind and lead by the hand to the slaughterhouse because of their ignorance.
Slickly Packaged Bunk Disguised as Journalism
I just finished watching "Fracknation", a documentary film by Irish director Phelim McAleer that purports to be a "journalist's search for the fracking truth". What a blatant piece of propaganda! Very slickly produced, the film was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which was a very clever ploy to avoid disclosing the filmmakers' obvious love affair with climate change deniers and the oil and gas industry. Far from searching out the truth, this film is a one-sided (and, on the surface, convincing) attempt to debunk the anti-fracking documentary GASLAND and its sequel, Gasland 2.

It does not take long to see where this film is going, as it demonizes Josh Fox (the director of Gasland) and discredits anybody who appeared in that documentary. The film is filled with clever editing, tear-jerking scenes of farmers who claim that gas leases are the key to their survival, interviews with academic scientists who remind you of the types of so-called scientists who would deny that smoking cigarettes causes cancer, and the type of imagery that is a cross between Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" and the public relations films that came out of the chemical industry back in the 1950s and 1960s.

If you were to believe this film, there is not a single documented case of water contamination or seismic activity associated with fracking. Among other things, the film suggests that: 1) broccoli contains more carcinogens than fracking fluid 2) geothermal wells are the greatest cause of earthquakes 3) the manufacture of solar panels is one of the most toxic processes on the planet.

There is no mention of discharge wells and no mention of the massive volumes of water that are used (and subsequently contaminated) in the fracking process. To the contrary, the film suggests that there are only 3 days when a fracking well represents even the slightest risks, followed by 20, 30 or 40 years of clean energy production, satisfying the world's insatiable love of energy. It even goes as far as to suggest that Vladimir Putin is orchestrating opposition to fracking in Europe and the United States because he does not want to see inexpensive natural gas production interfering with the export profits of Gazprom, the Russian gas giant.

This film is anything but a search for the truth. It is nothing more than slickly packaged bunk disguised as journalism.
unconventional wisdom
When I happened across this movie 20 minutes into it, I thought, "How clever of Big Energy, hiring this humble filmmaker to create pro-fracking propaganda for them." But the longer I watched, the clearer it became to me that McAleer wasn't advocating fracking, just pursuing facts and not pushing anything. I came away with a realization that yeah! there really is another side to the "conventional wisdom." I'm guessing the majority of people who have even heard of fracking are against it because of what they've been fed by "green" types helped by media that are more lazy than biased. I hope McAleer's message will somehow reach people whose attitude is, "Don't confuse me with facts."
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