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Everything Beautiful Is Far Away
Fantasy, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Andrea Sisson, Pete Ohs
Joseph Cross as Lernert
C.S. Lee as The Stranger
Julia Garner as Rola
Jillian Mayer as Susan (voice)
Storyline: A guy, a girl, and a robothead hike across a desert planet in search of a mythical lake.
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great, I love it!
it's a low-budget indie sci-fi/fantasy. a little bit of romance in there as well.

I'm watching this movie without knowing anything about it, never heard of it and never seen the trailer, so I have a minimum expectation. and I love it.

if you expect to see a dystopian world with lots of conflicts or a survival journey for a better world or life, you won't get it in here.

it's a light movie, pretty straightforward. there is nothing much happening in this movie, you don't really get a huge conflict, which gives me positive vibes to the story, and somehow uplifting.

the cinematography is great, and I love the bright color.
Not really a recreational piece but not sure that was the intent.
If I had to guess I would say that the producer/s of this film used it as a test-bed or learning platform for developing their knowledge of acting, directing, screenplay, script writing and just film production in general. If not that, it may just be a vanity project. I can't really see any other way to view it because as an independent piece for the purpose of enjoyment it has very little value.

This film is to movie entertainment as elevator music is to a live concert. That said for what it is, it isn't half bad, and there isn't much to criticise for what I think it's trying to achieve. The music is probably the outstanding component in this film. There's some cool stuff which works very well here and I liked it.

Its not a bad movie by any measure, and I know my previous comments may sound contrary to this statement but I'm trying to be honest and objective within the framework of this piece as I understand it. OK the Sci-fi aspects are fairly superficial and no detail or depth has been undertaken to impart any realism or validity, but that's about it. The acting pretty good, directing is solid, screenplay is a little bland, script could do with another pass but it's a good effort. I managed to sit through it easily enough despite it being obvious early on that very little was ever going happen, or that it was going to follow any logical format.

I wouldn't recommend it unless your a film student, have it on in the background whilst your multitasking, or just spaced out on something, but I still think it's and OK piece.
Everything is far far away..
As the title suggest "Everything beautiful is really far far away". There is no sense to this movie as the plot suggest, two individual and a robot-head (main character has a head of his robot) walk through the desert in search of a lake. I said no sense because their no survival method of any kind. They walk during the day with the scorching sun and sleep at night, find water & food when ever they want and where ever they want, they look like they don't need to take bath even after weeks of travel, looks fresh and healthy all the time.

To most of the viewers this movie will be boring and if your are looking for something interesting or satisfying than stay away. This might not be your cup of tea. If you want to kill sometime and don't have anything else to watch and if you can keep the logic and common sense away, than give it a try.

Anyway i will give it a 5 for their effort.
I enjoyed this low budget slow paced science fiction movie.
Lernert wanders aimlessly around the Southern California sand dunes eating shrub roots when he meets Rola who is badly in need of water. Lernert carries a mysterious spigot that is able to magically pull drinking water from the sand and he uses that to revive the young woman. Rola later returns the favor when she finds him lying on the ground unconscious from a head wound. That's when Lernert's AI computer known as Susan says they are near the Crystal Lake. Rola reveals that she is trying to find the Crystal Lake, and the pair who have now become friends head off to find the lake together.

I think that science fiction fans will find this movie enjoyable in spite of its very low budget and unconvincing plot. The entire movie only has four actors in total, and the entire film is shot outdoors in the desert and at the Pacific Ocean which is supposed to be but doesn't look anything like a fresh water lake.
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