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Fall of Grace
IMDB rating:
Michael Crum
Joshua Winch as Jase
Sheri Davis as Tracy
Gerald Crum as Calem
Shanon Snedden as Cage Head Demon
Storyline: When a demon takes a mans daughter to hell, in his desperation, he conjures up another demon to hold it for ransom and get his daughter back. His intentions are honest, but in a fathers love, his choices may release more hell then he could ever imagine.
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Dark tale of demonic kidnapping
The only reason I gave this a nine instead of ten was because of slight audio problems throughout the movie. Otherwise, a very well done dark slanted horror. This movie relied heavily on action and there was very little of the stilted dialogue often seen in lower budget horror. Richard Blake and Joshua Winch were particularly effective in their roles. This movie managed to tell a cold, nasty story without resorting to nudity, language, and overdosed gore. The character of Jase was a perfect Hollywood don't mess with me father figure. The character of Luke was well acted in tone with the plot of the movie. Overall definitely worth the purchase price and a movie to enjoy on a cold, dark, rainy night.
Total Garbage
I am totally amazed at the rating this awful movie has. I read the reviews here, which make this movie sound really good. After watching this movie for about 10 minutes I actually had to check if I was watching the same movie and I am afraid to say I was. The acting was pretty darn bad, could have done a better job myself. If you like watching garbage this is the movie for you.
Here is proof that people get paid to give for high rating and good reviews.
I kept watching this God awful movie because of the 7.0 rating here on IMDb. Well, after a painful forty three minutes and twenty five seconds I had all I could stand and turned this complete waste of film off. I believe that Ed Wood put more thought, had a bigger budget and much better actors in his movies. At least his movies were entertaining and made me laugh. There is nothing scary in the first forty three minutes of this "movie", no redeeming qualities at all, so don't waste your time. They couldn't pay me to write a good review of this "film."
MICHAEL CRUM Unleashes Hell on Earth with the Horrifying "Fall of Grace" !!!
JOSHUA WINCH is Brilliant as the Brutal Husband, but Loving Father, "Jase", who fights the Devil Himself to Rescue his daughter from the Clutches of the Devil ! His Beautiful but Promiscuous Wife "Tracy" is Portrayed by the Incredibly Talented SHERI DAVIS, who takes her role from Sensuous & Seductive to Bloody & Gory to Outright & thoroughly Evil ! Lovely Young SKYLER BLODGETT is Remarkable as the unwise Daughter "Belle' & the repentant Captive in the Hopes of Salvation ! GERALD CRUM does a Fine Job as "Calem', a Defrocked Priest, looking to Redeem himself & Save the Young Lady ! Beautiful REBEKAH LYNN BRUFLODT is Wonderful as Tracy's Caring Friend "Liz" ! The Scenery & Make-Up Crew did an Outstanding Job, Even turning the Alluring SHANON SNEDDON & Engaging CASSIDY KENNEDY into "Demons' ! This Extraordinary Film is Not for the Squeamish or the Faint of Heart; But it is Treasure for a True Lover of Horror Films !
This is a joke right?
I can't even rate this farce of movie. From the beginning you could tell it was low budget. The music score is so bad, the cheap music box music in the beginning, the loud screeching and supposed jump scare sounds are annoying. The demon voice, FOH! I stopped at 27:05 into this. Whoever rated this movie a 9 and 10 produced this low budget horrific movie. Maybe the script was good and this could've been a good movie with real actors, I guess we'll never know.
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